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Jozef Rulof Lectures Part 1 The Age of Christ Jozef Rulof 1898-1952 Jozef Rulof Lectures Part 1: Lectures 1 – 19 The Age of Christ Contact and copyright The Age of Christ Braspenningstraat 88, 1827 JW Alkmaar, the Netherlands Tel: 00 31 (0)728443852 E-mail: info@rulof.org Website: rulof.org © 1949-2020, Stichting Geestelijk-Wetenschappelijk Genootschap “De Eeuw van Christus”, the Netherlands, all rights reserved. Lectures Part 1, 2020 ISBN 978-94-93165-07-6 Contents Contact and copyright ……………………………………………………………………4 Word of the publisher …………………………………………………………………….7 Book list ……………………………………………………………………………………….8 Explanation of the books by Jozef Rulof ……………………………………………9 List of articles ……………………………………………………………………………… 11 Jozef Rulof …………………………………………………………………………………. 15 1949 Gratitude …………………………………………………………………………………… 21 The human being and his universe …………………………………………………. 39 The human being and his God ……………………………………………………….54 Fatherhood and motherhood for this universe ………………………………….. 73 The spiritual world for the human being …………………………………………. 91 The human being and his Divine attunement ………………………………… 112 The human being and his Divine birth …………………………………………. 132 The bible begins with an untruth …………………………………………………..155 God does not damn! ………………………………………………………………….. 179 The human being and Gethsemane ……………………………………………….200 The Pilate in the human being …………………………………………………….. 221 The Caiaphas and the human being, and Jerusalem and the human being .. 242 The human being and Golgotha ……………………………………………………264 The human being and his spiritual awakening ……………………………….. 285 The soul as astral personality. ……………………………………………………….308 The human being and his astral world …………………………………………… 333 Our revelations to mankind ………………………………………………………… 359 The beginning of creation ……………………………………………………………380 The moon as mother of this universe ……………………………………………..403 Word of the publisher Dear reader, This book belongs to the series of 27 books which came to earth via Jozef Rulof between 1933 and 1952. These books are published by Foundation Spiritual-Scientific Association “The Age of Christ”, which was set up in 1946 by Jozef Rulof. As the board of this foundation, we guarantee the orig.inal text of the books which we are making available today. We have also published an explanation for the books, which contains 140 articles. We consider the publication of the 27 books and this explanation as an inextricable whole. For some passages from the books, we refer to relevant articles from the explanation. For instance (see article ‘Explanation at soul level’ on rulof.org) refers to the basic article ‘Explanation at soul level’ as you can read that on the website rulof.org. With kind regards, The board of directors of the Foundation The Age of Christ 2020 Book list Overview of the books which came to earth via Jozef Rulof in the se.quence that they were published, with the years in which the content of those books was realised: A View into the Hereafter (1933-1936) Those who came back from the Dead (1937) The Cycle of the Soul (1938) Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side (1939-1945) The Origin of the Universe (1939) Between Life and Death (1940) The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side (1941) Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life (1942) Spiritual Gifts (1943) Masks and Men (1948) Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 1 (1950) Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 2 (1951) Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3 (1952) Questions and Answers Part 1 (1949-1951) Questions and Answers Part 2 (1951-1952) Questions and Answers Part 3 (1952) Questions and Answers Part 4 (1952) Questions and Answers Part 5 (1949-1952) Questions and Answers Part 6 (1951) Lectures Part 1 (1949-1950) Lectures Part 2 (1950-1951) Lectures Part 3 (1951-1952) The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1 (1944-1950) The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2 (1944-1950) The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3 (1944-1950) The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4 (1944-1950) The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5 (1944-1950) Explanation of the books by Jozef Rulof The foreword of this explanation is: Dear readers, In this ‘explanation of the books by Jozef Rulof’, as publisher we describe the core of his vision. In this way, we answer two types of questions which we were asked during the past few years about the content of these books. Firstly, there are the questions about specific subjects such as for instance cremation and euthanasia. The information about such subjects is often dis.tributed over the 27 books with a total of more than 11,000 pages. This is why, for each subject, we have put relevant passages from all the books to.gether and summarised them each time in an article. The distributed information is the result of the knowledge building in the book series. In the article ‘explanation at soul level’, we distinguish two levels in this knowledge building: the social thinking on the one hand and the explanations at soul level on the other hand. For his first explanation of many phenomena, the writer limited himself to words and concepts which belonged to the social thinking of the first half of the previous century. As a result, he attuned himself to the world view of his readers at that time. Book after book, the writer also built up the soul level, whereby the human soul is the main focus. In order to explain life at soul level, he introduced new words and concepts. In this way, new explanations came, which supple.mented the information from the previous round about particular subjects. However, usually the explanations at soul level did not supplement the first descriptions, but they replaced them. In this way, for instance in social terminology it can be spoken about a ‘life after death’, but at soul level the word ‘death’ has lost every meaning. According to the writer, the soul does not die, but it lets go of the earthly body and it then passes onto the following phase in its eternal evolution. The unfamiliarity with the difference between these two explanation lev.els ensures a second type of questions about words and views in the books about which current social thinking has changed in relation to the first half of the previous century. In this explanation, we explain those subjects from the soul level. As a result, it becomes clear that words such as for instance races or psychopathy no longer play a role at soul level. These words and the related views were only used in the book series in order to connect with the social thinking in the time period that these books were realised, between 1933 and 1952. The passages with these words belong to the then spirit of the times of the readers and in no way represent the actual vision of the writer or the publisher. When currently reading these books, that is not always clear, because the writer does not usually mention explicitly at what explanation level the sub.ject is dealt with in a particular passage. This is why, as publisher, for a num.ber of passages we add a reference to a relevant article from this explanation. That article then explains the subject dealt with in that passage from the soul level, in order to express the actual vision of the writer on that subject. For cultural-historical and spiritual-scientific reasons, in the 27 books we do not make any changes to the original formulations of the writer. For the read.ability, we have only adapted the spelling of the Old Dutch. In the online version of the books on our website rulof.nl, all the linguistic changes can be requested upon demand per sentence. We consider the publishing of the 27 books and this explanation as an inseparable whole. This is why, on the cover of each book and in the ‘word by the publisher’, from now on we will refer to the explanation. For a wide availability, we have published the 140 articles of this explanation as e-book (visit rulof.org/download), and all the articles are on our website rulof.org as separate web pages. The relevant passages from all the books by Jozef Rulof which we have based the articles on are also an integral part of this explanation. Together with the articles in question, these passages have been combined in book form and are available as the four parts of ‘The Jozef Rulof Reference work’, in the form of paperbacks and e-books. Furthermore, on our website at the bottom of most articles a link has been included to a separate web page with the source texts of that article. With the publication of the 27 books and this explanation, we aim to contribute to a substantiated understanding of the actual message of the writer. This was worded by Christ with: Love one another. At soul level, Jozef Rulof explains that it concerns universal love which is not engaged with the appearance or the personality of our fellow being, but focuses on his deepest core, which Jozef Rulof calls the soul or life. Kind regards, On behalf of the board of Foundation The Age of Christ, Ludo Vrebos 11 June 2020 List of articles The explanation consists of the following 140 articles: Part 1 Our Hereafter 1. Our Hereafter 2. Near-death experience 3. Out-of-body experience 4. Spheres in the hereafter 5. Spheres of Light 6. First sphere of light 7. Second sphere of light 8. Third sphere of light 9. Summerland – Fourth sphere of light 10. Fifth sphere of light 11. Sixth sphere of light 12. Seventh sphere of light 13. Mental regions 14. Heaven 15. The Other Side 16. Children spheres 17. Meadow 18. Dying as passing on 19. Death 20. Spirit and spiritual body 21. Cremation or burial 22. Embalming 23. Organ donation and transplantation 24. Aura 25. Fluid cord 26. Euthanasia and suicide 27. Apparent death 28. Spirits on earth 29. Dark spheres 30. Land of Twilight 31. Land of Hatred and Lust and Violence 32. Valley of Sorrows 33. Hell 34. Dante and Doré 35. Angel 36. Lantos 37. Masters 38. Alcar 39. Zelanus 40. Books on the Hereafter Part 2 Our Reincarnations 41. Our reincarnations 42. Memories of previous lives 43. World of the unconscious 44. Aptitude and talent and gift 45. Child prodigy 46. Phobia and fear 47. Feelings 48. Soul 49. Grades of feeling 50. Material or spiritual 51. Subconscious 52. Day-consciousness 53. From feeling to thought 54. Solar plexus 55. The brain 56. Exhausted and insomnia 57. Learning to think 58. Thoughts from another person 59. What we know for sure 60. Science 61. Psychology 62. Spiritual-scientific 63. Universal truth 64. Connection of feeling 65. Loved ones from past lives 66. External resemblance to our parents 67. Character 68. Personality 69. Sub-personalities 70. Will 71. Self-knowledge 72. Socrates 73. Reincarnated for a task 74. Reincarnated supreme priest Venry 75. Alonzo asks why 76. Regret remorse repentance 77. Making amends 78. Reincarnated as Anthony van Dyck 79. Temple of the soul 80. Books about reincarnation Part 3 Our Cosmic Soul 81. Our cosmic soul 82. Explanation at soul level 83. There are no races 84. Material grades of life 85. Human being or soul 86. Against racism and discrimination 87. Cosmology 88. All-Soul and All-Source 89. Our basic powers 90. Cosmic splitting 91. Moon 92. Sun 93. Cosmic grades of life 94. Our first lives as a cell 95. Evolution in the water 96. Evolution on the land 97. The mistake by Darwin 98. Our consciousness on Mars 99. Earth 100. Good and evil 101. Harmony 102. Karma 103. Cause and effect 104. Free will 105. Justice 106. Origin of the astral world 107. Creator of light 108. Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life 109. The All 110. Animation of our cosmic journey Part 4 University of Christ 111. University of Christ 112. Moses and the prophets 113. Bible writers 114. God 115. The first priest-magician 116. Ancient Egypt 117. Pyramid of Giza 118. Jesus Christ 119. Judas 120. Pilate 121. Caiaphas 122. Gethsemane and Golgotha 123. Apostles 124. Ecclesiastical stories 125. Evolution of mankind 126. Hitler 127. Jewish people 128. NSB and national socialism 129. Genocide 130. Grades of love 131. Twin souls 132. Motherhood and fatherhood 133. Homosexuality 134. Psychopathy 135. Insanity 136. The mediumship of Jozef Rulof 137. The Age of Christ 138. Illuminating future 139. Ultimate healing instrument 140. Direct voice instrument Jozef Rulof Jozef Rulof (1898-1952) received all-embracing knowledge about the here.after, reincarnation, our cosmic soul and Christ. Knowledge from the hereafter When Jozef Rulof was born in 1898 in rural ’s-Heerenberg in the Neth.erlands, his spiritual leader Alcar already had great plans for him. Alcar had passed on to the hereafter in 1641, after his last life on earth as Anthony van Dijck. Since then, he had built up a vast knowledge about the life of the human being on earth and in the hereafter. In order to bring that knowledge to earth, he wanted to develop Jozef into a writing medium. After Jozef had established himself as a taxi driver in The Hague in 1922, Alcar first developed him into a healing and painting medium, in order to build up the trance that was needed for receiving books. Jozef received hun.dreds of paintings, and by means of their sales the publication of the books could be kept under their own control. When Alcar began passing on his first book ‘A View into the Hereafter’ in 1933, he gave Jozef the choice of how deep the mediumistic trance would be.come. He would be able to put Jozef into a very deep sleep and take over his body in order to write books outside the consciousness of the medium. Then Alcar would be able to use his own word choice from the first sentence in order to explain to the reader from that time how he himself had got to know the reality at soul level, which the eternal life of the human soul is central to. Another possibility was to apply a lighter trance, whereby the medium could feel what was being written during the writing. That would enable Jozef to grow along spiritually with the knowledge passed on. However, then the build-up of the knowledge in the books series would have to be attuned to the spiritual development of the medium. And then Alcar could only give the explanations at soul level if the medium was also ready for that. Jozef chose for the lighter trance. As a result, Alcar was somewhat limited in the words which he could use in the first books. He let Jozef experience this by writing down the word ‘Jozef’ in trance. At that same moment, Jozef woke up from the trance, because he felt he was being called. In order to prevent this, Alcar chose the name ‘André’ in order to describe the experi.ences of Jozef in the books. Alcar also changed or avoided other names and circumstances in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, so that Jozef could remain in trance. In this way, the reader does indeed learn in this first book that André was married, but not that this happened in 1923 and that his wife was called Anna. In order to remain in harmony with the life of feeling of Jozef, Alcar al.lowed his medium to first experience for himself what was described in the books. For this purpose, Alcar let him leave his body, so that Jozef could perceive the spiritual worlds of the hereafter for himself. The books describe their joint journeys through the dark spheres and the spheres of light. Jozef saw that after his transition on earth, the human being ends up in the sphere to which his life of feeling belongs. In an out-of-body state, he was also witness to many transitions on earth. By means of the description of this, it is recorded in the books what exactly happens to the human soul upon cremation, burial, embalming, euthanasia, suicide and organ transplantation. Jozef gets to know his past lives The name André was chosen by Alcar, because Jozef had once borne that name in a past life in France. Then André was an academic, and the commit.ment to investigating everything thoroughly could help in order to deepen the explanation level of the books step by step. For instance, in 1938 Jozef was able to receive the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ from master Zelanus, a pupil of Alcar. In this book, Zelanus described his past lives. In this way, he showed how all his experiences in his past lives have ultimately built up his life of feeling, and ensured that he could feel more and more. In 1940, Jozef had developed far enough in order to experience the book ‘Between Life and Death’. As a result, he got to know Dectar, his own past life as a temple priest in Ancient Egypt. Dectar had increased his spiritual powers in the temples to a high level, as a result of which he could experience intense experiences in an out-of-body state, and in addition he did not ne.glect his earthly life. Those powers were now necessary in order to reach the ultimate grade of mediumship: the cosmic consciousness. Our cosmic soul In 1944, Jozef Rulof was so far developed as ‘André-Dectar’ that he could experience spiritual journeys through the cosmos together with Alcar and Zelanus. By means of the descriptions of those journeys in the book series ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, the highest knowledge from the hereafter was brought to earth. Now the masters Alcar and Zelanus could finally describe the reality as they had got to know that as the truth themselves. It was only now that they could use words and terms which describe the core of our soul and thus re.veal the essence of the human being. In the cosmology the masters explain at soul level where we come from and how our cosmic evolution began because our soul split itself from the All-Soul. André-Dectar now got to know his past lives on other planets, and the gigantic development path which his soul has gone through in order to evolve from a rarefied cell on the first planet in the universe to the life on earth. In addition, with the masters he visited the higher cosmic grades of life which await us after our earthly lives. The cosmology describes where we are going, and in what way our lives on earth are necessary in this. This casts a cosmic light on the meaning of our life and the essence of the human being as soul. The University of Christ The masters could travel all the cosmic grades and pass on this ultimate knowledge because they were helped themselves by their order of teachers. This order is called ‘The University of Christ’, because Christ is the mentor of this university. In his life on earth, Christ could not pass on this knowledge because the mankind there was not ready for that. Christ was already murdered for the little that he was able to say. However, he knew that his order would bring this knowledge to earth, as soon as a medium could be born that would no longer be killed for this. That medium was Jozef Rulof, and the books which he received heralded a new age: ‘The Age of Christ’. Christ himself should have limited himself to the core of his message: the selfless love. In the Age of Christ, through Jozef Rulof his pupils could give a detailed explanation of how we raise ourselves in feeling by giving universal love and as a result reach higher spheres of light and cosmic grades of life. Under the assignment of his masters, in 1946 Jozef set up Society The Age of Christ, in order to manage the books and paintings. In that same year, he travelled to America to make his knowledge received known there, in collab.oration with his brothers who had emigrated. Just like in the Netherlands, he held trance lectures and painting demonstrations there. Back in the Netherlands, in addition to the hundreds of trance lectures, he also held contact evenings for years, in order to answer questions from readers of the books. In 1950, master Zelanus was able to write the biography of Jozef entitled ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ with the name ‘Jozef’ and the child.hood name ‘Jeus’, without breaking the trance. The masters knew that mankind would still not accept the University of Christ, despite all the knowledge and efforts passed on by Jozef. Science will only accept a proof of life after death if that is achieved without a human me.dium, so that influencing by the personality of the medium can be excluded. That proof will be supplied by what the masters call the ‘direct voice in.strument’. They predict that this technical instrument will bring a direct communication between the human being on earth and the masters of the light. At that moment, Jozef and other masters will be able to address the world from the hereafter, and be able to give mankind the happiness of the certain knowledge that we live infinitely as a cosmic soul. In order to prepare himself for this task, Jozef passed on to the hereafter in 1952. At the end of his book ‘Spiritual Gifts’, master Zelanus had already mentioned that, after the transition of Jozef, Jozef and the masters will no longer approach human mediums, because the ultimate knowledge from the hereafter can already be found in the books which Jozef was able to receive during his earthly life. 1949 Gratitude Good morning, my sisters and brothers. We will begin by asking questions about the books and spiritual problems. But I wanted to give you something else this morning, for the first morning, after all the time that you were alone, even if I was with you every evening; you were probably able to feel that now and again. I would like to ask you to give me one word this morning and you will get your lecture. What will we talk about? I will place the lecture in your hands this morning. (A person present says words of thanks.) I thank you and then we will begin … The gratitude of the human being – this will be your lecture – with regard to the cosmology, Christ, God, fatherhood and motherhood. The gratitude of the human being who is starting to know, who is starting to feel, who is becoming conscious for the life ‘beyond the coffin’. The gratitude of the fa.ther who starts to sense with regard to his own personality for what purpose he lives. The gratitude of the apostles when they started to understand the Messiah. the gratitude of the child who starts to learn to see that God can only be and has always been a Father of love. When we start to feel the laws for life and death, my sisters and brothers, and you enter the astral space where you now already live, then the universal gratitude enters into our heart. We start to understand what our life on earth was like. The numerous lectures which I gave you, the pictures which I brought forward in order to be able to somewhat motivate your personality, and to be able to open your personality, was only to show you that universal, Divine, spatial gratitude, but in the second place, in order to let you awaken those feelings. You your.self must begin with it, if the awakening for the space, the personality for here, for society, but especially for life ‘beyond the coffin’, wishes to possess and get the eloquence in order to be able to surrender yourself soon to the Master who will then stand before you. What is gratitude? When a human being gives something to the other life, then that gratitude is punctuated, inspired by a deed, a deed that shows you the life, a deed of a father and a mother who give their children a light-heart.ed thing, as a result of which the child learns. The thanks for a beautiful flower, the thanks for the wisdom that you are given by means of the social systems. Yes, do they have meaning, did they experience the hundred percent for the philosophical system? Because a philosophical system is every word for which Socrates, Plato and Aristotle gave their lives. However, I will take you to the life ‘beyond the coffin’, because it is there where you will awaken in order to be able to feel the gratitude that the ‘word’ was given to your lives. We described the Temple of Docters, but especially the Temple for the Mother, the Temple of Wisdom. When the artist leaves this life, he must then be able to show his gratitude in order to portray the eloquence and the inspiration of the Messiah by means of wisdom and his art. What did the Masters do? We have shown that soon you will stay ‘beyond the coffin’ in that grati.tude and that awakening, but here you already live in the infinite awe which can only be the universe. And now gratitude is a law, the gratitude that you feel because the Masters gave you wisdom. That was experienced in the temple of Ra, Ré and Isis, in China and Japan, in British India, in Tibet. Yes, society got to see and to feel, to experience, the gratitude of Our Lord, when the Masters began to give mankind faith, to give mankind the wisdom how you will live, how you will awaken. Understand well what it concerns, it means that you now already live in the infinity of your Deity. You are no longer on earth, you do not live in the material, because ‘beyond the coffin’ the awakening came to you and you will say and have to admit inwardly: yes, I am that far, my awakening reached that and that grade. The gratitude in my life is the accepting, is the bowing to everything that I received. When we, when you enter the first sphere, and a Master comes to you and you start to ask the question: “What and how will my task be here in this infinity?” then we ask you: “Is the gratitude for the universe already in you?” In the first place, we will have to show you that every word is law. The gratitude now, the feeling to be able to inspire, to be able to speak, that be.comes the deadly seriousness of the personality. It is the step, the foundation in order to enter the Mother of the universe, as Ramakrishna experienced it and passed on to his apostles. The books which you already have in your hands here … when you read those books, then it cannot enter you: yes, this work is a story, and those and those books would not have been written? The source of justice, the source of inspiration which is only adjusted to the Messiah, which only represents the Divine authority, that now appears to represent the inner life of feeling of the human being, of every animal, every life, embryonic, wherever you live. All life walks, and is inspired by the Divine justice, after which your gratitude will interpret the life exactly and you will begin with the first word. You now begin to think: what should I do? Well then … although you cannot enter that step, although you have not yet been able to lay the foun.dations, the Master asks you to go upwards and then to enter the Temple of the Mother. When we start to make the comparison with the earthly life, the earthly personality, then we are immediately faced with a Divine infinity, a won.derful inner life, because that is the mother when she feels the justice, the gratitude in her and has accepted the head bowing. Not one wrong word then passes your lips, everything in you is correct, because you have become correct. What meaning does it have when you do something nice here on earth today and tomorrow you lose yourself again as a result of one word? I made it clear to you that every word is a universal infinity, because every word has Divine meaning, and it begins with grati.tude. But where does the gratitude take you? To the systems of Socrates, to a temple, to a foundation, a universal planetary system. That is the gratitude of your Father, your Christ, and your Golgotha! When gratitude lives in you, and really possesses a hundred percent power of feeling and inspiration, my sisters and brothers, then you are no longer a tourist in Jerusalem, but then you go upwards. You experience every step; every footstep penetrates your personality and gets spatial eloquence. The space now says to you: “Even deeper, even deeper!” You must be able to experience the sorrow of the universe, the sorrow of an opening, as a flower accepted and will experience the awakening for Mother Nature, the grati.tude of a child, the gratitude of your society, the friendship of a person, your father and mother, your sister and brother. Truly, this is the word in order to lay the first foundation for the new personality, the new awakening; you must begin with that one day. When – as I was able to show you several times – the human being, the personality, which is now a shape, enters as a child of a people in the East, West, the South or North, the Spheres of Light, the astral world, then the question comes: “Well, where do I live and what will I be able to receive?” “Do you have something to do for me?” the conscious being says. You are blessed, because soon you will continue in these teachings. An.yone who now feels the gratitude, absorbs the hundred percent inspiration and wants to experience the feeling already growing, will bring society to its awakening, that human being will soon possess light, he possesses a spiritual personality. The majority of humans here on earth really think that they live materially, but you only become separate from the body, and you will soon enter the world for your soul, the world for your spirit and you will be an astral personality. When the maternal life speaks to you, then you will awak.en for the first time. It is only then that the laws of the universe will speak to your inner self, your inner soul, which is now the shape that will accept spatially and for which every word is law. When we see the Temple for the Mother before us, then the being of the earth lies there kneeling, praying, thinking; you are grateful for a smile. When you enter the sphere between the Land of Hatred and that misty world, when you see that world, which will soon connect you with the first sphere, then you will see nothing else there but people lying down who are preparing themselves in order to reach that awakening. The human being who is not yet ready to be able to accept the hundred percent justice, the human being who is separate from the material, the human being who is separate from the lower qualities, the lower character traits … that human being is kneeling there and is preparing himself in order to absorb that unity with the All, as a result of which God manifested himself, and only then to begin his task. What should you do now? We pass those people. When a smile passes your lips and that soul experiences the Divine systems in that loneliness, then the Master is happy, then the Master is pleased. What was Christ like when he walked on earth and passed on his Divine wisdom, the gospel, to the people? When a soul truly received trust and the gratitude touched His sacred per.sonality, then the Messiah wept, because He knows: every child, every spark created by God belongs to you, that is your life, there is no strange person in space, all the life is yours! You are fathers and mothers, children of one Father, and of one universe, you must take all those cells to the development. Can you feel this? What does that mean? Why does God speak, why does the holy gospel of Christ say that the human being is finally universally deep and experiences and undergoes a unity, which means that you absorb into you, experience as father and mother, the spatial feeling and thinking by means of each cell? We went from planet to planet, we covered millions of lives. We were amongst all the peoples on earth; you are black, brown, white and pale. You were in the jungle and now you live in society and you will soon enter your spatial consciousness. That can be animal-like, that can be material, that can be crude-material, but it becomes spiritual when you begin to sense that whatever you get here on earth, whatever you can experience has come to you straight from the Divine authority and for which Christ lived. Who understands Christ, when you enter the Temple of the Mother, when you undergo the Temple of the Medici, the arts and the sciences? First you begin to be grateful and to absorb the space into you and to say to God: “Yes, that gratitude must awaken in me.” Because the gratitude, the feeling, the benev.olent feeling that you are happy, brings you to the new inspiration. It is the first step, it is the first foundation in order to experience the love, then to un.dergo the love. Because to be able to drive, to activate, to inspire the feeling, and to give something to the people is what decides your happiness. Well, when we kneel at the steps of the Temple of the Mother … In every sphere you find a majestic building, it is a wonderful unity and in that building you see and you experience the mother, God as mother. Here for the first sphere and there for the second, the third, the fourth – and then you prepare your.self for the fourth cosmic grade. If you see those men kneeling there, when you feel these people, personalities … Everything of the earth is now gone, your learning no longer means anything. And when you feel this properly, then you can also accept this; everything that the earth possesses no longer means anything if you have lost your personality there and experienced the Divine systems descending, and means: how did you carry out your deed? Did you really love that mother, was that mother love, was she a revelation, did she have the longing to give love, to experience the justice? What does she want; does she have spatial feeling and thinking, so that the life ‘beyond the coffin’ possesses consciousness? You have all of that in your hands, which lives in you! To lie down at the feet of the Masters, that is not an art when the benevolent conscious being watches over your personality. But, lying down in loneliness … because you get nothing for free, you must master every step; you must think, learn to think: what does benevolence wish to be? And then we reach those wonder.ful creations, those revelations, which He gave to the human child on the earth by means of His spatial personality and we get to see him, we get to feel him, we now get to know him. Then the silence falls in you, then there is nothing more to say, we only want to experience. Then we kneel down at the feet of the mother … Yes … Not that shape, no, the birth! How did she receive her life, how did she bring herself to the material revelation? It is the being in contact with the universe! Now we are not alone, you do not come alone to the maternal heart, you are now faced with fatherhood and motherhood, the contact with a planet and space. Because you go back again with the birth, with psychopathy, with insanity, if you experience the lower qualities as longings and let them grow. For the universe, being a mother means experiencing the contact with a law, which is birth. It is the process of giving birth, it is creating power, it is drive and inspiration, it is knowledge, and everything becomes knowledge! For months … no, for years, the people kneel in order to think. When will you reach the sacred, social, spiritual, material meditation? Everything of the life can give you that unity. A flower can tell you where it was born and how it got its colours. People ask us: how should I begin to think? When this child kneels there and the Master awakens sends his thoughts to the follower, then this life feels irradiated. A sacred longing enters this life, and it is a gentle touch. It is the conversation that the mother experiences on the fourth cosmic grade with her child; and has already happened several times on earth, when this sacred unity reaches awakening. Then you expe.rience something of the Divine telepathy … No, you experience the sacred being one for the birth, for growth, blossom, awakening, the benevolence of a soul, a personality that speaks, and you are faced with universal truths. The universal picture of before that reaches consciousness, that means: your past starts to speak; you can now accept fatherhood and motherhood. You are no longer strange in this society, because every life belongs to you. I once told you that there are fathers and mothers amongst you and you send them away from you. I also made it clear to you that you must not give away everything of yourself, because this is not the intention. Every human being must build up a social consciousness; you have to take care of yourself. The human being who still cannot take care of oneself, that is the psychopath, that is the sick insanity, the sick personality which has to accept that another, the conscious being, wants to assure this life in helping and caring. However, the conscious being who senses what it is about, he places the universal picture in the hands of the Messiah by means of every thought, because He – as the bible also tells, as the gospel comes to you and has asked – He always receives your thoughts and the natural unity comes about. It is not so simple to release yourself from the society in which you live, and yet, that is possible when the sacred inspiration enters you. You speak of gratitude, but what is the true gratitude? How does that grati.tude react? That has contact with everything; when you have laid those foun.dations, then you are for a hundred percent mother and father … because that is what it is about. It is the oneness with a Divine law, now every thought is a part of His creation. The truth of the macrocosmos, which cannot be carried by the people, still gives the picture, which is also present in your heart, because it is the human feeling, it is your immediate thought. Now every thought gets to experience a macrocosmic unity again and that feeds you, it drives you, and brings you to awakening. But you must experience and hold on to that deed, you must not wish to lose anything else, you must perfect the driving force. There are still so many in this world that say: I want this and I want that, but where does the first foundation lie? When you enter the spheres, then you can really say: I have earned everything. And there are really people who still have to start with their spiritual study, their eloquence. What do you wish to do soon? Accept a task there for God, the space and Christ? To sit down and to listen? But to sit down at a hundred percent and to be able to surrender yourself, that is a wonderful study. Hundreds and thousands perished in ancient Egypt for that, the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis got their personality as a result of this; but they went through insanity, through death, but they returned. Gradually that feeling rises, gradually you start to realize that you are more as a human being, and the bible cannot give you that. You cannot learn that either, you have to build that up by means of the things in society, to lay stone by stone, to build a temple in which you will soon live. It is only then that the life ‘beyond the coffin’ speaks to your personality. What must we talk about? To connect you with the planetary systems, which were given to you by the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, that is not art. But to analyse the laws in such a way that they are of some use to you in society, says more, because you will soon come to stand before this truth anyway. And now it is called: how should I bow? To want to experience, to want to inspire, to want to drive for a hundred percent day and night. It is that: to finish a thought, always making sure that the truth, the reality, the revealing and the surrendering emerge! Now you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and the first word is once more and always: where am I? Where do I live? Now you should just look at that human face. Why do you make such a fuss here, why do you feel so great here on earth? You will soon have nothing more to tell! What are you if you are a minister, a great artist, what? What is it that the world gives you and what is accepted by the world? Work out what you do, all the things there are in the world, then you will get your picture; you will soon be just a thought, a feeling ‘beyond the coffin’. But that feeling has Divine authority, that feeling attunes you to the eloquence of space. What I am concerned with is, by means of all these lectures, by means of everything which you can experience and have to undergo in the Spheres of Light – and also in the darkness – to shake the human being awake, to bring the human being to revelation for his own feeling, his own thoughts. To always ensure that you are in harmony with everything. Just begin with it, it is simple anyway, if you begin to think seriously, you will learn this. Do not take any notice of society; do not take any notice of the human being who destroys you, he is the destroyer. Just stand before … Just go to that destruction, the gossip in which you live, the sullying, the deformation of a human being, now that we know that you are standing opposite the Divine cell, the Divine core! How can you deform and destroy the Divine core in such a way, why do you destroy a core if that child is still not conscious? You no longer hit with swords, you no longer shoot when you truly experience Golgotha. As a result of each wrong thought – just believe it, just accept it – you knock the crown of thorns again from the head of the Messiah. As a result of every growl and snarl you let His blood flow and we must be rid of that. You must want to no longer hurt anyone again, you must become afraid for yourself. Why does the human be.ing, who possesses the cordiality, say : “Just look, what a wonderful feeling!” When do you start to build on universal, spiritual peace? Reading books in not an art! To experience ‘Masks and Men’ and to un.dergo that and then to half succumb is not art. No, to remain standing in society, to accept everything … diseases, leprosy, everything, even if peo.ple destroy you; you cannot be destroyed! You are living and radiating con.scious, you will always remain that, and the cheerfulness of your character attracts solar systems. You are a solar system, you are living light, inspiring truth, sacred justice and then there is no question of demonism. When you descend into the hells, the darkness, then you must be able to love those peo.ple, you must be able to draw those people up into your heart. When do you feel insulted? God and Christ are never insulted, but a Master can be strict … and he lets you wait. They are kneeling there before the temples; you can find millions of people there. They are stupid, yes indeed … stupid. They are wasting their time? For a few people this Divine blessing is truly founded, because we know that they are experiencing the silence, the being one with the mother. What is here on earth … What is the mother like here on earth? The sacred respect of the human being ‘beyond the coffin’, when this ma.ternal, creating, giving birth life of feeling reaches revelation under your heart … Yes, my sisters and brothers, then you lie down and you are like a little child. Then the professor and the royal child of the planet earth come to us and we may consciously guide these children, these cells of God, to the first step. As I have said and hopefully made clear to you, the higher you climb on earth that is to say, the social ladder, the heavier and more difficult your life becomes. How much ballast do you bring with you? It is not a ques.tion that you must just throw away everything, but what do the Divine laws now ask? Now God asks, and Christ, the light from the universe forces you to now bow, and the word comes: “What did you do with those means? Did you work for construction or destruction? Did you only just serve yourself?” When you love yourself and the serving does not go further than your own floor, the threshold of your house, then you also possess in the life ‘beyond the coffin’ just a little ringlet, you are no more than this, because everything makes a beeline for you. Every word is a foundation … no, is a wall, another life cannot get through that, you send everything away from your life, be.cause you do not know the life. Do you now wish to speak about gratitude; is that the sacrifice for your existence? There are already people amongst you who work themselves to death in order to be able to elevate the Temple of the ‘University of Christ’. We know these children. But when you are with hundreds and everyone begins to enter and to carry out that truth, it is then Divine wonders happen. But then you are not searching for months and months, then you do it now! Then your footstep is assured. You are not even of society anymore; you are a child, high-spirited and liberalized, Divinely conscious. You have reached unity with light, life and love, with justice. Now the gratitude lives and speaks under and in your heart. When you can really feel and experience the happiness, here on earth already, that Christ walks next to you … because He does that. You search for His personality, you kneel and pray; that prayer does not help when the deed takes you to the abyss and succumbing comes. But the Messiah can walk next to you every moment and you can hear Him, He is everywhere, because He has experienced your life. He is the light, He is the speech, He is the life of feeling, He is everything, because we can prove and show that to the child ‘beyond the coffin’! There is a brother of mine – I could give you the name – just recently passed on from the earth, a human being who has done a great deal for soci.ety, because we take care of all these lives. Who is that now, ‘we’? That is the order of the Messiah; that is the ‘University of Christ’. Anyone who is really accepted by the ‘University of Christ’, he is gratitude, he is benevolence and justice, and that human being, that soul, that personality, he loves at the ex.pense of everything. He is not tired, he is not sick. You do not need to be sick when your will actually wants to receive the words and feelings of another life in an inspiring way, then there is no longer illness. This is why Christ says: “Let the blind heal the blind.” We know that these wonders can occur at any moment, these wonders can take place at any moment. This child, this professor, this astronomer, this theological child experi.enced that, and then he came … He had had to accept in his life that he damned the God of all life, because there was still damnation, and yet … And yet … in a sphere that is free from hatred – this child did not hate, but he stood still. If he had been able to discard that damnation, had been able to take the gratitude of God in him to the spatial inspiration during his life on earth, then he would have felt that damnation. And now the word is unconsciousness. And if the word comes from you and you speak it, you materialize it – you cannot accept it, even if you do not even want to materi.alize that word and inwardly you are still that far that you do not want to or, cannot accept this – then your personality is still unconscious. Because the Light of the universe, if you soon begin with your spiritual life, says: “Stop, just wait!” You do not come through it, you collide with that light, it is a wall, it is your barbed wired, it is a guard, which says: “To here and no fur.ther. Are you in harmony with my light?” I am gratitude, I am benevolence, I am love, I am just, and there is nothing in me. And now we stand here, spatially conscious, having reached a unity which takes us straight to Golgo.tha. Which connects us directly with the Messiah, which brings us directly to the spiritual shape, the foundation, which you experienced for a hundred percent, and the consciousness of which you mastered. Stone by stone you see that temple emerging. And that man says: “I built a temple, I wanted to give all of my life for mankind and now I still do not have any light.” No, you must first become free from the believing. You must be able to experience, sense these things and be able to see them, and it is only then that your personality says to the other life: “Do not believe it any longer, do not accept it any longer! There is no damnation, there is only love, only evolution.” When you continue to stare at the word that the human being gives you … You must also be able to understand me, you must also be able to accept me, you must believe in everything. I told you before: I am law! I am connected to the Omniscience of this; your space, my word is truth! Why do you not accept it, why do you not go into that for a hundred percent? Why do you not lose yourself, why do you not give yourself completely? There lies the professor, there lies the theologian: “What should I do?” On earth he accepted the things of society. Just tear off those medals from you! You must first get the realization that society is a world in order to awaken. Everything that you did is wonderful, you took the people back to God, but from the frying pan into the fire; you kicked them into it and now you want God to take care of you and to bless your life? We are not blessed, you are blessing, because to be blessed means: to expe.rience a unity of everything that you perceive in the universe. That happens immediately. Now we can bring up this child. This child has reached a wonderful po.sition. The people, society, the world speaks about this genius, this spiritual wonder, and in the life ‘beyond the coffin’ it still does not have any meaning this far, because – now it will come – what did you do with this? You gave a wonderful inspiration there to your people, you elevated your people to God, to space, and you had the word, an eloquence, which could inspire the child of the earth. Why did you stop yourself by damning the God of all life? You feel, you come to face the reality of the word, the growing for the word, until the word is inspired spiritually, and gets spiritual truth. And now you can associate with the people, now the people lie at your feet. Now they are sweet, now they are speaking, they have time for you. You get space, you are accepted, there is always peace, and there is always happiness. You are as hap.py as a small child, there can be nothing more that disturbs you, wherever you live. Even if you descend into the darkness, even if you go to the demons, you will remain and are happiness, omniscient, because you know: you are now connected with the truth! We convinced him: “Just go along. First ‘the coffin’ … you died there. Peo.ple also burned you and you can be pleased and happy, it is the fire in you which will awaken.” Now the cremation must dissolve. How? Only by means of the word. Be.cause he is now starting to understand, because we now elevate him into the universal truth for space, for everything, for a sphere, for fatherhood and motherhood, that fire dissolves, he gets expansion. Because he is nar.row-minded, because he accepts that damnation, he is also attached to that burning process. And when we are that far, we will begin with the spiritual systems. Then we will take him to the Temple of the Mother, the Temple of Space. Because space is mother and says: “Just lie down here, I will soon come back to you.” Weeks, months, for others years and years, pass before the life moves, be.fore the life relaxes again, before the thought experiences an action, thinking … thinking: who am I? I live in a space; I am now ‘beyond the coffin’. That body means nothing more, for you have lost it. Everything that you did there belongs to you, because it is you! Every deed is now a footstep, is a foundation, is the ground. You condensed that bottom! Because the human being who forgets himself, the human being who just lives it up, has no bottom in our world. You must condense that bottom, that ground, yourself by means of the deeds. Then you walk on astral plasma, until you are in the Divine and then you experience the Divine plasma. And then your temple is Divine; your thoughts are Divine. Your life is spatially immense. You receive everything which comes to you by means of love, by means of a good word. Now there is wisdom. You gave me these wonderful, beautiful flowers this morning … there my word is a flower. Every word – I told you by means of the previous lectures – is an orchid. Make an orchid out of a word, make a spatial inspiration out of your friendship by experiencing the light, the truth, the justice! Difficult? The child is lying there, thinking. How do you get rid of yourself? That is not difficult. Now you are no longing, you do not thirst. Now the child reaches awakening and asks: “Oh, my God, give me a new life, so that I am able to do it once again.” Yes, now millions go first. In the spheres there are millions who would like to experience your place as a material human being, because you do not yet understand those laws. To experience it again under and in the material heart, by feeling, experiencing, inspiring the material blood circulation, the brains, the thinking, the material tissues, and then to bring the Divine in you to awakening in the material, in the art, by means of the word, by means of a feeling, by means of society, by means of the friendship, but especially by means of your wonderful being one: your marriage! Now the word passes the lips of this child: “What am I for my wife? What was I like for my husband?” That is not your husband and that is not your wife, that was not your mother and that was not your husband. That is creating power, that is the process of giving birth, that is the being a mother of the space and you ne.glected that! The human being hits, the human being kicks, the human being says: “Go out of my life!” But you send your Deity away, whatever that life is like, be.cause we know – we must show him – that the cause and effect bring you to the cell of life with which you are involved as a result of your previous lives. Nothing happens without reason, there is no coincidence for the Divine sys.tems. Then Socrates would not have had to drink his poisoned cup. And then the Christian child would not need to be ashamed that the Messiah was nailed to the cross. Was it by the Jewish race? No, it is you, yourself. Those things are still crucified; you still destroy, professor, doctor, because you do not want the truth. And now it is not so bad for society, not so dangerous, but now enter the spiritual worlds, the inner life, your soul, your spirit, your universal personality. Which light shines from your eye? What is silence? Now speak, finally … by means of the truth, by means of gratitude! Just be grateful when you can speak with a human being, because soon, ‘beyond the coffin’ it is possible that you do not see anyone again for thou.sands of centuries. Just chase a human being away; just kick a human being away from your life and you will have no one ‘beyond the coffin’. You will live in a world where there is nobody! Well, now you can say: ‘I love this and I love that.’ To love your own possession, it is not that. You will have to build that up in the first place, if you wish to enter the Temple for the Mother, because now your mother, your husband is a temple! Yes indeed, the creating power can also experience the mother. The Temple of the Mother is there, and there, on the right side is the Temple for the Creating Power, the organ.ism, that man, father, is for God … there is the mother … and this will be coordinated by the God of all life. You can experience his aura in the mother, because she and he are one; that is a planetary system and a solar system. That is universal becoming conscious, that is gratitude, that is acceptance, that is happiness, joy of living, because justice, interpreted as a flower, enters your lives. She then laughs and then you hear music and then you can speak the first word and it is a poem. Yes, then the gratitude enters you! You should see those millions of people there in the darkness, people who gave themselves for Christ, but walk next to the body. ”Yes”, says the Eastern child and says the universe, ”you had material, everything you said was just material, everything only had meaning for soci.ety, but when did your soul speak?” Did the books not originate as a result of this, which gave becoming con.scious to mankind? As a result of this were Beethoven and Mozart not able to give their radiant knowledge to mankind, interpreted by the sounds? Did Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Titian not interpret their spectrum of colour by means of the brushes? Was every brush not knowing consciousness, inter.preted by colour? Make a spectrum of colour out of your thoughts, let that spirit shine as the word, and give it inspiration; because it is a part of your personality, it is you yourself. The smallest thing must be brought to the awakening, or you will not have any meaning in that life. You will be nothing there. You will enter a loneliness where there is no one, because there was no awakening, the reality was not there, you just did everything like that and like that. And this is now your own destruction; nobody can give that to you. It now appears that be.ing a genius means nothing for the earth if you do not accept the life. What is art, what is a book, what is wisdom? Everything that you built up in soci.ety, sinks from under your personality if your feelings, your thoughts do not possess that universal love. For that reason the Messiah went to Golgotha. It is becoming very simple. Lie down; you can do that during your walk. You always lie down … if you wish to know; it happens very simply, it is all so sim.ple, so childishly naïve. Every thought that you adjust attunes to the spiritual grade, that is the lying down for the mother, the lying down on Golgotha. You will first begin with the mother. How did you receive the life? You start to wonder. You must wonder. Why am I father, why am I mother, why is there death, why is there insanity? You get to know, and later understand, disharmony, but you master the conscious harmony by means of the life, by means of the life in society and by means of every thought – I hope to give you that this morning – by means of every thought you lie … you lay down there. You start to lie down in order to meditate and in order to open your lives, and you walk at the same time in society. You get your kiss … you get the love. You come to the mother, as a husband, and say: “My child, as long as you know that I want to accept everything. Bring me to the awakening.” You do not need to be sentimental, you can be cheerful, happiness must live in you, but with conscious feeling and thinking. You come there … How many people do you come into contact with daily, weekly, in a year? What did you do with a day? Truly, the mystic said: “I will first meditate.” Sects emerged, which began to pray in the morning, in seclu.sion. That is not necessary at all. It is very simple. When you awaken and you look through the space and say: ‘I am alive again and there will be no end to this life and I will soon prepare myself for society. I am cheerful.’ And then you should see what happens when the other also begins. When the mother begins, the man begins and you can give your children something, then you add the educational systems to your lives and when that upbringing is truly experienced and you are already grateful that that creature concerns you and takes care of you … oh, good heavens, how deep everything becomes! Even if you have nothing in society, you can never experience something pleasant, what does it mean? You possess the space. Soon you will have the Great Wings. You build on the Great Wings by means of a thought, a deed. You do not violate spiritual things. You love. If you see the trouble and the misery, the destruction, the horrors of a low-er world before you, then you do not beg: ‘Give me a task’, then you become lust and violence; which André will make clear to you by means of other sessions and unity, and for which we inspire him, every word comes to us. Then you become inspiration, then you become gratitude, then you become benevolent and in the first place … just. Then you start to analyse, then you start to become a thought, that becomes living inspired! Every hour is now a mercy, because you always kneel at the feet of the Masters, but … kneeled for the love, because the Temple of the Mother is the universal love. And you should see what a man is like now, what a true life can be; and now you can make a mother happy. When she definitely does not want something, then you are making progress. When a child … I will give you the proof – if this child is here – how I live with you, how God is also one with you. When you had the session during the week and a mother came to André: “My husband wants to chase me out the door, because I experience this. My life is deformed, I am beaten because I want to enrich myself.” What kind of individual is this? I stood next to André, I heard it. Then André said: “Just go … just let him go to a lawyer.” In the past another mother came … and then that lawyer said: “Sir, I also read those books from that man. Do you wish to divorce for that? Just be.cause a human being wants to prepare himself for God and Christ?” There are such people. There it is the man who feels and wants to experi.ence the universal inspiration, and there it is the mother. And when those lives do not come together, when you say: “I do not like that” … You do not even need to say it, but we, the world, the universe sees it, feels it: ‘I do not like that, I do not want that sentimentality.’ But you are standing still! You go along once, you go with each other; you surrender, you lose noth.ing, you only become something. You get to see your foundations. Kneel down. You do not want to learn, you do not want happiness. You ask and beg for love, but you do not get it, you give nothing for it. You must first want to lie down, just lie down for a human being. You have Christ, you have Golgotha, and you are no longer a tourist. Tourism in Jeru.salem can be experienced in your heart, in your society, in your daily things, because the truth and the untruth will tell you: ‘Yes, you do not yet need to touch this.’ Imagining that you want to do something and you do not do it, you cannot do it and society sees that. To demolish something of the child that belongs to you, God hears that, the laws hear that, you immediately take away the light from the space and you darken yourself! You do not lie down there; you run, you fly, and you hit the life day and night! You now just have to accept and to prove what you can do. When Christ asked the apostles: “Do you wish to follow me?” then they did that by means of their own life of feeling, but there were millions who did not even want that. Every word – I explained to you – is destruction or construction. The ingratitude in society – you can absorb that into yourself just like that – they are already mountains. But gratitude takes you to the benevolence, the gratitude takes you to the blessed self, the true word, the happy accept.ing, that ‘I am one with you and I am hers, and she is mine’. You have an own shape, you have received a personality and that person.ality must now be taken to the awakening. When do you begin to lie down for the Temple of the Mother, as a hus.band; and the mother for her creating inspiration, for her justice, her love, her Jerusalem? Christ … It is He for whom we live and die! It is He who assured the light from the space by means of His blood; yes … but you will take it back to His life by means of your deeds, every thought is a drop. What do you want, when will you begin? It is not a matter of giving you a beating. I want to weep until my tears run dry for your life, we say, I want to die for you, I want to do everything, but when you say: ‘I do not like it’, then I am and they are, then He is powerless and we cannot achieve anything. Then finally just tremble under your heart, succumb by means of a good deed! You always just want to succumb as a result of injustice, ingratitude, and misunderstanding. Just succumb as a result of true love and God will come to you. Christ will sit next to you on the stairs before the Temple and will say: ‘Did you not know me?’ He is close to you, but He is also far away. When you believe and you can accept … now imagine: you have received a personality, you start to see the things when you know that God is Love … Absorb the seven fundamental systems into you … love, justice, light, life, love, mother and father … Take the Holy Trinity: what is father, what is spirit, what is son? You are as a mother also a child of God, and you are as a father a child of God. Become son, become mother, become sister and brother. Now finally look each other in the eyes, with human truth and you will build sphere happi.ness, infinite happiness, and unity for yourself. When the mother deforms herself, when she snarls and growls and de.stroys, how can you now inspire the creating power for the space? By means of motherhood you got spatial contact. You live in a paradise, in the Garden of Eden, you stand every day in the Garden of Eden, but … did the awak.ening come into and to you? Am I asleep or am I awake if the sacred inspi.ration from the space speaks to my life? Are you awake? Waken up … you are sleeping! When the Master begins … A child comes, a mother, millions of problems, there are people, and a mother arrives ‘beyond the coffin’ and looks into a pair of eyes. “I know those eyes”, she says. “Where did I see those eyes? You are not my husband, are you?” The Master lets her speak. “Just come, my child.” A good, a good mother, a mother with life, with inspiration, with the beg.ging feeling of a child, a pure, beautiful, wonderful shape. She looks into eyes that are not hers, because she did not know them. Her husband lives some.where else, there in that darkness, you have suddenly lost him … Do you feel, after the wrong the good immediately stands, and that thing started to speak and says: “Give me your hand and I will take you back to the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis. We knew millions of lives, my child. We went together as man and wife through life. We felt the sacred contact, how God started to mani.fest himself. We became priest and priestess and then we got respect for each other. I worshipped you … I looked into your eyes, months and months. We went for a walk through the nature. The flowers came to our life, the birds started to sing. A snake, a wild animal smiled at us, because we feel nothing else but happiness, joy of living and benevolence.” Children of this earth, between this life and that lay thousands of lives and the life of that one life broke through and came again to the actual core when the cause and effect was experienced. Just feel that sacred love. A strange life? No … there is no one in the world – we can soon reveal that to your life – or you already received that life, you already experienced that life as husband and as mother, as creating and giving birth power. You have known each other for so long, why do you not absorb that unity into you? It is for the academic: just lose your being a genius, because what have you done for the earth? You made cannons. We do not need to go and speak to those people, and yet wonderful, beautiful personalities can also be seen there. They do not know any better. We say: “Well, the human being does not want it any differently, then just through the destruction to the becom.ing conscious.” And by means of that – we were also able to give you, had to give, or you would miss a foundation – by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – that the human being wants to go through the destruction to the development. But you are individuals; you can do it yourself. You must beg in order to want, you must strengthen that will every day, you have to put as many grams of feeling on top of that will in order to keep up a word. No … not so many, because you are already a pile of misunderstanding, you are a pile of ingratitude! When will you nibble a bit off that? And just take a little, a little thought, a little word: I want to be true, and I want to begin. What do you begin with? Again, it is so simple to think in the good, to see the good. There is noth.ing wrong, even if you see the murderer there, the thief, even if you see there and you experience there the passion, the destruction. Everything is good, you alone have nothing to do with it, and you do not do it! It begins like that when you want to inspire and when you then start to speak to your wife, your husband … It is not an art to just elevate yourself into the space and to say: “Well, the moon was mother and we were once in the cell life. And the Spheres of Light … I can explain them to you like that, there is one, there are two, three, four, five, six, seven and then we go to the fourth cosmic grade! Puh! What does society mean?!” But you are too lazy to serve, you forget your material affluence, you let your wife and children starve, you deform those lives. Then that space means nothing either, then planets mean nothing to you, no temples, no mother.hood, and no fatherhood. You are an unconscious being, a braggart! You must first ensure that your footstep is good, that you are normal in society. When you suggest an illness, no recovery can come, there must be will in it! You do not need to rest, for days and months, the illness itself will force you to. You will have respect for the true illness, but not for the gossip. Just think about what you say. Separate yourself from everything that the earth has. Do not follow any communism, but go to Gethsemane and feel the silence, the character that eloquently inspires, takes care of your life, and is like a father and mother for you! But you do not do that. You have thousands of thoughts, a human being becomes tired of your talking, and you do not hear one true word. Just listen to what the human being says, just feel what the human being has to give to you, and then you will learn to be silent. You have nothing to say yet. When the people want to come here in order to convince the life, in order to speak to the life, why do you come, if you feel that you still have nothing? You must try that one day for God, you must try that one day for Gethse.mane, on Golgotha! The light from the holy Trinity will chase you from Jerusalem! You must first be able to release yourself from your society. You must be able to inspire yourself? No, the other life! Talking and talking and talking means nothing, I saw it … it means nothing if you do not begin. You must begin one day. All the things you have to give the husband as a mother! Well, as André said – and then you will know that I am with you day and night, that the Masters are with you; that every word of yours, because you are here, comes to the Spheres of Light – : You do not coo enough; that is sacred assurance. We coo day and night, because we have ‘the wings’. We are polite; we are gratitude. You must see us, in order to be able to inspire a human being, how often, how inspired we become if the maternal feeling speaks under our heart. Then the orchids fly from your and my life and the Messiah accepts them. Then the gratitude comes, then the eternal light comes, then the frat.ernization comes. People, people, children of God, begin! Finally begin and become con.scious, wake up! If you do not like it, realize properly, and understand that you live in the infinity. You are universal, you are macrocosmic, you have fatherhood and motherhood. Be love! Begin to learn to think … in our world, learned or not learned, king or queen, prince or princess. When the Master comes to you, he must bring you to the awakening, then you have to be si.lent and then you are grateful. You absorb everything in you. Centuries and centuries pass before you speak the first word … and that first word is a law, is truth, is gratitude, benevolence, justice, is love, life, spirit, soul, father and mother, God, Christ, and Gethsemane … Yes, the first word is Golgotha. Was I able to shake you awake the first morning? Was I able to give you something? Then I will take that orchid to Golgotha or I will lay it down at the feet of a mother, because I may receive her first spiritual kiss. And you must experience that one-day! The kiss … every word … every word is now a kiss, the kiss of Christ, the love of God! The love for everything and everything that you were given as a result of His Divine revelations, which is life, light, love and spirit, but for everything – accept it – universal truth … for everything! I grant you the silence. I thank you. The human being and his universe Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will receive the lecture ‘The human being and his universe.’ As a result of the books of the Masters you have got a small idea of what is actually your universe for you, here on earth and for space. But what do you have to do in order to take the universe for your life to evolution? We have to get to know the laws of God and the universe for this purpose. The human being who releases himself from the material systems – I showed you and was able to explain to you several times – only starts to think ‘beyond the coffin’. I took you through society; I brought you to the reality for life. I connect.ed you with life and death, with birth, reincarnation, with ancient Egypt, with darkness and light, the hells and heavens, with the bible, the good and the bad which was given to you by the bible. Yes, we took you to the ‘University of Christ’, a university, which explains the laws for your soul, spirit and body. What science knows about all these things has also become clear to you. What did the ancient Egyptians do for your consciousness, what did they give you? What did the temples in the world receive for a consciousness as the ages passed? How is society tuned into the own self, the spatial consciousness? People do not yet have any of all this! People do not yet accept these laws, and yet, now and again a glimpse comes, a single word from an academic to your life, who then explains that the human being started as an embryonic life. I take you away from the earth to the first sphere, because it is there that we get to know the universe – our universe. You have no feeling on earth to release yourself from this material part to which you belong. You do not yet want to; and yet, you cannot escape it, because the laws for the universe … every thought means a universe. A thought is universally deep, has got foun.dations because the soul has attunement to God, to the All-Source. From the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood we started with our life. You have travelled a path from planet to planet. You went through millions of lives to the final, which is still ‘the coffin’. You went from the jungle to a society. You have had to accept the races (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) on earth. It is no longer gibberish that is spoken, the metaphysical laws point you to the first beginning, the first foot.step which you have had to accept as a human being, as father and mother. The human being in his society feels awe-inspiringly strong and con.scious. But, what kind of consciousness does society possess? What does the university give you now? What can that university give you for soul, spirit and material? Yes indeed, it is not the intention to take everything back to the nothing. But the world, the metaphysical teachings gave you that proof when Amenhotep, the first powerful priest who now still has significance for your world, got his consciousness in ancient Egypt and he could accept his Great Wings. When he lived ‘beyond the coffin’ and the Masters, those Masters there, those high priests could speak their first word, could ask the first question to his life. “Where are you? Are you alive? Do you have the sight? Is there colour there? Is there feeling there? Tell us frankly, irrevocably the truth, because you will die for these teachings if the lie overcomes you, sullies your life.” The temples of Isis, Ra, Ré and Luxor had to accept these laws! And then the priest is ‘beyond the coffin’, but he is living conscious. He looks around him, and he sees his universe. The politeness, the reverence that overcomes him, which comes to him from that space, is awe-inspiring! And then the wonderful word passes his lips, but he is also inspired again. He sees a light; he feels life around him. And then the Master says – a human being who lived on earth, who lives in space and is conscious there, who gave ancient Egypt a foundation of and for the God of all life, a soul, a spirit, a personality which is only love, in order to elevate, release the human being from the material systems, because that personality will see that the soul is the infinite, that the spirit must represent the life ‘beyond the coffin’ and that the personality will be able to receive a universal eloquence – : “Can you see me?” “Yes”, says this child, “where are you?” “Do not ask me to make myself visible, do not want to see me, because my image would knock you down, the light from my eyes would strike you down. Do not attach yourself to my personality, but only listen to this word, to my feeling, only listen and pass on what I tell you. We are one from soul to soul, we are one from spirit to spirit; our inner lives got universal meaning. Yes, you really live in a universe and that universe is your possession.” When Amenhotep, the priest who prepared himself in order to experience an inspiration from the universe, to devote himself for Isis in order to be able to serve the world, so that God can lay His foundations, now gets the first word and says, through his body which lies there: “Yes, children of the goddess, I am alive, I can see, I am myself.” It is a shock for everyone who experiences this. The clairvoyants see that that personality is himself. The healers send out their powers in order to inspire this life, so that this contact will not be broken, because the goddess will speak. Yes, for ancient Egypt that was still a goddess, they gave a deity to everything. The Masters started there with the first word, they laid the foun. dation in order to make a universal self of the human being. “Can you travel?” “Yes”, says the pupil – the master here, the Great Winged One on earth, but between life and death the pupil – “I can travel.” “Go then”, is the request, “to space and tell us, give us the truth, only the truth; because you know that the animal instinct will destroy you if the lie, the deception overcomes you.” And now this personality floats through space. There is a power that forc.es, which is compelling and is imposed upon the personality to go further, to move away from the material. And then the Master says: “Being free from the earth is the oneness with this universe. To be free from the Pyramid, from which lives there, from your inner life there, is the oneness with God.” Yes, he did not dare to say ‘the God of all life’, because it would have tak.en this child by surprise. And when the priest now sees himself from space, between the stars and the planets and feels that he is a living conscious child, then his aura flies back to the Temple of Isis, and he lays the orchids of his heart at the feet of the goddess. He lays them down for space, for the Pyra.mid, for the pharaoh, for all the priests and priestesses, and says: “I am alive, I float in a wonderful space and I am myself. The benevolence of my soul is speaking truth to you. I give you everything which I see and which I feel, because next to me lives the wonderful self. I feel this tremendous silence enter me. My word gets wings. I will be like this universe. Every thought of my personality is supporting inspired.” The priests do not dare to ask any more questions. They do not know where these words come from, but they penetrate the human self, and get a hold of the personality. When the priest tunes in his conscious self to the hazes and to the light, when he sees that the earth is like a scythe, there is night on earth and he can rise above that darkness and experiences the word there and sees it be.fore him, then tears run down his cheeks, his heart bleeds from a burning longing, then he strives only to be able to absorb that wonderful inspiration in himself. Then he bows there and kneels at the feet of his God, the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood. After a short time the high priests reach the stage that they can formulate their questions. And now it goes quickly, every word now has inspiration. The scribes are ready, their hearts pound in their throats. The blood runs over the lips of the Great Winged One when the inspiration is too intense and he – concentrating – inspires himself from space. The human organs cannot deal with these powers any more. People think of disturbances, but they have experienced hundreds of sessions, they know the danger! They also know that there is support, that there is a means that will support them and can take care of them: the goddess is watching out! She is always watching out. “Where I live, that is light, that is life and I feel happy. Where I live, that belongs to me”, the voice from space says. “For what we live, that will serve for the whole of this mankind. Where I live, that is this light. My feeling says that I am a part of all of this and that I will be able to earn all of this as a result of my thinking and feeling, my work, my serving, for which I will now devote my life.” In this way, ancient Egypt received the proof that there was life after death. Hundreds of priests came to grief only because they went through the laws for fatherhood and motherhood. But they got to know the sleep, they descended into their personality and went to that ‘coffin’, they went to the soul, to the spirit, and in this darkness life came again, new thinking, new feeling, new understanding. Everyone placed himself before the first foundation. And they also knew that they had lived millions of lives and that the soul possesses an own personality behind this life with the universe as feeling, in which the child lives, with a universe which was fed inspiringly by every thought. Every thought – ancient Egypt was able to give this to the Western child – is a universe. And those millions of thoughts have to accept the colour of the universe and place themselves on the weighing scales for all those systems, for all those thoughts, all that fatherhood and motherhood, for which you live and as a result of which we can conquer those laws as a human being. “Where I live”, said the Great Winged One, “is a universe for me and for all the life which you, where you are, meet. Here is the truth; I am connected to the truth. Because when I think wrongly just for a moment – therefore materially, according to your experience – then darkness comes around me. That therefore means that my thoughts can be inspiring when I climb that universe. I will continue step by step. I see a world there which is not ours. I see a world for the animal, for a flower, but we people are universal, we go before all of this. I think. And now the word comes back to the goddess.” Yes, because if Ramakrishna could have known this, if Ramakrishna could have pushed this through his life, then he would have got the universal macrocosmic consciousness. But he did not want to be a follower, he was a follower for himself; also Pythagoras. Even if they have been able to gauge the depths of their lives, behind their personalities live millions, of which they still have to master the character traits and the worlds. It happened in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt laid the foundations for this society, for this mankind. Ancient Egypt possesses truth. Ancient Egypt, the temples of Ré, Ra, Ré and Luxor, they gave themselves for the ‘University of Christ’, for your society! And what does the West devote for this purpose? The temples of Ra, Ré and Isis experienced the benevolence of a Divine personality, and they enjoyed the justice. They kneeled; they made them.selves one with Mother Water. They experienced fatherhood and mother.hood not only humanly, but spatially deep, because they knew: by means of the good deeds they would attract the good. They were one, always one, with a holiness for which they lived and would die. For every thought a priest devoted his life. They went through the fire for friendship and benevolence. They let themselves be beaten and ill treated, they took on the fight with a wild animal, a snake, a tiger, a lion. They were not afraid of anything because they got to know that wisdom, because they wanted to serve the God of all life – yes, later the Messiah. Hundreds of thousands of priests were destroyed at that time. They were not afraid to accept insanity for a time – not the sick, but the conscious insanity – in order to get to know a law, in order to ex.perience a law. They beat themselves day and night, they checked, inspired, drove themselves. Every word was felt and was thought out before the word experienced the materialization. They defied life and death, and they could do that, because they had awakened inwardly, because their lives wanted to speak. That was ancient Egypt. And is it still that? No, that now lives in the West! Thirty-eight hundred, thirty-nine hundred years passed and society is still faced with the living dead-self of the Western child. A university elevat.ed the West, but people know nothing about this universe. The human being is still on earth for the first time, the child, who is now born, has still not experienced anything. This child comes finished and pure from God, from the All-Source to the earth and when the life is seven, eight, nine months, it already begins to swear, then it already starts to swear at the father and mother, then people see misery and destruction. And when the child is two, three, four years old, then it already has society in possession. Then society, then father and mother and sisters and brothers are already kicked. And that child is Divine, which comes like that from the All-Source? This life has never known a life before? After thirty-eight hundred years the Western child still lives in darkness. The parapsychologist is sent blind from his university. Moses is accepted that he spoke to God. The bible begins with nonsense, because creation was already millions of years old before the writ.ers could write the first word. Is that the universe which the God of all life has to give you? If a priest must lay every word on the Divine, spatial weighing scales and must take himself into harmony, how can it be possible that a God, who must be love, can hate? Is your society never awake? Do you wish to carry on in this unconscious world? Do you wish to continue to break, to destroy the life? Do you only live for your little circle, your society and do you wish to consciously destroy your universal happiness? What did people in ancient Egypt do for the Western child of this time, what were those priests there able to do? How did they serve, how did they work, every day, every hour? What did they do for you, for the universe, for all the peoples on earth? They built pyramids. What does that piece of stone there say? People make a fuss about the Pyramid. Yes indeed, it is a material foundation. It is the human being who is not only animal-like, material, spiritual, but spatial, is Divine; the human being and his universe interpreted as a piece of stone. But what do you do? When do you begin to build on that human pyra.mid? Sit down and listen? Flying through space, it is not an art if you possess that gift. But what do you master for yourself, for your husband and your wife, your children? When do you start to think as ancient Egypt was able to? Yes indeed, the book ‘Between Life and Death’, which was placed in your hands, takes me back to ancient Egypt, because there we were able to get to know the sacred truth. We experienced love there, and our hearts beat there. We were true, we wanted to live, and we wanted to die, because there is no death. When we sat down there, kneeled at the feet of the goddess – yes, that is motherhood, that is the love, the light, the life, the spirit, the soul, your personality – giving in to that personality in order to then finally be able to open our hearts in order to receive a true image … a kiss … When do you start to lie down? When do you start to build on your uni-verse? Because you are eternal and Divine! Every wrong word tears you from those Divine anchors. Every destruction brings you darkness! Begin with those foundations and take yourself to the first sphere, the world of truth, the world of justice, the world of understanding, the world of being able to take care, in order to absorb everything in you, lavishly and consciously, naturally like a child, adult as a human being, but especially as father and mother, until that love thumps under your hearts, beats in your throat. Yes, just collapse, if the universe wishes to radiate from your breasts, if you wish to be able to lay the first foundations for afterwards. When the human love overcame us there, the high priest said: “You bless.ed, continue and soon you will be like the light of this life … a flower.” When we and when you were received by the Pharaoh and our beautiful garments decorated our personalities and we entered that temple, then the universe lay at our feet, then that instinct had no meaning, because we out.stripped him and were ready to answer him, but we were received. The goddess said: “Go to him and prove to him what I have taught you.” Yes, that came from the mouth of a priest. “You Great Winged One, measure yourself with the Pharaoh. You will know which answers you will give him.” And then the catch questions came; we were chastised by words. We did not go straight to the personality, to the human self. No, that first went through the hyena instinct and then we walked in a lion’s den, we went through the life of a snake in order to finally seat ourselves before the human being. But meanwhile we had to experience those words, we had to make an analysis in the second, which was spatially deep, yes, which could comprise a universe. And then we kneeled at the feet of a Pharaoh, a king, but a beautiful child, because he loved us. “Tell me this morning”, or this evening, “which moments were you able to experience with the Goddess of Isis.” And then the great adept came, the Winged One … and the queen sat there, the princesses, the court, the high priests, the councillors, ready to receive the word of the human being who knows, the human being who pos.sesses that wisdom, the human being who experiences a unity with planets and stars. Yes, that is a Deity, and he was also accepted in this way. Then the eyes of the supreme priest radiated the light of the universe: now his children would speak! And in space there were millions; they knew, who would re.ceive, write down these words. The goddess had said: “Every word, every thought which you will mate.rialize, I absorb that into my life: I know you! And when you will die soon, then I will show you all these things as foundations; you will then be faced with your own right, but also with your own injustice.” “Give me an image of your life, give me an image of space. What did you learn during this week, during these days?” Then the high priest came, and asked the Great Winged One to speak. “When I must speak to your life”, the Great Winged One says, “then that is happiness for me, then that is the bliss for me in order to see things in a surpassing and expanding way, and then I know that I have to give myself to your personality as a true human being. Where I was, there was the light, I stayed there above the Pyramid, I saw from that world to the highest point in this world, I took myself back to that moment when I had still not thought.” “And was there life there and was there light there and were you able to love there?” “Yes”, says the Great Winged One, “there is light there and there is also love there and there is also benevolence and justice there. Yes, there is everything.” “And do you have space?” “Yes, we have space. Everything here above, we bring everything in which we live to materialization; no, we pass into that and we lay down there in order to learn to think how to be able to receive that unity.” Thousands of books have been written about the laws, about the life of ancient Egypt, but the West still does not know anything of the being one, about the connection. That is the wonderful gift which now lies in your hands and is called ‘Between Life and Death’. The human being for the West who still feels any of that old instinct – which we, which you, which everyone in ancient Egypt had to accept – now reaches spiritual awakening, now comes to the spheres of light or to the darkness. And now there is a gulf between ancient Egypt and the present stage to which you belong. The pres.ent society does not yet have any of it, has not yet mastered anything of what – I told you a moment ago – the priests received there, which was the truth for them, and for the hundreds of thousands. The psychological child, your university cannot yet accept that. And yet, since then so many hundreds of years have passed, the Western child is still at a dead point; the spiritual sciences cannot go further. And all of this is science; this is a spiritual science which is given to you from the ‘University of Christ’, which is your universe. ‘A human being does not reincarnate’; we do not know it. ‘A human being only came to earth for the first time; now we have nothing to do with that jungle.’ ‘Moses spoke to God. And the Lord said: “Moses, go and destroy that human being.”’ We know how Moses lived; but before all of this began – these are the prophesies for your life, for your society, for the Western consciousness – the creation was already millions of years old! You cannot buy yourself free by accepting Christ; you will have to expe.rience Him! You cannot go to Jerusalem as a tourist, you will come there as a universal follower. You have to bow to that, you have to kneel at the feet, not of the Masters, but before the Divine authority, truth, justice and benev.olence, human love, or you will never get a hold of your universe. Become truth, become love, and become justice! Begin now, because soon you will have nothing more to tell and then it will be much, much more difficult. Soon you will be faced with your naked self and how do you wish to enter the truth then, if there are no thirsts in you? Do you really wish to thirst; do you really wish to take possession of the universe? Then watch out for every thought! When you enter the life ‘beyond the coffin’ with me, I will take you to a true human being and then we are faced again with the Temple of the Truth, before the temple of your motherhood and your fatherhood and then you can see yourself. Because it is a living building, it is you yourself. It is your universe, because now you have an understanding of all the laws which were created by the God of all life. You immediately accept that you were born on the moon, and you also know, you can feel it, why that moon died. It is not far from your life, that moon lives under your heart, and it is you yourself. It is your motherhood; it is your fatherhood. What do you feel for the mother and what are your thoughts? Does your life radiate, like the fatherhood for the universe, the sun does eternally? There is your temple: the foundations that you laid here. That was only possible by means of your good thoughts, your deeds. Prayers have no mean.ing, because you will master the laws of the universe, to pray for the human being who must die, which is only evolution; now listen carefully: you will live ‘beyond the coffin’ or you will return to the earth and then we will con.nect you with the world of the unconscious, the world before birth. You will lay foundations as a result of all of that, which will only be accepted when they are inspired by the truth of your inner life. They stand before you, they are fixed, it is a material that the universe can carry and we see the paths which lead to this wonderful building. Yes, there are some who possess thou.sands of paths, because this human being is also open to everyone on earth. One wrong thought – just believe it – and your Isis, your Ré, your Ra, your Luxor, your space, your universe will collapse! What are we going to do? What is the meaning of this life, what is the meaning of being here in human society? Release yourself from all that harshness, that destruction, and make de.mands upon your personality. If you do not wish to serve here, on the other side, ‘beyond the coffin’, we will no longer speak in this way to you there. There is not one who puts himself out, who comes to your life inspired in or.der to release your life from the material. You are now spirit, you now have to accept every word, you have to bow to every word: every word is now a law. If you cannot accept that law, then you will not get any foundation either. A word is a law and a law is a foundation for your university. Which comprises this universe? No, there is more! You go higher and deeper; you go to the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade. Ancient Egypt knew nothing about this; no Socrates, no Plato, no Aristotle, no Pythagoras, they knew nothing about that. This comes to your life for the first time. Now it is pos.sible to give you the truth, the power of the universe, to take care of you and to say, to call out: do not do it, do it differently! Do it better, do it simpler, but be true, be kind! One wrong word – just believe it – and your universe will collapse, you will destroy all of that again. Continue to live on in that silence, in that harmony. Become thinking, become feeling and build on the first foundations for your life ‘beyond the coffin’, for ‘between life and death’. Understand: you are a universal personality, and every thought is part of your universe. You are a temple, I told you. The first steps are laid down for justice; another step, which is still part of the first, is the kind feeling. When we stand on those foundations, then we have to do with a true self; this life is truth, and then we continue, or those foundations would not be there. And now the complete whole is like the uni-verse, the temple that we must build for mankind, for which you now receive the wisdom, because that is the intention. And only then you lie down, you start to explore yourself: “Am I that?” Yes, you are that. If you take part in art, then you see your pure art again in your temple. And if you have friendship for mankind, then you will have the rooms there, the character traits, the spaces for that friendship; and you can receive the people, you put the people down in a wonderful summer-house. Yes, you lie down as the possessor at the feet of this life and you are grateful that you can help these lives, help them to carry. A child, a cell, a part of your blood, a part of the light of your eyes has awakened and entered the Spheres of Light, that child built up an own temple. Then you already live in the first sphere. Yes, then you are there, then you are really conscious, then you are a wonderful personality, but then you know that the Old Testa.ment curses the people on earth. And then you know that Christ did not beg at Golgotha: My Father, why have you forsaken me? That is not possible! That is an untruth! You now know that you cover millions of lives and that you are a part of all the peoples. You were also in the jungle. You were part of the Eski.mo consciousness (see article ‘Human being or soul’ on rulof.org). You were a doctor, you were an academic, yes, you were nothing a thousand times. Kingship and emperorship no longer interest you, you do not start playing the judge, because you cannot employ justice here in this inhuman con.sciousness, in this inhuman society, because you have to accept that judicial power by means of deception. When you are faced with your universe, then Christ is also present. He lets himself be seen, he says to you: “Finally you have reached the first step and will you now return to the earth in order to release the people from all that untruth? Or are you still capable of drinking My blood, My blood?” When the head from the seventh sphere – also a goddess – descends to your life, then that will become blessedness. The Masters crowd to your life in order to be able to receive you, in order to be able to give you a hand, to take you along through space and to say: “Look, we are going back to the moon, we were born there.” We descend into the embryonic stage, we go through the fish stage, and we will experience the ultimate for the planet. As the earth was also able to build up an own situation, as you once released from it, but then you will have completed the cycle of the earth and for this universe. “Remember, my word is law!” says the Master. And what is a law? You are birth, you are father and you are mother; you have covered thousands, mil.lions of lives. You now have to accept that, or you will never make it … “Or I will leave, you will then no longer receive my word.” We cannot sit down and wait; you must thirst, you must want, you must take yourself to the inspiration, it is only then that Jerusalem will be open to you. Did you really think that you could soon experience Jerusalem ‘beyond the coffin’ just like that? Did you really think that you could climb Golgotha just like that? In five seconds, in two days you will already have forgotten your love. We know human society. Today everything is universally conscious and inspired, and tomorrow it no longer has any meaning and then that collapses again completely. It does not matter to you what will soon happen? Then you will live in that ‘doesn’t matter’, but that is a misery, that is suffering, that is a mist, that is a land of hatred, a world of destruction. Do you want that? The human universe comprises millions of grades and laws. The human universe is the firmament in which you live. Yes, it has contact and attune.ment to the All-Source. Take your thoughts back to the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Light, and you will receive love. You are asking for love? You are begging for a bit of love? Then devote yourself a thousand times, devote yourself a thousand times to the macrocosmic attunement; not to the hu.man, because that has no meaning now. Become, become, become happiness … no, be it! Be love … no, become it, and be it in everything, in everything, in everything … if you wish to prepare your path in order to be able to continue soon. What is the human universe? What does ancient Egypt mean for your life? What did all those great ones serve for on earth? Do you never put a poisoned cup to your lips? Do you never dare to absorb the truth in you? Drink from this source, because you are drinking from the Divine creation. Eat this bread and accept it, it will never make you nauseous, because it is the bread of life. When Christ lived on earth, went through the meadows with His apostles … through the cornfields … then he stood still now and again … And then the apostles did not know what he felt, what was happening in His life. When it went on for too long and John thought: now I can probably ask a question and he asked Christ: “Master, are you hurt somewhere?” then the Messiah said: “Yes, John … because you ask me that question, John, you hurt me. Why did you not leave me in this silence? I was one with the corn, one with Mother Earth. I gave My soul wings. I flew back to the Divine All of My Father for a moment. Why did you not just leave Me in this silence? When I sit down, John, for weeks and months … will you then possess the power, the full trust, that there is nothing the matter with Me? Because I cannot be ill. And if I was ill, if there was something the matter with Me, John, then it would belong to Me and I would bear it and I would deal with it. I will go up with it, I will continue with it, through the night to the day, but when My life must speak, I will speak and when I must explain the laws of My Father, then it will happen of its own accord. No, John, when you see Me and I am staring into space or I am looking into the ground, I am touching Mother Earth, then I go into this universe, then I descend back to where I came from.” But come on … “Can you not watch with Me for an hour?” the apostles heard later and later, but then they were already faced with the danger. Yes, then they were faced with destruction. Now a few of them wept, why they did not surrender completely. Why could they not have done that? “Can you not watch with Me for an hour? No, you cannot leave Me alone for an hour! Do you really think that you have the right to always take me by surprise with your not trusting, your misconception?” Yes, the life of feeling of the Messiah charged in this way to Jerusalem, to the peoples of the earth, to the Jewish race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org). He knew! What does the Western child experience during this time – 1949 – of Je.rusalem, the true life of Christ? Nothing! “You have taken away our sins”, people now pray. “You have assured us of happiness by means of Your blood.” Yes indeed, mankind would like that; those foundations will soon dissolve! ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ gave you the idea that that Catholic power will soon break, that there is no damnation and that you will be only love and you will have to earn every step by devoting your personality for the laws of God, for reincarnation, for your fatherhood and motherhood, for love, life, light, trust. Do you not believe me? Am I still a Satan coming from Jerusalem? You should have heard Pythagoras. You should have felt the pureness of Ramakrishna. A fortnight after his disembodiment, after his experiences in the world of his spirit, only then could this child speak. And then the blood flew over his lips and then his apostles were afraid that something would happen to the Master. Then he stood up and said: “Just leave me, just let me die, I want to die for these masses. I love a woman of the streets, because she is a mother. Why do you look so meanly at this life, did she do something wrong? Why do you restrain this consciousness? Why do you destroy those foundations again, which I was able to lay as a result of that wisdom?” Is that the way to Jerusalem? That belongs to you! That is all for the West. The Western child can also experience that unity, you can also act like Ram.akrishna, and you can experience ancient Egypt again. Then live, then experience, go into life and death, but know: behind that you have new inspiration, behind that you enter the new space. The human being and his universe have been prepared for the Divine becoming con.scious. Every thought wants to be a universe, because every thought rep.resents you again in the Divine All. You will be there rain, wind, fire, and water. Every wisdom of space now lives under your heart; every thought con.nects you to the universal fatherhood and motherhood, to light, life and love. When Ramakrishna was able to end his life, then I took care of him. He looked at me when he awakened and said: “Now I know. I always heard a voice during my disembodiments. You did not show yourself, Master.” “No.” “It is you. Did I make mistakes, did I make mistakes?” “You did not make them, but we could have taken you to the All, you flatly refused! You wanted to begin yourself. No, you should have accepted wanting to be a Great Winged One and you became it; yes, for this space.” And then I took him back, back to the very first revelations, as Christ also took the apostles back when they had completed their material life, and then we entered the world of before creation. There Ramakrishna lay down and said: “My God, my God, I have forsak.en You. I did not want it; I was too stupid, too stubborn. I wanted to be it myself, I wanted to experience something myself, I wanted to do everything myself. No, I should have let myself be guided, I should have let myself be inspired, it is only then that the Divine power comes to my life and it is only then that You inspire the part of yourself.” “Open yourself, surrender completely, and finally accept”, came from the universe, “that the truth lives here.” Ramakrishna went through the universe after his death and is still busy. Pythagoras … Socrates … You should see Socrates, he is busy day in day out, he is on the way, he is on a trip, he is getting to know the laws of God for the first time now. Other people return to the earth, because the university of your society still does not possess any becoming conscious, you are still penniless. People do not accept a life ‘beyond the coffin’; a temple of the other side has no meaning. Moon, sun and stars, what could that be, what does all of this mean? It is you! God had to create that universe for your personality, or you would never have received a spatial consciousness, you are a part of His De.ity. You are light of His light, life of His life, core of His core, father of His fatherhood, and you are part of His love. He gave you this universe in order to represent Him in the Divine All as father and mother. How do you live now, what do you do for it? I always asked you. We beg you for that, because we know how poor you are ‘beyond the coffin’. Because you can no longer do it there with your flowers, you can only do it with your word, with your wisdom. Start to bow to your love, see the human being as a Divine part, and when the hatred, the destruction comes to you, then go away. We do too. We do not want anything to do with that destruction. No one is interested in dis.integration and destruction, no flower, no plant, no one who possesses the truth and has mastered the laws of the universe. Become truth, we always ask you again. Become inspiration. Begin now! In five minutes you will be in our world and then you must begin, or do you want to accept that misery, that being alone? Do you wish to send into the universe to Christ and say: I know myself; I am strong enough to stand on my own two feet? You cannot watch over yourself for an hour, for ten minutes, then you already begin to beg: “Where are you, where are you then? Where have you been?” You can do nothing alone, you always wish to be carried. But the laws did not originate in this way. You will have to carry the law, the life first, to have to take it into your hands, and it is only then that you will be carried. Then the law is love. You fly, you get wings, yes, and you live in peace, in benevolence. Every thought is a kiss from space, is a foundation, is a sun, and is human truth! When does the human self awaken for space and time? Yes indeed, you will experience your time again ‘beyond the coffin’; you will also accept that there will never be night again, if you possess the light. Then there will be no more time, and you will live in infinity. You can really sit down in one place for thousands of centuries and still live. You can receive the Divine word while sitting, listening; but with full submission. And now you should see how beautiful, how wonderful, how loving a human being is. Now you can see that the universe finds attunement in the human organism. Now you know that the Divine core is in you and that that core has created the universe for your life. You are now a part of that heart. No, you have become it! You always beat, and you never go to sleep, you are always watching, you enter a fixed base. You no longer want anything to do with nonsense, with the destruction. You know that millions of people died for this space, for your happiness, for the Messiah. Because you want to experience Christ, you want to absorb the Messiah in you, and you will carry his cross. That is your own becoming conscious, your consciousness, and your love for space … until the All. All of that will belong to you if you wish to carry, if you wish to begin. You will find the human being and his universe again on earth in every grade of life. Every thought – I told you – is a part of that universe and you as a human being will bring that through fatherhood and motherhood to becoming conscious. Read the books of the Masters, but master the laws. Begin now! Finally begin to fight, to serve and finally begin to accept. Say to yourself: if I am open, God, the God of all life will inspire me and I will receive truth. Become truth, become light, become life, but be love! Build on your uni.versal becoming conscious! My sisters and brothers, see you in a fortnight. I thank you. The human being and his God Good morning, my sisters and brothers. We will begin this morning with the continuation of the series of lectures that I want to give. It is called and bears the title: ‘The human being and his God’, in other words: you and your Deity. The previous lecture brought you to ancient Egypt, where we for a while, kneeled at the feet of the goddess. The temples of Ré, Ra and Isis brought you to the human thinking and feeling with regard to society, doctrines, inner life, your personality, space, Christ and God. The temples which were erect.ed on earth gave you an idea how mankind accomplished and experienced these past ages. This morning we will lay foundations for the next lecture and will slowly return to the human society, your thinking and feeling in order to finally determine after these lectures that you are gods. We will record the word for the future. You will receive prophesies and as a result of this, society will soon be able to accept that the masters, the uni-verse, were speaking to the human child of Mother Earth at all times. When God revealed himself, when He began the materialization of His life, this was for your own personality. It is God who gave shape to himself in order to let himself be represented by the life. As a result of the elemental laws, the laws for harmony, these foundations were laid for reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood, for the universe, for his Divine character and then became visible. It is the All-Source, as a result of which all life originated. It will soon be clear to you how society is tuned into the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Power, the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood and All-Mother.hood, which is finally, ultimately represented by love. We now want to finally penetrate to the Divine word so that mankind will awaken one day. We will penetrate that every core is your own spark. We will lay foundations, so that you will see that every human being must be a part of your Divine person.ality and that you will work on that life. In the first place, in order to take yourself to that Divine source, that Divine evolution. It is the All-Source, accept this – before the creations began – which sent out the first life aura. That was simple plasma, an aura that people call proto.plasm. They later became hazes and then, after centuries, clouds, condensed mass, which changed, and finally, after so many millions of centuries, which are ages, accepted a Divine garment; and that became the light, the Divine light. We now learn that God is a personality as light. There was nothing in that universe, in that vastness. That aura could con.dense and materialize itself, even if this is still Divine substance, it originat.ed, was born from the primal source and that primal source could think and feel. A Divine thinking inspired that visible shape of thinking and feeling, which is for the universe the All-Mother. Later, it will be clear to you that that All-Source manifested God. As a result of this as a human being on earth you get to know your Deity. The first phenomena which we were able to perceive in the universe were those very first foundations that were laid by the Divine All-Mother. What nature still brings forward in this life, creates and gives birth to, originated from the All-Source, and those were thoughts, which was a life fluid. If you can hold onto this, if you can imagine yourself in this material, then you will feel that everything was born from the All-Thinking. The metaphysical teachings lay foundations and the academics are now that far to sense and to accept that everything originated from that rarefied space; also God and you as a human being, the animal and Mother Nature. When that universe had accepted the Divine garment, the illuminated garment – therefore from that darkness, from that nothing, as I said, which lasted for millions of centuries, ages – God was now an illuminated per.sonality. That shape could be seen, even if there were still no people; the All-Source knew: I created My garments, illuminated, enlightened, I have become light. And that light is a Divine harmonic system, a foundation for the Divine source. Therefore, the All-Source lays foundations for the Divine personality. If you can sense this, then you must understand, that you – we will come back to the human thinking and feeling later – that you inspire, give a foun.dation to your Divine being by means of every thought and from every point. And then you will soon be able to determine all the characteristics yourself when we enter society, your task in society, because that is the intention of the masters: to take your Divine thinking and feeling to evolution. That is the intention. It is only then that you become a human being, a conscious human being, and then we get to see the grades of this personality. We feel the material, we feel the animal-like, the pre-animal-like, the crude-material, the material grades, and then we experience the spiritual vitality, the spiritual mentality, then we enter the Spheres of Light as spaces of light in which you as a human being will lead back your personality with regard to the Divine All and will get to know it, and then have to accept your personality. God, the All-Source laid down the first foundation in the very first place and that was working. Working came into that vastness and started to mate.rialize itself into the hazes, which became the clouds, and after all those ages we see evolution. You can soon experience it again when you are ‘beyond the coffin’. Then the Divine power takes hold of your hand and takes you to that first foundation and you have to accept that. And then we see that light … of God. When that final stage came, the All-Source had to divide itself. The human being on earth wonders: what is now Divine division? The human being experiences a Divine division, it is the giving birth for the mother, the creating for the male authority in order to give and to serve for the mother, after which, the new life comes. That moment is still there. As a result of these sessions you will soon experience this unity with the Divine laws that, as a human being you are a Divine prophet, and will represent the Divine authority by means of the laws, by means of your humanity, by means of your fatherhood and motherhood. You will no longer possess an inferiority complex; you will be great and universally conscious, eloquent and benevolent. This was the All-Source, which sent out the first thought for the creation plan and with regard to all the life in which you are now it is the Divine process of giving birth – motherhood. This light, which represents the All-Source, is All-Divine, because this was born from the All-Power and will now continue its own evolution. When you feel this silence, when you see this light, then close your eyes, and the bliss of and for this revelation process will speak under your human heart. Something will happen at this moment, yes indeed! How must this evolution process continue, how will this All-Maternal power represent itself? The laws in nature, the laws of the universe now explain to us that this will be God as an illuminated shape, as a personality of light, not more, not less; but in that source, in that life, you will soon be able to see into that and accept, everything is present. You understand: we continue step by step. From this light we must return to the earth. And now it begins: foundations for the future, prophesies! God divided himself, now this is God, an illuminated being. This vastness is filled by All-Mother thinking and feeling, crystallized by a Divine garment as light from which a new life must soon be born and that is the sun as the creating power. Now you can immediately put aside your dictionary, because now the sun is father, All-Father inspired and must explain to us as human beings whether we will soon carry these wonderful revelations as human be.ings under our hearts. God divided himself in this infinite, now we already come into contact with the God of all life. We are faced with Him; He must divide himself and split up so that the creation can begin. From the God you already got an own independence – because this light is independent, this is a world, is a universe, this is thinking, this is feeling, this is truth, this is harmony, this is justice, benevolence, love, bliss – space, everything is space! The All-Source says: “My child, go and divide yourself. Do what I did, mul.tiply, let yourself be seen. Go further, you must go further, return to mother.hood. Return to me, where I live, here in this darkness, where everything is present anyway. We will later — when we enter the Divine All, as conscious personalities and as human beings — see that those Divine foundations have been laid for your life as Divine principle, and then the Divine authority speaks to your life and your own vested personality.” Yes, the All-Source spoke to what the human being has learned, and, as God was able to get to know; as a child of her heart. The All-Mother said: “Go into the universe and represent me, you are soul of my soul, life of my life, you are mother of my motherhood. You will be father so that you will create, but you will represent me in harmony! You will experience every law according to the laws which I gave you, and as a result of which, I could manifest myself.” We do not need to dwell on this for long, because this light divided itself in the universe. This was now God; as an illuminated garment He divided himself into billions of particles and bodies emerged. But darkness came, because millions of parts took light from that All-Mother instinct, from that All-Source which was giving, serving, harmonizing, so that the life would continue, so that that personality would begin to represent that independ.ence. Then the macrocosmos came, the space in which you live, and this will soon be clear to you. God divided himself. Now we are faced with a God, with a revelation. Therefore from the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Power we see an occurrence emerging: a space which is condensed, a space which is nothing else than light, but that light possesses everything and becomes clear to us the more we enter the material worlds. When we enter the material worlds we are then faced with a law which is inspired by the All-Source, is controlled by the Omniscience. That thought must mate.rialize itself and will have to return to the All-Stage in order to represent the All-Source there as a material being or as a spiritual personality. That is the intention of the All-Source and as a result of this the first reve.lations reached independence. That first thinking was independence because that thinking produced life’s workings. And that working became a haze, the haze into a cloud, as the cloud changed again, more and more power came, more and more evolution. We get to know seven transitions in this and final.ly it became light and that light divided itself again into billions of particles and that became the macrocosmos, the second stage. The following stage immediately takes us to motherhood, originated from the All-Source for the macrocosmos and that is the moon as planet and the sun as creating power. The All-Source is father and mother and from that All-Source that fatherhood and motherhood must emerge materialized, if God wishes, if that All-Source wishes to be able to represent itself. That moon, a large wonderful part of that Divine garment, begins to work. Those parts have experienced everything in that preliminary stage. The earth, the bible calls that the Divine revelations? No, these are the Divine revelations for you, for the universe and for everything. The bible brought about and described, analysed, thought up, felt a revelation from a material human thinking. Now you experience that source from the Divine thinking and feeling, and now you can soon determine that you are separate from the bible, and we can soon analyse what is true and what has brought untruths. Therefore, the human being who described these things did not know the creations, the very first All-Mother revelations. That must be clear to you and this series of lectures is for this purpose. That you finally get a base, that you finally get a foundation on which you can stand always and eternally, and can build on, so that the Divine personality will speak to your society, space, fatherhood and motherhood, life, love, light and trust. Finally, you will use the Great Wings which have been given to you by the All-Mother authority! The moon begins. The moon condenses itself, expands itself, life comes, hazes come, clouds come in that stage, in that one body, and we see that the maternal authority has already accepted an own independence for the space in that space. Clear? That space is Divinely inspired, that mother is a separa.tion from the All-Source. Clear? Accept it, the moon is a Divinely conscious life. Conscious, because that power is sent out consciously, change came about consciously. That consciousness continued, one life built up the other: independence could be given to the phenomena that occurred. And finally, when we … We do not stand still at that first fatherhood and motherhood, but you must accept: there we reached our independence as human beings. The moon begins, that macrocosmic body begins to divide itself. I told you, hazes come, clouds come, a separation came, the division continues, this is a birth. Science can already accept that we people originat.ed in the embryonic life. The moon produced embryonic life; all life begins in the very first stage, the All-Embryonic consciousness. Remember this, lay this down as a foundation that you stand on. Finally you will start to feel movement, a certainty – which is the intention. We now get … what happened in the infinity, already happened in this small space. Now the moon is just a small space, it seems a great deal; it is large, but it is just a small space. You will soon understand and you can accept that this whole universe, however vast this is, is only a spark of the All-Source, just a particle. You have much more, you will get even more as a human being, as a result of which your Deity will come to the fore! Thus … the moon begins on its own evolution, the same process that we saw, and followed a moment ago – by this explanation – for the All-Mother, the All-Source. The moon has no other laws. The whole space, everything in that space in which those laws live is … that life is only attuned to fatherhood and motherhood. And fatherhood and motherhood is evolution, is working; only just working. Movement must come. And what do we see now? From the core, the heart of this macrocosmic body – you now hold onto that moon, that lives under your heart, you are that yourself – you produce something and new life comes about, new consciousness comes. It is an embryonic life; a spark is produced. Again, as a result of those condensations, which we saw in the space, new life now comes. As a result of this, creation started. Father.hood and motherhood experienced and originated from the All-Source and has already reproduced itself in this space. That space is inspired maternally and paternally, and when we soon enter the present stage, then there is noth.ing and nothing else in the space other than fatherhood and motherhood; this is your whole universe. And then it appears that fatherhood and moth.erhood, your being a woman and being a man, your maternal power, your creating power, is the most sacred thing that you have in your hands as a human being and that is experienced in such an inferior way … so trivially … so pathetically … because now we will soon determine the mistakes, we will see the destruction. We sail round the bible, we go through the laws of Mother Nature straight back to the Divine heart for yourself and we enter at a macrocosmic attunement, your Divine consciousness, your Divine inner life, your Divine character, your Divine fatherhood, motherhood, and your Divine love, which it concerns! And then you can see how you can now in.spire and take your own character to the evolution during your life on earth. The moon begins, separations come, and embryonic life comes. Millions of cells have already experienced the first death. We experienced the final stage there, and now there was a continuation for that cell life. That cell connects itself as the Divine source, the All-Mother intended it and gives itself to the other life … That cell gives to another spark what the All-Mother sent out; a division is brought about, because that independence lives again in that division. The cell as embryonic life has already got a Divine, universal independence. Can you feel this? That cell gives itself to the other life and as a result of that separation – you can feel it, the revealing, the motherhood, and the fatherhood – new life comes about. I explained to you this morning and actually analysed how those cells were able to give themselves. That cell had to experience a touch and a sepa.ration. Those cells connected to each other, they grew together and evolved, therefore, not for space, but they evolved for fatherhood and motherhood, because they now experienced the Divine division. They now experienced a revelation. A revelation therefore wants to be: the birth, the giving of a stage, the giv.ing of thinking and feeling of yourself to the other life. That happened; that core, that cell, this trivial cell is inspired in an All-Mother way, the power of that All-Source is present in that cell. There is nothing more; therefore, at that moment the human cell – this becomes the human cell – was already inspired in an All-Mother way. Everything lives here, expansion lives here, the will to reveal itself lives here, the will how that will happen lives here. The power, the thinking, the feeling, the capacity is present in that cell. This is the Divine core, this core originated from the Divine stage, the All-Power, that All-Source. I must lay this under your hearts, then you will get a foundation, because this is the foundation for the lectures, soon when we experience society in an inspired way – your thinking and feeling in society – when we will soon be faced with the divinity Socrates, with the ‘gods’ of the earth, precisely from the temples of Ré, Ra and Isis, for which I was able to lay the first foundations, under the orders of the masters, under the orders of your Christ, the Christ in you. That first lecture was for that purpose. My children, that cell which now possesses everything, will takes itself to a human stage. And now we have to accept and now you can lay the foun.dations, feel the foundations, so that science, the doctor, and the biologist can now explain to your life: yes, we people were born in the waters. The first foundations were placed by God in the waters. But your bible does not say anything about that, however, it will soon be clear to you, because then we will determine good and evil. Is it a God of hatred? He is a Father of love, who inspires us, who has received us in an inspiring way in order to represent His Divine fatherhood and motherhood! People of the earth, sense what all of this means for your lives. Sense that the moon is the maternal authority for the space, the laws of which your as.tronomer does not yet know. Finally this word will get through to mankind and you will be it, then it will be your Deity which must and can represent all of this. Then there will no longer be a feeling of inferiority, then you will be radiant and then you will not do it for me, but you will do for the masters, and then the masters will pass it back to Christ and Christ to the All-Source, which you say here in this life: “Yes, we can accept and will now begin to finally devote our personality for that Divine core”, because that is the intention. The moon begins; cell life really comes about and that cell life experiences a final stage, which is then for you on earth as a human being, the death, which is not there. That inner life of that cell comes into the world of the unconscious, a world that cannot be conscious, because this cell life has to accept a reproduction process. That cell life has to experience an evolution in order to bring itself to the human stage. Those are foundations! There is still no conscious astral world; we only get to know it later. Of course, I will also take you into the cosmology for a moment, which you long for, but I will take the little children into account, the little children who experience and see all of this for the first time. I will make it clear to you; we will dwell on that moment which is significant for the present stage, your personality in the present. The first death, that was the experiencing, the giving of creating power and the principle of giving birth. When that had happened, when that was over, that cell sunk back into nothing; no, to the previous, in order to prepare itself for the new stage, no more was necessary. Everything which that life got there was experience. That cell floated there through those waters; that lived, that took the life breath because that separation came, that became the waters, that was a water area, a power, a space which you can carry on your hand. The moon was so deep that you can take the moon in your hands at this stage and can say: ‘Look, I now have the Divine creation in my hands.’ That space was no more than the palm of your hand – you can go deeper, we can go back – because the ultimate macrocosmic stage is recorded again in this invisible cell. So it does not mean anything? It means everything! The Divine creating and giving birth begins there. Therefore we come from the All-Source to God, a representation of the Divine All-Source and for the Divine stage, and we experience that a new independence is born: the human being, the human cell. The moon would give birth and create the human embryo. This would be born from the mac.rocosmos, and the macrocosmos – that will appear later and will be clear to you – will serve the embryo, the microcosmos. The macrocosmos is for the microcosmos, and created you as a human being, Mother Nature and everything. Place these foundations in your heart. World, mankind, accept this. The macrocosmos created the microcosmos, created that world, built up that world. It originated from the All-Source, through Divine revelations to a new world, to a new independence. As a result of this, new life came, that is the moon! Two principles – now remember this – we get to know two laws which are inspired in an All-Divine way and which always take precedence. These are the most sacred laws to know as human beings and they are: fa.therhood and motherhood. This cell from that moon, that moon life, that astral sphere, Divine plas.ma, gets to see and experience an own independence and surrenders itself: new life comes, a separation comes as a result of that cell, that one cell gives off something, the other cell too and now we get new life from two sources, originating from two sources. One source is not yet creatively conscious, the other is still not either, but only just a division has been born, a reproduction process. And you see it, that cell now essentially possesses everything which the space also got to know, as a result of which that space originated, as a result of which we saw God as light. That cell now … as a result of that touch, these two cells gave something of that own life. That touch produced new life: another cell. A little part of this life separated itself for the other one and now those two cells tore apart. The final stage came, that separation divided itself again, exactly as the child also – after the process of growth in the mother – calmly churns in the mother and says: “Open the door, I want to be born, I am ready.” And then you get the first crowing of the new life and there it was a sigh. There it was a happy feeling of having experienced a law. That life could not yet think, could not yet feel, and was only animal-like consciousness. You call that animal-like, but do not compare this with the animal in nature, that was still only just working, but there was already consciousness, because that cell life still just had the intelligence to connect itself with another life. Why? Why did that cell have to go to that other life, why did that life float on and not interfere with anything? No, that life would take one path, that life had to evolve and finally sought that other spark and multiplied itself. That life connected to the other, it locked itself up as it were; it felt the urge to give something of itself. That is the creation, that now lies within you and you can see that in nature – you will soon see that, later when we are that far – then you will see all of that again in nature. But these are the Divine foundations! That All-Source is present in that life, that force is really consciously inspired. That life cannot escape that. And when this is over, my brothers and sisters, then that life is completed, that is the deed, there is no more to it. What that life has learned is only to live there, to work, to crawl through the water. If you could see this with your own, with your human eyes now, then you would need an amplification to the power of a million in order to be able to see that cell, that first embryo, that first life is so invisible, so rarefied, and yet inspired by the All-Source. We find all the remarkable Divine, human, animal-like, natural character.istics for light, life, love, truth, harmony in that cell and they later appear to be the Divine foundations for your human personality. That is the universal character. The All-Source will now be brought to awakening and you are that, you have that, and I will prove that to you. Those embryos, that working … Because those hazes came – understand this, now remember this – because those hazes came, this was already mate.rialization. And because that cell could experience that, and the separation came, the life, the actual life released that material core. That is the matter in hand, you will soon come to the question: what is life, what is soul, what is spirit. That material core was the giving birth and creating, and when that was experienced, a sinking in came. People felt that spark, we see it, you will see it later, it is still moving, and you will finally see it calming down. You see that horoscope before you, you see that film before you, you can follow that life, and you can soon connect yourself as a human being when you have entered the Spheres of Light. Then you can be one with that cell and that cell takes you to the final stage and peace comes … peace. You see it, suddenly the life lies still, there is no more movement; this is the death. The cells … Now we will go along, we will see what happens. The last convulsions, the last working, the last power that a cell experiences is the ‘being-nothing’. We have made ourselves one with that life and then we felt that peace as a human being, consciously thinking as a human being; in this way you get to know the Divine processes of revelation. Even now on the moon there are millions of people busy in order to only experience that first cell life, because millions of laws lie here. We will soon get to see how the senses were created for the human being. Here lies the death, the life, the Divine authority, the harmony, the evolution, reincarnation, everything is now fixed in that cell, is fixed to that life, that lives in that cell. We will re.cord and experience that by means of these lectures, as a result of which you will see your first Divine revelations before you. That is now the intention of the masters, of Christ, of God. Your Deity will speak; your Deity must now reveal itself for this society. Now we go back to that cell, you feel, I am connecting you with the law and then I will give you a short explanation, remember this so that the things will speak to your life, to your character. We will go back, you can feel that silence … That cell, that first material cell separates itself and the inner life freed itself, that is therefore the Divine inspired core, originated from the moment when the All-Source still had to begin, doesn’t it – do you get this? – Thusly, that cell, after the unity of these lives, freed itself, and came into another world. It was therefore invis.ible, it is there somewhere, the material world is there, that cell lived there and could connect itself, that touch took place, that independence is already there. That independence also takes that life back to that other world, when that deed, that creating and bearing was completed. And that is the world which has attunement to the Divine core, the All-Source, as a result of which the All-Plasma could condense itself, could spiritualize itself, because that is the word; the materialization only came later. Here all those other worlds, in.dependences of worlds, therefore originated. It is the material world, brought about by the moon and now the embryonic stage for the soul. That core is now the soul, a part of God. But did this particle, now that the moon has begun, now that we experi.ence this embryonic life, what did this particle, this spark already get hold of because the All-Source manifested itself? It received in the first place an own independence as spark, a touch. And that touch means: fatherhood and motherhood, therefore as a result of Divine fatherhood and motherhood that cell got expansion, evolution. Clear? Very clear! Therefore, the All-Source, the protoplasm, the All-Mother wanted to give itself to a new life and that is now this cell; the moon got a hold of that. The moon now as macrocosmic mother and as own independence got hold of the possibility to divide itself. That little life, the divisions which it brought about, had and possessed the same working, had seen and experienced the same feeling, the power, the glory, the bliss, the benevolence, the harmonic laws as elemental states of fertilization. That life here had just experienced working, had experienced a full growth to the ultimate. Only just growth, life … but that was already, that now appears later, to be experience. You will soon see that this is the experience, is the revealing, as a result of which the human cell gets to know all the laws, all the thoughts of his Divine self. And you will soon be able to … then it must soon be clear to you, then you must know that you inspire your Divine personality by means of every thought … or break it off destructively, as a result of which evil, hate, de.struction originated. But as a result of which we determine – and that is the essential importance for these foundations – that you yourself break off and that you destroy your Divine personality, because you love and accept hate, destruction, and disharmony. That is now the intention of these lectures, the masters want that, Christ wants that, your Deity wants that, that this emerg.es and as a result of which you can continue your life on earth powerfully and happily. Because I finally come to your human personality and then I can help you think. Then we learn to think, think, think, as a result of which you are already instructed by André and he was able to give his séances, his lectures to your life. We will let go of this now; this is the second stage in a macrocosmic area. Of course we can dwell on the very first revelations for the All-Source, but that will take too long. Then I would have to give twenty lectures and that is not necessary. I assume, because you have read the books, and that you will now finally learn to think and be able to think in order to distinguish this from each other. (The souls of) those first cells, my sisters and brothers, which released themselves – they were millions of cells at that moment – they entered an.other world and calmed down there. The separation, therefore the final for that process of growth – that is a process of growth – that is now a natural experiencing and accepting, there is no more to it. The other, the later think.ing and feeling as a human being, we will of course come across that in this space in a human way. We will then experience in a human way how the hu.man being took himself to the thinking and brought himself to that work.ing, and as a result of that was able to lay his foundations. And then it ap.pears that every thought is a foundation, is a stone for your Divine building seen as a temple. You are then a temple; yes, for fatherhood and motherhood and then you start to experience how sacred, how wonderful, how deep, how Divinely conscious your thoughts can be. And then you are no longer so playful with words, and then you are no longer so playful and so harsh and so thoughtless. Then you start to watch your thoughts and then you say: ‘A human being is a Divine form.’ Then you start to appreciate fatherhood and motherhood for the first time and now the human kiss speaks to your heart. Then you get to see and to experience the justice for the space and then you start to feel what that justice, as All-Source instinct, has to say to your lives. We will continue. The second foundation is that (the inner life of) the cell was able to release itself, enters the world of the unconscious and rests there; but sinks back to the nothing, to the everything, to the previous stage, the All-Source. There.fore that cell comes back into the source, as a result of which and from where that cell began life. But now new life emerged. That new life, which was born by means of those two lives, those two cells, that has the same working and will soon connect itself and then a new division will follow; and that happened. Now you must listen, and listen carefully, especially those who have asked those questions. The human being has imagined this hundreds of times and cannot work it out. Now Blavatsky stands and falls, now the bible falls, now every teaching of the earth is knocked down, because we represent you with the Divine authority, the occurrence, the being born. If you sense this properly … Now you will get a Divine word, this is Divine authority that I give you, my word is now law! I am inspired by the masters and the masters by the Divine All. You are All-Consciousness inspired at this moment, which means something after all. What you now get, no hu.man being, no academic, no sage was able to bring to earth, because those human personalities, therefore as a human being, could not see into those revelations. You serve, you listen to the University of Christ and that uni.versity possesses the All-Power, and possesses for every spark, for every law for this universe, and the other ones which were created by means of this space, the Omniscience. Now accept for eternity: you are connected to the Omniscience! We will continue. I say this to the world now, and to you. The world will soon … but later when we are no longer there, they will give lectures about these words, as a result of these laws, and then they will have to accept, those academics: truly, in that and that time – it is now 1949 – these words were spoken. It is André-Dectar, Jeus of mother Crisje, Jozef Rulof, through which the masters speak. These are the foundations, the first foundations for the University of Christ, which will soon be established on earth, for which the masters now lay the first foundations by means of this word. Can you feel this? You see, from that All-Source – the moon emerged, the sun is already there, that source continues, that condenses itself of its own accord, that creating power in the universe shines upon the maternal authority, that di.vision is one – a new life has already emerged and a new separation is born; that separation possesses the same laws as the All-Stage. And now … What must now happen … what must now happen and what is now obvious if soon these cells experience the human, maternal, paternal? Now the human being wondered, Blavatsky wondered, the temples in British India, Tibet and Chi.na wondered: how – they were that far, almost – how did the Divine spark originate? You will soon again … I will let you go for a moment … It will soon be clear to you that China, Tibet, Japan and all the temples on earth of British India, Ré, Ra, Isis, Luxor, have not actually experienced, felt, or been able to see a little thing even, an.ything of everything which was born and brought about by means of the Di.vine revelations, because those grades of consciousness had not yet reached that height or, that depth. You will soon be able to determine for yourself: ‘good heavens, good heavens, my God, how this time is blessed!’ Now we also penetrate to the very first and the last moment. I can therefore tell you: those words have not yet been spoken on earth because the human self had not yet reached that height, that depth, that consciousness for this mankind. Those cells, children, have the same powers and laws, the same feeling as the All-Source possesses. And the new life must give birth and create, must represent those same laws, must experience that same working. And that grows; those lives reach unity. But what happens now? It is this, and this is the moment for the Divine creation. If you feel this properly then you have the Divine creations under your heart. This is the moment of essential im.portance, of Divine feeling and thinking, now everything revolves around this, around this moment … When God, now listen carefully, when the All-Source happened at a hundred percent … You must accept that, because the birth happened at a hundred percent, a Divine law which is experienced at a hundred percent, that is the final stage. A hundred percent, which is an earthly word, but that law has been rendered. That is what we call a grade, and you will see that in the creations, a grade of consciousness. Therefore this embryonic final consciousness begins to create and bear in a second stage, in a new life, for something new, for a new evolution. And because this must now happen at a hundred percent, it is then not obvious that that other core, which has been released in that previous stage of a moment ago, must also experience in order to bring this about, or the creation would now miss something and this independence would not possess the complete source for itself. Is that clear? Now remember this. What must now happen? That soul, those first two souls, those particles from that first stage, that first life, which therefore had to accept, had to experience that evolution – we will just say that death, that material death – they come back now. They have to come back here and now the life is sucked in, attracted. You see, there is no disturbance, but remember this. There is no disturbance, that soul must return and must connect itself with that which was left behind by this life in the material world. Clear? And what comes now? Now those cells … at the moment that those cells are almost ripe, they come nearer and nearer, they touch each other for a moment. They do not yet reach unity, they continue to play, and can pass each other again, gauge their lives, no, that is the soul that shows the process of giving birth, shows itself, so that it becomes close to working. We now get, the very first … You must return for a moment, you must remember this, then you will see the tremendousness, the power, how won.derful the human cell is, but how wonderful the All-Source has also given all of this to the human part for itself. This is the very first touch. This is not directly going into that cell, into that heaven, into that temple, not directly but suddenly just like that in order to surprise that motherhood … How did the All-Source manifest itself? First, the working came, but that working was still nothing, was still invisible. And that very first working, that very first radiation, that very first revealing can also now be seen in this world, in this cell life. That life passes by an other, the aura divides itself, and the aura grows. It is sticking out the feelers for a moment. The life is not yet ready. No, that grade still has to come and when that grade is conscious, then the giv.ing birth and creating follows and this life sucks itself tight. But at the same moment the two cells, come, they must, they already come to the ‘human being’, they are already here. They are … I mean that in this embryonic stage, those first cells already float around the creating power and the principle of giving birth, and experience that contact. Later you will see, when we come to the human embryonic stage, when we experience that birth as a human being, then you will see that this is also a contact, a first contact. And then you can tap with your fingers, but then you will see – I explained that to you – we followed those laws, we saw, experienced, explained those laws as natural possession, as characteristics in the human being, because we reached the psychopathy, the demons which violated the laws of God. I explained to you how insanity originated, how the human being who first violated all the laws enters the human maternal body and then destroys the embryo. Can you feel this? Therefore from that embryonic stage to the creating authority in society, in the human being, then we are faced with human insanity, possession. Now the first contact comes. A human being who has lived it up, a human being who has violated all the laws of God – we will learn that later – enters the mother, the cell, and awakens again and destroys those material tissues. In the first place, this becomes the miscarriage. A new birth, wrong again, a miss again, a miss again, and finally the first touch comes, therefore that feeling again. Can you feel? That touch, but it is not possible. It has been messed up violently here. That cell has no harmony, that soul cannot experience any harmony – you will learn that – because that soul has done nothing else in human society than murdered, robbed, committed arson and destroyed, violated the laws of God. And because this is the case, this life destroys the Divine authority and as a result of this – can you hear that, human faculty of the world? – As result of that you have created insanity. As a result of that we have raped the Divine harmony alive and conscious, and now you are left with mentally dimmed people. I will show you that, because God wants you to inspire and get to know his harmony alive under your human heart. Can you feel how true and real that we will soon see these first touches on the moon again … when the moon had to begin, when the human being had to begin with his embryonic life and had to accept this …, that we see those first touches again in the human organism, and living consciousness of your society? Then we are faced, dear children, dear sisters and brothers, we are faced with the psychology for your life, the psychology for the space. Yes, then you will get to know insanity, and then you will see through every spiritual faculty, you will then be a professor of the ‘University of Christ’. We place that, the masters place that in your hands. You will get a Divine gift, today and tomorrow, by means of the lectures which you now receive. The first touch is there … Come back quickly now, and go with me. That touch is there, the passing; finally those two cells reach unity on the moon. Yes, now the stage of birth is conscious, can you feel this? Just remem.ber this and I will show you which revelations will come. How many mothers are there here on earth that do not possess any moth.erhood? How many women are not walking round here, millions of women, who do not want to be a mother, are apathetic, psychopathic in the previous motherhood. There are mothers who say: “I do not want that”, they destroy the embryo. But a mother … there are mothers, there are child-mothers, there are cre.ating mothers – science calls that man-mothers – but there are also mothers.for-a-hundred-percent in the world and they now experience this touching of the first cell, of the first Divine spark, the first being born and the creating. They experience this now by means of natural unity, under Divine harmony. That is being born, that is the pure, natural, universal, spiritual, Divine, All-Mother motherhood. Is that beautiful? There are mothers on earth who do not have this feeling, who do not have this feeling, who are not yet ready for the first touch, who do not care wheth.er they experience motherhood, they are not yet that far. Do not deform these people, and do not deform these mothers, because they are not yet that far. Love everything which lives, this will soon be clear to us and as a result of these laws we will learn to see this. Well, those (inner cores of the) first cells are there, and they experience the becoming conscious. That first cell, that material cell, let us therefore accept that second one – we can accept it – the child of the mother and the father, they attract father and mother again. In the very first problem for the creation this was the first touch. Now new laws come again, disturbances! You say for society the hereditary questions – I can no longer even feel the earth, because I lived in the universe, I am in the first stage – the hereditary questions, grades. When you connect blood with blood, then is that inbreed.ing, and that is then destruction? But for God you are one blood, blood of one grade. If the human being had not contaminated himself, had not raped himself, then there would be no question of destruction if sister and brother were to marry, because for God you are sisterly and brotherly inspired. For God you received those Divine laws in your hands, because I will soon prove to you that the earth originated as a result of the radiation of the moon. Or is this a lie? The earth originated as a result of the aura of Mother Moon. And is the earth contaminated? Is the earth not intact, not pure, not Divinely inspired? That therefore means that for God the creations are different than the biol.ogist, psychologist, and the bible explains to you. The Divine creations live under your human heart! The millions of problems soon dissolve when you can accept, absorb and lay all of this in the temple of your heart, then you have a possession. Those first cells came back and they experienced this bearing and creat.ing process and those two cells produced new life and that father and that mother now enter that second embryo. Therefore the children produce and the father and mother inspire the new life, the new birth. Everything now lies here; can you feel this? Here the very first human being lies, lives, the very first cell as soul, as Divine plasma; but as a conscious embryo this life returned to the material world, because it gave new life. Do you have this? Note this in your soul, record this for your personality, and write it down in yourself! Therefore this life, my sisters and brothers, was obliged by the Divine law to bear and to create and to accept this life. But … here we are not only faced by the first death, by the first evolution, by fatherhood and motherhood, the Divine harmony, but we are faced here – mankind from 1949 – here we experience Divine justice or parasitism which represent your clergymen and nuns, because they now walk past creation and behave chastely! What do you do? Can you hear this? Moses will soon tell you it! I shout at mankind: you freeload if you want to experience a pure life, because fatherhood and motherhood is pure consciousness. By experiencing, by undergoing father.hood and motherhood, you represent the All-Source as mother, your God, your justice, your independence, your space, your light, your life and your love. And what do you do? Soon we will come to your lives and then we must break down, fling down your personalities, according to the laws of God in order to shake you awake. We must hit you, so that you will see for the Di.vine justice how the revelations originated. This moment, my sisters and brothers, this has everything in it: reincar.nation, death, new life, fatherhood and motherhood. This first moment, my sisters and brothers, we will dwell upon this and soon continue, this first moment possesses human love. That spark must represent creation, the All-Source. That cell possesses the All-instinct, the protoplasm. This child, this cell, which originated as a result of the moon, as a result of the divisions of the moon, has the All-Justice, the harmony, because as yet, there are no disturbances there. That life comes back, that father and mother from the first moment, the first human being, the first human being as embryonic life. This was Christ, if you wish to know, who was born here at this moment. That was Christ, with his millions of children who came with him from the very first stage to materialization. That will soon be Christ. When we enter the Divine All, you will then see that it was He who pos.sessed and possesses the first consciousness in the All, that it was He who could speak there to God and said: ‘Probably, probably.’ Master Alcar gave you those words on the first evening when he opened the University of Christ and said: ‘Probably’, when they returned, when they were released from their cycle of the earth, ‘I was born before you. Yes!’ We explained to you why people still live in the jungle. Why is there no white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) for them, no white feeling of justice? Did you think you could only live in a temple of bliss in order to be able to live it up? And those people must just continue to lie under that bottom? No, they come to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org), they are behind you; other people are also ahead. Here, at this moment – remember this – I will analyse the whole macro.cosmos for you. As a result of this moment when the first cell received new life and reincarnation took place, as a result of this moment, my sisters and brothers, I will explain all the existing human laws to you, every thought, every core which you now possess in this society. Religion, Moses, the church, sects, everything will fall! There is reincarnation, reincarnation must be there, not for one or two people, as theosophy says: “Yes, that is for that one and those who have experienced those hierarchies.” Nonsense with their hierarchies, they are laws! We now clear up that nonsense, we now begin for the first time and explain to you according to the first revelations which the All-Source attached to the human cell, because reincarnation came, because the moon could evolve. Because the moon could drive on the life, new life originated, new birth came, because this father and mother continued and had a division again. Their end also came, their final stage could be seen, could be experienced, could be felt. They started to experience this evolu.tion process as an independence, and this became own possession, now still working …; and just follows it. The first death, the first life, the first birth, the second birth, reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood, that life now gets to see seven grades. Seven transitions again, but for what? Seven transitions, because every transition is now a grade, is now a space, a world, a final some.thing. Seven transitions for motherhood. Who is now father, now the source comes, who is now father, and who is mother? Who is now father and who is mother of these cells? That will now reveal itself soon. The following lecture is not yet called ‘The human being and his soul’, ‘The human being and his spirit’, The human being and his Di.vine personality’. The following lecture calls to you, friends and children, the following lecture has the title: ‘The human being and his fatherhood and motherhood’! But now, here on the moon, it will happen here. The moon evolved, the moon produced new life, it continues. This life comes back millions of times, but we are now faced with the transitions of motherhood. Did I tell you a moment ago that there are mothers who solemnly want to experience moth.erhood, who beg God: “Make me mother, let me be mother, give me a child”, and walk, walk there searching madly for motherhood. What is it, karmic laws, cause and effect? Why are they not mothers? Why does one mother kick the child out of her life and does she fling the Divine life in the face of her God? And why is there a statue of Mary kneeling there: “My God, my God, give me a child, give me a child, my child!” What is that feeling? Why does the life tweet when the spring days come? Why that fuss in nature? That is the Divine inspiration under your heart; that is the revelation process for fatherhood and motherhood, if you can accept this. My sisters and brothers, now read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, then I can continue, accept this and now read every word. Begin again, everyone, promise me this, then I can inspire you. Now read ‘The Origin of the Uni.verse’ so that you will be ready for these lectures, these Divine gifts. Will you do that? Then shout it from your heart: ‘We will prepare ourselves!’ so that I will and may be able to bring you Divine gifts. You are not doing it for me, you are not doing it for the masters, you are doing it for yourself; can you accept this? Then be deep thinking, then be pure and true, be true, be harmonic, be benevolent and just in the coming days. Be happy with the things that you have, make sure you have your food and drink in the first place, but think through everything. Be kind, take, and now as the last word for this morn.ing, take your Deity back to the All-Source. Be love in everything, in everything, because love is the Divine foundation for all the laws that you will experience as a human being, which you will be able to carry for eternity. When you know as a human being how it should be, then you are sure of your thoughts and then Confucius speaks, then the Buddha speaks, then Ramakrishna and Socrates speak to your life. Yes, then you are gods and goddesses of Isis. I thank you for your kindness. I love you! Fatherhood and motherhood for this universe Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get the lecture, the anal.ysis ‘Fatherhood and motherhood for this universe’. We will therefore con.tinue to take you just a little towards your Deity. At the end of these lectures you will see society, your life and your kingdom differently and then accept them. The human being has everything! The human being is everything, but as a result of what? We dwelled on the moon. The human being in society shrugs his shoulders when people speak about space, when we connect the people with the Divine creations. And yet, the faculties that were built up through the ages, which have passed, laid the foundations for thinking, feeling, un.derstanding, development, and spiritual awakening. We experienced the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis. We went to Tibet for a while. We went to British India. We kneeled at the feet of Buddha, Pythag.oras, and Ramakrishna. We went to Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the many others. Soon we will, after this, when we have experienced space, we return to art, lie down again at the feet of philosophical systems. Lie down in order to build up foundations and to see through the life, to feel the life, to gauge what is good and wrong. For what purpose do we live as human beings? For what purpose did we get life? What was the meaning of God, no, of the All-Source to give us life? We will soon be faced with the Old Testament and then we will divulge what is wrong. A God of hatred can no longer be accepted. A God of destruction can no longer be experienced, you can only do that as a human being. We accepted, we experienced, and we saw that God got form because the All-Source started to manifest itself. That is you, that is the life in nature, that is the animal being. Soon we will come back to that place where we were, in order to establish where the first love was born, where the senses originated, where we laid the foundations for our human personality. Where we gave form to every thought, where we materially crystallized our feeling and thinking, as the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life was able to do. Be.cause that is the intention. It is only then that you will start to understand what you are as a human being. The inferiority complexes – I explained that to you – fall away from you! You are universally deep! You become universal.ly deep as a result of your thoughts, as a result of your life, as a result of your fatherhood and motherhood. It is only then that you entered the Garden of Eden. It is only then that you can make a journey with us afterwards to Jerusalem and then you are no longer a tourist in that garden, but then you tread each footstep. You know every stone, and the more we climb Mount Calvary the more your life will open, the happiness of space will come to you and the Divine All will speak to your inner life. You go with me from this life to take a flight through space. You go with us towards a spatial, Divine consciousness. You come with the masters, with the messengers of Christ to the Divine All. And then you will be able to accept that Catholicism, Protestantism, every sect means nothing, because you are a natural product. You are life of His source, a thought of His sensitivity, Her light, Her life, Her inspiration, everything! We will explain to you that what the world and mankind has received is only a side issue. It is you! We lay the universe in your hands; you will carry it under your heart. You will stand at the feet of your Deity, kneel at the feet of her who gave you reincarnation, your mother! And it is only then that you will ex.perience the ultimate, the knowledge and you can accept the Omniscience. The moon – I explained to you – divided itself, got the own independence because the All-Source manifested itself; that was and that is the macrocos.mos. Because of the macrocosmos we received independence as microcos.mos, cell life. Because space divided itself, the hazes came, a separation oc.curred – we followed that, I dwelled on embryonic life for a moment, on that stage, the first beginning – every part of that source got an own personality and then the spiritual and material independence as a part of that source, a part of that light, a part of that life. Of that love? Of those laws, because you can experience a space. The human being is space! You must separate yourself from your material systems. You must be able to imagine for a moment that you live in a space. Release yourself from gravity and dare to accept that you are free, that you want to experience an inspiration that goes above your human thinking and feeling. It is only then that it is possible to elevate your life and to continue that journey, back to the Divine All. We now live on the moon. The moon is a powerful body and started with development. The cell life came about, every particle radiates the same laws, the same power which the All-Source sent out and that is now motherhood. This process of giving birth wants to represent the final core, the finally oc.currence, as a result of which a visible grade emerges as life, as material. That is that embryonic particle, and that is a cell, an atom. That wonderful body, you felt it, I explained that to you, originated from that source; and that is everything! And creation will explain to us what all of that is. Every footstep which we take has been given foundations, is a driv.ing force, is inspiration, and is fatherhood and motherhood. And then you will see, when we come to the earth – when we have made that trip through space – you will see what the earth will be like. And then you can accept and then you will experience that Mother Earth and the planets – other planets that possess life – are children of this fatherhood and motherhood, which we are concerned with. The moon is the mother for space. The sun is the creating power, the father.ly authority for this immensity, to which an end can be seen. The academics say: “This immensity is infinite”, but … this space will end! And that ending of that space, we will explain that to you, we will analyse that for you, you will experience that step after step. You will get Divine authority under your heart. That moon radiates light, that moon gave radiation. Because of the experiencing, the condensing of this actual own source new life originated. The first grade came, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the seventh, and the thousandth. As that life, that cell life experienced a condensing and a time in order to accept that life in those waters, expansion came, material expansion. That little cell became bigger and finally after centuries, centuries … we see in those waters – you will soon experience and see that ‘beyond the coffin’, you can see it, you will be one with this life – we see that this cell life has experienced a process of expansion; can you feel this? That life became bigger, it got materialization. In those waters. Meanwhile, the waters condensed themselves. That separation … Processes of decay came about. That separation gave life, breath of life, condensing, expansion, inspiration, fatherhood, motherhood, reincarnation, life and death, everything is present in those waters. Everything now has meaning, everything which you can image as a human being about God, about creation, about fatherhood and motherhood, that is present here, and that lives here. Only what you think as a human being, speaking, art, music, your dictionary, all of that is not yet here. And here everything is finished, here everything is Divinely conscious, here everything is just, here everything is harmonic. These are laws, this is birth, this is fatherhood, and this is motherhood. We live in it. And now we will continue. We must accept and we can experience, we can follow that these lives have to a million-fold path. And, yes indeed, after mil.lions of years we see that that moon has condensed itself. The material that was condensed … I will not dwell on the embryonic life, how that originated, how those material laws reached condensing – another crystallization of and materialization for the material, for the spirit – we will do that later. We will go through the universe for a moment. We will experience Saturn; we will experience Uranus, Venus and all those other planets. You will be sun and star. A spatial happiness will soon overcome you; you will feel the kiss of your Divine self. And it is only then that you will understand the being a father and mother. It is only then that you will reach the happiness; it is only then that you will reach the knowledge, it is only then you will kneel down and be grateful that you belong to humanity. We make headway, on the moon … and see that the final stage has almost been reached. The books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ now give you the picture. The fish stage evolved, you see the first grade in it, the first cell. You must now follow this source, this wonderful source, properly. This macrocosmic motherhood has to divide itself until that All-Soul, that soul, that personality has materi.alized itself. That therefore means that this body was born from God, from the All-Source, from the All-Life, the All-Love, and has to manifest itself, if the All-Source wishes to see itself represented by the life that now comes. Is it clear? Did other planets receive life? Where did the soul originate for all life? Did the earth receive an own personality? Did the earth as a planet have to accept the own divisions? Did the earth – listen carefully – did other planets experience that same development as the beginning for this space, the origin of the macrocosmic motherhood? Then I can now say – we will come across those laws – that this is not the case. What I now have to lay the foundations for, is that you will feel that this body has to divide itself for space, for God, for the All-Source and soon this will no longer be possible. It will be with re-gard to yourself, but it concerns: where did we got the Divine independence? Where does the image lie, where does the foundation lie on which we can stand? The foundation, which carries everything, which has the connections, possesses the contact for every law, for the animal world, for Mother Nature, for the human being? Where was this contact born, where were those foundations laid? And then it is here (master Zelanus draws on the board that is placed on stage), the moon! Motherhood for space got an own independence, gave back that independence as a result of the own division and further to its life. But that life is inspired, is a particle, is a spark, is a division of the All-Source, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Harmony, the All-Justice, the personality. The All-Source, the All-Mother … The All-Source, source, source, everything lives there, everything came from there! And every life, every cell would soon represent that All-Source, would possess everything which you as a human being, can see when you open your eyes, but the soul and spirit of which you do not yet know with regard to your human society, at least science. You are now connected with the Omniscience, and that Omniscience was built up by the human being which once lived on earth and now represents the University of Christ. My children, at this moment you are followers of the University of Christ. The masters … lock this under your heart and think carefully what this means for the future – you have been accepted! I will tell it to you again and repeat it to you at the end of this lecture, so that it gets through to you what we must now begin with. If we continue, then we will see – since you are in possession of the books, ‘The Origin of the Universe’ … as I have said, read the books! – then we reach the final stage, and we see the very last grade for the moon, which is a fish stage. The human being lives in the waters! The academic on earth can now accept and say – the biologist is now that far, science is that far at this mo.ment –: “Yes, we people, all of us, all the life originated in the waters.” You can therefore check this. What will happen now? The final part of the body has been experienced. The first sparks which reached development, that embryonic life, they have the final stage of this planet, this motherhood. Can you feel? No planet … we no longer have to do with a planet. For this motherhood, the core, that soul, that little spark which began as an embryonic particle, has experienced the final stage for this grade, and the spatial becomes conscious. This is the first cosmic grade for human thinking and feeling, for the development stage for human, an.imal and Mother Nature, because after us comes more life. We are the first organs; we are the first lives that received becoming conscious and started on this life. My sisters and brothers, at this moment we do not represent God, but the All-Source as a fish. This first grade, the moon, now represents the Divine All by means of the fish stage. It is a great, wonderful body. When you wish to make a comparison with your time you descend into the wa.ters. You see your sea lion, you see your seal and we were in a similar kind, the body was almost no different. That is also the ape. The ape has … We will come across that, we will meet those laws. Darwin said: “The human being descends from the apes.” The first ape … I will soon … soon we will come across all these millions of laws and independences and they will be explained for your life. Darwin says: “The human being descends from the ape.” We say, we saw it, the creation, the All-Source says: No, the ape was born from the human being for the land! But there in the waters you see your sea lion, your seal, and is still the representation of the human kind, which then, during that time on the moon, was a human being … Clear? You are still that image, and that is the animal separation from your material ego. All laws, all worlds, all books and soon after ten, after twenty, after ten thou.sand lectures we come across all these things again, because God wants us to awaken. It is your Deity that gave me the consecration, the word and the inspiration in order to open your Deity. You will go on wings and experience your own fish stage. You will feel, imagine and accept that life in an inspired way and press it under your heart. People, sense that we experience a final stage here and it must not be any ‘moon’, cannot be any ‘moon’, because that name was created by the hu.man being, because that name was born by means of the human being, the university … This has nothing … All those names now disappear from the Divine All, from this space. Everything, which has received a name, is – that will soon be clear to you – distorted and deformed. Because now the sun is a ‘she’? The moon is mother! Why do you say sun, why do you say moon? The sun is fatherhood; the moon is motherhood for this space! And what we are now concerned with is: the moon, that mother, that part of that All-Source must divide itself and this now continues, this emerged, this advanced. Cen.turies and centuries passed, this process lasted millions of years and finally the final stage also came for this body, and this body was one mud pool. And then the hardening came, the condensing; and now you see a dead body, because the first cosmic grade is over. How many souls, human beings, animal beings, and children of Mother Nature did this macrocosmic motherhood create now? When you can expe.rience the stone age and when you can absorb into you the ten command.ments received by Moses, then you are also capable of opening your inner life to also receive that word and the Divine conscious child which has reached the universe, the All-Source, will speak to you and say to you that so many souls were created by this motherhood. Then you can join your hands and say: ‘Yes, my God, it is I, I will see, I will live, I will know.’ The moon divided itself. “How many people”, you now ask – you feel, I will just go back to the earth for a moment – “How many people come to earth, how many people were already born on earth? How many people already lived on earth and how many souls did God create as a human being?” That can be seen, experienced and felt, that can be calculated in the Divine All. The human being who has arrived there and represents the All-Source there as a human being, he knows how many souls received the consciousness as a human being. How many human personalities now represent the All-Source that has been weighed out! The All-Source has held those weighing scales in the universe like that with both hands, as feeling, and said: so many souls come from my thinking, my feeling, my life aura, from my living heart, my process of giving birth. We also let go of this again, and we continue. The moon now – when we hold onto, enter this first stage of creation – is now busy only in order to give birth, in order to serve and to give itself. Therefore every spark – we experienced that recently – takes a part of that source, gets a part of that moon, of that first grade, that macrocosmic body. It absorbs so much Omnipotence into it as the spark needs in order to grow, in order to evolve. Therefore, that spark, that small soul which we now al-ready see as fish. There, between the very first stage here – here, for example, here lives the first spark and yonder, on that side lives the fish stage – millions of ages have passed. You have … We have already experienced millions of ages as a human being in this stage, from the beginning to the end of the moon. We covered billions of lives, billions of lives! And it means that when the moon, that first cosmic grade, that if that first source, that very first life there in the macrocosmos had not known any reproduction, any divisions, then the creation would have been smothered at that moment. Then there would be no more progress, then there would only be a standstill, then the creation would have come to an end here in that very first stage. But life continued. Because the soul – I explained that to you – because that first cell was attracted, had to take part in fatherhood and motherhood, because of the own life that originated, fertilisation, it came back. It received new life, new fatherhood, and new motherhood. Grades came about, we call them seven transitions, and we will soon see those seven transitions in order to experience fatherhood and motherhood again in the universe as macrocos.mic lives. As the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade, in order to enter the All, the Divine All as a human being and you will be a Deity. You are now a human part of your … of the All-Source – also a Deity – but for your spatial conscious, your Divine character you are first humanly conscious. We have spatial consciousness, we get Divine consciousness and we now analyse and explain the laws of them to you. When you have absorbed this image properly, when you feel that everything must return to God, to that All-Source, you can also accept that with this the end for the human being has not yet been experienced with this moment with regard to the All-Source. We will continue. And what happened now during that time? During those millions of years that the first cosmic grade condensed itself, the moon, she sent out her powers as a mother. In her environment … she lives here under the sun, under the creating power. The creating power comes down from space like a heat. She floats; she lives under the sun, under the fatherly authority of space. She absorbs that heated radiance and as a result of that radiance expansion, extension, evolution. Meanwhile the creating power for space has condensed a million-fold, more heat comes, light came into space. That creating source which first drove from the invisible – that is the All-Source, you will certainly feel that – rarefied, condensed itself, as God, as the All-Source could, manifested itself; because the light has already become visible. We therefore had, we saw the Astral source, that golden radiance, which had divided itself. That golden garment ripped apart, as a result of this two parts originated. Two parts; as creating power and the principle of giving birth that must be the first cosmic grade and is the fatherly authority for space, which has got meaning for you as the sun. And that meaning, that effect, that process of expansion got light. Light came – there was darkness – light came and now … because of that light awakening also came to the motherly part. Extension came, an expansion, a materialization. We came through that light, through the reincarnation. Because we are soul, spirit and material, which are parts of that source, we came from that first moment there, the cell existence, to the final one and could and can now say: we reached the first cosmic grade. That is a planet life; we have a macrocosmic life within our possession that lives under our heart. That is our system, our thinking, and our feeling. And what do we have now? We have only got a body that floats and flies in the waters; the human thinking is not yet there. We have no art, we have no understanding of a God, we have no understand.ing of a Christ, we have no bible, and we have nothing! We only live in the waters and we are Divine core. Just compare that to yourself, what you now possess. I believe and I really hope that you can now feel the gratitude that you are a human being and have now already reached this height, this space. Because there are – I ex.plained to you – still people living in the jungle. And they will soon also, in a hundred thousand ages, centuries, they will take your place in this human society. Everything remains behind. You will lose everything? No, you have yourself, because by means of the material core, by means of the material society, you will take your Divine core to the revelation, because that is the intention. We experienced the first cosmic grade here. We got working, and we have awakened. We have a powerful, wonderful, animal-like organism, and we live in the waters. We have no understanding of man and woman, but we have the feeling to divide ourselves. This essential feeling is of Di.vine importance for everything and you will never lose it again, because was this core not placed in our hearts from the very first? No, the All-Source began, and the macrocosmos took and got hold of those laws. We received it again from the first cosmic grade, we became an independence. We have reincarnation, we know life and death, we know the cycle of a life, and we know the end. We also know the returning, but there is no consciousness. There is no insanity either, there is no psychopathy either, and there are no disorders. Everything happens as the All-Source wanted it, we do not know any disorders; soon, yes, when we are conscious human beings, stand on two feet, possess hands, when those paws experienced the final, when our under part divides itself. Everything will divide itself, everything must divide itself, because He … She … therefore the All-Source – and when I say He, then I already mean God again – He created us in His image. The human image which must be a Deity, experienced a planet from the first moments, there.fore, it becomes that space. It will be a universal whole, which we will soon possess, because we continue. And truly, because in every core the Divine force, the inspiration is present, my sisters and brothers, the moon, the first cosmic grade sent out conscious power in these centuries. That power is birth giving and creating … can you feel this? Reincarnation! That power, that ra.diance from the moon, the first cosmic grade – I must now name the moon again, if it is to be clear to you – the moon, that power was attracted, ab.sorbed by other organs. And now it appears, after those centuries, that there are other bodies which also experienced a division in that space. Which live in that space between fatherhood and motherhood, absorbed that conscious radiance from the moon as mother and are now in harmony. With what? With what? With what? Those powers, those balls there, they are invisible, because they cannot be seen. We have received a visible universe, a universe as light, like on a sum.mer’s morning. You must, you can … when you want to experience that time … then you must go to the East. Your West does not know these morning hours … dawn. You have to go to the East for that, you must see the desert, you must experience palm trees, and you must see the East, because the core for this awakening lives there. And then I can, if we were to sit down there, then I can give you an idea of how the sun, therefore the fatherly authority for this space, condensed itself in those millions of ages. Then we slowly come from the night to the first twilight. Because, when the moon was half-wak.ing and this means, that when she had materialized her life for fifty percent, therefore that means: the fish stage was equal to a metre high. We have fish, we have become two, three, four metres high there, and that was the final … But in that interim stage the sun was at that and that and that power, at that and that becoming conscious. Can you still follow this? Thank you. And that source … That becoming conscious as a final stage was sent out by the first cosmic grade; absorbed by the planets that lived, floated around this motherhood, and absorbed those powers. The moon, that mother, got conscious radiance for the fish stage. And we are fish and that radiance goes there and we have therefore to experience a law, we have one attunement. The radiance, the aura of this process of giving birth, is exactly the same as the becoming conscious which we mastered because we could experience reincarnation. Is that clear? That source therefore came at exactly the same moment of attunement with us now that we have experienced the final stage for the first cosmic grade. There is therefore another body present and ready to attract us. And now we descend into this fish stage. We want even more, we want to see the space, and we leave the waters. And if a seal or a sea lion could not go out of the waters – you must listen carefully, I am telling you prophesies – then our end on that moon, on that first cosmic grade would not have been on land, but then we would have died in those waters. But that animal, that seal, that sea lion, that animal can also live on the land and is water conscious. And we experienced our end in that way. We freed ourselves; we crawled out of the waters, lay down, because we wanted to con.tinue … and this continuing was only this phenomenon. We manifested this continuing, we could not speak, we could not think, not feel; we could feel. We wanted to continue and now we crawled out of those waters, we wanted to see land – we did not know – we crawled on the land in order to experi.ence death. We knew, felt consciously: we would die. Because we could not remain outside those waters for long, over months and years. We had to go back; but we wanted to die, there is an impulse in us, in that life, to go fur.ther. Further … but that brought ‘death’. We experienced millions of ‘death.beds’, if you wish to compare it with your earthly concepts. We experienced millions of ‘deaths’ in the waters. Now the last one, the final one … We lie on the land, we die because we do not want to return there, we cannot return, we must continue … Why? Has that spring awakened in us? Death comes, the ripping, the ripping apart of the fluid cord. The soul, the personality, the life becomes free and sinks back into that other silence ‘beyond the coffin’, behind the material. We, millions along with us, Christ, everything in space which has, have experienced, travelled the cycle of the earth, the apostles, everyone who en.ters the first sphere, the light, the truth, justice – which is a heaven – were able to follow this, able to see this. We made ourselves one at that moment with a fish like that. We reached sensitive unity; we attached ourselves to that life. We were one and we wanted to know: what will happen to this life now? We would follow that and what will happen now? We remained conscious, we continued to think, because we have our spatial consciousness; that fish stage can be experienced, can be felt and that can be dealt with. We cannot deal with higher consciousness, you cannot either, but you can experience the lower individual, so that that soul life, that spirit, that personality of the fish stage will now provide us with a reproduction process, or an end will come. But no end came. We, Master Alcar, André and I, and millions of people experienced that for themselves – I told you that a moment ago – everyone follows those stages in space. Every academic, every human being who is prepared and has cov.ered the laws for the earth, immediately asks: “Master, can you explain the laws to me, am I ready to make the journey, may I be a follower?” And then we will begin and we come and we now follow what you receive. We became one, the feeling took us over; we felt that we were sailing away. We went somewhere, we felt that the aura – now feel properly – that the ma.ternal authority there of the first cosmic grade became more and more rare.fied, we went away. We pertinently and consciously felt that we had left her vicinity, her personality, and her power. That spark was attracted by some.thing that does not possess any lower consciousness. Now we dwell upon a law, a cosmic, Divine law, because – you will feel, I told you a moment ago – the moon sent her, as a first cosmic grade, as a process of giving birth, she radiated her powers into the universe. That was therefore higher consciousness, wasn’t it? Higher thinking; higher feeling – we must not yet talk about thinking – it was higher feeling, deeper thinking, and spatial thinking. That inner life as aura had consciousness. If that had not been a higher consciousness, my sisters and brothers, that other planet – this must now be a secondary planet, a transition, a first grade again – could not have attracted, is it clear? But because this is a higher consciousness, living vitality, living plasma, we come outside … we can feel that. The master says: “What can you feel?” “I can feel the mother.” We now speak about mother, oh sacred mother.hood, that is the moon. “I feel, my master, that the mother is going out of my life … I am begin.ning to feel that I am being released and am getting hold of my personality.” “And what can you feel?” asks the master who is in charge. “I experience the same laws.” That is all in the ‘Cosmology’. “I experience the feeling, I would be able to give an explanation.” “Yes, give me an explanation”, the master now asks. I would be able to give an explanation for the earth, so that a human being will understand it, that is what the mother feels when the child wants to be born. Only the mother can know it. Only she feels the time approaching which she calls the contractions. And then the mother feels: “This posses.sion of mine which I carried all that time, this sacred unity, this wonderful feeling” – this life in you, in this society, thinks; there it did not yet think, it could not yet think there – “this is leaving me, I am starting to feel it.” Gradually, calmly, even in your sleep you start to feel that the life is starting to leave. And now the life leaves, the birth comes and now the mother says: “My God, my God, if only this could continue eternally.” You have lost something, haven’t you, mothers? You miss something at that moment; yes, you miss the eternal giving birth, you miss an evolution. A gulf has come between you and that birth. But if you experience it in the depth for space, then you can say at that moment: “I have taken part in creation again, I represented God again, I was one again with His process of giving birth.” Because later, when we come from space to the earth, you will experience – and then we will stand still and then we will be inspired, so that the Divine word can come to you in order to make it clear to you – that being a mother is the most sacred thing which you can experience as a human being! Being a mother means: being one with a process of reproduction, with evolution, with giving birth, creation, life, soul, spirit, reincarnation, jus.tice, with harmony. Being a mother means: possessing everything, because the macrocosmic image, the All-Source manifests itself during that short time, those months in the mother. Everything manifests itself in those nine months, which the mother can experience, but that which we wish to make clear to you, and the macrocosmos gave to the human being, the macrocos.mos placed in the hands of you, the macrocosmos, you as a human being, you as father and mother. You got sacred respect for fatherhood and moth.erhood, because fatherhood and motherhood connects you to space, to the All-Source! We will continue and really … we enter a new body. We are still uncon.scious – we are conscious – but we know: this cell of that animal had to accept the first stage again. We see the spark again, but that spark has got consciousness as an animal life; only working, animal-like working is present in that cell, is it clear? Now we remain one and we start to see what happens. That cell comes into the aura from that planet and now has contact with that astral ball. That is therefore the first, that is a planet which lies outside the atmosphere of the moon, which lies far away in that universe. Because why must that first transition be far – far, what we call far – from the aura, from the life of the mother? Because, if that source lives in the aura, in the thinking circle, in the feeling of the moon, that source, that new transition, that secondary planet does not get any higher consciousness, because then you remain yourself. Because that source, therefore that soul, comes outside the motherhood for the moon, evolution also comes. Is that good? There.fore the secondary planets must lie outside the atmosphere of the first, the second, and the third grade. The secondary planets are not directly on the planet … you call it, you can call it satellites, not directly in the vicinity. A satellite directly near the earth can contain life; that is also the final, that is the last stage again and we will soon experience that. You will see that, you will feel that, we will explain that to you. Then that soul has contact again with the own conscious stage, the second or the third cosmic grade. Do you understand? And in this way we could continue and we saw that those an.imals came there outside of the atmosphere of the moon, a new planet had absorbed us; a new body which also originated because of that division, but had to wait during those millions of years? No, you feel, you should see what wonderful laws you will get. This life, the moon, started; the moon created new life, and that other life, millions of balls, cells, macrocosmic bodies, live here and absorb and are still, they do nothing, and have nothing to experience. What happens? You will feel how wonderful, how wonderfully simple everything actually is again, even if you live in space. Those planets were busy preparing themselves for motherhood. They absorbed the aura of the moon in themselves and had nothing else to do, is it clear? They could not experience anything else, it was that, only absorbing that aura from the moon, because now Mother Moon knew: my life will continue! The first cosmic grade could say: I am ready, I am growing, I am evolving, I bring evolution, because the other source which receives my consciousness lives there and is in harmony with my life, which will soon leave my space. And we continued … Now it comes: we live in a world, that ball is also in.finite, it is a planet, smaller than the mother, but we have our consciousness in us, our feeling and now become one with the same aura from which we originated, don’t we? We absorb that aura, because this is now the wonder.ful problem for many people. This is now the cosmic reproduction process, because that aura here in that ball, in that astral ball, also therefore a part of the All-Source, millions of years in the invisible, but that also reaches working now, that is the next stage. That life now begins, has absorbed that aura of the mother into itself, we reach that unity, we are one. Therefore, the aura of the moon is our foundation, which we now stand upon. We absorb a part into ourselves, millions of sparks continued with us, and we awakened with millions. There are lower grades there. There we see … before we left, we see for a moment … look there! That returns, that has not yet been able to experience its death, and has to return. We are further, we know when we look back here – here, that is the moon, this large space where you are now – when we look back, then we see that the moon will still be busy for mil.lions of years before her All-Spirit, her All-Core has condensed, understood? Her All-Source will transform itself. She is a part of the All-Source, she is All-Soul and every spark which separates itself from her body – that is the process of giving birth, that is the motherhood – absorbs so much All-Core in itself and then the condensing comes, then the final process for this birth comes, for our spatial thinking and feeling, the returning to God. Can you understand this? Here the stage begins again like on the moon, exactly the same laws. We reach working, seven transitions and finally … we are ready, and we are in the full stage. We touch each other again; we separate again. A new birth comes, we will die, we now live longer … we now live longer, but we just have one life to give birth to. We just need to give birth to one life, there is nothing else in the creation, one life for that life in order to be able to return. Therefore, if we did not start to divide ourselves, then sooner or later we would no longer have any returning. Consequently division comes, reincarnation comes, we get the new life, we are conscious in an animal-like way. Good … we live for a moment on the moon. In those first grades that were a millionth part of a second and then we had already expanded, we had already died, lived it up. There those laws emerged, but because we had got more consciousness, that process of continuing to live lasts a bit longer. We fly through the waters; we felt it, finally! We completed our deed of creation, nothing more can happen to us, we continue. We wait for a moment; we live a life of bliss there. We do not know any trees, any animals, any people, any apples, any pears; you do not need to eat. You just absorb the breath of life there. There are no sins and no faults; everything is perfect. We get the same process for that planet; we conquer that transition, after so many millions of years again we conquer this planet. And the very first thing which we now absorb in ourselves having experienced the final is: when this life comes into those waters and has reached the very highest stage, now experiences the land, goes from the waters – therefore the very highest again – not much has changed in this organism. But the animal … we live longer on the earth, we are outside the life that we enjoy in the waters. Therefore the time of land consciousness already expands itself and we continue in this way. If you can remember this, and the books of ‘The Origin of the Universe’ tell you that, short of course, obvious, – this is why the cosmology must be added, that means, this is the cosmology, this is the origin of the being, the life, the receiving of fatherhood and motherhood –, we see that a planet, a body in the space is capable of giving expansion to its own life. And now we leave that motherhood, we experience that planet, we continue again. There are no other laws – you will remember this now – and that is for all the planets, for all the spaces created by the All-Source, exactly the same thing. You do not need to let go of this again, even in the fifth and sixth cosmic grade you must experience that giving birth, because those are the most sacred fundamental laws for God, for the expansion, for fatherhood and motherhood. Father.hood and motherhood take you back to the All. We can therefore take a leap and leave this for the time being. We will go from the first to the second transition; we came to the third, the planets, sec.ondary bodies that got a place in space. One body divided itself again for the other one. That secondary planet, the transition, emits an aura again as the mother, and drives, therefore inspires those bodies there. And finally we ar.rive at a new planet, at the final grade. These are just pre-stages. We come to the second cosmic grade … new life! We come there. Before we have reached the fourth, the fifth, we have erected ourselves. Those paws, they came out-side, we got claws, and we have become hairy. We are now almost … we now look like an ape; we are like animals. We are still hairy. Our skull still has to form itself; the sun does not yet have that power. After that evolution process comes expansion, comes development, evolution comes and embellishment, but we will get the actual natural, Divine embellishment for the first time if Mother Earth, as child of sun and moon, begins her task … Is that clear? We will now therefore see, what we experience as and will be main cores for this morning, that everything which you see and experience in the uni-verse is only just fatherhood and motherhood. And now we will take a short flight to the earth, we will go away from the secondary planets. We are on the second planet – the second cosmic grade is the planet Mars – and we will now experience transitions again. We arrive at the secondary planets and now the earth comes into contact, the earth is ready. We absorb the earth which was held between sun and moon, which has felt radiance. That all happened of its own accord. Those balls … why is that that planet and why is there that planet? You cannot ask that. Why is there a difference between planets? Why did that planet which is the earth – people ask – has received that? Why are you a poet, why are you this, why are you that? Why does one person have nothing, in your time, from your temporary self? Then we say, then the universe says: you have everything, you will see later, you can soon master the laws, art, everything! Because what the earth had, is also for there. Because those other planets – the earth lived in between fatherhood and motherhood – because those parts also originated from that division, from that Divine garment, and will experience a similar task. Because that earth does no more than that other unconscious body, which you will get to know as Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter. Planets, gas balls, you see the hazes and I will now connect you with this, I want to finish and border this lecture, this fatherhood and motherhood for the universe, so that you experience a final stage and you no longer feel that gravity. What you saw there now … we will come back to that second cosmic grade later, because that must hap.pen, but what you see there, we therefore experienced for the moon. There are six transitions between the moon and the second cosmic grade, we also experienced that for the revelations when the All-Source started, didn’t we? We saw God in the invisible, for His spiritual personality, now already as material, as animal life, and again with regard to the space as macrocosmic bodies. And that now means that we got the opportunity – those are the opportunities, those are the cores – to bring ourselves to the Divine evolu.tion. Those are the foundations, the footsteps that which the All-Source laid down for us in order to return to that All-Source. But if people now enter the earth – the earth has also started again, the earth got evolution, the earth got condensing – and when we pass those millions of years, then you can follow your doctrines. The earth reached condensing. Science does not yet know how, but people already accept: hazes came. They are now close by, the people, those academics. The earth came in hardening, materialization. And a glowing process came, you feel, heating, giving birth, a cooling down came. Science says: yes, but then there were not yet any people. If science can accept that, the very first stage for the moon – can science see that? – then believe it, then all of this humanity stands for what you now receive, then this humanity stands for the University of Christ! Can you feel this? The earth has now reached condensing during those millions of ages, and when we release those macrocosmic systems from that time and now experience the present stage, then we see that there is only one mother and one father for the universe. And that the human being has condensed itself by means of that fatherhood and motherhood and that other planets, the earth, has worked on the body for the embellishment of this image, but that we, since we received lives, could continue our evolution. We came from the space to the earth; that was not from the space to the earth, no … we took a step, we took a step, left and right, that is just a step, a little step … Because soon, it will become clear to you, you will see that this whole universe is just a spark of your Divine source. It means nothing and everything, but as a human be.ing you are not yet a Divine conscious being, we will get to see that. But next to that lies the image how awe-inspiring it is, as a human being, consciously on two legs, to act, to see, to feel consciously, to experience space, to be father and mother for God, for yourself. It is only then that you start to understand how awe-inspiring, sacred, wonderful and universal the human being is. How wonderfully sacred the mother is, how wonderful the man is, the cre.ating power, who will represent the All-Source together as beings. And then we will soon see, because, by feeling and analysing the Divine authority, the consciousness of space, absorbing that in you, you will understand your life on earth better and you will bow to the mother, because she is everything! Then we will no longer talk about destruction, devastation and hatred. Then we no longer fling God’s child, the Divine core in God’s sight. Then there are no more murders, no destruction, and no deformation. Then it has become sacred seriousness for your personality as long as you are still in the material. The earth has … you see that now … we live on earth. We took one step in space to another grade. We got those feelings, experienced that working, we mastered those laws. We are ready, absorbed, built up, drove along another body, as a result of the creating and giving birth powers of Mother Moon given as All-Source, we have prepared ourselves. There is a new planet, the earth, and a higher consciousness. She, as child of sun and moon, of father and mother, will take care of her life. And now you must experience this conversation. When the earth began and the Divine power … André told you recently that he sat in a chair and the goddess of Isis, that painting fell from the wall – I heard it, I was with him, I was with you –and it said: “André, I am falling, but catch me, catch me.” And he says: “Mother, are you calling?” “Come quickly, André”, and he immediately goes and he takes the goddess of Isis into his heart. “If that painting”, André said to you – and the angels, the masters heard that – “can give you feeling for a sort of disharmony, an accident, what will the fatherly and motherly authority for and of space be able to say to those children?” And when the earth was that far that the first life that cycle … that is a cycle, that spatial cycle, that is only a thing, this … and there are planets in that cycle and footsteps were made in that cycle, we got spaces in that cycle. We have that cycle … your space is just a cycle, a small cycle, as comparison. As to see this comparison with regard to the Divine All that is just a spark, a step in a higher direction to a higher feeling and thinking, a new motherly and fatherly consciousness. And then the father of space said: “And …, mother? Are you satisfied? I see what you are doing, I am always busy.” “Yes”, says the moon, the mother, the first cosmic grade. “Yes, my good man, we are one. I will go to the All-Source earlier, when I will soon have been able to grow, been able to give my body, my soul, my personality. I will return to the All earlier and represent my place again as before – but also consciously – and you will create until all our life of this space, all our life of our world, our house …” Because did the bible not say and did Abraham not say and did the proph.ets not say, did the God of all life not speak: there are many dwellings in my Father’s house? Yes, the mother said that. The moon said that, that was the sun that was the creating power. “Our children are doing well, our children are thriving, the first ones have already reached the earth.” And … little Jet … what is the earth called? Could the sun; could the All-Source give the earth a name, could she be called Mary? She was the third cosmic grade; she represents the heart of the moon, the heart of the All-Source. She has nothing else to do than surrender herself, because the human being, the life originated from that source will absorb her, will absorb so much power in him and now new awakening comes. And the sun says: “And, mother, can you feel my kiss? I am so happy and I gave light to darkness. I walked. We filled the waters. We gave ourselves a wonderfully beautiful garment. I am radiating consciousness and you, my dear, you accepted the contractions, endured the pains, but our life will soon populate the All, kneel down before the All-Source as father and mother and in order to represent both of us again there. We gave that to our children, all our life in space has accepted and experienced the legal independence, the justice and our harmo.ny. All our millions of children will be blessed, because we experienced the true laws and could give them to our life under our heart. Can you see? Con.tinue, my mother … my mother, continue and prepare yourself. Soon when you die, when you return to the source of all life, the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, then you will be next to me, then you will be dissolved evolving plasma; thinking, feeling and understanding and we do our work together. You will drive and inspire me; you will be next to me. I will take you to my heart and we will experience the eternal kiss in order to finish the life of our children, and mankind will enter the Divine, spiritual, astral authority … life after death.” Life after death, in order to, my brothers and sisters, continue the laws for space, and you can already determine the next session for yourself, it will be called: ‘The astral personality for the human being as a universal image, as light, life and love.’ Accept everything, so that the All-Source will awaken in your life. God bless you and your people. I thank you. The spiritual world for the human being Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get the lecture this morning ‘The spiritual world for the human being.’ But before we connect ourselves with that, first of all, a short introduction to the last part, so that those who are here for the first time will feel and understand what it is ac.tually about. We spoke about the All-Source and God originated from that All-Source, the All-Knowledge, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood. The All-Source manifested it.self in the universe and that started because working came and that working produced hazes. Science can tell you: ‘That is the case, the first life came about in this way.’ Creation started in this way. These were the first possibil.ities for the revelations of God, who manifested himself materially. Then we went further, that space was filled, those hazes changed and later manifested themselves as clouds. Those clouds darkened and then light came. We then got to know God as the living light, and we accepted those laws. And that light in this universe split itself again. God now divided himself, we now see God as a Father of light in myriads of particles. Those myriads of particles, that is the macrocosmos, those are planets and stars which we will soon experience after centuries, after ages, and then be able to follow them, as a result of which we will get hold of our human existence. We followed that. The bible does not write about that, because the bible starts to write, think and feel about the revelations of God from a human feeling. The bible started from the moment when creation already belonged for millions of years to the past. If you can accept this you will continue, and if you cannot accept that, you will stand still for this life and for space … at a dead point! When the division for the universe happened – you know that – darkness came again, because every part took so much consciousness as light from that Divine light. Those planets, which will now come forward, will contin.ue this evolution. Because we will soon have to agree that every life, every spark possesses the Divine core and must promote the reproductive process, so that life will evolve and will return to God. But as a result of which we establish and have to accept that that life which came about because of these divisions, emerged, and must represent the God of all life, the All-Source, the All-Love, the All-Life in the highest stage … the Divine All! And we will go there this morning. A trip from the earth, I hope – or we will continue at the next lecture – a trip from the earth to the Divine All, so that you will know that the Divine core lives in you. We made contact with that first astral ball, which is the moon. You will soon also know why the moon died, why the moon now no longer has any life, we will come across all of that. But then we will enter the present stage to which you belong. But for the universe, when that first life began, we saw what happened in the space, that that planet, a maternal body – that is the moon, that is a maternal body, a process of giving birth – got hold of those laws. And then it will become clear to you and you can experience in particular and accept, then, that that macrocosmos, as we saw and were able to explain, was created for the microcosmos, for you as a human being, the animal kingdom and Mother Nature. It is only then that you will start to see and you will expe.rience that you are universal beings and the Divine attunement, also that reproduction and all the characteristics originated from that All-Source, are laid in your hands. I told you: then there will no longer be any inferiority complexes, then you will possess space. No … you are it and you will start to see and understand life completely differently. The moon begins; those hazes come about. The moon now lives in the palm of your hand. Embryonic cells emerge. After those separations those cells receive an own existence, an own independence, and now creation has already started for the human being. But the human being will soon open his eyes; the senses must be born. You will get to see reincarnation. We stood still there by that first cell, that first contact. We experienced the pre-stages, which mean the transitions before that cell was ready to give birth in order to promote that reproduction. We experienced that; we held that. We made ourselves one with that cell and accepted death, which does not exist. We saw that that cell tore itself, divided itself, gave life to another cell, a new life existed, a new division, but this first life had to accept a death, a standstill. Do you still know this? At that moment the core left, the Divine core, this material, already material life and entered a new world. And that world now belongs to the human being, but that belongs again directly to the Divine core, the All-Source! As a result of that world, which we call the world of the unconscious, where the soul, the core, prepares itself again in order to experience a new birth, we will soon see that again, but now in a conscious state, your hereaf.ter will come into existence. We will soon go further and we will see that in all those centuries, those millions of years which passed, the cell, the human being came through the waters, had to accept the land life and then evolved materially, inwardly. Every life brought space. We established that we saw and could follow the first life here as a cell, but after millions of years we saw that that life had grown out as a fish. The human being lives in the waters. Everything originated in the wa.ters. Science can endorse that, those laws have already been accepted and laid down, we saw those foundations. Science now knows: all life got water consciousness. You can still determine your gill system, the doctor can show and explain to you that those possibilities are still present in the organic life. Those are foundations and we continue to build upon them, and soon for the soul, for the spirit, for Christ, for God, for yourself, for your inner life, your astral world, the world, the spiritual world for the human being, the human being ‘beyond the coffin’. How was all of this born, how did all of this origi.nate? We will follow those roads. There is one Divine cord, which connected us with those Divine laws. We saw and experienced, when we could release ourselves here in the very highest stage, that the animal – there in those waters – got the feeling to go onto the land and to experience something, to get something. We deter.mined and asked: why does this animal want out of the waters? Because we know for certain: there will be a death here. Those organs were not yet there, that animal was still attuned to the waters and not to the land. That organic life still had to reveal itself and would create itself, as a result of which the human being got land consciousness, firm ground under the feet. We get to know all of that, but here lies the core – I told you – for reincarnation, for fatherhood, for motherhood … the universal Divine foundations in order to be able to go further, in order to be able to evolve! And that is here in this place, where the first cell was born, where that division came about. Or we would have had to accept, if that soul or this life had not known any evolu.tion, that here the Divine creations had been smothered. That would then have been the end of life. But life continues! New life was born and now it appears, soon when we tune ourselves into the present stage to which you belong, it appears that nothing has changed about those laws, that those same cores are still present in the human present stage and that this is not death, but must be repro.duction, must mean evolution, and that you as a human being are now busy taking your Divine core to the material and spiritual revelation. Can you understand this? These are the Divine foundations which we lay, and now the universe is open to us. That first cell was attracted by the child – which therefore originated from that power. That cell reached peace in the world of the unconscious. This is an invisible world but, in which that core lives! That core descends to the first stage, peace comes, silence … And during the time that the life was born by means of these first cells, is ready to continue the reproduction, to take part in the Divine revelations, to manifest itself, to spiritualize and to mate.rialize – is it not the case? – those two souls could be attracted, and we see that we get to know the first death, which is not a death, which must be the transition. We get to see fatherhood and motherhood here. We see the repro.duction, the evolution process and this continues eternally until the human being, until that core can represent God, the All-Source in everything. How do these cells now return to God? You are sitting here before me as people, but when are you Divine? We saw that the animal left the moon, could accept the land life, a dying process, experienced a division between inner life and material. The soul therefore, the inner life of this material organism released itself. We connect.ed with that life. We were attracted by another body, prepared by the moon as mother. Because every cell, however big, however trivial, will multiply itself, which is for the All-Source: to promote the reproduction process for yourself, the evolution, the reincarnation, to bring fatherhood and mother.hood to development for the universe, as a result of which you consciously get hold of all those systems as a human being, as life. And that was the intention of the All-Source, as a result of which God now originated. I made it clear to you, and the book ‘My Revelations the Peoples of the Earth’ tells you that, that the word God has only meaning for the earth. But God is the life in the universe, you are that yourself! You are a part of Him, a part of Her, the mother, the All-Mother. Because the process of giving birth gives the human being, gave the life, the possibility to lay new foundations for new, higher, universal consciousness. For fatherhood, for motherhood, for light, life and love … You will become love! We will soon, when we enter the consciousness for the earth, get to know the laws for Socrates, for Plato, Aristotle, the wise systems, and we are faced with: am I true, am I sweet, am I just, what is my society like, how do I feel and how do I think? What does all of this mean? We then lay universities at our feet and stand on top of them, and can then finally say: all of this belongs to me. We saw, my sisters and brothers, that we went from the moon to a second.ary planet. That secondary planet, the transition life, was fed by the aura of the moon – that moon had reached a conscious aura – that planet absorbed that into itself. I showed you the difference. Did that transition planet have to and would it live in the aura of the mother, therefore in the atmosphere of the moon? That was not possible, because then that life would not get any new consciousness. Therefore it floats … that transition planet floats some.where in space, but absorbs the living, conscious radiating aura from the moon. Is that clear? We saw that as a result of that, life was condensed. We were attracted. We came to consciousness; we awakened. We absorbed so much feeling from that astral ball into us and now we saw that a new life originated in a new source, in a new space. We had independence, but we would return in the embryonic stage, because these are the Divine laws, and as a result of which, a new life receives the possibility of existence for spirit and material. You are still mother and the child still has to begin with the very first stage, from the embryonic life and grade of life. The new life is born in the mother. Is that … or is that not the case? These are Divine fundamental laws and those laws are final, those laws are revelations! A birth as embryonic life is a Divine revelation and a law. And as a result of this we will see how we return as a result of these revelations, that birth, this fatherhood and moth.erhood, to the Divine All. We went and came that far until we … from the universe … We experi.enced Mars; we followed the secondary planets which received a place in this space between Mars and the earth – Mother Earth – for these revelations, those Divine creations. We felt firm ground; we accepted the earth again and determined at that moment that the earth possesses exactly the same laws as the moon. But not like Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Uranus and other planets, we will now follow that, we will go into the creation. We followed lectures in order to analyse fatherhood and motherhood for the universe. Because as a result of this, we lay down the foundations for this world on the earth at our feet, and then continue to build in order to enter the spiritual world for the human being. Can that be any clearer? If you hold on this, then I can continue, and then, if you are coming here for the first time, you must read the books, I asked you and I ask you again: ‘The Origin of the Universe.’ And then you will follow exactly how those laws originated. You will take the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, you will get the beginning there – because we will come across all those laws – you will get to see the beginning of the creations there, you will get to see the beginning of the hells, the heavens … and especially when this hu.manity received a faith. Where is that Protestantism, Catholicism and how did Buddhism, Mohammedanism originate? What did all those sects on earth mean for you as a human being? We will see that the essential source lives under your own human heart and that that source is inspired by your life and consciousness, by your train of thought, by your characteristics and that these are the foundations. You can then experience that you get a hold of the Divine revelations destructively as a result of every thought, but you can also drive them inspiringly, as a result of which the ultimate occurs and will say to you: look, something has awakened in you. It then appears that we must promote, drive and inspire the Divine core through our earthly life, you, through your fatherhood and motherhood, through your task in society – it does not matter what you are – and take it back to the Divine conscious grade of life. In order to represent Him there, in order to represent yourself for all those millions of spaces, because then you are a Deity! The first lecture gave you and said to you: you are Gods, you are it; and we now want to prove that to you! We do not yet come to earth, we still remain in space first of all, and will follow and lay a few foundations from space, analyse problems, lay stones in order to give this Divine building a certainty, as a result of which that Di.vine independence occurs for yourself, for your life, for your fatherhood and motherhood, doesn’t it? And that means: we saw that every life possesses the Divine independence, every cell, no matter where that cell lives – just look in nature, just look at a flower, just look at the insect life, the animal life – all life is busy evolving itself; fatherhood and motherhood. I explained to you that the universe wants to be only: fatherhood and motherhood! And now here we are, we have come for the lectures, you are academics, you are astronomers, and we will see how, from space back to the earth, that space is for our human, for your human thinking and feeling. And then there is very little and now it becomes very simple. You will probably be frightened of cosmology and you will say: it is making my head spin. You now only have to accept: the universe is only mother and father … there is no more! This wonderful universe, in which millions of stars, planets and suns have found a place, is only mother and father, and there is no more. And where does that fatherhood and motherhood live? You saw it: God is creating, God is birth giving and since planets came, since the sun, the creating power, the inspiring life of feeling occurred, crystallizing materialized itself – I told and explained to you –the sun occurred as light. And there motherhood came, the planet which absorbed that light into itself, and then, condensings came again – I told you a moment ago – the hazes came again, a separation came, and now we already see a motherhood originating for the cosmos, that in.finite cosmos, which you can accept in both hands. The moon is mother and the sun is father. The moon is the process of giving birth for the cosmos and the sun is the creating power in order to give life the very highest, for which these wonderful things were born. But in addition, and in the very first place, we now see that this whole universe is and lives under your human heart. And, by experiencing evolutions, by being able to experience reincarnations, you have absorbed the core of your society, the core for art, that universe. That you, if you live on earth, possess spatial consciousness, it will soon be clear to you when we can take hold of that final grade as the spiritual inde.pendence. Then you see and you feel and you accept that you are Gods! The human being is an eternal life. The soul, which possesses the Divine core and has received that attunement as independence, here and wherever you are in the universe, is busy conquering that universe, this macrocosmos, this universe and the wisdom of which you will master. If you cannot accept reincarnation, rebirth, you will be standing still again. We went from the moon … On the moon – I told you – we, as human be.ings, had to accept millions of lives. We experienced ages. Because, if I were to wish to connect you immediately with those injustices, which beat you at the same time for this life, social consciousness with regard to church, God, Christ and bible, then you will not be able to accept that the child from the jungle must stay there and that you possess everything here in this white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org), all those pleasant things. You have light, you have life, you have food and drink, and there a child of God lives in a jungle stage under the ground. Would you be able to accept from your human consciousness, that God favours one life and deforms the other? I do not believe that. There are – thank God – millions and millions of people on earth who no longer wish to possess this nonsense. Every theosophical, metaphysical child is ready to say: “They have grades to experience.” Those grades originated from the cosmos. The human being in the jungle will soon experience the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) and will take over from The Hague and your Amster.dam, and wherever you are, in order to prepare himself for the next step, for which you prepare yourself, and want to be: that you enter the spiritual world for your inner life, with which I want to connect you now and at present, this morning. I hope at the next session, with this contact, to be so far that we can return to the earthly consciousness, and then I must begin in the jungle with those dark people, with those blacks (see article ‘Against racism and discrimination’ on rulof.org), in order to take you through those grades, material grades, to your own society. And then we are faced with the characteristics, universal injustices – but Divine truths – which we will then walk, experience one for one and will then determine the spiritual core of it. In order to determine the legal foundations for ourselves, for your Deity and to take possession of the Great Wings for the space. What else do you want? Here in this space – you live in the universe – only sun and moon are of significance. Secondary planets are childish, sisterly and brotherly organs. Now it proves that Mars and another planet and the earth is a child of sun and moon. And that child will – as you built that up for your home life – soon continue the task, not for your society, but life. The mother gives life to her little daughter and that little daughter becomes a mother and she also gets her children. She attracts; she gives birth and creates. We got those planets, this possession, this consciousness which the human being has in his hands, by means of those transitions, those spatial planets, those life sources, and as a result of this the human foundations were laid. Now it appears that a Jupiter, a Venus, a Saturn and other planets … we will connect ourselves for a moment with Saturn, you see here a wonderful planet and when you … Master Alcar was able to do that to André and me, you will experience that ‘beyond the coffin’, you will then go to Saturn. The astronomer immediately asks when he … Thousands of astronomers have already come ‘beyond the coffin’ who had completed their cycle of the earth. We will soon experience that we will end the cycle for this space and you are already busy with that … the cycle for the space! Not the cycle of the earth, a cycle for a day, a cycle for an hour, but we will end this spatial, macrocosmic cycle. And the first academic, who came, said: “Is there life on Mars, is there life on Saturn, what do people say about Jupiter? Can you connect me?” The academic of the cancer says: “Does cancer exist, how can I cure can.cer?” The theologian comes and says: “How did God speak to Moses? Was God on earth with Noah? Where did faith originate? Was creation already fin.ished for millions of years when faith began? What is true about Egypt?” The priest from the temple walks round like a crazy person in that world and says: “Where are the Divine temples? How did we get a higher con.sciousness? Let me see how Ra, Ré, Isis, Luxor, the Goddess of Isis lives. Where is she?” Another one comes, a cardinal from the Catholic Church: “Is it true that Mary was conceived immaculately? Is that a birth which was given by Christ to Jesus? Was Christ able to accept the deformity of Jesus?” Just come along, then we will show you how Christ was born, where Je-sus originated, how Mary became impregnated, that will come soon. But first, gentlemen, first you must lay foundations, because that is all human carry-on! Human thoughts built up a space. Society originated as a result of your thinking and feeling, but not as a result of the All-Source. You gave a name to the sun, you gave a name to the creating power, and it is called for you ‘sun’? And that is a ‘she’?! And you christened the first cosmic grade in ‘moon’, but that is the first grade of evolution for the Divine revelations which we got hold of as a human being. Mars is the second cosmic grade and the earth is the third for this uni-verse, the very highest consciousness for the macrocosmos to which you be-long. And now it is called: Jupiter, Saturn … What kind of names are these, what do those names mean? What … what does it have, Saturn? Jupiter? What Jupiter? Who gave a name to an unconscious body in the space with fatherly Divine authority? What remains of your astrology when you are faced with the Divine foundations and you have to accept, have to see, have to experience from revelations? What? Nothing, nothing, nothing! I once spoke about this: “Does astrology have meaning for the human being, for life on earth with regard to God?” Then nothing more will remain, because now we see that Saturn is not a motherly body, but that Saturn possesses other organs, wants to be and has to mean a gas ball – as a result of the radiating powers of fatherhood and motherhood all those planets emerged in order to provide that universe with the breathing. Now it appears that Saturn radiates an aura which feeds and absorbed the maternal body; also the paternal authority, the sun. Jupiter and all those planets have now achieved a conscious and unconscious personality. We now see that how closer those planets have come to the solar system for the pres.ent stage – that is therefore the earth, sun and moon – that those planets have also got another working from inside; those organs are different. When you look at a place behind and deep in this universe, experience a planet, then you see that that body possesses more unconsciousness again than the earth or other stars and planets in the vicinity of the creating power, the sun. Why is all of this, why – we will soon experience it – the earth got a place between sun and moon? Why does the earth live so close to the sun, why are all those other planets in the universe? It is because this place must be the di.rect place to absorb. That grade is the third grade; therefore the earth would embellish the human being, the animal kingdom and Mother Nature to and for God, for that All-Source. The earth is now a body, a macrocosmic body, which possesses the possibilities to finish off that body, as a result of which we get to know the spiritual world for the human being. Mars and all those other planets, they do not have a hereafter. Now it is already established that the earth must possess a conscious hereafter and that you will enter a new world ‘beyond the coffin’, now for the first time, now that you leave the earth. But we go … are not yet eligible for the independence for the human being and that sphere. We first have to follow that spatial evolution process, if we wish to experience a new universe, or we will not be released from this universe, from this cosmic grade. Because do you want to accept – you do not believe that – that this is already the Divine stage? Did you think that there is another universe where rain is no longer needed? Where the material has reached the spiritual grade? Can you accept that? Can you accept that there has been a prehistoric age, here for the earth? And that you could blow down a plant, a flower, for example – as large as a house at that and that time – with your human power of now, your breath, your consciousness? It was all water, haze. Then the hardenings, the growth and blossom process, the cool.ing down, the heating up came, and look: Mother Earth builds on her life, Mother Earth brings … crystallizes her body. You received the diamonds, the pearls and the gold. Another body, Mars or another planet, did not know that. Because the earth would get that growth and blossom process; because the earth has received this place in the universe for this becoming conscious. Is it becoming difficult, or can you still accept all of this? Now we can see that Saturn and Jupiter and all those secondary planets are half-conscious. They live in between fatherhood and motherhood. They are not mothers and fathers, they have a task to fulfil and are now – now we come that far – and are now particles of that body. The universe is like a human being. They are the lung systems for this macrocosmic body. There is the process of giving birth, there is light, there is feeling; there are the foun.dations for reincarnation. Those bodies do not die out! If no new life breath was created for the universe, now at this moment, then this universe would suffocate, then a suffocation process would come, no new light would come, no new life, a death by suffocation would be the consequence for every or.ganism. However strong, however powerful, however inspiring, an irrevoca.ble dead point would come. But that is not there! Those planets have nothing else to do but bring their bodies to development, and Saturn does that, Venus does that, those planets absorbed the aura of fatherhood and motherhood for this purpose – can you feel that? – but they are not that life. Your ape … I explained that a while ago, and the world made such a fuss about it, at least the universities which Darwin stood for … Are we descend.ed from the ape? Or – as we say – is it precisely the other way round: is the ape descended from the human being? And then we say: yes, your sea lion, your seal are still phenomena of your lives, your conscious grades, when we lived in the waters as human beings. Because we got a land body – didn’t we? However, you also had a water life, a water organism and then you were, then we were like your sea lion, your seal, which possess the feeling for everything that you wish to manipulate. The animal from the waters almost touches the human consciousness. And your ape is the shadow light of your eyes, is the shadow feeling of yourself, has human hands and feet, but remains an animal. You are that animal; we are as human beings exactly a step ahead of that animal. And it will never ever be able to overtake us, Darwin! Darwin already knows that now, for that matter, the masters already explained that. He says: “How can I destroy that nonsense again?” But they are all founda.tions, you will see that again later too. The masters continue to build; God wants us to continue to build. What does not yet have a foundation today, will get it tomorrow. You do that, and in five centuries another will do it for us. But at this moment you are receiving – accept this – the Divine word, the Divine foundations in order to strengthen your Deity, to get, to experience and to see the Great Wings, so that you will now enter the Divine. Darwin said: “That little animal looked exactly like the human being, had an aura, had an organism, you see those hands, you see those claws.” Yes … hands, but originated from the human first ego, can you feel this? Darwin was on top of it, but he was just off the mark! Like that ‘Christ’ who is now walking on earth again; you are precisely ten minutes too late, because He has gone! He will never return again! Do not imagine that you are Christ, you will never be that and He will never return either; we will soon de.termine that. You will receive Divine wisdom because you see your spatial consciousness before you and it was given to you by the stars and the planets! We will take Saturn. We now understand that Saturn does not possess, cannot contain a human life, because Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Uranus are body parts of that macrocosmic organism. And what happens now? This universe already began to radiate in the beginning. The first radiances from the moon and fatherhood – moon and sun – were received by other bodies. First for this universe, and when that body was finished, got shape – didn’t it? – what happened then? That body sent out new powers again. Or do you not radiate life, now? Are you living dead? Does the child from the jungle not radiate life force? You can accept: every life radiates fluid, because you are life. And do you also wish to accept that you emit a higher conscious.ness, a higher vitality than the child in the jungle? If you cannot accept this, then I will prove it to you, because the light from those eyes is not the light of your feeling and thinking. Do you wish to fool me and do you wish to fool God, fool your Christ, your Divine attunement, that the child from the prehistoric age had understanding of two and two is four? And that the process of giving birth and growing of that child from that space, from that time, could represent a society? When you meet a psychopath, do you not see that that light, that is the day-consciousness you live in, has disappeared from those eyes? Can you feel, that means that the space also had to emit that conscious aura. And when that space had already condensed itself, the planets took over the power in order to give birth to a new space, a new life for themselves. Because all that life, all that life – can you hear it – must return to God; a planet, an insect, a light, darkness. When something be.longs to the life it comes back to the All-Source, can you accept that? Very simple, the Catholic Church also says that and Protestantism says that. The bible writers sensed that slightly: yes, we return to God, we must return to God. But people do not yet know whether you, whether the human being is a Deity, now for your time. Yes, people say: ‘Yes’, but then the foundations! You will feel, you are getting a teaching at this moment which is superior to everything. You can compare it to theosophy, then you will see: we no longer have any closed doors; everything lies open to you and to us. We no longer live in darkness; here the conscious Divine universe speaks to the earthly human personality. And what do we see now? Here in this space three grades originated. This is the moon, which is the first grade, then Mars, earth; they are three cosmic grades of life, of which the earth represents the highest consciousness. And now we go further for that space. The earth therefore emits, and those plan-ets and those stars have reached their final life and grade and consciousness, emit new powers. The star will create the light for a new star, for the fourth cosmic grade. We will see a moon again, a radiation from the moon as moth.er body in a new garment. The universe as light, which you look at, this blue aura, that robe, that is a garment, that is a house, that is the body, that body will emit a higher radiation in order to continue life for itself. When the Divine principle is present in every core for giving birth and creating, then this firmament also has to give birth to new life. And we have been able to determine, had to accept that in our life, for all the life which originated as a result of the Divine revelations. And then we lay down at the feet of the masters; yes, a flower … also a master; can you feel that? You must not start to seek masters; a flower, an insect can be a master, because that life can connect you with God. Then we lay down and said: “My All-Source, my life, my love, I thank you that I belong to life.” Because now life becomes beautiful, now life becomes happy. Now you are grateful that you can breathe and that you do not have ape con.sciousness and that you are not part of the discarded ego, but you are human beings! And now you start to understand and inspire your Divine source in an evolving way. Soon we will be faced with these laws and then we will say to each other: do not destroy anymore, do not snarl and growl anymore, be.cause you kill, you smother your Divine consciousness. Don’t you? Why do you not learn this? The Catholic Church will also teach you this. We learn to see the lie and the deception, but also the justice, the spiritual, social justice which emerges on the Other Side, the world for your inner life, as a shining universe, and to which you belong and can you say: I mastered all of this, all of this belongs to me. And what happens now, my sisters and brothers? When we can let go of this space, then we see – we have there the first stage, the second stage, the third grade – then we see that the first transitions … We have determined that between the moon and even deeper back … We came from the All-Source. Therefore the moment that the All-Mother started her evolution process, we followed that moment and saw that that creation, that emitting from that All-Source, that All-Mother, that living aura could not have manifested itself just like that. Seven ages were also needed for that. And now we return. Be.cause the All-Mother needed seven ages, seven transitions before the universe had accepted the shining radiation, we must accept that we see those laws again in another universe. Because those sources show us the way, they are the foundations which we keep on seeing again for the cosmic plan for you, in the human being, animal-like being, the animal life and Mother Nature. This is the Divine thread that connects you again to the Primal Source in a higher stage. Are you not mad yet? We now live in the fourth cosmic grade. We will soon come … That will therefore be the next lecture. During the last quarter of an hour I will con.nect you with the spiritual world for your inner life. But now we will con.tinue for a moment. We come from the space, we all radiated light. Planets and stars and everything, hazes and clouds, everything radiates an aura … Sends it further … A new space comes, new life, new consciousness, is that true or not? And now a new space originated, an immensity, in a higher light, cleaner, more pure. The sun, which we will see there – how many suns are there – will be more rarified, more supple, softer. And it must happen; the body will be different. Now, we get to see the source like the human being ‘beyond the coffin’. That universe will be shining and spiritually conscious! Now we will let go of that universe for a moment. We will return imme.diately again in order to show you that those processes will really take place, that we must see that revelation, because we know the laws of the earth, don’t we? Was I not talking about the prehistoric age a moment ago? What did the earth look like after a million years? A large wilderness! There was not a house, not a knife, not a pair of scissors. We did not have any society, any light, nothing! Nothing which you had from this society because we lived in a jungle. The bible also accepts that. You lived … we lived like a human being in a jungle, cities and houses were not there yet. You did not know any light, we pounded stones a bit and we got a spark. We built up our food and drink, yes, we got it just like that out of the ditches, out of the rivers and ate it. We participated in cannibalism. The human being was a beautiful thing for us, because we bit fiercely into those tasty arms, we sucked that blood into us and that was us as human beings, do you see? What was society like? It was not there. What was life like in nature? A prehistoric product, raw, harsh, animal-like, pre-animal-like, there was no more to it. And now you are human beings. Now you must look at nature, nature was a pool of mud. You now have clean waters, you possess crystallized consciousness. You have your life water; you crystallized, expanded, inspired everything; evolved to a situation, which is light. In everything you see the light, in everything you see, and you feel the consciousness. Should we not, in a higher stage –now we can determine that this is not yet the Divine universe – should we not accept then that a new universe will originate? When you now come ‘beyond the coffin’, when death now comes, when you go out of your body, is that already the universe? Is that already the Divine universe? Yes … it is for the Catholic Church. You can soon … if you experience it properly, Protestantism, then you will soon come to sit at Christ’s, Our Lord’s table, with your spoons and golden pap. Then you can eat and drink there as much as you want. But you will not see Him. That is all nonsense! You will get a very different consciousness. You will no longer need food and drink. You will not sit, you will not stand at the right hand side of your father’s seat, your papa, because it is he. And you will no longer trade for three barrels of cognac to sail a sea of life, you are separated from that, you are free from that. You have spatial feeling; you are life, light and love. Yes … and still afraid for ‘the coffin’ and still afraid of wanting to lose yourself? To still refuse to accept the treasures of God! In this universe where we now live, natural conscious grades came. The universe is now like this comparison, this image: you see here the sun, and you see the maternal body. The maternal body for the earth – the highest there is the maternal body – that is now the moon. The moon built itself up there as the maternal body. The moon floats there as a wonderful great life with spiritual consciousness. You look through the green, you can see the soul of the flower, you can see through the people. The water, even if it is thousands of metres and miles deep, you look at the bottom, everything has materialized itself spiritually. There are no more illnesses there; a lawyer, your policeman, lies and deception have dissolved. You are true, you now experi.ence the Divine, spatial justice. You no longer hate, there is no jealousy, you are living conscious, you obtained love, because you conquered this space. And you experienced seven spheres, spiritually; you mastered the world for your inner personality. You released and freed yourself from every material thought. Or do you not believe in angels? Do you not believe that there are people in the astral world who have reached the fifth, the sixth, the seventh spiritual sphere? Do you not believe that the life, a flower, a plant will speak to you? And that you will soon get to know the laws, have to accept them and want to say: “Yes, all of that was born from me, I love that life, it is mine!” Just destroy a human being now, and you will destroy yourself! Deform, loathe, hate, lie and cheat a human being, and you are cheating yourself. They are parts of your Deity; they are sparks of your Divine All! It is life of your life, light of your light! We will soon have to agree, we have to accept that, because the fourth cosmic grade already says it, Mother Moon says: ‘Look, away with that name! Mother … I am mother again, mother, mother … I am the first and the highest to receive this life in this universe.’ And now we see: the maternal body lives here, one body, one planet, and around that planet, around that maternal body, there we see the first tran.sition. Therefore from the moon a transition, there now as a self-conscious planet. Can you feel this? There the moon, the moon emits forces; there lies a secondary planet, for us the transition, the step. On the fourth cosmic grade you see that transition as a conscious planet, as the first cosmic grade, therefore for the fourth. For the fourth cosmic grade, for that universe the moon lives here again, that is the mother; that is the all-inspired source which has created a new life. The moon as moth.er therefore, that motherhood condensed herself in a radiating way for the fourth cosmic grade, is that simple? That must … that must be the case and it is the case. Now you see the first secondary planet, which we followed between moon and Mars, and between Mars and the earth, which we now see … there are just six there. We have those six transitions … This is why I accepted those things, this is why I tuned myself into that and told you a moment ago: do you believe that it was suddenly finished? The All-Source, the All-Mother needed six, seven ages in order to crystallize herself, in order to materialize herself, and then the golden light occurred as a garment, seven ages … And we see those seven ages again for this space as planets and solar systems, also the moon, on the fourth cosmic grade now, the first transition, as a conscious maternal planet. There … there the second, there the third, there the fourth, there the fifth, there the sixth; here the All-Consciousness for that grade. Here, where I am standing. You therefore come from the seventh sphere. You then enter the mental areas. That space that lives here, that is just a step, you blow into it just like that, because your inner life has attunement to that aura, that consciousness. Is that clear? It will become very simple! It will become very simple! You can experience it yourself soon. Now we come there again, we are attracted. We are therefore, when we soon enter the seventh sphere on the Other Side – the highest, the last, the ultimate for your inner life in the astral world – then we are ready, aren’t we, for the fourth cosmic grade. Those planets, Mother Earth and all this life in this space created new life, new consciousness. That planet system, those sparks, those astral balls are there, and are waiting for us. In the seventh sphere we are ready for the mental areas; we call that mental areas, invisible worlds. We are attracted by the aura of the moon, the aura of the following conscious grades which we now determined in this universe – is it clear – of which the earth sends us to the spiritual grade of life, the world for the spirit, doesn’t it? Or we would not be here, or the earth would not have this consciousness. And now we prepare ourselves and are ready in order to reach that seventh sphere. And now we are attracted and we see … We will soon experience that, and we determine that in the fourth sphere, that is the Summerland; and Summerland also means: consciousness. A summer’s morning is a loving life of feeling, of pow.er, growth, blossom, revelation. Because that time, that summer’s morning gives you the image, the process of giving birth for and of Mother Nature. Clear and simple! We experience that on the Other Side. Now we see that the fourth sphere is the final one for the cycle as spirit for the earth. You now have the lower spheres – we will soon meet them – but we will pass onto the first transition, second transition, third transition, and the fourth transition. Then there was already light in the space. When the Di.vine mother, the All-Source, started in the fourth grade, then the universe was already lit up. But it tore apart again, because this universe still had to experience three stages before this Divine light, therefore that radiance as light, had got that shining independence. And we now see that again on this path! We have there … here is the maternal body, that floats here through the space, there the first transition planet, the second, the third, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. And now we see: there is the sun. Night … night, my chil.dren, is no longer there! We now have … the sun represents seven conscious ages! When we have to return soon from the universe, then you will start to feel which wisdom you receive. We can determine at this moment, as the academic, as André heard that and told you this week: how old is Mother Earth, how old is this universe? You can determine that from the light of that flower and the image in the waters, the life in nature and from your own organism! You can see from the light of Mother Earth, from the inside of her body, the year, the figures, how old she is. We all see and experience that and then you get a cosmic image. You become cosmically conscious for all these systems. But what happens here? Here there is no longer any night, because the night has been for the earth: the cooling down for the embryonic life! When there is still in your stage … You will feel, we will now keep coming back to the science, the consciousness of your faculties. Because the faculty, your physicist, he says: “If there was no night, my dear children, then we would dissolve. Then the sun would scorch us in just a few days.” The night brings the cooling down again, the dew, the water, growth and blossom process. There must be night on earth. But because we have one sun in order to … this … one sun, can you feel that? All of this is both father and mother. There is just one father in order to promote this, but more fatherhoods, more help as ‘men’, so to speak, are not necessary. But what do we see here on the fourth cosmic grade? There is the sun. We live, for example … We step down from the maternal body and go to the first transition, we live there. That planet that is revolving, also makes a revolu.tion. And there … now the first sun is there. Now every sun gets … Doesn’t it? Would you think that every insect is mother and will receive fatherhood? Do you know, can you now accept, because I am placing you before a wonder.ful problem, a wonderful, tremendous problem, do you wish to believe that every motherhood attracts and possesses fatherhood? Can you accept that? Does that come from the bottom of your heart? Then it must be simple that every mother planet now possesses fatherhood for the fourth cosmic grade. And now we see that there motherhood and fatherhood are one world. And that planet, the first transition, had given birth to and created an own solar system. And now that planet reaches a process of orbiting, and you say, it goes, closes itself off to that sun, therefore this now becomes darkness. But now number two is there, the second transition and it says: I will help you, and it gets light from this side. And now it appears that there are only ten sec.onds, seven seconds … they are seven transitions again, seven ages, because you feel, you come there three, four, five, six … and then the maternal body comes. Therefore every planet is absorbed into what? I would like to expe.rience that word from you. Every planet, every insect, every animal, every human being, everything in this space is absorbed into what? It is absorbed into light, into fatherhood, into motherhood, into radiance for evolution, a revelation process which is present for every life. Therefore you possess – and it comes down to that now – that life therefore possesses seven depths, seven possibilities in order to experience and to undergo that consciousness as a living radiating power. Is that clear? Now … therefore obviously, that sun there – as father – is not alone, but that life has mastered seven spatial grades for consciousness. Therefore that life, that first planet, that transition is aimed at …? Also at the second grade! Because that life belongs to the fourth cosmic grade as a whole, as an inde.pendence. Therefore now – and you will also experience that in nature – the life serves. Those suns are ready to be able to receive all these transitions, so that the night will disappear. There is no longer any cooling down needed, because cooling down does not want anything else but to live between hardening and renewal. But you will get independence, stability, a continuous con.sciousness. And now it appears that here the night for your life, for this space is un.conscious. Or is that not the case? What are you when you sleep? Try saying that it is not the case! I challenge you! But I want … I will bring you back to yourself, so that you can determine on your own two feet: yes, that is the case. But no one in this world can explain that to you, that comes at this moment from the Divine All. There is no academic, no Einstein capable of analysing the fourth cosmic grade, because he does not yet have this universe in his possession. Do you also accept that? Then you can accept that we are laying Divine foundations. And now it appears that there is no longer any darkness and we come to … when that first planet revolved. It is a wonderful phenomenon. You must be able to imagine that, it is a wonderful problem. We walked there; you can certify Jozef Rulof as mad, but he was there with Master Alcar and with me. We walked there hand in hand on the fourth cosmic grade. We followed the people, we looked people in the eye, and we spoke to people. And the human being said: “I know your language, I know all the languages of the world.” What did Christ, what did God say? “The life of feeling is speaking!” “Were you on earth?” “Yes indeed, do you wish to know my name?” “Yes, say your name.” “That name is called: ‘Buhwuhwuh’, because I lived in the jungle then. There were no cities, and there were no societies. We needed millions of ages in order to reach the fourth cosmic grade. Do you wish to give us a name? I exist, my name is fourth cosmic grade. I am sun, moon and stars, I am no more than this: father and mother. But I have become life, light and love on this attunement, not yet in the Divine.” And now we get: there is no night, because the planet, the first one … the first revolution, the first grade, the first planet revolves, the first body revolves. The second grade is also there, can you feel that? Can you feel that? Therefore the sun, the paternal authority is precisely on earth, on that planet, as here. Therefore the paternal authority says: “If you stood there, then take over something of me.” At the moment that the planet revolves … they revolve there around the axis, which was necessary again in the beginning. In the beginning there was … You will feel; I talked about it a moment ago. I was about to contradict myself. You will not remember it anyway. But I want to prove fundamentally to you that there in the beginning … Because there was in the beginning darkness, darkness again; light came and then those plan-ets reached working. Then there was darkness, so also still in the beginning stage: universal cooling down. But in the … if you want to rap my fingers, then I will tell you: yes, here materially, there spiritually. Therefore there is no darkness, that ‘planet’ sends its light along the plan-et earth. You will feel that this sun shines upon all the life in the universe. Those ‘planets’ can do that too, that is the paternal authority. And now just one moment comes – they are, calculated for your earth as time, seven sec.onds – and then you see a light shadowing come. Then all those planets are opposite each other at that moment, with regard to the space, the revolution, giving birth, fatherhood. And what do we see now? What you can also ex.perience in this universe is that the moon closes off the earth, and the earth closes off the moon with regard to fatherhood. Is it clear? Therefore a planet eclipse, you can also experience that there. But that is now no longer an eclipse, no longer night. That evolved, the night must evolve, or do you not accept that when you are in the Divine, you will never sleep again? Did you think that God still needed sleep? You are eternally awake and conscious! You feel that it all makes sense. One connects with the other. I cannot be mistaken about this, because we were able to make the journey to the Divine All. We will continue on that path. And now there is no longer night, there is always day, for seven seconds only a light shadow, and then it is that beauti.ful summer’s morning. The light there is like the light on the earth when the sun comes up and it casts its eyes over the earth for a moment. That means, then the earth enters its orbit again and then the sun rises again. The sun traces an orbit, but now we go over the sun. As a result of this that list came. This is why the night manifested itself. It is no longer present there! There is only a light transition before the light … before the planet accepts the spatial, paternal authority again and is open with its heart and says: shine upon me; influence me. And then you should see the flowers there; you should see the birds there. You should see the human being there; you should see the hu.man garments there. Now we know you by your garment. We walked there; we are not standing still. We go a bit further, we will soon return there again, because – at the following sessions – we will now follow life on earth from the Divine All. And then we can determine: what do you do if you do wrong? What do you do, what are you, what are you intending when you lie and cheat? Rob a human being, hate a human being, destroy a human being, and kill a human being … what happens now? Can you feel, we are being faced with those Divine foundations; you are going to see your Deity. And now we see there: life in nature is spiritual. In the first sphere on the Other Side we are free from lies and deception. In the second and third sphere and of course in the fourth, in Summerland, we are spiritually conscious. And now the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere, where it takes you ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, a hundred thousand years in order to come there, in order to absorb those grades of consciousness into yourself. Because a grade of consciousness means: what did you experience of those people? You say: “I do not have anything to do with those people, what do those peoples of the earth matter to me!” But what do you think, if you enter the first sphere, what will live there in and under your heart? What did Christ feel? We will come back to that. We will get to know that. What would you think if you were on the Other Side, that you would live for yourself? Only of yourself and to think for yourself? Did you think that you would have got your consciousness if no one had done anything, had not lifted a hand, had not started to think? Do you walk past the life just like that which was burned at the stake for the Christ? What do you think that this means when people held out a poi.soned cup to Socrates? What did you think when Christ closed His eyes on Golgotha? What was going on inside Him? That His body was broken? No, He died and He lived. The Catholic Church violated that. No, those children do not know what they say and how they feel. Christ said: “I am that life. You originated from God. I am suffering for you.” Of course, you will soon have to absorb the suffering, the misery, the poverty, and the destruction of Mother Earth into you in the first sphere. Because that suffering and sorrow belong to you! You will bring the human being who lives in the jungle to society, to the happiness of your conscious.ness. That is the creation, and that is a Divine revelation. You will live and die for the life which walks the path with you, the Divine path and will one day enter the spheres for the final authority. We will now experience that in the fourth cosmic grade. Can you feel what we will soon experience and how we will enter Golgotha? Yes, how will we see the court of Gethsemane? When do you want to pray, when do you want to say: “Father, Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing”? Being beaten by society is a flower for your Kingdom of God in the heavens, for the earth and for the spaces which originated for your society, your spiritual personality. Shrug your shoulders if you dare, still dare now, now that you know that you will soon inspire the space, the fourth cosmic grade! You can only build that up, you will soon lay stone by stone, as a result of your human thoughts, your characteristics, your deeds. Because you will have to and want to serve Divinely, because here there are no longer any lies and deception! And now further, a bit further. Here you see the fourth cosmic grade. I can suddenly go further; the fifth and sixth are not any different. The sixth … you still remain mother, you reach unity, you still have to give birth and create; the embryonic life lives in you. You still possess the Divine All … The mother has the All-Source in her and grows, gives … opens her temple and the creating power inspires her as a result of the paternal authority. We go further to six and enter the Divine All. The seventh grade, the cosmic grade, the Divine All is finished, ready for us! There is light, and everything possesses the golden radiance that we were able to see for the All-Mother in the beginning of these revelations. Now we are Divinely conscious. What was now experienced, what did we do? We continued from human being to human being, birth to birth. We saw that the moon life had no meaning, but for the space the transitions were in order to return to God. All those planets in the universe you can blow from your hand! The earth has the highest respect for this space. The spiritual worlds originated, because as a result of every deed – we will soon get to see – you built as a result of every deed, every characteristic, love, light, life, justice, harmony, you built on your path, your spiritual path, in order to be able to move your feet ‘beyond the coffin’, which you also possess there. You are love! What are we doing here in the Divine All? You are space, you are a planet, you are fatherhood and motherhood. You know the laws of this space, because you went through them! By means of fatherhood and mother.hood you got expansion. By moving step by step you entered life grades for a new consciousness. You went from planet to planet. You put a planet in your pocket; a universe means nothing, because you are on your way for billions and billions of centuries and ages! You are now in the Divine All! You are life and wind; you are giving birth and creating, light, life, love for everything! You wear a beautiful cosmic, macro-universal garment. Stars and planets shine through your garment. You can see the textiles of this garment in the light of your human eye. You are sure and conscious, and you can say to yourself, to the universe: “I am in everything, because God, because the All-Source revealed itself, I am a Deity for everything! I place the laws, the wisdom, the becoming conscious of my life at the feet of the other life which still has to accept this path.” Go home with this universe and kiss each other. I thank you. The human being and his Divine attunement Good morning, my sisters and brothers. I assume that you have absorbed into your hearts what you received as a result of the previous lectures, so that we can continue the journey to your Divine attunement. The attunement which you will soon experience, which is of significance for your life and by means of which you will get to know yourself, is not only to be found here on earth, but – that must be clear to you anyway – has contact with the universe in which you live and which you will soon master later by means of many ages, by means of the planetary system. We made a journey from the moon to new and higher consciousness. We freed ourselves from the earth, from the material laws and continued, consciously further, to that higher becoming conscious, which will soon be placed in your hands, if you do everything for that. When we have made that journey, we will return from the Divine All to the earth. And now we will start to see, we will experience how those laws were put together, and what the human being has to master before he can say: “I am spiritual, I am spatial, cosmic, Divinely conscious.” We assume and we know when the human being actually starts to think, when he starts to realize for what purpose he actually lives. Millions of peo.ple, the great ones here in this world, everyone, have had to accept that this is not so simple. It is only ‘beyond the coffin’ that the spatial consciousness speaks to our obtained personality. It is only then that it is possible to speak to the life, to impress it upon you, to give it the wisdom you have mastered. That is what it concerns: that is the purpose, the core, the knowledge, the feeling and the thinking, for which the human being lives. Where does life begin and where does it end, you can wonder, and then you will immediately be faced with thousands of problems. You do not stand only for yourself or for society the laws that you experience everyday and have to accept. You are faced at this moment with soul, spirit and life, for which the universities do not know any grade, any foundation, because they still have to be laid. I will go back with you to where we stopped the last time. We do not come back to earth this morning … and probably for a moment. You now step out of your organism; all of you possess the Great Wings. We begin from ‘be.yond the coffin’, from your astral personality, your spiritual space, to accept a journey to the Divine All. We want to experience that journey. We saw that there were dark worlds. You call them hells; the human being made a hell out of that world. I explained to you and clearly, simply refuted that everything which you possess on earth – that will soon be clear to you – you gave a name to. If you do art, we will explain to you in which grade of feeling, of timbre, for which personality your art lives. If you live ‘beyond the coffin’, then the moon has lost her name, there is no ‘sun’; there is only creating and giving birth power in the universe. The names of Gerritje and Pietje – as you mentioned that – and everything that belongs to you now falls away from you. You have nothing more, only yourself. Your sacred, Divine self, you still have that – and that will soon be clear to you – this is of universal, spatial and cosmic meaning, because that is eternal. When we come from the Divine All and then look at those laws, those names, those foundations, it is only now that your life as man and woman gets meaning and you will, you can say to yourself: “My God, I thank you that I belong to life.” When you now know the laws – you saw the spaces – you can also accept that you possess a Divine attunement, that you are a spatial personality. You are soul of His soul, life of His life. No, you become soul and you are life, conscious; that lies in your hands. You have to represent His spaces now as a human being, as a human God. Now life is different. We go from the darkness to the light and we are now in the light. We see that space, we see cordiality, benevolence, love and happiness, we see the temples, and we see nature. We make ourselves one, we can make ourselves one, because we have got to know those laws, we have got to know those lives. We went through Golgotha, we got to know the bible, and we saw the good and the wrong. Arts and sciences live under our heart. We have wisdom in us. We learned, because we covered different faculties and absorbed the wisdom of them into us. We became worldly conscious. The planet and its systems in this space, that lives in our hands; we can lie that down here, we cover this space with the palm of our hand. This space – really, you can accept it – has no more meaning for our life, we conquered that space. And now we are standing on a bottom, which wants to be noth.ing else than life of feeling. We are standing in the first sphere. We love – that sphere wants to be that – justice, faith and trust, cordiality, benevolence. We no longer believe, because we know! Faith, hope and justice are a part, are foundations of the temple which we built for ourselves. We know the dictionary of the earth and it lives under our heart. We ex.perienced Moses; we were in Gethsemane, yes indeed. We saw, felt Jerusalem there; step for step … followed the life of Christ footstep by footstep. We went upwards! We saw Him when He was whipped, nailed to the cross, when the human being – through him – placed a crown of thorns on our heads. We took the cross, we were faced with Pilate, we were faced with the king, and we were faced with Caiaphas. We were ridiculed, deformed, thrashed, beaten and spat upon. We were wearing a beautiful garment – we have that – we wear silver sandals. In our hands lies a goblet, a flower, a pristine flower, a snow-white orchid … And yet, we see all the colours again of the space, of His kingdom, which He created, which reached development, materializa.tion, there. We went upwards, the cross on our shoulders. We did not want anyone to come and help us, we claimed all of this for ourselves, because we now knew that every form of help is fatal. Every form of help takes us to the human, material, earthly comfort, laziness, disintegration, and destruction. We saw, we experienced, we now accept that we will experience those laws for a hundred percent, or the final core, if that grade begins to live, it will not belong to us. And then we came up. We collapsed; not three times, not twenty times, not a thousand times, but continually, with every footstep we lost that hard.ness under our feet and were floored. We felt the thrashing behind us, the demons with the human sweep. We experienced that thrashing, we were thankful to be able to be beaten. We accepted those lashings in gratitude, be.cause we know for what purpose we live and for what purpose we would die, yes, why we would leave that material castle, the human organism. And then we lay down, and then we took up our position for the human being who is hard-handed, the human being who spits, who covers in mud, gossips about, who kills everything that he does not understand, cannot comprehend. We positioned ourselves and said: “Do what you want with me, I am one and all surrender. No harsh words will pass my lips again, no abuse, no sullying. I am not capable of absorbing your life into me. I want to be like He is, where I am going.” And then the executioners came. Naked, dressed only in a loincloth we lay down on the human cross. We spread out our hands consciously, feet stretched out in order to let the executioner, the human executioner, carry out his task. In gladness we stretched out our arms, our hands and then we felt the first tingling of the human steel pressed on our warm, pure, open, benevolent flesh. Then the first blow fell, the first pain slashed through our heart, the blood was already flowing. Our eyes became hazy and behind all of this the phase of the material self. But just a bit behind that the fourth dimensional independence to which we belonged and where we will go; and behind that the radiance of the inner life of soul, spirit and personality which accepts. And meanwhile, the human executioner carried out his work and nailed us, material earthly, deliberately calculated, to the cross, as the Messi.ah also was able to accept. It is really not a pretty picture, but this belongs to the reality, because one day you will have to accept death by crucifixion, and it is only then that you will be humanly conscious. Not only a flower in nature says that, but also everything whispers that to you if you possess the powers and the courage to continue, to descend deeper into the reality for your lives, for your characteristics, for your personality, for your fatherhood and motherhood. If you now wish to continue, then you will go higher, up Mount Calvary. You are crucified, it is you, and you hang there and now wait for the end, when the inner spiritual cord, which connects you physically and spiritually, breaks. You hear now, you feel now that Christ was not an untruth, a feeble-minded person, a narrow-minded person, because you are now that yourself. You cannot beg God: ‘Why did you forsake me?’ You cannot send your feelings into the space, because it is you yourself. You are feeling, you are life, you are soul, and you are spirit. You have become pure truth, an independence who wants to hit, will execute the being self for the world, because that space now awakens in your life. And in this way the very first people who had completed the earth, had completed their cycle came in the life of a spiritual world and continued. And that included Christ, the Messiah, the Master, the very first life of feel.ing which was ready to take the footsteps spiritually for the human being; to give a foundation, in order to experience that continuing and of which and for which they could master that wisdom. In this way they came out of the darkness – because there was still no light – into the world of the un.conscious, the unconscious conscious. They lived, they had only got rid of their material, the material feeling, their food and drink, but they continued to build. Every human being has to accept that, every human being has to experience that, because this is the reality in order to be able to conquer your Divine personality. In order to take the core which lives in you – which is your Divine attunement – to consciousness by means of the deeds, by means of your feelings, by means of your work, your task, but especially, by means of your fatherhood and motherhood. We will go from the first sphere to the second. You see that world changing, we change, art changes, the feeling changes. You will envelop your thoughts … You will see your thoughts differently; you will envelop your thoughts in your obtained possession. You are afraid to say a word; you only speak the truth. What you will speak about, you learned that and nature proves that to you. The phenomena which you see are founded, that is spiritual possession. Every thought is a reality of the cosmos to which you belong and which you will soon get to know. We will go to the second, the third, and the fourth spheres. We experi.enced that the first, the second, the third are still situations, must be worlds which have attunement to our earthly life of feeling. That material has still not gone from us; we still have the organism in us. We want to use our hands, but we no longer need those hands. We want to go, we want to walk; we still have time … we have the feeling for time, but there is no longer time. We are spatially conscious, eternal ready and sure for what will soon come. We do everything there by means of feeling, a look from your eyes imme.diately tells the other life what you want, what you see, what you feel, and immediately that wisdom is accepted. I explained to you that after the fourth sphere – Summerland – we enter the fifth, the sixth and the seventh spheres as worlds, of which we master these spaces. We become rarefied, become spiritualized. We do everything differently; we only go round through that infinity; that is also a universe. There are people, there are temples, and there is wisdom. Nature becomes more and more beautiful, what was silver there, is now radiantly lit up in blue with a golden shimmer through it. The garments of the people possess the universal light of the universe, the colour shapes created by God, by means of His revelations. A garment like that radiates that working. In the eyes of the human being we see the living light for this beauty, this truth, but especially this motherhood, this father consciousness, the living light which will carry and will drive us, going upwards to an independence which we will now also master. And then we come, when it is the end there, into the mental areas. We dissolve again, because we are ready to experience and to accept a new plan.etary system. And what and how will this life be? What has this life to tell us, now that we are faced with a human being where there is no longer any trouble? We could – we already experienced that – discard everything in those Spheres of Light. We became happiness, we know how happiness can be experienced and achieved. We are no longer false. We do not have, do not know any meanness. We know exactly how we must think and for what purpose we received our own life. We know fatherhood and motherhood; we know all the languages, the possession of the world, all arts and all sciences. We know that the jungle instinct will soon and later – afterwards, after us – enter the white consciousness and elevate that society into its hands. We know, we have accepted, we have discarded what we were able to master. No, we have given that possession to other people, because those lives are from our self. Then it becomes clear to us, it will have to be explicable to us, if we will be able to accept this, that all the life belongs to me and you. We experienced Golgotha … because we accepted death by crucifixion, be.cause we lay down there. And in the first sphere those laws were sealed, those laws came back to our life once more. In the first, the second and the third sphere we experienced those laws again and then determined for the first time: yes, what I did, was normal, natural, conscious, sacred, spiritual, and full of inspiration. Now I can continue. I absorbed the sorrows of the people into me. I experienced how Christ was, how He has been. No, I experienced, I now know what the All-Source wants from me. I absorbed those sorrows, I absorbed that suffering on earth into me; I am suffering, I am sorrow, but I am also happiness, because I am a Deity! I cannot release myself from socie.ty, when I see that my father and mother perish as a result of spiritual sorrow. I cannot possess any happiness when my child does not know that I am alive, that there is no death. I have to destroy that death. And we destroyed that death, we absorbed those sorrows of Satan into us, we conquered the Satan. We no longer need any dictionary, any ten commandments, we have become the tenth, the first, the sixth, the seventh commandment. There is nothing more which can disturb us, we are no longer afraid of deformity, sullying. Deformity is that life which does not know us! We were attracted by a new world. They are the mental areas, mental worlds and means that the rarity of that world is more eloquent, more be.nevolent, more loving than the last one in which we lived. We experience a new birth. We reach peace in that world, and we sink back to the embryonic, because nothing has changed about the Divine and for the Divine laws of revelation. We are still father and mother, because when we are in the Divine All, the All-Consciousness will prove that to us. The first people … We will now continue from our own time, from your century, from this moment. But the first people who were able to enter and were able to conquer those worlds before you and before us, laid stone for stone. The moon, sun and stars, and the hazes created universal bodies. Be.cause we made the first divisions, the first journey, we know that every em.bryo creates new life again. And in this way we see that sun and moon, the stars and planets created a new house for our life. A world in which we could live, in order to continue our life, in order to return to God, the All-Source, and to represent there the All-Source in everything, for everything, for soul, spirit, life, light, love, fatherhood and motherhood. And then we will be Gods! We are now in that world, we receive the birth, and we grow up. The con.sciousness which we knew on earth, has been conquered. In the first sphere, we know that there the human being was already conscious, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and sensitive in feeling. You do not need to move in order to speak with the life on earth, if that life possesses that consciousness; you can do that. We were able to master the natural, spatial telepathy, the unity with another life for our own consciousness; we have that, and that is our posses.sion! We do not need to move, because where we are, there is everything, we have become everything. I do not need to follow that life, that love, that bliss. When we speak about everything, then your dictionary is there, also the bible – the good of the bible. Then the spheres are present in our life. Then we float, we are wind, we are rain, we are light. We have become serv.ing power, materially and spiritually. We feed the waters, and we give the light to the universe, because my light is the light for the sun. My power is the inspiration to be able to do art. When the human being on earth attunes himself to us and I am the knowledge, then I will manifest myself there as wisdom. When the harp consciousness awakens in you, then your life strums of Divine respect. If you are a violinist, then the life of feeling will interpret the sorrows, the happiness, the benevolence, the love, the justice for the space, or you will manipulate the human birth. We will now accept all of that. The more we have absorbed the seventh sphere in us, prepared ourselves for the mental areas, for the fourth cosmic grade, it struck us that we are now everything. We have absorbed this space, in which there is so much, into ourselves; that possession lies in our hands. From now on we can analyse the earthly consciousness, there is nothing more that we do not know. We see all the troubles for the world – too many to mention – the thousands of abuses before us. We know insanity, we know every illness, and we are professors for cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy. We are Mozart, Beethoven, Titian, Van Dyck, and Rembrandt … We are cosmically conscious. There is nothing more that you do not know, you have become an omniscient for this space. And that will become clear to you when we will soon – that ‘soon’, I always say, I al.ways speak about soon, but that soon still lies thousands of centuries behind us and yet close by – when we return from the Divine All and accept that soon, then we see how the human being deforms himself. What happened during all those centuries? What happened during the ages when the material revelations still had to manifest themselves? We got to know that. We were in the jungles and in the waters. Soon we begin to analyse, to dissect; not for ourselves, but for the human child which has not yet reached that height. In the sphere, in the world in which we are now born – we awaken – the mother carried us … now it just takes seven months, the time according to earthly calculations now just takes seven months – not nine – before we are born. Because the child in the mother … We know that now, we have mas.tered that, the doctor, the academic of your world will have to accept all of that, he will get to know that, these are ages, conscious grades for the mate-rial development. The child experiences that in the mother and this is now open and conscious for our life. We master that; it has now become science. We are still not awake for five seconds. The child lives there, the material growth is shorter. What you now need thirty-five years, twenty-one years for – we saw that – happens there in only fourteen and twenty days, because we go to the Divine full growth. There is no longer a disturbance present in that life as a result of which the material systems, the tissues for growth and blossom process are restrained. You experience that here on earth, because restraints are present in the mother. The abnormal in the child deforms the growth, which must happen naturally. There is nothing more there; here we live in natural growing and blossoming, and everything is open. There are no longer any opposing powers of our personality, we are open and conscious. The mother received us in love. Yes, she already spoke to us when we still lived in her, and then she said: “My child, tell me, where did you come from? You do not need to give me those material words, because I can see it. I will give you a new life, a new birth; accept my pure kiss. You know for certain that you, before you came to me, lived in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and the seventh spheres? Can you look back, now that you still live in me, to the problems of the earth, the third cosmic grade where we were? Can you go back to the moon, to the transition planets? Can you go back into the society, millions of years ago? Yes, then we lived there! Can you attune your.self to that and can you now understand what you will soon possess? What will soon shine towards you when your material eyes, which are spiritually conscious, are opened again? The mother speaks to the child in her, and when the child is born and it opens its eyes, then it is conscious. Then it laughs, it is knowing, it can soon and immediately tell the mother what it wants. Everything has been dis.carded, the wrong thing; the new will be brought to development. And now the life speaks, now the feeling speaks, because the mother says: “We will return to the Divine All, we are now on the fourth cosmic grade. We have to discard here thousands, millions of lives, because you see there the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grade, interpreted by a transition, a planet. Here, where we will soon be, it is the mother body. We will experience, my child, together, you with your soul, with your life, your fatherhood and motherhood, we will also absorb this space into ourselves. You will experience all those sacred shapes, you will absorb the wisdom in you, by being a father, by being a mother, by representing the life again and again. Can you feel that I, that you, the millions of children of God are only light in this space?” Yes, now as a human being we can understand and accept that. The hu.man being here in this world walks in nature; the first planet on which we live again as a human being. Regard those material shapes, I connected you with them recently. You started to sense that these were people, but do you realize – when we return, make a comparison with the material, we see all of this, we experience, we undergo this sacredness and now make our material earthly comparisons – that we return to God, we return to the All-Source. We no longer have to do with evil, with misery, with illness; those trou.bles are conquered. Here there are no lies, no deception anymore, no society that elevates one life and deforms the other. There are no longer kings and emperors here. Medals, which you get on earth, you will now laugh at them, they are no longer presented here. A characteristic is your feeling of honour, because all your characters shine, you are represented by thousands of per.sonalities. Every characteristic – you have now experienced that, you see that – is a universe, is a deity. Here there is no longer any scandal, any writing. Here there is no longer any writing, here books are no longer needed, because you have brought the ‘book of life’ to awakening. You are living conscious.ness. Your shape is a book, built up by the universal foundations. You stand on the living Self of Christ, and it is you yourself! You do not need to do art anymore, because you are art. You do not need to do wisdom anymore, be.cause you are wisdom by means of your shape, because you are here, because you are a mother, you are a father, because you walk here. Because you can draw up, can materialize, can spiritualize the thought in you – that is not important – you move in this space; you levitate yourself, with the sacred, the Divine, the maternal, the hand of which you feel. That pressure comes under your heart. ‘Yes’, says the Omniscience there, ‘come, child, come, my life, my love, my light, come.’ We make a journey through this space, and now you see that people are walking in front of you. You walk in nature; you have not yet experienced that planet. You must first experience that planet, you must experience the final stage, that must live under your heart. You cannot do that yet, but the second grade, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh, they can do that. Are they moving and dissolving before your eyes? No, you see them floating there! They are the angels as a human being, which people on earth gave wings to in your picture books, but those wings live under this human, spiritual, spatial heart. It is the personality. Here no stigmatizations are nec.essary anymore, here material wings – your motors – are no longer needed. You float by means of your Divine obtained will into the space, and you can say: “Come, we will be one with a star”, they are also there again, “we will be one with these lights. We will be one with fatherhood, because I am the blessed source, the vitality. I am the essential foundation for this space, this light, this life, this love, because I am the Divine authority.” Try making a comparison with the love which you now possess and the love of the human being who is spatially conscious. We return to the Divine attunement, we are Gods. There is no sleep; we are always awake, because we will remain eternally conscious. To be awake on earth belongs to the unconscious feeling. To be awake, to have to sleep is still unconsciousness, is still destruction, is exhaustion. We no longer know any tiredness. We are no longer tired, because we are alive, inspiring, shin.ing; our will, our personality serves! We are serving because we look, we are serving because we walk here. We are walking because we possess the feeling to have to represent everything in this space. You laugh, you speak. You can do that, but we are one from feeling to feeling. The temples before our eyes radiate my and your light. The people built up their garments themselves, they wear them by means of their beau.tiful feelings. But by means of your and my light, by means of your and my knowledge, by means of your Divine attunement they wear this garment, they have received this motherhood and he is father and she mother and that is the child, that is the Christ, that is the God. And there now behind, behind that the final All-Source for everything lives, where we will go in order to soon return and to see our human becoming conscious, which you then have to accept again in your own society. And if you still wish to do wrong, be destructive with regard to the other life of God, then you will not only beat your own self to a pulp, then you will deform not only yourself, but then you will be damned for centuries and centuries, because you elevate that damnation yourself. You, who are now here in this space, will be happy, will be able to agree: here there is nothing more that disturbs us. There is no longer any good and evil there, there is only the happy, natural life of feeling in this world. And that is you yourself. Compare the universities. There are no longer any steam machines in this world; you have conquered the technical wonders of the earth. You do not need any food and drink. Can you feel where I am going? We do not see an.ything again, the garment of the earth, all of that which belongs to society, your material world; and yet you wear a garment. You have eyes, you have a head, you have your hair, you have your teeth, and you have everything, because that human organism was also present in the spiritual spheres. The astral personality also has feet and hands, that organism does not change, only the inner life awakens. And now we live on the fourth cosmic grade. I explained a moment ago that the planets are shone upon by the same number of creating suns, so that there is no longer any night. There is only a light shadow. When the planet, the maternal body turns around for a moment, it gets the new authority from that space, because there is the second grade, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth. There is always light, there is always life, there is no longer night, not for the soul either. I already said a moment ago, during the attracting, during the becoming awake in the world of the unconscious we already know that we will be attracted. And now you could … now you will also start to ask questions for yourself. You will make material comparisons which are no longer there now for that world, I mean the destructive organs, the laws of life, the human psychology from the material world, which the earth possesses, they are no longer there. Those laws are gone, they have been conquered, and they belong to us! The mother – I told you – is already in contact with her life, with her child before that soul comes. And now the birth, now the awakening. Now the dying process, the being released from the material. You will die there, you must continue. Dying is evolution. How will you die, how will that corpse dissolve? There are no longer any corpses, because we do not have any illness.es here, we have no rotting processes to experience in that space. Everything is sacred, open and conscious. Everything has accepted and received the final healthy core. You go at the same time; one can no longer go before the other, that is father and mother. Father and mother, these twin souls continue at the same time. We got to know the laws because, during your earthly life, the masters have given you ‘The peoples of the Earth’ and ‘The Origin of the Universe’, because you know that you killed, murdered, that you destroyed, and con.sciously eliminated those lives. Because there was hatred in you, in your life, and you did not feel any love, you created untruths, laid disharmonic foun.dations. They are no longer there. You now continue consciously, there are no more disturbances. On earth one life destroys the other, that life must return to the earth. We will soon come back to that, yes indeed. First we go to the Divine All, first to quickly get to know those laws in order to determine these untruths, so that you will no longer murder. So that you will no longer hate, so that you will finally accept the life, whatever that human situation. Then we will learn … then we will learn to think, then we will finally learn to act. Then we will know that we must not go into that untruth, we will avoid those lives. We no longer want anything to do with evil, with destruction, with sullying, devastation, passion and violence. The life, even if you live in the darkness, despite that darkness, that destruction, is happiness anyway. When we soon enter those laws, then you will have become a conscious personality. You know how to deal with your life, you know how to intro.duce your life somewhere, you are serving. We get that by means of this journey. You will get that because you learn to see your Deity! Because there are wars on earth, because the human being does not under.stand this, the human being inhibits his Divine progress. The human being inhibits his Divine evolution, because he does not know how to accept the life of another. You will not make it either with praying and beautiful songs, that will soon be clear to you. You will stand next to Moses, you will soon write the bible yourself. You will become a bible writer and you will throw out what is wrong. You will soon be able to see that. You do not need to ask another person that. Those wretches cannot give you that Divine truth. You are truth, you have become seeing. All the gifts that God can give the hu.man being, His life, you have them in your possession! You are no longer a psychopath. You are Divinely conscious, in attunement of the fourth cosmic grade of life, to which we now belong. I explained to you that the six and seven grades for the universe, to which the earth belongs, are now present in one space. There are seven suns and sev.en mother planets in this space. They are the first, second, third and fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh sphere in material. A planet is now a sphere, it is a world; can you feel that? ‘Beyond the coffin’, now that we enter the astral world, the spiritual universe begins to reveal itself to our life. Now that space speaks to our life, now we are benevolent, courteous, we have become life, light by means of fatherhood and motherhood. On the fourth cosmic grade you walk with each other and say: “My love …” You become everything there, you become love there, you are love. You have your name; you just look each other in the eyes. We go further arm in arm. Do we wish to die here on earth; do we wish to dissolve here? We already know that we will be born yonder in a short time, in a few hours. The seven grades for the space, the development laws, the evolution stages – can you feel that? – which we made from the moon, which we got to know, which now live under our heart, take us in seven ticks, in seven seconds – it is there according to your calculations seven hours – back to the earth again. To the human being, to the material, for the new birth, because we become mother, will be father. We do not go … Did we experience the previous death, the previous pass.ing on, the being released from the material while walking? No, previous to that we lay down, millions of times previous to that, in nature, hand in hand and dissolved, we became free from the body. “Are you still there, child? Can you still feel it?” We speak humanly; we are human because they are two shapes. These shapes cannot disappear; we are there. The mother is here, I am here, I am father, and she is mother. She has my hand; I can feel her. We reach unity, spatial unity. We embrace each other and now we enter ‘death’, we dissolve. The human being who is still here, sees us disappear. We become hazy; there is no longer a rotting process. We become hazy before the eyes of Mother Nature. Mother Nature says: “Come, my children, give me that back. That goes back to where it came from and you will see that again soon when you enter the Divine All.” We dissolve before the eyes of Mother Nature and receive a new existence. And finally … finally we have, after millions of lives, to be father and mother again. I now know as a creating power that I will soon be a mother, and then I accept my creating power. Now I receive … Now I receive her love, but I am mother, I am father. I know that I possess that love, how I must materialize that love, how I can give that love. She also knows it, it is she, and it is I. We are one for light, life, love, space, working, justice, benevolence, and the spatial kiss! Why do we long so much to return to God? To take the life and the work from His shoulders there! He said, when He began his revelations: “Return to me and represent me for everything that I gave you.” The All-Source had to wait millions of years and ages until we could enter that stage. Now we are already on our way, now we already look from the fourth to the fifth cosmic grade. The space becomes more rarefied, more beautiful, more spiritual. The Temples radiate a pure meditation. You can lie down and kneel everywhere in order to meditate; you have become med.itation. Your prayer, your feelings are in harmony with everything. There behind in the space I call my brother, my father and my mother. I know that my father and mother also live there, but we are now sisters and brothers, we are unity. And I say: “Just draw me up, just draw me up to your life and let me enjoy this space.” And then we go. Now what you can read in ‘Between Life and Death’ becomes true. Now the longing in us becomes conscious, when Dectar asked Venry: “Venry, give me a little inspiration, a part of the Great Wings, so that I can let myself float on a cloud over the earth and can look at the pyramid. Why do I have this longing, Venry? Because I know that I am supreme. Because I can then forget the smallness of myself, of my trivial little self, my pathetic personality. So that I can attack the moment one day in order to attract spatial feeling in me, so that the love awakens in me, so that I can receive that kiss. It is only then that I will be life; it is only then that I will be conscious, it is only then that I will be feeling, it is only then that I will have become shining and real. It is only then that I think that I can conquer death, that I can fell a tiger, and that I can force a snake to change into a winged species. Yes, then the high priests can approach me and then I will stop them and I will say: so far and no further. It is only then, Venry, that I will think that I can follow my study, then I will achieve the true Great Wings and master them as wisdom.” You experience that on the fourth cosmic grade, you are that on the fourth cosmic grade. You have become Ra, Ré, Isis, Luxor, Tibet, British India, Gethsemane and Golgotha there. You are a flower, a sun, a moon there, driving, working, inspiring power with a becoming conscious which can-not knock you down, but which drives, which really goes reaching to heav.en through infinity. Which will carry you as a result of the benevolence of the self-consciousness which lives in you, which you gave, which you drove, which sent to you: “Come to me and you will live.” And then you will have become eloquent. Now you know what inspiration is, now you no longer need to search for words. You let yourself go, you release yourself, you sur.render and you walk, you are a walking poem, the walking, eloquent love, the bliss which feeds you in a nourishing, trembling, strengthening way. Nourishing! Let live how the authority goes to you. Like a madman? No, like a universally conscious being you dissolve for the whole movement and environment. You walk there and proclaim the sacred sorrow of your inner light. And the human being listens. You can experience your comedy there, yes, your comedy as spatial authority. You go there like a madman, like a cosmically conscious being, dissolved in a purpose, for a foundation which can be inspiration, which is wisdom, which is art, which is light, which be.comes life, which will represent love! Compare yourself to that space. You go speaking, you fly, you float, and you feel the beautiful, soft earth under your feet. Your heart seethes with longing to be able to pour out all of this. People do a comedy act on earth. People look for inspiration, people wish to interpret a human being, but there we interpret the life, the life of God, the light, His bliss, the Christ! I am wearing a garment as beautiful as this space. Then it floats over your lips: I am happy as happiness is here, I am father and mother as that has become, I am floating, and I have wings. Yes, really. What was Isis, what was Luxor, what was Tibet? What did I learn on earth when I entered a university? When they made a denier of God out of me, a brute of a human being, a cad who drove along the disfiguring of the Divine authority by giving damnation to the human self of God. I had to study for this purpose. I would like to break you? No, I would like to take you with me in order to give the evidence: wherever you stand, wherever you live, that is pure self, pure consciousness, pure life, pure love. Everything lives here, I have become a human being, and I will never succumb again! Where do I live? No one is laughing at me. Everyone is looking at me and saying: “Look, come to us”, and giving us the radiant life of feeling of Mother Nature, of sun, moon and stars. I continue. In this way we float from planet to planet. In this way we go from the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth cosmic grade to the sixth. And when we have experienced the sixth, our garment has become more and more beautiful, the sandals are Divine light; we no longer have any gravity. Our inner life has conquered everything; our characteristics are spiritually conscious, receptive. Everything of ours, every thing, every tissue, every blood pressure which belongs to our life has received Divine founda.tion. It has drive, has inspiration, has working, no longer has leprosy, it has truth, is feeling, and has experienced the revelation in order to take the next step. In order to make the next step which we will make between life and death. Life and death are only a step: life and death live in our left hand, in our right hand love, becoming conscious. In order to enter the inner, spiritual from the material life there, is only one thought: I want, I am, I go. In order to get the new life from there in order to enter the Divine All, they are now only steps. Those are feelings, which is the continuing, the floating, the knowing, the singing, the prayer, the meditation! And after that sixth cosmic grade we enter the Divine All. Now we ap.proach our Divine attunement. We walk there as a human being, next to me a Goddess with a face so radiant, so wonderful, such pure awe. The mother is now so great, so incredibly beautiful, is now the being that belongs to me. A Deity is walking next to me and says: “All of this belongs to me, belongs to us. Where did we live?” We enter the seventh cosmic grade from the sixth cosmic grade and now stand as Divine Winged Ones in the Divine All. The golden light here be.longs to us. We have awakened, as the human being has awakened on the Other Side. We came from a world that we discarded, which we conquered. Now we stand in the Divine All, we do not dare to look yet. At the gates, at the first border – we enter seven borders, seven depths, seven worlds – we lie down there, we kneel down and join our hands. There are no prayers; there is only thinking and feeling. I take her hand. We think, we close our eyes and we see, because our consciousness sees. Inwardly we see this golden light which is everything, which carries everything in it, which has also built up our heart, has crystallized our consciousness, because otherwise we could not deal with this, otherwise we could not bear this. My God, my God, are we Gods? Then we open our eyes and begin to explore. Where do we go now, left or right, backwards or forwards? When we look in front the golden garment shines at us, when we turn around the golden light of the space is exactly the same. It now proves that what we have now conquered by means of a hundred percent love, suddenly changes, then the foregoing dissolves in the now. And the now is the foregoing, because we can look back at our thinking and feeling on earth. Here we wait, here we are ready to be able to walk, in order to absorb the world into us. Where will we go, what will we do? Sit down and pray. We carefully pull ourselves up, hold tight onto our hands and go for our first human Divine walk in the Divine All. We start to talk to the flowers; birds come to us. There are also temples and buildings there. Yes, now a temple has become spatial, infinitely deep; this whole world is one temple. We see pillars there, we see the foundations, and we see the towers. We see the garments; we see the radiance. What radiates is love, what comes to us is purified, spiritual, Divine bliss. We start to feel … We now start to feel that when we want to possess the becoming conscious for this Divine All, we must still enter seven grades. Here the human being lives in the Divine infinity. We are infinite and yet we can still continue. We will walk first, we will think first. We will feel the life first; we are man, we are woman. We write down in this space – just for a moment, when I can adjust myself, then that awe-inspiring inspiration flash.es towards me and drives me upwards and also her – we want to write down: ‘I am here.’ And we see: every movement that we make gets material shape. When I write my name from the earth, then I see that name, it is the sound.ing board for the Divine timbre, nothing more which we do, everything has Divine authority and attunement and destination. You can do nothing more, or it will have meaning. Every thought, every action is under Divine authority, under a Divine will. I have become father and mother by means of Divine education, by means of Divine meditations. I deified my Divine core, which I received on the moon. We are Gods, as man and woman. We are light, we are life, and we are sixth, fifth, fourth, third cosmic grade. We are society, we are jungle instinct, we return to the earth, back to that space, back to the planets. We return to the moon, enter the fish stage, see ourselves again, and go back to where the first embryonic life began. Now we still continue. What does a human being do, what do you do, what do you want to do when you enter your Divine All? Then you go and you will make journeys again. That entered us, that entered Christ. When He entered the universe with his first children, the Divine consciousness, then it occurred to Him: “What did we experience, where did we come from, Mother? What must we do?” Only the earth has the highest consciousness for the third cosmic grade. We do not need to inspire the life on the moon, or those transition planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus – we experienced that – they are gas balls, and do not need any development, any human authority, any human feel.ing and thinking. We must return to something, to the earth. We must go to the earth in order to give a faith. We must tear the earth, Mother Earth and her children, the third cosmic grade from the pre-animal-like becoming conscious. We go through nature; we will make journeys in the very first place. We will return back to the very first stage when God started His material and spiritual revelations, His manifestation. We will do that! Then Christ began; and now we begin. Then Christ went back with his first children to the very first stage on the moon. The moon was still in working, she was faced with her death when the first human being reached the fourth cosmic grade – Christ knows that, the people know that, millions of souls know that – then the moon started dying off. Her last life, her last source, her last spark had reached the very highest, her final becoming conscious, which is the fish stage. Christ walks there in the space of God. He is Divinely conscious. Along with him there are millions of other people, fathers and mothers. He calls the children together: “Come.” And now Christ makes millions of journeys with His people. Back from grade to grade, experiencing again, and again, and again. They make those journeys back to the very first beginning of the Divine creations thousands of times, millions of times. They went back to the moment when the All-Source started to radiate her life, with which I connected you when we experienced and underwent these first sessions. They went back to the first moment, back to the disintegration, the destruction, the sullying, the deformity of the material self, material systems. Back to the primal source, back to the beginning of everything, in order to undergo the final for ourselves, the now. We are in the Divine All! We cannot leave this Divine All, because it connects you immediately again with the social. You cannot leave this Divine All just like that, because you feel happy here. You now look through sun, moon and stars, through all the material systems. You now know what the light in the eyes of the human being on the earth means, what it tells you, what it gives you. What it is like when the hatred comes to you, the not understanding, the unconscious feelings. Now you do not dare to speak anymore of demon, Satan, I hate you, I leave you alone, I do not trust you. You are faithful, or you would lose everything again. Now you do not snarl anymore, you do not know what it is. You are afraid you would be crushed – even if you are a deity – when the demon of the darkness came to you and you would just react. When you would just think: ‘Just come to me, then I will prove to you who I am’, then you would already beat yourself out of this sacredness, then the foundations would become hazy, the Divine authority would dissolve. The kingdoms of heaven would come to the human, hateful, destructive eclipse, because you accepted that darkness. You can now understand what it means, what it means to be a human be.ing, to become a human being, to absorb the Divine possession into you and to represent your own attunement. You are now light, life, love, space, power. “All-Source …” Master Alcar said in 1944 to André. “Just note this down, can you hear me?” “Yes, Master.” “Then note down what I will dictate to you.” It is 1944. The evil over the world is raging, deforming and sullying. The people are starving. The human being has attuned himself to destruction and general disintegration. There is no longer a God, a God of love does not exist. Who still believes in a God of love, Christ? You can no longer reach Him, praying does not help anyway. The war steamroller goes over the peoples and crushes everything. Hunger and misery, the people are like living wrecks. They show hunger oedema. Human skeletons ask for ten cents, in order to be able to buy a piece of bread which they cannot achieve with thirty, forty or even a hundred guilders. The human despair decked itself out as a result of the breaking of the gender of human happiness. The decorations which the human being has hung up, are now worth thousands more. People have now understood during these years that food and drink mean something after all, and that the human being possesses a will, in order to be able to do good, to follow the good. When you speak to the people, they laugh at you, because a God of love no longer exists. There is not a God. Christ is a legend. Adolf Hitler and his kind want to possess the world. Adolf already created a char.acteristic that – far outside the country – smothers the life of God. Cities are razed to the ground. People have to put the corpses naked into the ground just like that, because people no longer have any wood in order to lay them in a coffin, no linen, no shroud in order to dress them. Where does this take the human being? What does life on earth still mean? What did God mean by creating, making people? What did He mean by laying happiness and the space in the hands of people? What did He mean by saying: “If you lose that, then you will get mine”? What did He mean by sending his child to the earth and letting it be killed? We live, the human being lives in that killing, that disintegration, that destruction. And now a madman comes, a maniac, to a human being of the earth, who is sitting there in a little kitchen with a small stove. That human being laughs about the disintegration and the destruction of the masses, the thousands, the millions in the world, and says: “Even if they come with hundreds of thousands of aeroplanes, it does not matter to me. I have no loss anymore. They can kill me, they can kill me off, I have everything.” Then a madman comes, a leper, a psychopath from another world and says to this child of the earth: “Just listen. I have something for you, I will dictate to you. Can you see me, can you hear me?” And that life says: “Yes, Master. I can hear you and I can see you.” “Then quickly take a pencil and paper and listen to me.” And that child writes down and hears: “The All-Source … God. God as father. God as mother. God as soul. God as spirit. God as life. God as light God as love. God as mental power. Material laws. God as harmony. God as justice. God as independence. God as the spark, the Divine spark.” “And it is everything for the time being. But soon, André, I will release you from the material systems and then you will receive along with me, and together with Master Zelanus – by order of the Divine All, the Messiah, the Mentor Jesus Christ, the Love – the cosmology for this mankind and we will then set up the University of Christ on earth. Soon you will be one with me. And then we will start with the cosmology for your life and this mankind, because it will be you who will have to represent the Divine All, Golgotha, Gethsemane, the Spheres of Light, the Divine space, the All-Source, because this century has received that eloquence. And if you cannot accept this, then I will soon, later, I will give you that proof. See you later, André.” André is preparing himself. Now his personality must speak, now his per.sonality must be everything if he wants to experience the cosmology of his life and for this mankind, if he wants to carry and interpret that cosmology. “Yes”, he says to Jeus, “you do not believe it, but I will become a prophet. Who was it that saw father in the coffin and spoke to him? It was I and not you. That contact which the master gave me, Jeus, was an occult law, was becoming conscious, and was life, light and love. It was I, because then I received a characteristic for my spiritual task, my spiritual personality. I be.came life, light and love, and not you! You remained there; you could only speak the ‘dialect’. You spoke nonsense; you were playful, yes indeed. Who was it, Jeus, who saw ‘Him’ on the Grintweg and spoke to ‘Him’ and walked along with the Tall One behind the coffin in order to bury him? For whom were the pears and the apples which came raining through the roofs in the winter? They were for me. That was my master! That is the master who will take us along, take us back to the All-Source in order to see that life and to bring the wisdom to the earth. And now you …” And you were able to make that journey because of the few lectures. Now also go and sit in the darkness and listen to the universe whether the master is speaking to you. These are the foundations in order to continue. Soon, as a result of the next séances and our next unity, we will return to the earth together, in order to see what is good and what is wrong. In order to see how Moses was born, in order to see when the bible writers started, in order to begin to see who created justice on Golgotha and who is love. And who accepts and represents the disintegration, the destruction, the sullying, the rottenness of this world. As far as this … As far as this … The human being and his Divine birth Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get the lecture this morn.ing ‘The human being and his Divine birth.’ You are that! The next lectures brought us from the Divine All to the new footstep, the new laws in order to begin with the Divine life. We made a journey through the space; we went from planet to planet. We finally came to the earth in order to end our cycle of the earth. We unleashed obstacles, and we unveiled worlds. We descended into soul, spirit and material. We learned how we came through the seven material, physical laws which possess the organism, from the jungle to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) and could say goodbye to the jungle instinct. Because cities, what you now possess, were still not there. We followed the first people who had completed their cycle of the earth. And we were able to follow them, again because of the books you received, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, the spiritual gifts of the University of Christ. We saw and experienced the laws. We came from the darkness, because there was still no light in us. We prepared ourselves for the luminous spheres. Yes, for the good, the characteristics in the human being, for trust, respect, justice, love. Because as a result of the higher characteristics – we felt that, we had to determine that – we received new life, new light came. In that darkness where we lived, in which we missed the sun of the earth and this universe, a sun entered our life, under our heart, because we started to serve the life. Then further, further, further … We built upon ourselves and as a result of this, the Divine personality awakened in our life for our independence as a human being, as father and mother. We laid stone upon stone. We knew that on earth, the planet earth alone – we were able to determine that in that space – good and evil, conscious good and evil lived. The other planets had only to accept the animal-like life of feeling. We know that now, but we must continue. We built up the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh sphere as grades of light, of life, of love. Now we are faced, were faced with the mental areas; we became embryonic life again, but we remained con.scious. I let you sense that path … I let you sense those lives, I gave them foundation, I gave them inspiration. I gave you a new outlook for father.hood, motherhood, soul, spirit and personality. We received contact with the fourth cosmic grade, with the fifth, and the sixth … universal systems. And then one morning we entered the Divine All. We lived in a Divine world, in a golden light with temples. We felt that we were life, that we radiated light. If we could set ourselves aside, withdraw life from that space, then we would see that this golden firmament, this Divine All, darkened and that was we, ourselves. We now represent God in everything, for soul, life, feeling, ele.mental laws, birth, fatherhood, motherhood, justice. There is no longer faith, we know! We experienced that; and at the last moment I suddenly connected you again with the moment that the masters started to determine the cosmology for your life and this humanity and we immediately moved to the earth again. We passed into suffering and sorrow and suddenly you knew: yes, I felt the All in me, and I experienced a Divine birth. But what does that Di.vine birth actually want to say to your lives? When Christ, along with His people – He was not there yet, they were only people – took possession of the Divine All, when they had reached the Divine All, yes, I explained that to you before, they reached thinking and feeling, the understanding that there was a power which represented the ma.ternal principle, but as paternal authority determined the way to go higher and further. When those people – they were people, people as Gods – started to feel and understand their Divine birth, started to take a walk, further, further, further … in order to give themselves visible light and knowledge, because they could serve the other life, the first sensitive life reached the realization to have to elevate the other life, in order to speak to that life, and the question followed in the Divine All: “What do you know, My brothers and sisters, about your Divine birth? For what purpose do we live, for what purpose do we serve? Why did we have to travel that long path? Why did God, did the All-Source …?” There was the word; I will immediately connect you with that situation, how Christ, how those first people spoke to each other, how they sensed the life, because there was still no question of Christ. When the first people reached the Divine All, they had to experience the Divine birth. They had reached that independence and had to accept that now. The highest Master – you will read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – said when they made the journey through the universe, and the other people asked: “Why do you feel this?”, the word came and he could say: “Yes, I was probably born earlier than you.” And it was true! There are now systems to be experienced by means of which the human being can be gauged, can be felt, can be seen from the jungle. And in the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) you already see an academic and you can say: yes, I am further than you. People live in the spheres, they are further than you now possess and feel. There are those who have experienced the seventh sphere, who have experienced the cosmic grades. There are people who now represent the Divine All as Gods. And Christ lives there, the first Human Being lived there. Christ said, the first Master for this space, the Divine Conscious being said: “What must we do? You know that the planetary systems represent fatherhood and motherhood. One of ours must return to the earth, because the earth possesses the highest consciousness for this space, for the third cos.mic grade. One of us must return in order to elevate those people into this Divine authority, if that human being wishes to experience a Divine feeling and thinking, the Divine birth.” All of them came, all of them came and asked: “Let me go, Master.” The first Master says: “How can you go when I must accept that I possess those feelings in order to serve this space? In which hands does the certainty lie? Who possesses the powers in order to be able to bear all of this? For cer.tain, I know: you will devote your lives, you will devote everything and you know how we left the earth and what the consciousness of all those millions of children is like who belong to our lives.” Christ and His people, the first Divine Master and His people were to.gether and laid contact, back to the earth, back to the sixth cosmic grade; the sixth starts to connect itself with the fifth, the fourth, the third and now the word enters the seventh sphere. The masters from the seventh sphere are to.gether, the supreme masters, the priests there, children, fathers and mothers. They sit together in nature, in a wonderful temple … surrounded, encircled by the life of the All-Source and prepare themselves in order to be able to experience and to receive the ultimate. They are all clairvoyant, clairaudient. What is that? They are cosmically conscious for this space. They can get a feeling that speaks to them, must speak to them inwardly. They can expe.rience it. Yes, they can give shape to it, because they see where those words came from. And now the message comes: “Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself and lay the first foundations for the earth.” The very highest Master, the First Conscious, prepares himself in order to receive a new birth, in order to give the earth the Divine authority, the spatial evangelism. That means: the laws that lie open in order to be able to gauge the core, the love, and the truth. The human being on earth needs a God. The human being on earth, the child of Mother Earth needs the Divine primal source. The human being on earth must experience the Divine birth; it is only then that this humanity, those millions of children will have a grip and that life will learn to see and to accept the All-Source. The masters from the seventh sphere have recorded these messages, they came as now from the space and had to accept them. They knew: truth, love, benevolence, justice lived under these hearts. And now the astral world begins, the masters begin to lay contact on earth. They were already busy; they already brought those things to earth. They created fire; they rubbed stones against each other, a flame originated. But the actual society, the hu.man development must still take place. The human being needs a faith, the human being needs authority, the human being does not know what all of this means. The human being must be taken back to the Divine birth, to God, by means of fatherhood and motherhood. Universities will be built up. A science will emerge. A faith will come to earth and that faith will later become, in centuries’ time … knowledge! Millions begin with the construction of this mankind. Millions of people live on earth in animal-like grades, in material, crude-material. The white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org) has already revealed itself. Mother Earth continues, Mother Earth builds on this organism. From the waters the human being came to the passable bottom. The human being feels himself, he hunts, and he dies for himself. He knows nothing about a higher love. He eats, he drinks and those ‘wild ones’, those human hyenas, those children must and will receive a faith, a wisdom, a science. Because it started in this way. Those were the first foundations that the Divine All had to lay before the House of Israel could be established on earth. And now that you have experienced that Divine All by means of our previous unity, you can follow all of this. On earth people are busy; people work in the spheres. Everyone who has experienced the light, who has entered the Spheres of Light, begins to serve the other life, and knows: that life is mine, that is my father’s and my mother’s. If that life does not come to the light, I cannot experience any happiness, because those cells belong to my organism, my space, my life, my soul, and my spirit, my Divine All. Now we start to lay stone upon stone, we start to build a universal temple. We will meet wisdom, power and love. Millions of grades of life will reveal themselves to our life, the wisdom of which we absorb into ourselves and have to master. The moment comes – the children there in the Divine All see that – in which the highest Master must prepare himself. The prophets have already been on earth. Moses has come; from the Spheres of Light a child asked to serve the life on earth, in a twilight immediately under the first sphere, the conscious knowledge, the serving. Where the luminous revelations can take place, a soul lives there, and it asks a human being: “What can I do for my father and mother, for my sisters and brothers on earth? I see, I live, I can speak, I can feel, I can think.” And a spark of light appears in this twilight, a master from the seventh sphere, a conscious life, and says: “Can you hear me, can you see me? I come to you, asking. You are open to the laws of the space. You want to serve your father and your mother, then I will serve you and connect you with your Divine consciousness. You will now experience your Divine birth.” No one knows what the name of this child will be. But straight from the space, a contact emerged which can never ever be broken. The spheres, the masters, those who have these laws in their hands, those who have to build those sciences, those who have to lay those foundations in order to elevate the earthly child to the Divine authority, they are in contact with the very highest, the human being who has reached the Divine laws. And now Christ, the highest Master prepares himself. Foundations are laid. Moses comes to earth. He first tries to descend into the human life. He wants to experience the new birth: “Give me a life, give me a new birth. Let me live again, I want to serve.” The power of this life is terrific. Inspired as it is, it throws itself down into nature and begs for a new life, a new organism. Of course, the last feeling, the ‘gram’ of con.sciousness will have to reach inspiration for this human being, if this human being wants to become birth and reincarnation, fatherhood and mother.hood. These children … this child experienced this, but it does not yet know the laws. Metaphysical laws now speak to this consciousness. And finally, under this going, under this feeling and thinking, the sorrow, wanting to serve, wanting to experience, wanting to work in order to elevate those peo.ple there, your father and mother, children, to something better, this life gets to experience and to undergo a law from the space and this consciousness dissolves for the other people. On earth contact has already been laid. The first human being, the first man, the first mother who for faith, knowledge, the space, the bible, God, universe, everything which you feel and can accept and have to experience in the space … that life is busy creating itself. It concerns one understanding, one feeling, and one thinking. There is nothing else in the space than elevat.ing the human being to the Divine All. And this is why we get to see Adam, we get to see Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the House of Israel is creat.ed, prophet after prophet. People call them prophets; they are rebels. They do not yet know any better, they serve evil, they serve good. They have the lash; they have the love. They interpret a flower and an animal kingdom. They do not know any better and they are the first crude-material foundations for what will soon be the Divine universal, the University of Christ. The human being who serves for God lives in a hole in the ground. Then a little house comes, a few poles are erected. The human being takes possession of this environment and has the feeling to shake the other life awake, to force it to look upwards, because this belongs to us; but it does not belong to us. We have to master these laws, this space. You know the birth of the House of Israel. Finally, people on earth are that far that people can receive the Divine authority. The First Conscious, who will soon be called Christ, knows what awaits him on earth. They look at this wild animal there, the unconscious life. They look through the spaces and know how people will be received there. The human being is not ready for supernatural consciousness, the Divine Conscious Person; and everyone … the flowers, all life, the light and the life, everything speaks about destruc.tion, about disintegration, torture, lashing, misery. But what is misery, what is being lashed? What does it mean when you die, when you have pain for something by means of which you awaken? They experienced those sorrows, they covered millions of lives in illness, as a result of disintegration and mis.ery; they know misery and happiness. The Master was surrounded by the children of Mother Nature. He is sur.rounded by millions of sisters and brothers, they accompany Him and grad.ually He dissolves before their eyes. He has accepted the journey to the earth. This is a Divine birth. What will we experience if we now follow this life? Foundations – I told you – are ready. A small path was built on which He will stand, but He will have to strengthen that path. He will have to build a passable path from this swamp by means of his personality and his wisdom, his Divine contact. All of that awaits him and he will have to serve for that purpose. He knows that he went from the moon through the space and has lived on earth as an ani.mal-like consciousness. He knew, He knows all his billions of previous lives. There is nothing more in the space that does not belong to Him. He is light, He is an independence, and He feels carried by the powers and the elemental laws of the universe. He is sun, He is moon, and He is darkness and light at the same time. He is rain and wind, He is thunder, He is everything! Because He is harmony, his life will represent universal love, and the hu.man being on earth will get to know how people accept that love, how peo.ple get that love when people absorb a harmonic whole into themselves. He will bring all of that. Yes, He has a great deal, but He must begin, in order to shake that child awake for higher universal, and Divine authority. On earth two people live who have attunement to his grade. There are still people living who have returned from the first sphere – they were already in the first sphere – in order to serve mankind on earth, received that birth and would attract this Divine authority together. You will now immedi.ately get an idea of who Mary and Joseph are and where they came from before they were to experience this Divine mercy, this Divine working. As a result of this, the space determines, and you can accept it, that the human being prepared himself in order to attract, to serve, and to give birth to the All-Consciousness. Father and mother are on earth. Mary and Joseph find each other and reach unity. A silence enters this Life in the mother … When she lived between the third and the fourth month, this Consciousness spoke to her and she started to feel that she was carrying something wonderful which the stars would speak about. She enters a higher thinking and feeling and hears invisible voices, which are still melodious to listen to. She hears, she understands, people speak through her to her life, by means of her own language, and say: “You will be one with the All. You will give birth to the Life, the very, very highest Life, which will give the world a faith, that will give the world a gospel.” What Mary heard at that time as a mother, not one word of that, not one word, one sentence has yet been recorded. No one was able to listen to what she experienced during her unity with her Child, with the space. People told, and people prepared her that she would soon see the Living Light. And as the human being on earth is still born, these things, these laws were inter.preted, and the feelings were outlined, which elevated the core of this life to the maternal authority of giving birth from the Divine All, so that she could understand. And now, after a few months … that past history, the unity of mother and child were wonderful revelations for this mankind. But this mankind and the mankind of then could not, for that matter, understand those feelings. People call it angels, the angels came to Mary and said to her: “Look, He will appear to your life. Feel, He is in you and look what path He has to go, so that you will be prepared to be able to serve Him soon. To be able to take Him to your heart soon and then to be able to say: go, because you came from the Divine All, you came from the Divine source in order to serve us, me and the life on earth.” Before the birth came, the mother was already prepared to be able to sur.render this child. The other brothers and sisters did not notice this unity of mother and child. This child walked next to her and sent the own feelings to the mother, whom the other life did not understand anything about, did not feel anything. There were more brothers and sisters. “Why”, one says, “moth.er, you are so one with him and why can you not give me those feelings?” A brother of Christ, does the world speak about a little brother of Christ? That child sees that this child lives in the silence of the space. There is something, yes … what is it? The mother knows it; she cannot interpret these feelings. And more mothers experienced that who would bring the genius to earth. They have, these mothers – and you can make your material comparison – they have felt that they carried something blissful, something exalted inside. Millions of mothers spoke later and during this time to their … to the inner life, and were connected with that core, the core for art, for music, for wis-dom. Mary experienced it, Mary underwent this and when this child awakens, playfully feels the earth, and prehistoric ages reach the consciousness. It is between five and six years that this child lives in reincarnation; the seventh year gave the life of the Messiah yet other feelings. This child starts to feel the old age of himself; he starts to understand. It plays, but it plays differently, it lays down and sees a space. It falls asleep, it is outside, it is inside, and it is everywhere. When the mother looks for it, then it is kneeling down before the flowers in nature. It surrounds itself; it surrounds itself with these treasures. Mary sometimes finds it, this Life, surrounded by birds. The life in nature sings and wonders: what will happen to this Child? What, what task does this life have to accept and accomplish? My God, my God, what is the purpose of all of this? The highest Master – about which the prophets told that the Divine con.sciousness will awaken on earth – already lives in the inner life of Jesus. The name Jesus means nothing more than what you received. Your social rep.resentation must take place by means of an independence, or society would get to see nothing but disharmony. This Life receives a name as people gave a name to many people. But in this Life lives the Divine authority, the Di.vine consciousness, which Mother Earth, the serving principle, has to rep.resent. And now spatial feeling awakens in Jesus. As this Child grows older, the universal takes shape. Nothing happens, but when Jesus experiences one thought after another as a human being, he feels that the Divine birth is taking place here. We were able to follow that Life. From our world we experience this birth which you call Christmas. The time that you experience is not in harmony with the reality, because it was the height of summer when the Christ was born, or – believe it and accept it – the Messiah would have frozen in that crib outside. It was the height of summer when the Messiah opened his eyes and the life had started for this world. We connected ourselves with that birth and lay kneeled at the feet of the Divine authority. Our Christmas is already behind us. We prepare ourselves again for the crucifixion, devot.ing everything. We prepare ourselves for Gethsemane, because Gethsemane must speak to us, a real prayer as it were, as a result of which the Divine personality will awaken and the Divine All can manifest itself humanly, spatially, Divinely. Millions of people lie kneeling at our side when the first thought for this birth takes place. When we see … When we prepare ourselves to experience that birth, then you see millions of people walking on this side. Thinking, they go hand in hand, these fathers and mothers. These men and women, with the children who are there, who belong to them, they attune themselves to the moment that the space became hazy. When they are one for a hundred percent, the closer they approach the moment, the closer they experience and see the birth, and the spheres, the space opens and every world, every law becomes rarefied. And every law asks you: come, awaken me, and expe.rience me, because I can serve you. And now a law is a world, now a law is light, life, spirit, soul, love. The more love, the more understanding, the more awakening there is in you, the human being can experience that universe while rising. And now it is possible from the first, the second and the third sphere, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grade – but from the first sphere – standing, lying, in nature, to be one with flower, human being and animal, to enter the Divine All in order to master the laws for this Divine birth on earth. You now become Christ, you become and you are now a Divine per.sonality; even if the wisdom is still not in you, even if you do not have the laws in you, you can attune yourself to the higher, to the understanding. One wrong thought in this human being closes him off to going higher. There is no longer any evil in us, in those people, no wrong thinking and feeling. People have released themselves from society. Anyone who still thinks earth.ly, materially, belongs there in a twilight world or attunes himself to the animal-like. Those people know that the darkness lives there, that those are the hells for which the human being opened himself, for which the human being serves, that the human being wants. We know, those people know: every thought must now be in harmony with the space, must be a law, must mean life, will accept soul, spirit and material, in harmony with the space, as the elemental laws, the ages of condensing – as a result of the All-Source – could manifest itself. The masters in the first sphere are open to receiving this life. The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spheres, the fourth, the fifth, sixth, and the seventh cosmic grades drive the life upwards. But you must now ‘be nothing’, and you must be willing to lose everything. You are no longer a mother, no longer a father, you are only life. People cannot disturb you. You see no evil there, and you do not feel any deception there. People who seek the lower live under your heart. A human being who does wrong, you lock him up in your life breath and you will feed him, you will protect him. The human being who possesses the light knows it: people here do not destroy, and people do not detest anyone. Human beings and animals are Divine sparks of an infinity, are born from the All-Source, the All-Soul, the Omnipotence, the All-Feeling and All-Thinking. In the first sphere you can now see people who are free from dirty, filthy, earthly, material thoughts. There is no gossiping there, no talk that puts you down. It is all blessing and happiness, there is only serving, there is only knowledge. Because we know, they feel: the Messiah followed the same path! Soon we will be beaten and now it is still just the moment that we attune ourselves to that occurrence. But now the reality, now the true, now the following of Gethsemane, the following, the experiencing of that law. Through Gethsemane to Golgotha! Yes, soon we will hang there, we will hang here and we will beg, and we are grateful that we may be beaten, because then we undergo a crucifixion? No, then we undergo the conscious child of the earth which looks for the wrong, suffering, sorrow and misery. Millions – I told you – lie down there and now the human being is beau.tiful, now the human being is true. Now you can speak to a human being and you receive a universal kiss from this inside! As a word, as a glance from the eyes, as a smile. Oh, how wonderful it is! Oh, my God, my God, how is it possible that I belong to your life. How awe-inspiring it is and it wants to be, to undergo people! And when these millions of children are ready to experience the drama, the law, the space, the Divine self, that is called Divine birth, before those mil.lions are ready to descend to the earth – because it happens there – they just fall down, they lie there, kneel, sleep, hands before their eyes. One human being treats himself in this way, another has other aspirations, is otherwise inspired and hangs and leans there in that space, but everyone is gnawingly conscious, experiences the own torture in order to experience it so well, so cleanly, so spiritually pure. The human being wants to beat himself in order to be ready, in order to be able to serve. We just experience. “When”, those millions beg, “will we get the honour to be allowed to be beaten? Oh, my God, lash me, if I can elevate the other life.” When we are soon on Mount Calvary – because it is that – then you will feel and understand what the life on earth has to mean for your fatherhood and motherhood. Then you will no longer blow down a human being and then you will no longer talk nonsense about the human being. Then the very lowest in society and of the underworld is a grade of your personality and then you have to accept and you will serve. When those feelings reach consciousness, you will understand for what purpose you actually live. We, millions, billions of children, sparks of God, had to master that. And now … now they are ready! Now they follow the life of Christ. We see, we experience the contact between Christ, the Life in her, this Child and Mary. We follow Joseph as father, the serving feeling, Joseph as the creating power; we absorb the represented feeling for Mary into us. We see a true father here. That man, that inner life, is open and conscious and serves, always ready to take care of the maternal. There is never a quarrel; they come from the first sphere. One word, one wrong word from father and mother would have smothered the Divine authority in the mother, and disharmony would have emerged. The mother and the father are in harmony with this birth, with the material law, the working. Because if you wish to know, then the mother can, because she makes herself angry and worked up while carrying the child for the first weeks, she can smother that life, by a wrong thought alone. But because the child is animal-like again, the birth is animal-like again, crude-material, in disharmony with the Divine universe, harmony came again between mother, father and child. But for the Messiah everything was harmony here, an open path had been made. Those lives were ready to be able to receive that authority, that feeling consciousness. We get up with the Messiah and we go with this Life over the earth. We sleep with Him, we see the Child lying there. We see the masters around this Child. We see that the masters from the Divine All awaken the conscious.ness, the inner Life. When Mary was carrying her Child between the third and fourth month, the masters awakened this Life. They only tuned their feelings into this Life and said: “We are here, Master.” They did not need to touch Christ; they did not need to touch the Life. They did not need to say: come, we will elevate this aura. This Divine authority, this Consciousness, did this by means of own powers, that happened of its own accord; but they were there. They let Him feel, they let this Life feel that they were there. And then it came: “Can you hear me and can you see me? I am speaking … I am speaking to you from the Temple of the Mother. I live in the All-Source. My father and my mother, I have come to love you. My sisters and brothers there in the Divine All, I now see that we must still climb seven grades before we enter the All-Source. And then there will be darkness again. After my own task has finished we will return to the Divine All in order to experience the true Divine birth. This is the material becoming conscious. As a result of this we bring a task, we experience a task, but we will soon go further in order to represent the All-Source. We are now still people, but we will soon be omniscient. We will go so far, so deep, go so far until the sparks splutter from our lives. We will see that our light in the eyes has got the independence of what became visible in the space. We will be the power for the waters, we will experience foaming becoming conscious in an elevating way by exploring tree, leaf and flower. We will drive a river over the earth. We will populate the seas with lives, because now the All-Instinct awakens under our heart and it is only then that we have reached the Omnipotence and we can say: now we are as God is. Whom people gave a name to. No, we can then say: we are working, we are life, we are light, we are love. That happened and that took place during the unity of Mary and Christ between the third and fourth month. Between the fourth and the fifth, the fifth and the sixth, new revelations came. And when the Child is born, then the whole of the Other Side lives – there is no longer a world, or, one that is empty – all the life stands next to the Divine Conscious and will help to carry Him. No, that life will follow Him. After a few years we enter Jerusalem along with the Messiah, with the Christ, and are faced with the Pharisees and scribes. Now Christ tells, now by means of his unity with Jesus, He tells the scribes how it should be done and how it can be done, what is good and what people wrote wrongly, what people meant wrongly. He already places the world before the facts. He plac.es the earthly authority before space, before soul and spirit, but is not ac.cepted. The first wrong footsteps have already been experienced and He has already had to accept them. Books were written on this world, which we start to feel, which we already start to see; mistakes were made. And we know: the other mankind, in cen.turies and centuries of time, will describe this Life and will say: where did this Life, where did Christ receive his becoming conscious? When I connect you at this moment with your earthly wisdom, then there are books in circulation – and those people are faced with the spiritual scaf.fold, with themselves – that sullied the life of Christ. People write, people say that Christ experienced a study here and there. Now we can accept, you can experience that this was not true, because the Divine revelation, the Divine consciousness comes with the days. Every hour gives a new life, new feeling, and new thinking. And in this way we see that He experiences Jerusalem. That He returns home with father and mother. Yes, that He has already ripped open the cur.tains, the shrouds of the space and Mary and Joseph were able to listen to the Divine word when he says: “I serve my Father. Why are you worried when you know that the Father lives in me?” The mother can bow to it. Christ, after twelve years, experiences a beautiful world on the earth. He walks in nature; He speaks with His male and female friends. He always has a good word, but he plays like a normal child. Sometimes, then He feels something coming towards Him … then something awakens, then He with.draws. Then He goes into nature and lies down again amongst the flowers, he speaks to the animals. When he had dealt with all of that, then the earthly physical relaxation comes. The physical which demands: not too much now, or You will burst; we have to lay stone upon stone. Life corrects itself of its own accord; it awakens as the material systems, the nervous system, the brains can bear more. The gravity of the space already comes, but the final sight, the Divine All absorbs everything in itself again. Now we can already determine, we must accept: this Life awakens of its own accord. People do not need to do anything; no master is needed here. The task, the truth, the harmony which is present in this Life, says: “Go from my sight, I represent myself. My Divine Self will awaken; I bring my Divine Self to the people. I cannot go left, I cannot go right, I go one path, forward, straight to this mankind and then I surrender myself.” It is not possible to stand still for long at these scenes. Then we would have to analyse volumes and we would have to write, if you wish to experience the youth of Christ and see before you. But when He becomes seventeen, eighteen years old and a beautiful being stands before you, with only love in him, when the ground, the bottom on which he lives and walks, speaks and every footstep which He takes, singing by means of his power, his wanting to serve touches the Divine timbre of the space and a sound, a symphony of words and feelings returns to the earth, which can be seen by every human being, which can be felt by every human being, then we know that the Di.vine harp is busy tuning itself. The All-Source manipulates this Life! No, a Human Being has prepared himself in order to represent the All-Source. A Human being is ready to bring the life from the Divine All to the earth and to manifest himself there, by building up, materializing, spiritualizing the harmony of this space for every law, and giving that law a space of life for hereafter, the hereafter ‘beyond the coffin.’ When Christ awakens in him, when He accepts the apostles and He has reached his twenty-first year, the spatial feeling, the male, the creating pow.ers pass his lips and every word speaks more clearly, more anointed, more universal, it trembles in the human being on earth, because these words, these feelings were still never interpreted. And now He walks as a human being, as a brother, as a normal simple human being over the earth with his brothers and sisters. Now and again He gets a child from the space and walks with His friend through nature. Mankind does not know who they were, but He already had friends, he had His friends before He took His task on his shoulders and the apostles saw their work, their life and their task before them. Many people walked with Him along the waters and then He spoke of beautiful things. Many people were able to experience that nature was his master. We can now follow all of that. There he talks to the flowers and says: “Where were you born? Where I came from, you will possess a garment, more beautiful than this. You will then be golden aura, you will possess the golden consciousness and that means: the omnipotence. We will be one together in feeling and thinking and interpret all these universes conscien.tiously, always, eternally. To be one in life and happiness, for soul and spirit.” You must see in these words … you must see the Christ one day in these words, then you will see the human being, then you will see the youth, the natural happiness, the playful, the happy. Now and again He can laugh, smile. Now and again He is bubbly inside and he is a normal human being, an ordinary human being of the earth, with the Divine All in Him, in his subconscious, bearing the billions of lives in him which He has had, and to take all of that to revelation soon. And then the apostles come. Then He begins to think. He frees himself – we see that, we follow that – He frees himself from nature. We see His inner life on His face. He sees through everything, word for word now gets mean.ing. Word for word – we know it, you will soon hear it, millions of people who follow Him will see and hear it – word for word now will get to experi.ence a Divine birth. Because every word is a Divine law! Every thought must experience a Divine birth. And then He gives His first lecture; He gives His first word to the people. Now He begins to interpret, to materialize the truth that lives in Him, the space of which He is a part. All lies and deception have sailed away, He has conquered those laws, those darknesses. He cannot speak any more nonsense, any untruth, He is free from the earth! It is His soul, His spirit, His personality, which leads and carries the material violence, but He has conquered every cell, there is no longer a tissue that disturbs Him. Now you get to hear a metaphor which connects your life, His life, mankind directly with life in nature, but gets social becoming conscious, has to accept social foundations, so that the human being will remain standing for the coming centuries, in order to be able to conquer the darkness, the other, the lower self, the disharmony. We follow Him with the first speech which He gives to the masses. And then He stands and He feels that He must begin to give a few lessons, be.cause his teaching, his wisdom, his word must continue. “Come”, He says to the fishermen, “I will make you fishermen over the people … come to Me.” And everyone whom He looks at is lost; no, he sur.renders. All those lives have nothing more to say, they are taken care of by love, truth and justice. Now He walks over the earth. He goes further and further and further with the apostles. He prepares them. He can give these children spatial wis-dom, but He must take care of them in that small true silence in which they live. They start to feel themselves, they start to see what He wants. He tells these earthly people how they will go in a brotherly and sisterly way next to and past each other. He makes it clear to them that they … the wife, the mothers … “Yes, but my mother … my children already say …!” Did you think that the apostles would have surrendered just like that? Did you think that there in that living room the other life, the maternal authority had noth.ing to say? “You will stay here”, one says. “What do I have to do with that mad person?” The man says – because he has been touched –: “I will go and follow him.” Did you never, did mankind of this time never wonder what those moth.ers thought? How they wondered, when the Divine authority speaks? Who gave these children, these mothers, food and drink? “Go with me”, said the Divine authority, “I will make you fishermen of and over the people.” And then these little men, these little children, thought: ‘But my God, but good heavens, but my world, how will that get food and drink?’ We now start to see that those mothers took care of themselves. We start to see that the becoming conscious which the men received from Him, passed onto the mothers. And they said: “Go, my child. Go and come back and tell me what you saw, experienced, because He is true! He is truth! I want to give myself. Just go, Peter, John, go and follow Him, but come back and send me a message now and again. As a result of your message I will experience the space and your kiss.” We must now determine and have to accept that these mothers were also ready to serve Him. Yes, they were born; there were no longer any destructive foundations in this, no elemental respect which takes you to the darkness. Those mothers understood, accepted and surrendered. Even the children of Peter and John said: “Father, go. I will come after you.” Who was the later Paul, who were the other people who passed on the word after the apostles of Christ? The Divine authority calculates everything. No wrong foundations were laid for this task. Peter comes from the first sphere, from the Land of Twilight. He has not yet reached the first sphere, but he comes back as Moses came back. The other people come from the Land of Twilight and are ready to serve. They enjoyed, tasted how that wine from the space can move the human heart, can strengthen, can give an inspi.ration, a bubbly present, so that this life will awaken. Because this life feeds itself, and inspires, prepares itself for what lives there, the human being from the material society. The mothers … the wives of Peter, John, and the others, they have children and surrender. Mother and child, father is ready … they are ready in order to follow the Messiah, the Living Light of the space. They do not know any destruction; they do not know any doubt. There is only accepting present, the feeling: it is this! The world needs this. Why does the bible tell nothing about any of all these things? Or were these people divinely blessed? They were not any different than you feel. You have to prepare yourself as a mother and father for society, or you will not have anything to eat. Now follow the Divine authority and prove what you can with regard to Christ, Peter, John, Andrew, your motherhood and fatherhood! Tell your husband, give him as a mother the inspiring power and say: ‘Go, my dear, represent Him, but not the evil, the destruction of this world’, and you will be a part of Mary. You do not have any worries and any fear, because you received two hands in order to take care of yourself. Where do the great ones live from human history that stood on the street and interpreted the life light, the inner life of the space by means of a small instrument? When the mother knew that the man would be hung, then she did his work and she represented his task. There are no gaps in this. There is no destruction here, no complaining, and no grumbling. There is no leprosy here. Mothers and fathers, the man as the represented apostle is ready and the mother to carry and to serve him, to receive him in love. Because Christ did not build any holes in a temple. His back, his past was ready; He could not accept any daggers in his back. He laid stone upon stone. He built as a result of man, woman and child on the university of his life. And now we just go quickly to Jerusalem, because the time becomes short, unfortunately. We must quickly go through the meadows with Him, through the fields. We must experience, undergo millions of conversations. We take at least seven months for Christmas, according to your time. No night, no hour, no day, because we have to accept and absorb every thought of the Christ. It is only then that we will start to understand our own life; we will start to understand animal, flower and nature, God and everything, the All-Source. And you sleep, you waken and you put something on earth and you give it a light and that is your Christmas. You eat and drink a lot. But for a good word, for a good thought … in order to make yourself sub.stantially empty, in order to destroy yourself substantially … Today the space asks, Christ asks, soon the Divine laws ask you how many times you spoke wrongly about this mankind, about the life, about your father, your friend, your mother, your sister. He comes with his disciples who follow Him through thick and thin, through night and darkness, rain and wind – because they have got to know Him – He enters Jerusalem. Every morning letters go to the women of Naz.areth and Galilee, the wives of Peter and John: “Child, it is fine. We already know such an awe-inspiring amount. Do you have our love, and can you feel our personality? We awaken every second. Oh, it is so wonderful!” The women want to follow their husbands. They want to kiss and wash His feet. “No”, they say, “He forbids us to touch Him. Stay at home and work and be happy, He does not require any more from us. Take care of the children, take care of your surroundings. Have light, have love. Feel, feel, feel where it goes. The world receives Divine love; the world receives Divine sight. He is the Messiah. If you can do that, my love, if you can do that then everything will be ready, I can continue, I can forgive. And pray for me, send me your feeling that I will not succumb, because we feel, we feel that won.derful things will happen.” I ask you at this moment: what does the bible know about this? What does the bible know, what does this mankind know about the feelings which Pe.ter, John – before Jerusalem took place – had to experience, had to deal with, to represent and had to conquer with regard to their own family? Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! You still do not know a thing about the inner becoming conscious which the apostles experienced and the women and the children, that whole environment, because all of this was experi.enced inwardly. Just as little as the human being knew the Christ at the age of seventeen. Where was He between twelve and twenty-one? Mankind knows nothing about that, nothing. He experienced that in nature for him.self. We are standing – you are familiar with that, you know that – with the apostles in Jerusalem and now He gives his prophesies. The moment that the bible, that the Divine gospel must be written, that will happen. By what means did Christ write his Divine Gospel? That couple, those few words which He spoke, is that the Divine universe? He shares out his wisdom left and right. When the apostles, when the people ask him: “Yes, but he deceived me … and he did that. I want to have justice.” And when people come, then He says, He asks: “What did you do? Who started here, who laid the first foundation for the destruction, the de.ception, the slander, the gossip? You? Then you have accepted and attracted the devil, evil, then you will have to make that good again.” He did not take the being that deceived for a hundred percent; He took the human being who laid the foundations in order to allow that deception to take place. That is challenging evil, and Peter says that, John says that, Andrew says that. They were in nature and could speak to Him. He says: “Lie down. He there on the left, the other people here, he there. Ask me what you want and prepare yourself … prepare yourself. The things, the laws of my Father will come over your lives.” A time will come, He could have said, that you have to prove what you want. A time will come soon, Peter, that you will have to devote a hundred thousand percent of your physical conscious, your soul and spirit for Me, in order to accept and represent that universe, my word, my life and that of your God. Now you will have to show your colours. They enter the region of Jerusalem; they sit down, there in that beautiful region. Yes, they kneeled in Gethsemane. It is a really beautiful garden there. Peter feels happy and says to John: “Perhaps it will not happen anyway. Are you not afraid, are you not afraid? I do not know what is entering me, but I am, I feel sad. Would something happen to Him? Will we be strong? John, what do you feel?” John is the sensitive one, who says: “What do you want, Peter? What do you want now? If you now know that He does everything anyway as He feels that, will you then start to act the master? When that fear, that feeling enters me that something will happen … Yes, I can feel that too. I entered Him, I am starting to feel what can happen, but then something says to my being: that is for Him. I am not yet that far. I cannot start to act the Christ, I can-not start to act the Messiah. But I have to follow Him, I have to carry Him, I am starting to understand how I must do that.” And now the apostles, the children of Christ, are busy laying the founda.tions themselves for later. They are starting to understand that they must stay away from what belongs to Him. But what they possess themselves and have already mastered, they drive that into the space and they can give that to the child of the space at any moment, as a Divine gift. The fear, the sorrow … the disintegration, the destruction … my God, my God, the misery is approaching. Christ reaches meditation. Yes, we could not even follow Him when He closes himself off for forty days – because that is true. He does not even want to see those apostles of his any more. He cannot stand them anymore. He says: “Go, do not obstruct Me any longer, I have to represent my God, the All. Go with those little pathetic thoughts, I want to be alone.” Now He closes himself off. For forty days – that was an age – He lives in solitude. The flowers come to Him; the milk, the Divine food flows just like that in his hands, the flowers give their juices. He drinks it; the life asks to be able to give itself, so that He will remain alive. When He touches a flower, those life juices come to his hand and now this Divine fluid drips like that into his mouth. But the life dies. The life says before it is buried as a result of own will: ‘I will return, or I will return to that from where I came. Do you not know that I was born by means of you? Do you not know that we wish to serve?’ And all those little flowers get countenances, get faces, wear a gar.ment, have soul, have spirit, and have a personality. He sees: they are temples! Temples … is wisdom, power and love. He reaches unity there with the space. He experiences his new lives, his re.incarnation, his subconscious. He makes a journey, which we now made and which we will soon continue, from the moon through the transition planets. He becomes one with Mother Moon, he experiences the fish stages. He sees himself in the waters, in the jungle. He experiences himself as animal-like conscious. “Yes”, he says, “because there is no sin. I, with my People, had to go through these phases of life. We had to go further and higher, because we would represent the God of all life, the All-Source. We would experience those first laws, the becoming conscious, the awakening for body, soul, ma.terial, in a revealing way, if I wanted to master that wisdom, that space, if I wanted to conquer that grade of becoming conscious. Yes, from body to body, because we received body after body we got growing.” He experiences this and finally, finally he has reached the earth. He stands before the moment again that he misses the sun, but awakens as an astral personality. He asks: “Where is the sunlight? I can remember that I was sick …” Now those visions flow through Him. He knows the laws, because they have returned millions of times from the universe before He would appear to the earth as the Messiah. Returned from the Divine All, to the seventh, the sixth, the fifth, the fourth cosmic grade, the third … Back to the first moment when He started as embryonic life. He finished and experienced this journey, along with the millions who are with Him, the laws of which live under his heart. He now returns again, He returns to the Divine All. He experiences, He undergoes the space. He enters the universe with his sisters and brothers and He sees that they lay contact for the earth. Sphere is con.nected with sphere, grade with grade, world with world, space with space, souls with souls, spirit with spirit. And then He is faced with the moment that He dissolves. Then He has to accept that he enters the space and can prepare himself for Mary and Joseph. (The House of) Israel has awakened! He returns, He awakens and when He comes to the apostles in this way, to his children, then he can say: “I am ready.” Now he has been born Di.vinely. Born for his Divine task. Born for the Divine becoming conscious, the justice, the love, the knowledge, and the harmony – by means of which everything came into existence. Now they lie kneeled in Gethsemane. The apostles fall asleep, they are dead tired, the boys. But you will …! He knows that, no one knows that, only He knows that! They are still earthly-spiritually tuned into material things, to sleep, to feel.ing. They are dead tired, but they still had five percent, still three, still four, still two, still one percent and they had lost the ninety-nine percent of that. Still one percent of the hundred thousand, the hundred percent of feeling and that certainty in them – they still had that, the apostles – and they could have kept themselves awake by it. But that will weakened and this whole little company fell asleep. “Can you not watch with Me for an hour?” Christ was awake. He kneeled in Gethsemane. He says to the universe – because God, the All-Source, the Father, the Mother as God, who is already … They have already awakened in Him – He sends to the All-Source: “I am ready, I am awake and conscious. I … but my word gets wings.” He is lying there in Gethsemane and says to the boys, his children: “Why can you not watch with Me for an hour?” He did not have to say that, but He says something and that is understood, that is accepted. They get a fright, they hit themselves, Peter and John. They flog themselves, they weep, they beg: “My God, why did we not remain awake? Why could we not watch over ourselves?” They could have experienced the life of feeling, the becoming conscious, that wisdom anyway. Now they have lost it. They could have felt their Master; they could have seen God. They could have seen the All-Source in Gethsemane, could have experienced it, because He connected them with the All-Source. You know the drama. They go higher, they go further, and they come to Pilate. Christ challenges the world, mankind. He knows … (inaudible) by means of one word He can say: go from me, Satan. It is I who controls you and drives and inspires you. I am the All-Source, I am the Divine becoming conscious. In me every word gets the Divine birth. Go from Me! But He is love. He is harmony. He returns for the scandal that these mass.es possess, and among which these masses live. He knows: there are seven animal-like grades living; a few people in this world are only conscious, they are the highest conscious beings and can accept the feeling. Those who serve for Him, they come from the astral world, the human being who still has to experience these material systems, who still has to complete the cycle of the earth, that human being lives in darkness and violence. And then, when he comes to Caiaphas, when Pilate says: “I wash my hands in innocence …” Yes, you must do that once again for the Christ. I would want to dwell here for millions of years. But we will still go there, by means of the following session which we will experience together. Then I will let you shout and tremble as Pilate. But then finally, finally, as a result of His word, His soul, His spirit, His life, His love, you will also accept the truth, and say: I flatly refuse to act for Pilate any longer. You will now learn when you have to say the word ‘yes’ and the word ‘no’. You will finally start to learn when good is good and you represent evil yourself. You will finally then be able to say: ‘Yes, go and serve. We are one. I still have to master this wisdom, these thoughts.’ When we will soon stand before Pilate, then your human society will col.lapse, also that of Pilate. The higher child, the higher feeling and thinking as mother, the wife of Pilate says: “Do not violate this Life, I have seen a won.derful vision.” A letter, a word even now comes from this life, this beautiful feeling, this maternal authority. As the apostles were able to do that for their wives, anyone here who comes into contact with the Christ gets a message. Pilate is also warned: ‘Do not violate this Life. Man, do not violate. I have seen a wonderful vision.’ But this wretched, earthly thinking child washes his hands in innocence and says: “I do not want anything to do with mud and with goodness.” He washes himself in innocence; he should have taken part in this authority! He who represents the highest for that moment says: “Yes, I am that far.” Otherwise, hold your tongue, do not violate material tasks. He says: “I do not want anything to do with it”, but he does want the garment. Yes, he will soon climb Golgotha with on the left the sword and on the right the cross and want to represent the All-Source … Deception, Pilate! “Yes”, says the other child of the space, of Mother Earth, “I will go with you, Peter and John, I will go with you through the mud and the sludge. I am not afraid of losing my life.” But when a haze comes, then people run away, because people think that the stake is approaching. The betrayal of Jerusalem, the disintegration and the destruction which we experience and have to accept in Jerusalem, I will show you by means of the following session. And then I will place you before Pilate, before Gethse.mane. We will climb Golgotha. We accept the lashing, the crown of thorns. We are grateful that we may be beaten. And the people who follow Him are grateful that they can pull a thorn from His head by means of a pure thought. We will soon experience on Golgotha that you nail Him to the cross again as a result of every wrong thought, give him a crown of thorns again, and put the knife of your personality into his heart. We will experience that, we will see that, we will feel that. You will start to understand that. And it is only then that you will know that society and mankind live in the darkness, and everyone who elevates the wrong feelings belongs to that satanic. And finally afterterwards, the good has to show and will accept the Divine colours. Yes, you will go along, you will soon be crucified. You will devote yourself as a mother. You will no longer stand there shouting, crying, looking up weep.ing, because your child is hanging there. You will be nailed to the cross your.self. You want it, you are ready, because you know that you will awaken as a result of this. You are no longer afraid of cause and effect, you are not afraid of a wrong word. You are not afraid of being slandered by the neighbours, spat upon, that all lies behind you. You accept that with joy. The human being must first be beaten, if the human being wants to awaken. Christ drags his cross upwards. They are standing there. He lies down there. People nail the Divine Conscious Being to the cross. Nails go into his hands and – He feels that, He experiences that – through his feet. He is stuck, nailed to his own self. But the cross is mankind, the nails are the nasty remarks, they are the hatred, the jealousy, the destruction, the whore instinct of your society, which lets His life light bleed. You are that, that is mankind, and if you do not want anything to do with it, a wrong word will never pass your lips again. Then you will start to say like Peter and John: “My loved one”, as wife, as mother, “give me the notes of your heart.” And you will say: “What did you find out, what did you experience?” No Christmas bells are needed here. You do not need any life books that people have to write for your lives for this. All of that lives in your heart. You are part of the Divine Conscious. You let yourself be beaten, you let yourself be lashed you only say ‘yes’ when you feel and know that you possess that truth. And otherwise you just deny it and you bow your head and say: ‘I do not know.’ But you no longer go into anything. You now celebrate a Christ.mas, but a Golgotha at the same time. You become man, father and mother, you only look at your friends. And when you hope that they are also happy, you are grateful and a real tear appears in your eye. Or your day, your Christ.mas, your Golgotha, your space will mean nothing. What do you want? I must release you … we must release Christ. How I would have liked to remain standing here for months, years, centuries, but I assure you: the space hears me. ‘Beyond the coffin’ you will continue with the masters and we will take you back to this moment. Then you will see me, you will see yourself sitting here. Then we will undergo the crucifixion, but receive the Divine consciousness as a result of this. We experience and inspire the Divine birth for one law and one grade, for fatherhood and motherhood, in order to rep.resent the All, the All-Source as a result of which we originated. If you absorb this for a moment into your heart and look to the right of the Christ, you are for just a few seconds, hanging yourself on the cross. And then listen to the murderer on the right and the other one on the left and feel today, feel in the minutes, the moments which now come, to whom you belong. Or you have the Christ of need, or that you still let it pass your lips: ‘I want nothing to do with You, I will take care of myself.’ But the other one says: “Admit me into your paradise. I bow, I bow, because you are the Messiah.” Let every thought today, and in the weeks to come, interpret the Messiah. Make of every thought a walk through the fields, through the dessert. Isolate yourself in meditation, experience the silence of your inner soul, your life, your spirit, your personality, and never talk nonsense again. Never make something bad, because everything has meaning and is true; sins were not created. When I send you away today, then I do that under the authority of the masters. Remember that and absorb this into you for eternity, because you will possess happiness, life wisdom ‘beyond the coffin’. Never talk anger again about the life of God, do not hate him. Never feel like the beaten one, never say: that human being does that, and I … What are you? You are now the destruction, I taught you by means of the sessions, by means of this unity. Let the silence of your soul, the quietness, the honest feeling and thinking pass over your lips. Even if you torture your.self to death, even if it is agony there inside, because the lock gates of your personality want to open in order to say those ugly things. First murder what lives in you and can sully you, if you want to enter Gethsemane, want to enter Golgotha, if you want to get to know and to accept and to experience His life. Human being, become a human being! In 1947, my sisters and brothers, the masters left you behind in paradise, in Gethsemane. I assume this morning … Then I said: ‘You pulled the Divine children roughly from the bottom.’ We left you behind in paradise, in Geth.semane, and could sit down. Word after word I gave flowers, bouquets from the space. I assume that you have built up the paradise, the Gethsemane for yourself, for your fatherhood, your motherhood, for your children, for the Messiah again. Yes … for this humanity. I thank you for the colours, for the flowers, for these children. I thank you that your hearts were opened and that you wanted to listen to me so kindly. The blessing of Christ, the blessing of the masters. Really, become father, become mothers, but above everything: become the child of the Messiah. It is only then that you will experience a blissful, enthusiastic, harmonic Christmas. The heavens are with you. I thank you. The bible begins with an untruth Good morning, my sisters and brothers. We have come this morning as far as “The bible begins with an untruth.” Is that true? Yes, but why? Do not get a fright; I am not taking anything away from you. On the contrary, you will receive something! As a result of the journeys which we made together to the Divine All – you perceived that – it must now be clear to you that we must return to the earth in order to start to think for yourself, for the world, mankind. I will therefore take you back to the moment that we – when we were released from the earth – started to think, to feel for the child of the earth and started to love that child. We made a journey through the space. We went from the moon to the other planets. We came to the earth and completed our cycle of the earth. You know that! The masters brought you books, but there were no books during that time. During that time, in which we now live, there were only people, and the earth. There was no faith, no feeling, there was only ani.mal-like attunement. The human being was busy thinking for society, how he could build up an own life. The human being made a family, there were fathers and mothers, and children. People did not yet know anything about this which you now possess. And God lived in everything! Christ was not yet known, the bible would still be written. And in that time we now begin to think and to feel. There is only life. The earth is there, the nature; there is no more. No art, nothing of what you now possess in your society, lived during that time. All of that still had to be born. The human being knew nothing about Gethse.mane, no Golgotha, no Father, no God, no All-Source, nothing about sun, moon and stars. The metaphysical teaching was still to emerge. There were no temples. Yes, people began during that time to release themselves from the jungle. Compare that life then with what you now possess, what you feel, what you got to know and what was accomplished during those centuries. We will soon return from the jungle, from that time to your own society. And then we will be faced with this wonderful reality. And then you will see and you will determine for yourself what the consciousness of this present mankind is like. We must go back millions of years, millions of ages, before we experi.ence this thinking and feeling again. You go back that far, until you are free from your society, the possession of the human being. Did the possession of this world make you happy? It has only brought chaos, brutalization, hatred, conflict, destruction, and injustices. Thousands of problems mounted up; the human being cannot go forward or backwards. And that now lives in the twentieth century. We must go back millions of years in order to determine, to see, to experience how that human being built himself up. We received the vision by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ how the human being released himself from the universe. By means of the planet system he continued step-by-step and he could master that wisdom, as a result of fatherhood and motherhood. When those first people arrived at the Other Side in the astral world, they could determine that the inner life was an astral personality. They could think; they stood on their own two feet. They looked back at the earth, and they saw the material. They could make themselves one with those people. They also descended into them and now experienced again – from that world – the material systems, the human organism. Is this so strange? They asked of course: “Where is the sun?” Finally … the first ones start.ed to think. They lie down there, millions of people, searching, shouting: “Help, help, help me! Where are my parents! Where are my children? Yes, I was sick, I was not well.” One person was torn apart by a wild animal, another experienced his dy.ing process, another being released from the material systems in a normal, natural way. But they started to ask: “Why do we now live in a world where there is no more light?” Those people must build up the light. The light, strengthened, consolidated, given foundations by means of a deed, brought them to higher thinking and feeling. As a result of the deeds that they did, the human being was first broken. They descended into those lives, for the human being was amenable. The human being had attunement, one to the other. They became hungry and thirsty and wanted to quench their hunger and thirst. And of course these beings reached a natural unity again. And what do we now experience? What do you now experience? What you now determine has become your psychology. Your houses, your men-tal institutions are still full of people who experience that unity. One, for himself, feels psychopathic, another life is complete, directly and naturally, possessed to the full hundred percent. Do people also speak nonsense now? Yes, people speak … those people speak about things which actually do not possess any mentality, or consciousness. And when people descend into those beings, people enter a world that we do not know. If the human being had not absorbed so much of society, which you now know – I once explained that to you – then there would have been no religious maniacs. The dogmatic systems broke the human being, the human self, the inner self, the person.ality. The human being started talking nonsense. The human being released himself from his own stage, his grip, the conscious mentality in which he lived, the laws for organism, soul, spirit and inner life, because he started to search, wanted to go higher than he possessed in power, consciousness and feeling. You will soon get these images again and then we will determine what the mentality, what the consciousness, what the thinking is in this present stage. And then we will be faced with your university, with your ac.ademic as a minister and clergyman, Protestantism, Catholicism. Yes, then we will determine, irrevocably, that millions of people are still attached to a dogma and do not know the laws of God. We do not take anything away from these people; on the contrary, we take these people back to God, to nature, to life and death, to fatherhood and motherhood, to soul, life and spirit! We look at how the human being started to think ‘beyond the coffin’, when he entered his astral life and personality. As a result of the image which you received in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, the book of Master Alcar, the book of Christ, the book of the space, of the masters, of your fatherhood and motherhood, you received an image … you experienced ages and were able to determine how that darkness originated. The human being lived in darkness. There was darkness, there was light, there was a sun and there was a night. But there was an astral world for the soul, an unconscious world, because that world attuned itself to the inner being. As the human being developed, that world would expand, and light would come. A hell – what you now call a hell – does not exist; there is only unconsciousness. The darkness, the hell is unconsciousness for the human being. The human being does not know that world. The human being does not know his personality, not the attunement, not the space, not the world for his soul and his spirit. And that is all; there is no more. But those are the fundamental laws on which we stand, which were created by the universe, by the All-Source. And now we get to see God! God was able to manifest himself as the Lord! You could have called him ‘Papa’! You could have given Him a name as ‘Wayti’, Mohammed, Allah, Ra, Ré, Amon-Ré. Why did such words come into being, did the human being invent so many words in order to repre.sent the God of all life? Is only the Lord, the God of all life capable for the European consciousness and inner life of taking you to the heavens, to his consciousness and character, his personality, his light, life, love and father.hood? Does the child from the East not come back to the All-Source and do you alone, by means of your dogmatic theories, have the right to call yourself human being and child of the All-Source, of God? Nonsense! Is this harsh? God is a Father of love, He does not damn! We kick damnation to bits. The Grim Reaper will perish, there is no death! ‘Yes’, we will soon write in the books of Jeus, ‘we will knock his crown from his head!’ And you do that by means of the laws! Not by means of words, but by means of the laws, because ‘beyond the coffin’ you will live and see, you will get ‘wings’ one day. And then the human being will bow down to the most sacred in him, the awakening, the activating, the inspiring, the feeling and thinking in order to be able to go higher. So the human being who had completed the cycle of the earth wondered: “Where am I going now?” And the first one was there, with a wonderful feeling, a sensitivity, with other antennae, who wondered: “We will continue. We will release ourselves from this situation. Let us just remove ourselves from this sphere and determine whether there is an actual end.” And then they went on their way. Those were the first people who had ab.sorbed and had completed the cycle of the earth, the material organism, the laws for the earth as planet. It cannot be any clearer. They had nothing else to do than get to know themselves. They are thirsty, and they are hungry. They crawl into a human being, descend into him. The thoughts of the human being – also hunger, also thirst – attract that inner life. They are one, they go to sleep again, they feel the organism; the auras, the life aura sucks itself together. They come higher and higher, they go through the solar system, the feeling centre, feel the heartbeat, the blood circulation, the nervous system. Finally they come back to the day-consciousness. They look through the windows of this castle. They start to see: “Really, I am living on earth again, I have a new body again, this is material”. They start to feel around, they feel that something has happened which contains this space, but also themselves. And now dramas happen, problems charge at the life. All of this humani.ty, mankind still lives in the jungle, has only food and drink, is covered with a hide of a wild animal, protects itself from some cold, against the heat … but is insane. Every grade on earth which lives here – there are seven grades of rising, awakening – is possessed by the own attunement, which has therefore left the earth and now returns in order to take possession of those people. Because there is nothing else, because they ask for light, life and work. What would you have done differently? Did those people have time to scratch away at a violin, did they have time, did they have the conscious.ness, and did they have the feeling to recite a poem, in order to make a Rembrandt, a Titian for you? Did they have the powers and the forces and the feeling, the consciousness, did they possess that personality in order to interpret Beethoven, Bach and Mozart? That was still to come, that was not there yet! And now … there was only possession on earth, insanity, the unity of the astral being and the material being. The human being who is hungry and thirsty, the human being who looks for awakening, for light, because the sun has been denied to him. There is no more, and that is the complete whole of mankind, this is the consciousness of the masses. Millions of people know nothing about any God, any Christ, any space, any sun, any moon, any sci.ence, any psychology, nothing, nothing at all. That is everything! That is the only foundation that mankind knows and which lives in the space! And there is a God, an All-Source has come into existence. The first haz.es – I showed you that, I explained that to you, we were one with that, I brought you to those systems – sent out an aura. And that aura started to condense itself, the universe came into being. That aura, those laws of life ripped apart like a golden light. The planets began, the moon began, and embryonic life appeared. One after the other, stars and hazes, in condensed material form. And then the people came to the earth. The planet earth is ready as the child of sun and moon and can continue the life. We live in a dark world, we have no light. We return to the earth and when we have experienced those people there, felt and thought that we can only just eat and drink, can satisfy ourselves. Yes, we do much more, we experi.ence unity. We start to feel that something comes into being in that mother where we are. A child is born and we ourselves stand right in front of it. Now we start to ask ourselves: “What will happen to us?” These are the laws! In an instant these people were ready to start to think, to start to feel: ‘Where do I live?’ You must experience that, you must be able to sense that, it is only then that the new awakening comes. They started to finish one sentence, they started to finish one thought, they experienced that thought. They experi.enced not only the organism – a hand, a foot, a leg, they felt about, they felt the heartbeat – but they were one with the life, with the soul, with the spirit. And by means of their personality they got a grip with the consciousness of the earth and the life there to which they belonged. Now they started to think. I told you a moment ago: the few people who were ready, said: “Come on, let us go, we will see how far, how deep this world is.” And they released themselves from the masses. “We will return soon.” One of them feels as it were where he will go. They float through the space. They are already ten, twenty years on their way, according to the earth, ac.cording to your time, and there will not be any end. They remain in the darkness, they go upwards and they go downwards. They feel that condens.ing comes and when they start to see that condensing, then they are in the middle of the earth. They start to see, they start to look: “But my God, good heavens!” They could not even form and materialize those words. You must remove yourself completely from your time, your feeling and thinking, if you want to experience those beings, if you want to experience how society was built up. And it is only then that it becomes the possession of yourself, you get new foundations. And those people laid new foundations for themselves because they went on a journey, because they started to explore, because they started to see, started to feel that there is more living between heaven and earth than they had got to know in their material existence. For centuries and centuries they are on their way. Centuries and centuries – do you hear it? – they go on their way and they are still on the earth. They finally go higher, they have got to know the earth. They saw other tribes, oth.er people. “Look there!” Did you think that there and there and everywhere where they come, that people live there? Those people are different, those people have a different colour. Yes indeed, those laws are still present, you still know black, white and brown. Those phenomena also appeared during that time. Those people were busy. The earth built on the human organism. The sun got power. The life can begin. They determined grades, grades which they only later learned to see, be.cause the grip which they themselves were and was placed in their hands by the God of all life, but whom they still did not know. One says: “I believe that here a power is present which thinks, a power that knows everything and as a result of which we came into existence. Come on, let us release ourselves from the earth, let us release ourselves from this!” Because they had no understanding of the earth, can you feel this? Every word which you know in your dictionary, by means of your dictionary, they knew nothing about that. They had nothing but themselves and their feeling in order to go, in order to explore, in order to long to get to know that to which they belonged. And now they go through the space. They return, they reach unity with planets, with sun, moon and stars. The moon is still working, the moon supplies and finishes her life. They see the fish stage and they see the first beginning. They go back deeper, until that dissolves again too. They can follow that, because one law, one grade after the other is like a thread that connects them, and they can determine the movements, the condensings, the expansion laws. They enter an empty world again and now come to stand before the All-Source. Before the All-Source … Darkness comes again, because the crea.tions were still to begin. And now they ask questions. “What can you feel?” “What can I feel? From all of this everything originated, we were born! Because look there, there … everywhere you see weak hazes, weak thoughts. And those thoughts start to condense, those thoughts are fatherhood, moth.erhood, light, life and love.” But what do they know about love? Yes, they felt and experienced that law to a certain extent, when they were still with their own ones, with their children, with their fathers and mothers. When they were one and experienced that possession for the material, for soul and spirit. Here we can … here we do not need to remain standing still; you know the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’. They returned. They returned to the others, who still lay there and asked: “What did you discover?” “We discovered that we live in a space. There is actually no end, but an end comes when you have experienced this. And behind your death – when this dies – then you continue. Because it is you, the thinking power in this, who determines the life. Who says: ‘I am light, I am life, I am space. I am father here and mother here, but soon I will triumph over everything.” Those people, my sisters and brothers, were the first ones who had com.pleted their cycle of the earth. They started to serve those people, they gave them beautiful thoughts: build up something else. They started to feel be.cause they absorbed those laws into themselves, because they could distin.guish the light and the darkness, and gave them some fire. They started to see how those elemental laws reached condensing and could give those people a short and small technology, a wonder. And then, at that moment, fire origi.nated. They rubbed some stones together – you have, you know those things – and then continued. Millions were busy inspiring those people, in order to already bring those people to development. There were millions who in that grade … Only the highest grade wanted expansion, wanted awakening. The first, second, third, fourth, fifth and the sixth, those grades were still busy experiencing the material organism. They experienced insanity, fatherhood and motherhood, the unity with the material. The other people continued, they started to serve, and because they took a deed to the height, to the space, gave inspiration and rareness – can you feel? – rareness, feeling, in harmony with the world in which they lived, expansion came, more light came. And finally, after millions of years, millions of ages – understand this well – they could determine and they could say: “We have reached the first grade for the light, for the harmony, the reality as all of this originated.” And that is now the first sphere, that is now the first harmony, that is justice, that is love, that is fatherhood and motherhood. That is the unity with the metaphysical law, the harmony for the space, as he, like that mother – or whatever it is – created all of this and provided it with his soul, her life, her fatherhood, her motherhood, her justice, her harmonic laws, going forward in this way in order to enter that where the Divine All is finally experienced! Can you already feel, can you now understand how simple everything ac.tually becomes? And there is still not a God and there is still not a Lord, not a Christ, not a bible, nothing, nothing, nothing. We already live in the first sphere, we are more in harmony with the reality, with the deed, the thought. We can already take our leave of there and enter the society of the now. But we do not do that, because we will also first lay foundations and determine where we started to think in order to write that bible, so that the human being would receive a faith. Because it is still a wild mess on earth, only evil, lust, violence, destruction lives there. One wants more than the other; the strong one conquers. There is no knowledge, consciousness, only power triumphs over everything. The great ones, the giants, the powerful ones in feeling, it is they who act king and emperor, which the other one will later do and will cover himself with a wonderful garment. What the human being here still possesses on earth is a desert, is an emptiness, inwardly. Yes indeed, Mother Nature continues. There are flowers, there are animal species, there is everything, not yet in the shape as you experience that in your time, in your own life. There is everything there, but what there is not, that still has to come, and will and can take this humanity back to the God of all life. And these people will make sure of that. When they have reached the first sphere, of course they reach thinking and feeling and understanding. The first ones say: “Can you now feel what the earth, what those people there, our fathers and mothers need?” They experienced law after law, they determined fatherhood and moth.erhood, and they connected themselves completely with the world of the unconscious. Yes, they entered there and came to the spark stage, the cell consciousness, and descended with those cells into the mother, they experi.enced that transition. Between the third and the fourth month they could continue, they could become released, they were released, they became free and had to accept: really, the human being returns to the earth, there is reincarnation. “No”, they said – reincarnation; that word still had to come – “you can return, you can return and as a result of this returning we will continue.” That was already wisdom for millions of years ago. Those people could not yet tell you, people could not give it on earth, because when they started to speak and when they started to inspire the people, people did not hear them. They had to be completely one with the material being, with this inner life, but then the earth took the material away again. The human being lived here, had a grip here, felt some of that invisible and the human being saw nothing. Yes, there were already a few who felt: “What is living around me anyway? Where am I? I can hear speaking.” They were the sensitive people, those were the Paul’s, who will soon come, already the prophets. Because you will feel, the development continues. Not only for the material bodies, not only for that society which is coming, which is being built. But the masters there – they are already conscious beings, who can already call themselves master – say: “If we bring ourselves into harmony in order to serve those peo.ple, in order to take the life on earth, in that space there to the development, then you must long, then you must become it, you will receive that birth.” And now people are born who have reached the first sphere? No, the hu.man being from the Land of Twilight, just under that, who already sees the light, who perceive the light already and absorbs it in him, those people start to long. Those people can drive, inspire, can speak, have a higher intuition, are inspired in a mental and rarefied way. The human being in the first sphere is free from lust and violence, from disintegration and destruction and in.justices. The human being under the first sphere, who is not yet that far, but who is ready to take himself to the awakening, people need those people in order to inspire the human being in the material. And those people, feel, they can ask: “What is living here? Is there more? But I see something, but I feel something, I look through here.” Yes, they see there that mist, a dusky world, it is everywhere. They see themselves from the material. They return to the moment when they were astral-spiritual there. There is no difference, only a small foundation has been laid, a certainty too, which now has to adjust to the material laws, which must absorb the material truth, because it belongs to the organic life. The other people continue and when the second, the third and the fourth sphere – can you feel that – has been conquered as a space, when that space has been taken possession of, only just by thinking, by feeling, by doing good and experiencing the harmony … there is now no longer a wrong thought in the human being. There is no talking there, no gossiping, no tattling. They are open and conscious there. They know: one wrong thought already takes us back to those material beings, we do not want that, we want to go further, higher. One wrong thought slams them against the earth, and can mean a suicide, a murder, can be the destruction of the child in the mother. One wrong thought – they already know now – brings us back to the darkness. They stand with both feet on the ground, and that ground is luminous, conscious. That bottom is loving, is harmony, is justice; it is they themselves. They have been able to master that wisdom up until now, but they still have to go further, because they have not nearly returned to the Divine All, to the All-Source. And now you can accept me, you can soon see, we will show you the laws and then explain them, one for one. Then the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and finally the very highest for this space came into being and the first people entered the seventh sphere in life after death. Then they saw silvery golden light, they returned from there to the space. But how did that world origi.nate? How did the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth … yes, how did the seventh sphere come into being? They could experience seven grades. Every grade was inspired, every thought got satisfaction, becoming conscious, life, soul, motherhood, father.hood. They had to elevate every thought, every feeling – and you possess millions of them, remember those which you send out in one second, you think about world parts in only one second. Now that thought got more feeling, more love, more harmony, more justice, more pure fatherhood and motherhood. They started to expand that organism, that organism got a form. Every tissue was inspired by the rarefied, pure, universal sound, as a result of which the universe, as a result of which all this life originated. They started to see consciously that every thought became a world, is and has to represent a space. Every thought got more feeling, more motherhood, more fatherhood and harmony. Every thought could take them to the first, the second, or third sphere. More power, more inspiration for the second, for the third, for the fourth, for the sixth, the seventh sphere. More intensity, more consciousness, more feeling, more purity, state of purity. Because the life started to reveal itself to their lives, they could experience and determine those laws. And those were the foundations, can you feel that? When the seventh sphere had been reached, therefore, by means of the thinking, by means of the acting, by means of feeling, by means of father.hood and motherhood, everything in the universe. As that harmony was experienced in Mother Nature, the human being came further and higher. There was no God, no Christ, no bible, and no art. Yes, in the first sphere people already knew that a piece of wood could make a noise, because when their inner strings were tuned, attuned, their life of feeling was attuned to a flower, they heard wonderful spatial singing, because now the life started to speak. They experienced a universal harp. The life strummed on the inner, that infinite system in them, the solar plexus, which connected them with material, soul and spirit, as a result of which every word got form and then a spatial, universal timbre. And the first human being heard a song, a piece of music, which then would later be interpreted on earth for centuries and centuries, millions of years later by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, as children from that world. Then a Rembrandt came, then a Titian came, then the other people came. Then wisdom came, then the feeling came, the analysing of the space. Yes, later faith also came. First the faith, first the feeling and thinking, because the masters, the people there, your fathers and mothers who had entered that seventh sphere, said: “We must start to work there. What do those people need? How can we make those wild masses afraid? How can we connect those masses to the space, to God? Is there a power which we can bind together, can encircle by a small, short word, so that those masses will start to feel that there is more? Can we not make those masses afraid by means of something that they would like to possess? Yes indeed, we will beat those masses, we must reach those masses, we will receive, we will achieve nothing with gentle violence!” And then the first human being in the seventh sphere said, those masters: “Just hit them, just batter them to pulp, just hang them, just destroy them, just burn them at the stake, just beat them to death, millions of people; oth.erwise you will not come a step further!” They tried to descend into those people in order to feed those people; but they do not come any further. What must we do? What must we do in order to bring, to take, to inspire those wild ‘beasts’ there to the higher awakening? What must we do in order to release those people from that society, from the jungle, to release them from that wild carry-on and to bring it to where we live? By means of some talks, some gossip? Just talk, just sing, and just shout: “We are here, can you not hear us? We are here!” The human being simply walks through these invisible lives. The human being does not say: go away, I am here. No, people do not see those beings. These lives are invisible. The inner eye has not yet awakened, the clairvoyant has not yet come into existence. And yet people live there. People have sorrow, people have feeling: we must bring this mankind to awakening. “But they must know that we live! ‘Beyond the coffin’ there is no death. We feel universally deep! All of this belongs to us, I am actually already like this All-Source!” Every human being, the man, the mother felt that. They can give birth to children, they can get contact with those masses, but what can we achieve? Nothing, nothing, nothing! Then the master, the ‘angels’, the universal, spiritual authority and that becoming conscious reach unity. They sit together and analyse for themselves how to bring that connection to earth. How should the human being have thought during that time? What should those masters, what should those fathers and those mothers of ours have done in order to elevate those lives on earth in that unconsciousness and to give those people the feeling that there is an All-Power, a piece of life, a power which thinks, which feels, which in.spires, which is father and mother, which gives us everything, which is light and darkness? How do we reach that source? How can we take those people to the inspiration, to the knowledge? Again they go and they must return to the earth in order to try it again, because they know: they attach the people to untruth, lies and deception, because the reality still cannot be experienced or accepted. What now? Just try it again! Certainly thousands of times, hours and hours, days and months – accord.ing to your time – it was thought, felt and spoken about this development, about this contact, in order to elevate the human being, to take to the inner God, because they are inner, spiritual Gods. To there … They know exactly that they can go further, will awaken grade after grade, because they know: as a result of my thinking, as a result of my feeling, as a result of my deed I brought light into that space. Light, light, light … there, there, everywhere. As a result of every thought they bring light, because they are part of that space, because every thought came from the All-Source and that All-Source did nothing else. That manifesting of that All-Source – they do not yet have a name for it – that power, that working did nothing else than they now do. And that now lies in the hands of the human being! That will soon be clear to you. Then you will feel the power of your society, then you will feel the consciousness of the millions on earth. Then you cannot say: my God, my God, how far we are. But in addition you are as poor as a church mouse, be.cause you, those masses then, the theologian, the millions who are attached to the dogmatic theories, still have to accept the darkness, because for them there is still someone above here or in the universe who damns! And we kick that thought to pieces! We knock that thought the own crown from the head, because that does not exist. These millions can experience and have to determine that, they had to accept that! It is not working, it is not working on earth. Those millions cannot be reached; you can descend into them, you can speak and drink into them. You can push up those feelings, but there are thousands of characteristics there, qualities – they are walls – which you must conquer. And then also: when you reach one human being – therefore the human being in the sev.enth grade for feeling and thinking on earth in the material, in the human organism – then you are faced with millions of other people and you cannot reach them. “How must we begin? What must we do?” The decision comes, there is just one possibility: one of us has to go back! “One of us has to go to the earth, to that planet, in order to build up a core and from that core we will have to conquer mankind, all those millions of people.” And now the masters descend to the Land of Twilight. Because I told you: the first sphere is not capable of that, those people know, they no longer live in untruth, in gossip, in deception; that feeling is no longer present. They are in harmony with nature, they speak with the space and with the light. They can only serve, work, give their power, their inspiration, their feeling to everything, but not for the destruction, not for nonsense, not for and by means of that life which lives under this, then they are powerless. Be.cause they know: they return to the ignorance and are now empty of feeling. Therefore the human machine will not be stopped from working. That hu.man machine can only work when that machine, when those tissues, when those systems are in harmony with the infinite, with the universe, with soul, spirit and material. Of course there are people who are ready in the Land of Twilight. There are people there who ask, who beg: “But why can I not return? My father lies there, my mother lies there. They do not know me!” And one of them is fa.ther – the first father – Abraham. This is now Abraham who asks, who begs: “Let me return, give me a new body, I will elevate those masses. I have life, I have inspiration, I have light, I have everything and people know nothing there. My father lies there; you should see them, you should see my mother, you should see my brothers, my sisters. My God, I stand in that, I live in them; can you not hear me?” No, you are not heard. We do not need your ‘hear’. Those lives go naked swaying through the material, have their food and their drink, their reckless.ness, their fairground, their pleasure. Yes, what kind of pleasure at that time? Nothing, nothing, nothing! They had life, they could be one with Mother Nature. They went bathing, they went swimming, and they went hunting. There was no more to it. There was no more to it. They could not deal with or experience anything either. Then this human being started to long, a man, a creating power. He ele.vates himself, he enters a dusky situation. He hears speaking, he hears ‘think.ing and feeling’, and in this silence he hears: “Can you hear me? I am the Lord. Return to there and release your father and mother from this darkness. I will give you the feeling in order to bind these masses, to unite them as one to me. I am a Master.” But this Master calls himself Lord and Master of everything. ‘Really, I am the Lord, I am the feeling, I am light, I am life, I am love’, people did not need to tell this to Abraham, because this child would not have believed that, not have felt that! What did Abraham know there about the second, about the third, about the fourth or about the fifth, about the sixth, about the seventh sphere? Meanwhile, times had passed again. The first masters freed themselves and become free; in harmony with the mental areas, and are born, reach working. New people, new firmaments, universal theories, attunements as a planetary system are ready. The fourth cosmic grade looks after them, there a birth is experienced for higher expansion, inspiring and giving, fatherhood and motherhood. Here on earth awakening comes, because the first human being in the Land of Twilight asks: “How can I take my father and mother to the spiritual becoming conscious, in which I live, to which I belong and to which I got attunement?” Can it be clearer? No! This human being is born, this human being awakens. This human being starts to think, he gets married. And this now, my brothers and sisters, when this child grows up with a mother who still does not know anything, who had no feeling of this child, but felt in her: something lives there, what is that? Those words cannot yet be interpreted, people still had no psychology; people did not know the soul, the life of feeling. A source of expansion has entered her. This life is awakened, of course, kept awake through the masters. With this feeling this child will awaken; and it will be called father Abraham. Abraham comes to earth. The House of Israel gets a fundamental base, the first steps are laid, and the first feelings have come. The child Abraham waltzes, jumps and dances over the earth and has a mission to complete. This first child from the Land of Twilight, from the life after death returns and says: “Yes …” When it is seven, when it is eight, when it is nine years old, the mother already feels: what is there in that child? This child is different. And then the feeling reaches awakening: unity. The first foundations have been laid. There is nothing written in the bible about the first thinking and feeling of father Abraham, because people are no longer able to pick up those feelings. People later only just adjusted this first thinking and feeling to the thoughts of the human being who would be a bible writer, who would join these po.ems, these stories together and would make a start with them. This is the drama of mankind, this is the beginning and the origin of the House of Israel. Abraham gets married, children come. There come … Abraham, Isaac and Jacob come, the House manifests itself, it expands. One life passes on, the other comes back. The stories spread, the Lord speaks. The first wisdom is received, experienced, sent out and accepted. Twenty-four, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, just carry on, thirty-five, sixty-four people believe of this human being that there is a life ‘beyond the coffin’? No, they believe that a Lord ex.ists who created everything. And: ‘Do not do that, or you will be lost’, and: ‘Do not go there, because the Lord says …’ And now word after word reaches awakening, good stories come. The nursery class for the bible has come into existence. The nursery class, which is called mankind, sits down there and has to accept the first words. Trillions, millions of people live on earth, but they are not yet ready. There a core was laid. And now you can soon accept and now you can experience – when we make contact with your time – that you are now the first-borns for the House of Israel at cosmic experience, cos.mic feeling, and cosmic attunement! But there the first steps had to be laid, there the beginning is accepted, there the first thinking, the first contact is accepted with the astral world, which is a master, which is the Lord. He will give what he knows himself and was able to master for himself. In this way the first thought, in this way the House of Israel – Israel, which means awak.ening, spiritual becoming conscious – came into existence and was born. The masters see that it is going well. But centuries and centuries are needed in order to keep this small bunch of feeling, these few souls, these human children together. Gradually the other life also comes, because people speak about happiness, people speak about the space, people speak about darkness and light, about hells. “Do not do wrong, because you will succumb if you do wrong.” After all, they were able to experience that. And now you must see how that bible now truly and universally absorbs and passes on and anal.yses and records the sacred, spiritual truth of the astral personality. “Do not commit sins, because you will experience a darkness. Do not do that, because you will burn eternally, you will destroy yourself for eternity.” Yes, does the human being perish for ages, when the human being commits a sin, does wrong? The human being, the life awakens. The first lectures have started. In one incredible trivial, nursery class, truths were interpreted here and accepted. But the human being from the space and ‘beyond the coffin’ knows what he is doing. He makes them afraid: “You will not do that!” When you steal and cheat – they experienced that, after all – they descended again into the sludge, into the mud, into the lust for the material life. “Lust and violence, robbing of another conscious, raping a mother takes you to another rape, and you will live there and burn for eternity.” Yes, from inside! They did not talk about it being fire! The human being himself added that later, because then it gets even better! Then they are attached even more strongly to that misery. Then they are riveted to the Divine chain! Then they can no longer stir a muscle? None of that: “You will be there and burn, if you do not obey the laws of the Lord.” In this way life on earth was destroyed, attached to a truth, to a spiritual truth, which later – because the human being, the bible writer, did not yet understand the spiritual laws – were materialized and spoiled, messed up, sullied! They did not know any better! Just beat up these beings. Yes, they now live in the third and fourth sphere, these pathetic people, because they will be riveted to the earth until the last child is free from damnation and eternal burning! And it is only then that they can accept and move their spiritual step. Or do you not believe this ‘nonsense’ as justices? The human being records the material life from the astral world. The storm comes thundering and it strikes the human heart as violently as lightning and it feels groaning and moaning. The fear comes, thank God; the human being on earth gets a fear of doing wrong. And this is the most wonderful foundation for many, many centuries! Here people are laying foundations by means of the strap, by means of the lash, by means of a piece of steel? No, by means of thoughts which comprise spaces! By means of the word which connects the human being with truths which he can see with his own eyes, which he can feel, can finger, because he knows: the Lord will deform me! And you can accept what now comes about: one deed is raised up, you still do that; when the human being says something about another person, then it is a world event in two week’s time. You still deform every moment every Divine, pure, natural word, every thought! You kick it, you kick it into the space and over the earth. You do not know where the first thought origi.nated that brought about the damnation, the disintegration, the gossip, the nonsense, the destruction, the rape of a human being, of all the good in the space! You no longer know that. This is why during this time the universal conscious is fighting with regard to gossip, nonsense and destruction, be.cause that is demonic and satanic fire, which spreads itself over the earth and through the space. André says, after all: “Just commit a murder, but do not talk any evil, any bad thoughts about a human being.” The other human being takes over, the other human being takes it to the darkness. No, it goes through society. Soon … yes, later by means of the following sessions you will experience that society is beaten destructively by your nonsense, by your damnation, by your destruction. By the God who damns and has built up a hell system, you will be beaten, until you finally no longer know whether you must go forward, left or right. You are as blind as a bat, poor in feeling; that belongs to this society and is still your own time. But they must do it, they cannot do any differently. One human being helps them by elevating the other life and making that life afraid, because the human being now feels strong. The mother says to the child: “And if you do not leave that, then I will call the Lord.” And the child says to the other life, the sister, the brother: “Leave that, because the Lord is watching.” And now it happens of its own accord. The human being is inspired, inspiration was born, feeling, development, awakening! One takes over what the other life reads out, expands, and looks at. Inspirations come about, inspirations are born. It becomes more and more beautiful, every day. The masters can be satisfied. The masses, this mankind, millions of fellows and children, sisters and brothers become afraid, more is not needed. The respect is there. There is a Lord there in the space, a power, a force, an in.spiration that knows everything, who can let you be damned, and who can deform you. Yes, that power is leering at you, it is in light and in darkness, it stands before you and behind you, left and right, above and below; it comes from the earth. “Can you not hear it crackling there in the space? That is the thunder and the lightning, but that is the Lord! Did you perhaps do wrong? Did you cheat deeply? Why do you go stealing then, why do you go and destroy that life? Why did you rape that woman? Why did you murder that little sister, why did you not grant another life on earth? Why do you wish to damn yourself and take yourself to that eternal fire inside?” The human being sees the hell, the human being sees the stake, but it is the fire here in you, the unconscious thoughts. Those bitchy, those cursed feelings which only see evil and destruction. That is that dark satanic burn.ing hell to which these people belong and to which they have attunement. That is now Abraham, that is Isaac, that is the House of Israel! And if we now continue, just for a moment, then they begin to think and to feel. People find it worthwhile to take in and record those stories, that feeling which the Lord says here. And now we get to see the first novellas, the first pages of the bible and it says: the Lord said such and such. But that was a beginning! A clever child comes to the earth. One thinks and feels sharper than the other life and says: “We have a day, we have a day again, we have a day again, the moon … there is light and darkness. How must we learn to think, how must we describe this?” Five of them, seven of them come together; they sit … they sit together, these Jehovah children. These are now the Jehovahs. They start to analyse what they do not yet know, but from there they are inspired. Just let them write, if they just write, if they just feel, if they just pass on what we know. And even if that is awkward and narrow-minded, even if it is no good and even if it is in conflict with the Divine, the spatial, spiritual, loving, mater.nal and paternal truth from that life, just let them write, just let them feel. Just let them crash and be afraid, as long as the human being just awakens, as long as the human being just gets feeling, as long as the human being just starts to feel: there is more in the space that we do not know. There is a Father who can make us afraid and a Father who elevates us. When we do good, then we may sit at his table, on his right hand and we eat gruel with good sugar, the gold spoons are produced. Yes, this nursery class, these first children accept everything and are pleased that they can finally let go of the earthly, material authority. They receive happiness and bliss, because they start to know that that demon there does not have everything to say, but that the Lord is there who will beat him and he will soon experience his darkness. That is accepted, that is experienced, these children absorb that and it is the present stage! Millions of years have now passed when the first phenomena, the first novellas came. They spread themselves among the people, they lay in the human heart. When the first people came, those people were born for the set-up in order to begin the bible. Children come from the Land of Twi.light again and just have the feeling: if I could just tie those people to that, if I could just convince those people of that. Everything comes from one source, everything must come from the source of truth, of benevolence, of light and of life, of knowledge. Everything came from the Land of Twilight directly into contact with the first sphere, with the first heavens, with the first wisdom, the truth, the harmony, the pure fatherhood and motherhood, becoming conscious, awakening and justice. The first thoughts come from there and will take place in harmony, get images and lay foundations. They will build up contact in order to describe this one day. And when these people now start to sit down and absorb those feelings of the Lord, of Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob – a while later Moses comes, he will do it even better – then that has already been recorded as a result of which the very first feeling was not lost. But it tallies with everything, it is in harmony with the truth ‘beyond the coffin’; but it has been materialized. What is spiritual burning as feeling in the human being, is the fire in the darkness. What becomes the deforming by means of the wrong, as a result of a rape, as a result of the sullying of the human being and the life on earth, for motherhood and fatherhood, becomes for the bible, becomes for that material child the eternal deforming of himself with regard to the Lord, with regard to those laws, with regard to everything which thinks there, as through which they were born. The heavens and the darkness, which is unconsciousness in this human being, becomes a hell with a burning fire in it. Wisdom becomes fear, the opposite image for the awakening becomes destruction there. You see it now, destruction and awakening, lust and love, hatred and development, injustice and justice, lies and deception and cordi.ality and benevolence stand opposite each other and become the first foun.dations where the universal and the masters from the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spheres walk, wander and stand; that is a Temple. A Temple for the human being on earth, which one day will be a university, because that will also come! Now the people come on the earth and begin with the actual work and will write the bible, will write the story for mankind. The story for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for all the life that thinks and feels, and wants to awaken with regard to the Lord, will serve for good or evil. You are that, that is also this humanity. Nothing has changed. Work has begun in order to re.cord thoughts and feelings. Those people come from the Land of Twilight. The masters from the first and second spheres worked upon those lives, they could not elevate those lives any higher, for that matter, they were attached to the feelings, to the personality of those people. They could not give the people that inner fire in them – they had experienced that when they started to release themselves from the darkness, experienced a journey through the universe – because they knew nothing there about soul and spirit. That fire in them in order to do wrong, that fear became a red-hot fire, burning material. The masters thought: just go ahead, as long as fear remains. As long as fear remains of destroying yourself and the life of the universe, then we will have foundations, after all, in an animal-like, pre-animal-like, crude-material, yes, crude-material grade of life, seen as wisdom. And that, determined with re-gard to the Lord as spatial feeling, is a small profit. And they were satisfied with that. And then the Lord said: “The first day is over. Let us be satisfied, it is good.” Then the second day came, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day … – remarkable, the masters have determined seven grades for the universe – and they now made one, two, three, four, five, six of them. ‘And on the seventh day you will live and be happy, you will celebrate it as a sacred oc.currence.’ Yes, to think and to feel, to meditate on what you absorbed during those five, during those six hours and days which have passed. That was the intention. Those were the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth spheres, for the lower, the darkness. But having arrived in the Land of Twilight, the human being starts to think, to feel: I must go higher, I want to go further. I descend and I will do everything, but I want to see the light. I want to possess the light, because there I feel happy. That seventh day is in order to think. In order to work? Just work, but think, meditate on what you did that week. It is a grade, it is a becoming conscious, it is the highest experiencing for the very last, the final, so that you can say: I have it, it belongs to me now. This is the final, this is the hundred percent for your sensitivity. This is soon, when we enter the spiritual grade, the becoming conscious for your society, this is the very last which forces you to act according to it, for good and evil, life and happiness, cordiality and benevolence; yes, for Gethsemane and Golgotha! You cannot escape that, never, never, no! Because you shall experience the laws in love and harmony, as the All-Source wanted it! And from the Lord came a ‘God’. Yes, from the Lord came a God! The Lord became God, because the Lord had finally spread over the earth and the masters thought: now we can place a new step, a new foundation, a new look. There must be a little window in this instrument in order to look through that, and through that: left and right and ahead. Then Moses came. I am telling … I am not even telling you about the story of Noah; that Noah went over the earth and it started to rain and nothing more existed. That is nonsense, and that is a nice story for you. There was a man who brought inspiration, who felt it: something will happen – also an.other symbol, a truth – who received contact with the truth, was connected and would experience another part of the world in order to lay the founda.tions there for new authority, for knowledge, new feeling. Then society, the development of the human being, of mankind will be.gin. You see the streets coming, you see the paving, and you see the founda.tions. You can say: yes, we are getting a university, we are getting a church. We are getting a religion, a faith. The human being has already got a faith, the human being is attached to a dogma, dogmatic feelings. A dogma means: you are attached to a story. The bible has stories, they are dogmatic intents which connect you to society, to happiness, life and love, to the universe, your Lord, your God. There is no more to it. And now the bible comes, the people begin. What do those people know, what do these first people know who put those stories together about the uni-verse, moon, sun and stars? What do they know about the origin, when the All-Source started to manifest itself? Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! You can already feel, just begin, now just read the bible, people begin on earth, but in a situation where the earth is already millions of years old, finished. There are millions of people, the universe is inhabited. The fourth cosmic grade has condensed, people already live there. The human being pre.pares himself to experience the fifth and sixth, the All-Source, to reach the All-Source, to experience the All-Consciousness with the God of all life, the unity, in order to represent Him in all those grades and for all those worlds. Yes, I brought you there recently. We stood before the Divine all. We can now make the jump back immediately to the space. On earth there is work, on earth connection comes. On earth books are published which connect you with the Lord, which take you to new light, new life, new thinking, bliss. Because you are not beaten; the Lord does not beat, there is no eternal burning. That is here, it lives under your heart. That is the deception that you commit with regard to your fellow people, with regard to your sister and brother, your father. That is the hatred which you feel for another being, and that is the fire which burns in you. Burning fire, material fire does not exist in the universe, even if the earth has had to accept a red heat age. Even if every elemental law has got to experience that growth and blossom process. The red hot fire of the human consciousness, the soul and the spirit, material, fatherhood and motherhood, that lies in you, that burns in you, because you feel wrong, because you consciously destroy and knock down the good cre.ated by God. Now just cry, now just weep, but remember: you can be happy, because those things do not exist; there is no damnation, no burning hell. The bible starts with an untruth, because, when the bible writers began, the creation was already millions of years old. And the earth was populated, also the space, also the hereafter. There is reincarnation, there is light. Yes, there is also death, but it does not exist, because the masters, the children who got and were able to master the consciousness in the astral world, were able to determine: death is just evolution, just … universal exploring and accepting with regard to the God of all life, with regard to the All-Source. There is reincarnation; you can keep on receiving a new organism, a new life, because you cannot achieve anything in one life! The God of all life thought of this for Himself? No, those are the laws, that is truth, that must, that would, it could not be any different! Full stop, excla.mation mark! That could not be any different because the universe was born by means of those laws, experienced those laws of condensing! We received an embryonic, we received a fish stage. We went from the waters to the land. We went from the jungle to the town, we got houses. Yes, an Egyptian phar.aoh already lives during this time, peoples originated, we released ourselves from the jungle. The Lord floats and wanders over the earth in order to shake the children awake. And the highest, highest, highest which now comes, has and feels mystics … mystics, the occult laws, the experiencing of death, the accepting of life. Motherhood, fatherhood is now a mystical law, is a reality foundation for the universe, for this occurrence. That will soon change. Every word now also gets its space, its meaning, its direct contact and the universal analysis as truth, which will one day be.come science. Then Socrates, Plato and Aristotle will come to you. Then the temples in China, Japan, in ancient Egypt will originate, then you will hear from Ra, Ré and Isis. “Amon-Ré, you live in my heart and I want to follow you, anoint me. If I experience the laws of your space, I experience life and death and I am ready to experience all those chastisements, the suicide, and the destruction. I am ready to descend into your waters and to behold your eye, as a result of which you see me and can deform me. But I want to live and I want to be light. I always want to give love to those with whom I live, who belong to me and you.” That became Egypt! But the bible writers had to keep to that bible, those stories. And now you see, now you can begin. ‘And God said: let us make people.’ Those poor, poor infants there from the bible begin with some clay and some life breath. They put the Lord down next to them, because the Lord can do everything, the Lord is a blister, a wind, a rain, thunder and lightning; the Lord comes as thunder into that clay. He descends, he gives that clay life breath and says: “Ffft, that is the first human being.” With that the child of four years begins to write his bible – according to human becoming conscious – in the nursery class for the universe. ‘And God made a human being from some clay and life breath.’ But how he from inside … he does not even feel that; that human being does not even know how he received life. Yes, he is also originated from clay and life breath, but he looks fine. He looks so well that he actually cannot understand what that clay has to do, what that clay means, because clay is actually just material. Yes, they sit together at a fire on the earth. They take the earth into their hands and one says to the other: “Do you believe now that we are born from this? This is also clay; just inspire it?” He blows … – the Lord did that – and he blows and blows and blows and blows, he also storms, but nothing happens. Clay remains clay and life breath remains life breath; but there is feeling and this human being lacked that feeling. He has no consciousness in order to inspire clay. God could also do that. But not for the human being; that would be the earth, the material on which you would walk. This would become a passable planet. No more, but also no less! Can you see that? If I am clear now, then you must be able to accept anyway, that you … this society … now so many thousands of centuries have passed, the word of God, of the Lord, has developed itself. By means of the previous lectures you can now absorb this wonderful, universal gift into you and you can say: ‘Really, this is the truth. Our theologians are talking nonsense. They are still – that university child – tied to the bible and speak in the twentieth century about damnation and eternal burning.’ So fearful. The masters finished their work so consciously, so fantastically strong, that after thousands of years they still continue in the misery, still in the uncon.scious and they do not even want to lose that destruction, that damnation, that eternal burning anymore. That is the twentieth century, that is called The Hague, that is then called Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Berlin, New York, China and Japan; that is called mankind. Yes, there are some – thank God – who released themselves from burning and eternal damnation. We received the metaphysical teaching. We received the bibles, the bibles, I say … we re.ceived the temples from Tibet, China, Japan – oh, thank God – we received ancient Egypt, because the human being continued. The human being float.ed, whizzed around that bible, around those dogmatic theories, through the earth and over this planet and searched for the metaphysical laws, searched for the truth, searched for the feeling: who am I? I am a human being. Now a few people started – they had to come, they were also inspired again by the Other Side – now a few people started to wonder: what am I as a human being, why am I a mother, why am I different to him? Why am I this and he that? Why must I receive him and must he give me? Why must I sleep? The human being at that time wondered. Around the Lord, can you feel that? Because the masters saw: in this way we will not make it, we must start to build there. And when the first human being – who was also originated from that light and coming to the earth – wondered: “Who am I inside? What am I, what do I do when I go to sleep, when I lie down, why must I sleep?” he descended into the metaphysical and you read in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ how the first magician, the fakir, the yogi was born, and he elevated his life aura into his left and then his right hand. He freed himself and lay down in his dungeon. He no longer had anything to eat and to drink, he took himself out of his organism, out of this world and he said to himself: “Now I must see and try that I also place my brains there, my head, and then I will go and walk.” Is it not dead simple to accept all of this, this state of purity, with regard to damnation, destruction and eternal burning? What do you do now? Why do you live? The first magician, the first yogi brought himself into the astral world and waltzed around there, but he now forgot to think, he was happy. Someone quickly descends – you read that in ‘Spiritual Gifts’ – into this life, and he has to accept the possession. But he wakens himself up, he comes up, up.wards in the day-consciousness and his self. He suddenly thinks and takes a leap and a jump! In the waters he wants to experience the being released from madness. And it happens, then the releasing takes place and he has his eter.nity in his hands, but he returns. He returns again, he returns thousands of times in order to conquer that death, the releasing from the material systems. He also has to represent a space. The human being received his bible, the human being received father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then Moses and then many other people, Jesaja, the prophets. But the human being succeeded in giving the life con.tact between material and soul. The masters, the angels from the Spheres of Light understood: now we will begin in order to take the inner life, the soul and the spirit to the universal awakening. Now Egypt came into being. Now you are – in the twentieth century – the children for this eternity. You are no longer the infants of the lowest classes, but you have got another con.sciousness and I was able to explain that to you. A short time ago I could say, under the orders of the masters, of the universe, of soul, life, fatherhood and motherhood, that I could accept you as followers! This becomes the becoming conscious for this mankind. Damnation, eter.nal burning will dissolve and disappear, because the human being returns to the Divine All as father and mother, in order to represent, propagate and to explore there the God of all life in all his grades and laws. And then he can say: “When I deny this universe my light, darkness will come.” Now we no longer have to do with clay and life breath, we have to do with the inspiration in you, which lives under your heart. We speak with the masters, we carry the mother through this infinity. We receive the universal truth, the justice and the benevolence, because we got to know the Christ later and He came from his Divine All to the earth, kneeled down in Gethsemane in order to climb Golgotha and to conquer the evil, the unconscious for this world, this mankind. You will tamper with every thought for yourself, for the masters, as a result of the metaphysical teachings, as a result of André-Dectar and yourself, your feeling and thinking, and take that back to the goddess of Isis, to the temples in Tibet, to Christ, to God! You will lay foundations for your future for the University of Christ, for this mankind which will continue to exist for eternity, because you and other people on this earth have accepted the life light for the reality, for the love, for the unity with God as Father and Mother, in benevolence and humility. You no longer believe, you know! You know … you know. For eternity! Until so far. God does not damn! Good morning, my sisters and brothers. The last lecture brought you to what we will experience together this morning and that is: God does not damn! Why do you accept this lie any longer? You are just stopping your evolution. And now we have to accept that the space, the bible and this mankind are bound hand and foot as a result of the fear which the masters brought about and that must be cleared again. As a result of the many sessions … the walk through the universe, which we were able to experience together, the beginning of the creation, sun, moon and stars, the origin, the driving on, the inspiration, the own manifesting of the All-Source brought us to the walk that went through the universe and finally we could take the planet earth in our hands. The millions – I gave you this image – who had to follow this path, finally came to earth and could complete their cycle of the earth. We made a journey to the Divine All. I explained to you how the first human being began to think. How the longing entered him to attract to his life the human being who remained behind on earth and to tell him: “I am alive, I am truly inspired. I am soul, spirit and life, but I possess in this, in this world, an own personality.” And the human being must feel that, the human being must master that; this is the essential for all the life originating because of the All-Source. I will connect you this morning with four scenes that are necessary in order to take that damnation away from you. In the first place I was able to do that because we were able to follow the laws, which originated because of the universe, because of the All-Source. We could experience grade after grade. We saw the first embryo, we saw the fish stage and finally the life came from the waters and accepted the land possession, land consciousness, a new organism. We could continue, because providence had kept on laying down a new foundation in order to continue that life, the expansion of which entered us and the wisdom of which we could then master. Because we lived we got growing, and only as a result of fatherhood and motherhood – that has be.come clear to you – God, the All-Source, manifested himself. The human being reached the sphere ‘beyond the coffin’. He started to think. He continued to build, he saw that the life on earth was standing still. They are children, even if the human being was adult, the human being felt himself according to and because of his sphere, according to the inner life which reached consciousness in him. The human being who has to accept an independence ‘beyond the coffin’ – as Moses began, as another child came, Abraham – that human being started to feel: “My father and my mother live there, so do my children, and millions of people. And they do not know about anything and I am alive!” That human being started to lay foundations for himself, for soul, spirit and material and had the longing to finally go and do something. The rest continued; millions of souls are ready, and you work there. Those who had freed themselves from the material, from the physical thinking, from the world, the planet; they could no longer absorb any more material feeling into themselves. And you can compare that again to your own life. Why do you not fly over the earth? Why are you sitting here? Why does your soul, your personality long for spiritual becoming conscious? Why do you wish to continue your evolution as a result of the wisdom which comes to you from the space? That is the consciousness, and that is your longing; that is your foundation for the life ‘beyond the coffin’. And you are now ready for that; you have read books for that purpose. As a child it already lay within you. You mastered that wisdom. You no longer need to ask: why do I have this, why does that other child not have this? Why can you no longer reach your wife, your father, your mother, your friend, your brother, and your sis.ter? They are still not that far and it will soon become clear to us. You can soon hammer on that image; you can sculpt it. You can do everything, devote your powers, but the human being flatly refuses it. And that is a foundation, which we will soon stand before. That is a step, which succumbs under your feet, your feeling, your life of feeling. We will see that, because we return to the human society. We return to the life to which you belong and we make ourselves free in that, we build foundations in that. We take away ‘the coffin’; death disappears before your eyes. You receive pure universal providence, for you, in you; that becomes you yourself. And then damnation lies knocked down at your feet and unravelled, but you are triumphant, always, eternally! You will know what you are doing, you will soon know what you are saying. Because it goes there, I will take you there, so that you will finally realize that you are a part of that All-Source, which is everything, which wants to be father and mother in the very first place, but in addition builds the altruistic feelings for every characteristic, or, you are still nothing. You will be like a radiating beauty, as they were able to accept that, as they were able to see that. You will give your thoughts space. You will see that every thought is a sphere, a world, a heaven. But when you remove some.thing from that by means of lower thinking and feeling, back to the material substances, then you break off that foundation before the eyes of your All.Source and you can start again! The human being who had reached the first sphere, the second, the third and the following worlds and entered the seventh, came into harmony with the mental areas. The human being could now say: “Look, what did the All-Source, what did the All-Mother achieve? No damnation originated, because we were not damned anywhere.” And yet, they could experience their lives. They could look back into their past. Yes, just accept it! You begin with a time that counts, has built up … nine.teen hundred and fifty years, has made it to a whole. But you have already ex.perienced hundreds … hundreds of thousands of ages, also as man and wife. You were able to determine those laws, we had to accept those laws by means of the universe, by means of the planets, by means of life and death. There is no ahead, no left, no upwards, no backwards, only forward! Straight through the ‘coffin’! You are standing on top of it and you are looking at yourself, at the bones. Millions lie before you and they no longer have any meaning, because you received this Divine building in which you live again, and, at present, in order to take your life to the evolution for the universe. Only a body is needed, that castle which is a temple, in order to place those foun.dations in your hands. Those who had completed the cycle of the earth had to accept that. And when they had reached the seventh sphere and started to build up the fourth cosmic grade, then – I told you recently – that contact came about and the highest said: “What do we have to do? How must we act? What is the purpose of this life? We must return to the earth. We have seen that there is no damnation in the universe, but we have riveted those people to the stage: bow your head! We placed fear in these lives. How do we come out of that fear, out of that damnation? How can we elevate the child of the earth again that lives there, which is attached to damnation, destruction and fear, to a new, spatial life of feeling, a new existence?” And that existence is eternal. That existence goes back to the Divine All, where that life will represent the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life, love! What is love? they wondered. The human being speaks on earth, there in that sphere, about love: “I am fond of you, I love you. I will … everything … and I will … this …” But the love – they were able to accept – is a law. And that law is a harmony again, is a system, is a breakthrough, is a foundation which you see in fatherhood and motherhood, which you experience and get as a result of fatherhood and motherhood. And this is why that organism in which you live, is life, is soul and spirit. An infinite castle, an infinite Divine, spatial possession, but is not yet understood by the human being himself. You cannot yet understand how Divinely beautiful the human being start.ed to feel when he had reached the first sphere. You will not yet feel what the human being is – I will tell you that soon by means of the other lectures, which will follow – is in reality. You do not yet understand the philosophical systems of your own castle, let alone your thinking and feeling, which are becoming more and more rarefied. And finally you can say: “I am in harmo.ny with this”, as I said: with the flowers in the universe. And now the animal of the universe is capable of sitting down on your hands and saying: “This message is from her.” And then you look into the eyes of a bird, edged with the Divine colours, a garment such as the All-Source built up itself and then the animal says, twittering and singing to your heart: “Accept me”, and then you descend. Of course, you are like little children. And that being a child also means: you will experience the law which you have now entered, with a bowed life of feeling. They were able to accept that there, they absorbed that into themselves, the people who lived for you on earth. The human being who gave you the life, the human being who gave you a footstep, the human being who built a path on which you would go, the only one which was created by the All-Source. In the Spheres of Light, in the seventh sphere, on the fourth cosmic grade, on the fifth, on the sixth and on the seventh, which is the Divine All-Source, they had to analyse those laws. They had to take a place in the nature, they had to experience that unity. They sat down and asked: what do we have to do? And then the Master came – which would later be the Messiah, the Christ – to the word, the unity with His All-Source and He could say: “We really brought wisdom to earth. We made the beginning on earth for a human-spa.tial faith. But we riveted the human being to something which – if this is not broken – he will stand right in a darkness and will not be able to free himself from it, if we do not built up those means there.” And now the Divine au.thority is faced with the human damnation, which does not exist. Then Christ said: “It is urgently necessary, when I return there, to discuss these laws with those who will follow me.” And then Christ … Your bible does not tell anything about that, because they were not able to record the words that He spoke to His apostles. That remained in John, that was meant for Peter, Andrew and for the other peo.ple. But can you accept this that Christ continues His walk over the earth here between Galilee and the little charming places which were established … continued His walk between rye and the laws of Mother Nature and pre.pared himself to receive that mankind … spoke about that damnation? The other people are here. You can see Him there before you, the Messiah. Walking, looking at the universe, the life which observes Him, which ac.cepts Him! He is standing still with John … He places his left hand on John’s shoulders; John who looks. He says: “Look, John, you are the most sensitive. Can you accept Me? All of this is revelation, all of this is evolution. I am most certainly not capable of explaining these laws; my time, my life is too short. But other people will do that. John, I come from a source with which I am one. I come from the Divine authority, the Divine awakening. I got to know God as father and as mother. We had to begin in order to give the human being a faith. You know the history of Moses, you know how the House of Israel originated. But this fear, the fear of deforming the life, John, was built up, was pushed up. People depicted and deformed that, it has become a tall stature and now the human being is attached to an eternal damnation. I will not be capable of taking that away from the human being again. Because you will feel, John, I can only lay the first foundations for the Divine, your Fatherly gospel. I can only place the new foundations. But the other, which will represent and elevate a Temple ascending, those foundations only come in a later age; and we will have returned to the Spheres of Light, of love and life, happiness, bliss and justice.” John looks … The apostles wait there. Peter thinks: “What is the matter with the Master again?” And when Christ says to John: “Tell it soon … only tell it, John, when I am no longer here. When my task is finished, then tell and then also lay the first foundations. Because, can you look as far as the Divine All, the Divine consciousness, think and feel, how the first working was born? How the first thoughts, originated and sent out from the All-Source, were able to materi.alize themselves? You cannot do that! You have to conquer spaces for that purpose! You will have to absorb sun, moon and stars into you. You will have to carry the suffering, the life of feeling of millions of people, if you wish to be one with Me and with Him, as a result of which we are: the Father in heaven. You will have to absorb and want to carry, close in your heart every thought of those millions of people. One wrong thought and you will sink back yourself, and you will attune yourself again to that which you no longer want to be and you have already conquered, but nevertheless still takes that back again, because you see it and want to experience it wrongly.” And then Christ stands on the earth with both feet and must accept that mankind has been placed in a darkness. The human being is attached to his fear. To his faith? Yes indeed! People put it on in such a way, brought it in such a way to the universe; but those masters, those children, those fathers and mothers did not mean that. They only said: “We will make the people afraid. Do not do wrong, because you will destroy yourself! When you go there and there and you want to accept and experience that life in this way, then you build on dark powers and forces. But when you want to be and remain free of that, take yourself to the rarefied sounds, the timbre of the All-Mother. And then every word will be inspiring, interpret your life, and finish the sentence, the feeling and the space, so that you have laid new foun.dations.” But those people could not do that. I made it clear to you that people started to influence the human being; only: “Do not do that”, and “leave that”, because you will destroy yourself. God will punish you. Yes indeed the space will punish you. Of course, if you murder a human being, rape consciously in all his sacred matters, conscious.ly destroy as a result of the talk which you have to say about the life. That is that damnation! That should and would dissolve. That fear created a figure, became a wall, which can no longer be overturned, can no longer be con.quered. The human being has pushed it up and inspired it. The human being has made a hellfire of it all by himself, because the fear, the feeling: do not do that, the Lord will punish you and then you will be deformed for eternity. In the beginning – yes indeed – the masters found that awe-inspiring. But is it not sad, is it not dreadful that you must beat the human being, in order to reach the human being? Because you want to reach and want to protect the human being, you must hit him. Yes, with a lash? No, with words: ‘That the Lord will punish you.’ And it is really true that the human being has created a damnation for his life, his society, his church, his religion, and his faith, which those masters did not want! Not that; that would not be it! But you see it: it is so true that the gossip, the nonsense of your society have burned people at the stake who had not done anything at all, have hung up people, for the countenance of the world, of your society, imprisoned people, buried people alive. Because one human being started to speak evil about that human being, the masses were able to indulge, because the animal in.stinct awakened. And the people from the first, second, fourth, fifth and the seventh spheres, the fourth, sixth, seventh cosmic grades are now there. All those billions of cells of God now have to accept that the human being has kicked himself into the darkness. Almost two thousand years passed and still – how can it be, how is it possible – after two thousand years people still accept damna.tion, while in addition, a Divine foundation lies which says: “God is a Father of love!” How did those people reach that Divine source, that love, that light, that life, that wisdom, that personality? As they started to analyse, started to experience the laws, the systems for the universe, they saw: if we do well, if we walk one path, no left, no right, no forwards or backwards, but this way in the direction towards Divine authority, experience fatherhood and moth.erhood in a loving, eloquent, harmonic way, nothing, nothing, nothing will happen to us! You will only get happiness and bliss. Only the universe will speak to yourself: “Nothing will happen!” Nothing can happen. That was the mysticism, that was the life of feeling. That was the priest, the priestess who said: “He … whoever that is above and whoever that is whom people call God, people call Ra, people call Ré, people call Amon-Ré, people call Allah. Whoever that is … we were able to determine for ourselves, we were able to decide for ourselves, because we see the laws, because we were able to gauge the life: that is only light, life, fatherhood and motherhood, but wants to be love!” The enormous struggle which the masters felt when they entered the sev.enth sphere, the sorrows which they had to receive, because they saw: “My God, my God, what did we do?” was so frightening, so terrifying, and could not be compared to what the bible writers would later feel and had to accept. The fright hit them in the eyes and took the universal light away from them. They could no longer see, they were blind from sorrow, because they saw and had to accept: my God, my God, what did we do? We gave the human be.ing a word: just be pure, just be good, be just, be harmonic. We made those masses afraid and now it is damnation! To be damned, for eternity … is insane! An insane person in your mental institution does not even experience this reality. You can now do what you want; just destroy, screw around and do what you want, that is not as bad as being eternally damned. Do you no longer realize that as a human being that is not possible? That is the very … final, the extreme if a God of love speaks to you? My God … Satan, then disappear from this space, if you want to hit your life like this. The master really walked there for years and years, for centuries one walked after the other, one walked past the other: “I have the light, I have the life, I have the love … you should see that, there, just look! Are you happy?” It begins in the first sphere, the human being is walking … “I am nice and free, I am delightfully free from the earth. No one can do anything more to me, because I have experienced the earth, I have experienced everything. I have nothing more to do with the earth. I am free, I am happy. Who does something to me? I have light, I have the flowers, I have the trees, and I have an own house. I sit down here, I just concentrate a little bit and there a temple comes around me, with all the charms which I feel in me. You see the art, the science, the wisdom hanging on my walls, and I am sitting, lying in the middle of my hall, the hall of love, surrounded in a beautiful nature, the orchids of the universe around me. I receive kisses of loveliness, of harmony; the Mother speaks to me. But I am not happy. I am not happy! Why not? My God, what is approaching me, what is charging at my life? Why do you let the people sing and be happy? How can it be, what is approaching me? My God, I am penniless in the first sphere, I have nothing.” Another person is walking there, looks at the space, has light, has life, and has love. But there someone was damned, by you! He is stuck there. Those millions no longer have a life; they are afraid. Afraid of what? For the ‘coffin’, for the death which is not there, for thousands of things, but we have to experience that. Give the human being something in his hands and say to the human being, say again to the other one: “Now make a beautiful verse out of this poem, then make a wonderful novella out of it and discuss and feel Mother Nature in all her bliss, her final laws, her inner laws. Discuss her for soul, spirit, life and material, and let the personality experience, interpret the life playfully, as your virtuosos can do that on the violin, on the piano, on the harp. Make a symphony of it, but interpret by means of this that there is no damnation. There is only life, light, love, Divine bliss!” Millions of people walk there and are powerless in the first and second sphere. All those spaces are filled by a wonderful inspiration. The human being is ready, the human being now knows himself. The space has been conquered, we carry planets and stars under our hearts. No one can tell us any more, we have mastered that wisdom. We have completed the cycle of the earth, and we still stand in damnation. Can you be happy there if you know that you are mother and your child is contorted there by that misery, is beaten, has no light in its eyes, no more feeling and keeps on lying down there and must sing, must groan: “Do not do wrong because you will be damned.” What kind of a Deity is that, who spans a universe there, who possesses a Divine power there, who is Omniscient, Omnipotent? Does He still need a damnation? Does He have a sword in his hands – because dam.nation is sharper than a cutting sword – does He need a sword in His hands in order to hit, to destroy, to crack, to behead His children, who were given birth to in love by means of His life? Just hang that life, just shoot it down, just live it up, just lie away if you want; if there has to be damnation anyway, just destroy your society. Just take part in lies and deception, that is nothing, after all, in comparison to eternal damnation. What do you live for actually? Just shout at each other, just steal from each other, just behead each other. Just fleece each other, take everything which you have from another person, just stain, sully and deform each other. Damnation? You will not make it in comparison to damnation. A human being on earth is busy putting himself in line for the Divine power and Mother Nature. The human being is busy building himself up, bringing himself to the evolution, painting, inspiring, singing about himself, and writing poems about himself. He makes a wonderful play for himself and he stands on top of it and speaks: “I will be like He is and I will do as the state of purity told us. Yes, you know, I will speak like the waves of the oceans, the lights of the lights. I will be like a tree in nature, like a source, I will inspire the life as a life source. I write poetry, I play, I do music, I do art.” But what do you actually do if that damnation is there anyway and everything fades away from your life again? Where does the beginning begin and where is the end? Where does God begin to think? Cursed are you, the God of all life, if something emanates from you by means of which you hit your children, your life light. The masters, the Spheres of Light, the millions who released themselves, who are free from Mother Earth and her laws, who went from the jungle to the white race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org), stand by this. Those millions of lives had to accept … they had conquered the darkness, and they could finally say: “My God, my God, how beautiful it is here, how wonderful it is; I experience the silence here”, but there … but there millions of people are living who are attached to a damna.tion which does not exist. Yes, just go back. Just go back, all of you. We prepared that. Cursed are those who have began to give a faith to the human being. I will not get my mother out of that damnation again; my father has forgiven my child, be.cause that child could not believe in damnation, that child no longer believes in those powers and forces. My father said: “Then I will let the sword of justice pass over your head”, and chopped off the child’s head! Millions of murders took place as a result of that cursed damnation, as a result of Protestantism, Catholicism. They fought each other because there is that damnation. They killed each other, the peoples of the earth, only for this stinking faith, the mud where you are, because you are standing on top with a sacred radiance, a firmament which you made yourself. Gold and precious stones hang from your body, but damnation stands under you. And do you accept that, do you love that? Is that everything which you possess? You cannot think, you cannot feel. You cannot do nothing, in order to help the masters so that that damnation disappears and a people, this man-kind awakens and evolves towards the pure, inspiring light! Yes … When do you become inspired? The sorrows which are experienced and felt in the Spheres of Light, they are infinitely deep. André told you once: “I have noth.ing to do with the spheres, with first, second, third, fourth, sacred spaces, nor with love, nor with twin souls. I want to fight!” It is the damnation, the deformation on the earth. We do not have any time for that pleasure to sit down and to look into that space. We have to do with the life to which we belong, because that life must also become released from that damnation. And God speaks in this way at this moment. That was Christ who said to John: “Do you see, John?” Christ held John to his heart. The pure, Divine inspiration, the Omniscience of Christ shines through John and the tears run down his cheeks. “Are you weeping, John? Then I can accept that I have really inspired your soul.” But if there had been no emotion in John, if Peter and those other people had not asked: “What does He say now? What does He say now? What does He have to tell us?” then they would not have been destroyed there! There they lay moaning and groaning, they did not want Him to be all on His own. Tears ran down John’s cheeks, when he saw that the masses were imprisoned. “Yes”, Christ said, “that is the damnation for the masses, because the hu.man being damns himself by means of one wrong thought.” Even worse, it is becoming more and more profound. “Until we”, Christ said, “have solved that damnation, John, then it still lives in the soul, in the spirit, the life and the personality.” Because every wrong thought which the human being has received be.cause the bible was written in such and such a way – in disharmony with the reality, with the naturalness, with the Divine truth – now every thought is also a damnation, which is considered wrongly, which is felt disharmonical.ly. That is a damnation for the human being himself. That is much worse! Anyone who has received the life image, the light from God … anyone who will inspire God as father and mother – we had to accept that anyway – who will finally inspire God in order to take that damnation away from the earth, who? Who must do that, who will begin? Those who begin will succumb! We will have to build up piles, piles, mountains of happiness, life, love, truth in order to give the human being a support, because millions keep getting added, because that church is still there, because that bible is still there, because Protestantism, Reformed, all those lower instincts – do you hear it? – are still there, we cannot elevate the human being to give him behind, above those mountains the universal, true, Divine view. You no longer have a view, you are actually blind. Not you, you do not accept that, but the world is blind. The world no longer has a view, the world has nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. That is the consciousness of millions of people, peoples on earth. The world, this mankind has nothing. Just pray and just sing; if you do not watch out and you do nothing wrong – just one step, you see? – then you will already be gone. You will never come to the life, you no longer need to do anything; can you feel it? I will soon come back to this, I will hit so.ciety. I will hit you, I will place you in the truth, because there are millions who want rid of that damnation, because they experience the sorrow of their children. I once told you: when you enter the first sphere, you will rest on your lau.rels there. You will have a lovely seat on a bench in nature, you can do what you want. You stand there, you just hang there; everything belongs to you. You do nothing more, you are there, after all, aren’t you? Are you there? But we have learned, the human being who lives there has learned that he went through the universe and that the life which is on the earth are your chil.dren. You are the father of millions of children, and the mother. And even if you are mother, then you are also it as a man. Millions of children live there, that is your blood, your soul, your spirit; they are your brains! And that life still cannot think. You have to inspire, control, elevate that life, because you will give that life universal brains, so that that life awakens. That is the sor.row of Christ, that is Gethsemane, yes indeed. I had to put an end to it recently, but we were still not in Gethsemane, you thought that! I still did not let you feel there what the Christ felt when He said: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” – no: “My God, my God, how do I get rid of that damnation from the earth?! Can you not watch with Me for an hour, can you not just listen to me, Peter?” Yes, John wept until he was blind; he experienced the Messiah. You will also experience it, Gethsemane. And then when we are beaten up thoroughly, when they have beaten our wonderful, universal, Divine castle, the physical systems black and blue, then you will still laugh, smile, because you are prepared to carry, to love and to take in your arms the child of your heart which lives on earth. Then there is no longer a wrong word in you, then there are no longer any wrong thoughts, then you are in Gethsemane! Soon, your next lecture, just prepare for yourself, is called: ‘I want to be like Gethsemane.’ Because then we lie there and will learn how we have to pray, how we have to think. Then we are faced with those millions who do not know any happiness. The Divine All is not happy, because there is still damnation on earth. The spiritual personality will only then be able to un.burden itself, it will only then be able to take a flight in the space and be able to say: “Now I am flying, now I live here in myself, now I am one with the space. Now that is, that melancholia, that fear, that sorrow has gone from me.” Because the Christ cannot be happy anyway that there his life is burnt at the stake, that his life is hung up there, is cursed, is deformed, is sullied? He cannot approve of that, no God of love! That is not possible, that is nonsense. That is earthly, human nonsense, that is your gossip! You deformed, sullied and raped the God of all life! Can you hear it, mankind, world? What do you actually live for? The narrow-mindedness of a ‘pulpit’, which stands there with a seven-year study, stands with: “Oh … and the Lord will protect you.” Get that man from his pulpit and cover him with providence and send him into the street, so that the human being sees, hears and knows: ‘I am an unconscious being, damnation!’ Yes … not so harsh, just do not send him away again, because you will still not achieve anything. He cannot do anything about it, because there are still people living in the jungle. We have to take into account – the masters say – the child which does its best. The Jehovah consciousness beats himself up, walks along the street, rings bell after bell: “Prepare yourself, because the world will perish!” We inspired that child, we handed that child the laws, the scriptures. We started it ourselves. And now we want to give that child a good hiding? No, that is not possible. Powerless … You cannot even take hold of that child by the scruff of the neck and say: just shake it up. You are now violating yourself. How can you reach this child in sweetness? The human being who has reached the first sphere, no longer snarls and growls. That human being understands everything; he does not ask: why do you open the door? He understands, he does not kick a piece of nature out of the house, he does not insult any flower, any animal, any human being. That human being is all-feeling, conscious, honest, good, pure, harmonic. That human being radiates, that human being feels the tapping from above, which is then karma – we taught you that – which are material miseries. That human being is open and says: “Thank you, I will learn.” But the human being does not learn anything. The human being does not want anything which is misery. The human being goes over himself. The human being knows it better than Christ, the human being knows it better than the masters. “Masters? What do masters have? Puh, it is I! And did you think then that I could not do that? They have never yet left me standing alone in this space.’ Yes, then you are a minister. Masters from the seventh sphere, masters of the fourth, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grades now still groan, lie kneeled, groaning, tortured, because they carry that damnation. And what can you do? What are you? Who are you? … One minute of silence for the Messiah. One minute to think about that Divine bliss is worth more than to imagine and to feel about those who you have slaughtered consciously. When we went to sit down here in order to be silent, in order to finally ask the space: to let us experience and to undergo the silence of the universal heart, was much better than making such a fuss about damnation. That is the step … that of the Grim Reaper, can you hear it? People experi.enced and had to accept that step in this way and then they saw a scythe. Not only that we have brought damnation, but people handed death, which is evolution, a piece of wood with a dangerous sword on it. And then the heads of the people disappear, just like that into the ground. And if we then say: the last judgement does not mean anything either, that is such a fairground game, that is ridiculous, you must go and stand on it with your tambourine. Now just play, now just rant and rave as hard as you like; that is ridiculous. Just look for a head from the prehistoric age and walk with the rib of your ancestors in your arm and now just try placing them in this building! That is so ridiculous; but damnation is radiant-pathetic, painful, poisoned. But … there is the Grim Reaper: “Are you ready? I am here!” “No! Just let me live, just give me a moment …” Yes indeed, here is life. You should just have thought of yourself. You should just have used your life differently. You should have accepted the space. Why did you not start to reflect on that which can still be proved? Here is your bible. Just open those books, just open those few pages and go to the New Testament, go to Christ, go to Gethsemane, go to Golgotha! Why do you accept the Old Testament, a God of revenge? You do not wish to think, do you see? You flatly refuse to think. You continue to accept the cackling of your minister, your clergyman? Your false singing? Good grief, my universe, why do you do it any longer? I would rather go to a clean, pure soprano and alto. Why did God give the child, the mother, those wonderful sounds and why must I start to listen to your own poem? Did you really think that the Christ wants that? In the pure meaning for the space, the bliss for you on earth, the new child lives. It is the new birth for every thought, for all the life of feeling. Become mother, make yourself free from damnation, do not accept any Grim Reaper with a scythe! But he is there … you must hear him walking. Today at this moment, my sisters and brothers, every moment, every mo.ment the angels from the heavens ask me: “Master Zelanus, when will you begin with our feeling? When will you take away the sorrows which we carry, the pain which we feel?” I am the spokesman for millions of people for this space, for which I was able to prepare myself, also André. I am the rep.resentation of Judas, Caiaphas, the Christ on the cross – you too. We Judas’ of this world no longer dared to pronounce the word decently, because you are standing next to reality. And then the angels say: “Just finally pronounce my name, our sorrow.’ But the masters, the All-Source ordered me to explain the first Divine laws. The All-Source ordered me to take you to Gethsemane, to Golgotha, so that you will get to know yourself. And it is only then that you will understand for what purpose you live and will die. But millions of people – I told you a moment ago – millions of people are dying at this second. And then the Grim Reaper stands just as merrily next to these children of God and chops willingly, lovingly … with a wonderful gibberish he prepares himself. And finally the blow comes, a rattling: the human being is no longer. You would like that, world! You would like that. To put people, a Divine product, in the earth, to plonk them down, let their bones decay, let them become deformed, rot. “No! Tall Hendrik is still alive! Also Peter Smaling with his beautiful voice”, Jeus says. “And there is Fanny, and José too. But I have nothing more to do with him, because I want to work. I do not have any time, I have a household. I must serve for Crisje and the children”, those were the boys, “they must eat!” People, people of the earth, the Spheres of Light, you will never make it. Even if you have both feet in that world, then you will run out again! You must … the human being … we become nasty, we become unwell from the human being who feels happy and inspiring, spiritual. We become unwell from that, the human being who dares to say: “The Father will tell me.” “Fly, malaria mosquito which you are”, nature screams at you, “what are you imagining?” Millions live there who must hold onto their hearts, or those hearts will burst as a result of inspiration, as a result of sorrow. Not as a result of pride and gossip and weakness of personality, in order to go and sit down and to serve Our Lord and the space in your house, with your cup of coffee and all the things which you have on earth, to sit down and to talk about how you are, how far you have come. The Spheres of Light are empty. Mary and Joseph, the father and mother of Christ weep day and night, because the family of David still lives there. The children of (the House of) Israel, you are that! Those are the millions, that is France, England, Germany, America; also Russia, also Adolf Hitler! They suffer, Mary and Joseph, descendants of the House of David. Yes, they are sitting there, upstairs in the hall; that is you. You have no sorrow, you can still achieve it here. When you have reached the first sphere, then you can do nothing more, then you will be powerless. Even if you are a master, even if you are in the seventh sphere, even if you are in the All-Source, even if you are Christ, then you no longer embezzle five cents. André longs to give the world a temple, the University of Christ. There is no money. “No”, André says. What do you do there, what do you do there anyway? Lie down day and night, make your life miserable, admire the Christ? But, my God, my God, are you then colour blind in the Spheres of Light, on the fourth cosmic grade? Did you dream of your life aura? Did you make a universe, a temple, of that? Did you have the music, do you have the art, are you satisfied? Then I will stop! “If it still takes a long time”, André says, “I no longer wish that torture. You have brought me too far into the Divine self. Who on earth are you then, Master Alcar, Master Cesarino, Ubronus, Damascus and Half Moon, who control this earth, who brought the human being through the war, who have pondered every technical wonder; and now the atom bomb again. Who are you?! I am not satisfied with that food, with that drink, with that inspira.tion, with that inspiration of yours, that means nothing more to me, I am no longer satisfied with that.” And I am not either as Master Zelanus, nor Master Alcar. We want more! We want to see God, we want to experience God. I want to build up the House of Israel, because those foundations which have been laid, are no good. A Divine ant eats at them and it is called damnation. It is not white, it is not black, but it is yellowish-brown and has all the colours of the universe. That is the animal instinct. That is feeling, feeling with a knife, with a dag.ger, with a sword. The Grim Reaper lives in it, between it and sits above it and has a crown on his head. Can you hear it? The human being is becoming angry? No, grasped by sor.row, torn apart, you are unravelled; your rib cage bursts from sorrow when you start to see the masters, when you could lie at the feet of the Virgin Mary and Joseph, Golgotha, Gethsemane, the bible. We are not wild, but we are mad from sorrow, because you still not only wish to damn the life by means of your universities, but, also you here, you deform, you still hit the life of God every day. By means of a word you think that you are not hitting … but you have already taken the light away from the human being. When will you begin to really think, to love, to rim and to carry the life? Yes, where? Nonsense? Do you wish to say that you love God, that you love Gethsemane, Golgotha? Do you wish to deceive yourself with that? In the seventh sphere people no longer dare to do that, nor on the fourth cosmic grade. In the fifth cosmic grade the sorrow now increases; not the happiness, but the sorrow! The pains increase as you come higher, because you go to the suffering of Christ. Unclear, untrue? Can you not understand this? Go then! Then finally go away and do not listen to me anymore, to the ‘nonsense’. I no longer wish to see your drooping faces, your nasty, destructive, deformed life of feeling. I do not want to see the sorrows, the wretchedness, the laziness, the not wanting, the flatly refusing to accept happiness for the universe, and yourself, your family, I no longer wish to see that. I am unwell from society, from your mankind, because real sorrow lives in me. Real pains thwart my nervous system and hammer on the inner life, but the brains say: just batter away, I will make it. Every cell of this organism of mine and of André is open to the lovingness of the Messiah and will defend him. Defend … in order to make that damnation disappear. That is your work, that is a task for the millions of people of this world! People, people, do not imagine that I possess the feeling, that I am giving you something. Did you not think that I followed you and then did not see that you will not start to think in the right direction anyway? In the first place you will have to start to think towards the space, towards Gethsemane, towards Mary and Joseph, towards the apostles, John, towards the Spheres of Light, towards the seventh sphere, towards the millions who have reached that space, that sphere, that piece of ground. You don’t do it! You can talk and talk and talk and inspire the people: “Oh, how beautiful that was, how I enjoyed myself this morning.” Enjoyed? The devil will get you with your enjoyment! You will experience the sorrows of Satan when you say: “How beautiful that was!” Then you have not taken away nor this, nor that, noth.ing of all your millions of qualities and characteristics, you have taken away not the least bit of feeling from me, let alone from the space, let alone for this mankind. You only see and you only feel for yourself, your naked, little human self. I am doing nothing to you, I am really doing nothing to you, because I am afraid of doing anything to you; we are afraid of creating even more misery. Did you think that we would be capable of knocking down a human being while we see that there is so much damnation, that there is a Grim Reaper, the death with a scythe like a flaming sword? We know Gethsemane, we know Golgotha, we pull the hair from our head, we get the heart out of our ribs and let our blood flow before your eyes, because we know: soon, when you enter the first sphere then you accept – we will not even tell you that yet – then you will accept your happiness? You would like that! No, then you will help us to carry, do you see? Then you will help us to carry. Then you will … then you will say what Christ said to John, of which I gave you the exam.ple: “John, it is not what we have brought to earth, but the human being has multiplied that fear by a million and has made a damnation of it. And they are children of yours, John, of me and of Peter and the other people. Did you see the Spheres of Light, did you see the masters? Can you say, John – you disembody now and again and you were able to see the heavens – can you say a master in the first, the second, the third sphere is happy? That they are happy? Then they are not real, then they are false.” We develop you. Why do we work ourselves to death, why does the space work itself to death, why did Christ work himself to death, why does an apostle work himself to death? Why did Peter, with a wonderful inner life and happy surrender, let himself be slaughtered like an earthly, material pig? Because that was done, people slaughtered him upside down. Why was he still happy? Because he now finally got the feeling to be able to help to carry. That is it. That is it! When you enter the first sphere … You feel, after all those are the books of Master Alcar. You are afraid, you are terrified of hearing the truth, you can-not accept any word from masters and you do not dare to accept any truth when they say: “But close your mouth, but be kind and sweet.” Are you mother, are you father … are you girls and children, toddlers? No, because of the universal truth, no! You are children of one God and will be love. Why do you not begin in love? ‘A View into the Hereafter’ takes you to bliss, doesn’t it, André? And then finally Master Alcar says: “Oh, it is becoming so beautiful, it is becoming more and more beautiful”, and André collapses. And André succumbed, he threw his arms around his master’s neck; he says: “Master, I cannot stand it any longer. Oh … what is that …” ‘On a mountain, there in the distance … André sees a majestic building with a Divine aura. The paths lead to this building and he saw happy people dressed in beautiful garments.’ Wonderful, isn’t it? For you in order to soften? No, you would like that. That is only written peacefully for the children of four years which you still are, in order to prepare you, because we know for that matter: behind that, behind that line there, there it will be deadly seriousness. You are still just here in fun, in pleasure, spiritual pleasure; you just strum a bit on your little harp. But there it becomes seriousness, because there you begin – that is the first sphere and I will come back to it later – there you begin to help Christ to carry, the universe to carry. Now it becomes seriousness, now you are faced with damnation. Now you think you are inspired? Those crumbs of inspiration which awak.en in you, those little insects? Where did you get the courage from in order to stand here? Then I laughed behind your shoulders. You see, I am doing nothing to you, brother B., but I am showing you: yes, they are walking there. I should have got you off there, I should have spanked you like a father. You will be wild if it concerns yourself … but not for Christ, then they have no inspiration! When do you become angry, when do you become furious? As André says: “Then just stand on your head for Christ!” You perform tricks, your trick, you balance something which you need twenty years for. But that is not for the Christ! You let yourself be hit, you are a boxer, an athlete and you become muscular. Yes, for what? For brutal.ization and decay. In order to make you strong for the first sphere, the sec.ond, the third, the fourth? Just do not get a fright. You will not do that, the human being cannot do that. The human being can talk, the human being can sing … falsely. It will all be okay again? No, that will not be okay! We will soon get André back. ‘André is on the wrong path?’ No, that was not the case. But you, hypocrites, you who stand on damnation, you have not only killed Christ again, not only André, not only me, not only the teachings of the masters, not only Gethsemane and Golgotha, but you sat in the living heart of the Messiah. Just tell that! We no longer love mangy dogs, because it now concerns a scabby human being and that has more meaning, and the scabies is not so bad, the plague, the cholera, the leprosy is not so bad, my sisters and brothers, as the living damnation, the eternal deformation of a God, who is only love … If I let myself go, then I will sink away. There they are. Yes, because you pulled the Garden of Eden … we ex.plained, we explained, here! I wept, the heavens wept … That on top of everything else! They roughly pulled the Garden of Eden from the ground now that we, just for a moment, left and they started to slaughter again the living image of the Messiah, John, Peter, Paul, Mary and Joseph and all of this humanity, because they were thirsty, these tigresses and tigers! A lion in the jungle, a tigress who watches over her children, does not even do that. Yes … where does damnation take us? When will you begin? You are de.forming yourself. But I will keep that until the next session, because then we will be kneeling in Gethsemane and we will take a walk over the earth, because we now have come that far. Hypocrites which you are, when you stand shouting on your pulpits that the God damns: “Do not do that, that is a sin!” There are no sins, there is no deformation, no disintegration, no destruction, no weakness of personality. Everything is evolution. Evolution! We can take care of you again and press you to the universal heart again, because we represent the truth, because we are inspiring and the God of all life will speak to our lives. Are you waiting for a word? It is better to wait for silence. Then you will no longer turn in your chair, then you will no longer have anything to do with material systems. You cannot even surrender to the universe, society. I hit your hands from your face, in order to finally sit down in sobriety, in respect and to thank the God of all life. What can we hope to achieve with the world, what did Christ hope to achieve with humanity, and what did the apostles hope to achieve with their task, when they were faced with that eternal damnation? “My God, my God, how deformed life is.” And now other people have come in order to release you from damna.tion, but also to release you from your own harshness, because every word is damning for a time. You will never have to think again about harshness, about deception, deformation, jealousy, or whatever it is, all those wrong qualities and characteristics. You will have to give every thought sweetness, space – in time and space – and then your parapsychological research will begin: who am I? We have respect, the space has respect for the human being who has finally got the feeling: I am beginning. Put your shoulders under this wisdom, my brother B., but do not do it too quickly. Millions of masters are sitting there and can do nothing, have to wait, have to wait for what I do, me. You can call me master, but you can reach me much more and more deeply. And then you will experience those masterly powers, which are sweet and which take care of your life, when you really begin, when you become mother, become father, friend, sister, brother. Everyone has to ensure his own right. Everyone must ensure that he finish-es his task in which you are now and does not create any new misery. We no longer expect that of you. You are not frightened by anything; you live and accept for now – I will close that off tomorrow – from now on you take the sacred desire in you, that you will do everything and everything in order to experience the harmony for word, law and society. Because those are the sys.tems of Socrates, this is why the human being had to take Socrates’ poisoned cup. When he said: “Yes, but there is much more. The human being is this, the human being is like that, the human being is space”, then that wretched child which is attached to damnation again – am I talking nonsense? – put a poisoned cup before Socrates. Galilee was thrown into its dungeon by the papal, Catholic, conscious authority because he said: “The earth revolves around the sun.” Such a poi.soned cup again, because there is damnation. Untruth, world? Am I talking nonsense? Why did people break Galilee, why did people enslave Galilee? Why did people beat his task from his hands? When people speak to a clergyman and you say: “What do you want?” “Yes, you must return to the church.” “So … must we return to the church?” “You are still a baptized Catholic?” “So … yes, that is good.” But when you tell that child before you, that child, for the Holy Mother Church – and I wrote in the Cosmology, in the name of Christ: ‘That church of yours, which is Catholic’, and if you were also Catholic then you will just get a fright, this morning, then you will be rid of it immediately and for good, ‘that is a spiritual whore.’ Yes, if she is mother with a Divine love in her, why did she burn the children at the stake? Why did she, this mother, that religious mother, take away the light of life from Galilee and Socrates and millions of other people who had to accept the stake? She was much less than a slut! A slut reaches awakening and still loves, but she continues and goes further consciously. And that decorates itself with precious stones and garments. One for one these little children go upwards and then they are run down. Then they are faced with the sorrows of Satan, then they are faced with the misery which the Christ had to accept; now! And which you cannot escape, because you keep on hitting the light of life of God, the new light, right in the face. And then you think you can deform that by means of your gossiping, your weakness! We still live in this time, you are still no different. Did you hear it? Tell it to your other sisters and brothers: a Divine mother does not prostitute herself, she is only love. Because the church, if you take part in that and you become a cardinal and a pope and as a cardinal you put your stamp, your signature under that death sentence, then you rape that mother, then you are demonic. “Yes”, the clergyman says, “there were only ten. We just burned ten at the stake, no more.” No, it was ten million! Ten million men and women, still children, were burnt at the stake. Joan of Arc is your example, even if that child fought for a leper, for a frill. Her God was just a frill, a fairground cus.tomer, because Joan of Arc was cheated from in front, behind, left and right. And the master who inspired her, he was not there. There was no Messiah to be seen in the space for Joan of Arc! That was her religious faith, her feeling from before, when she was a nun and she was also attached to that church. And now she wanted to do something for the Messiah, for the God of all life and she thought that she was inspired. The devil was behind that! Just make a film about it and then just experience, then you will know how a God of all life will inspire his children, but not to deformation. A God does not need you to go and stand at the stake, you are too childish for that. I am talking to the world, listen, I am not talking to you. But if you want, fill your pockets with it. You carry such large bags. Make a purse like that out of your heart and put everything in that heart and begin from now on to learn to walk. Become Joan of Arc, but not … do not act religious, do not act the medium, neither for Galilee, nor for Joan of Arc. Come to us first. There have been more of these hazy people who saw sacred and wonderful ‘faces’, but they did not take the sword, they went into the lions’ den. They were real, they only loved the cross. The human being who loves, no longer deforms. He does not want anything more to do with stakes, with harnessed expansions of feeling. They will not get a black or white steed under them, but will get the ‘wings’ of the space. They sit down on a wonderful animal, but that animal is spiritually inspired and has an eagle’s head like the pyra.mid of Gizah, which was built for you people and was elevated for the bliss of later. … (inaudible) If only we could carry on explaining the laws to you, in order to take you hand in hand, to feel your real hand as man and wife, father and mother. But we will return; prepare yourselves, my children. Just shout it out this morning! Do not give it to me and do not give it to André, we want nothing more to do with your praiseworthiness, with your gen.tleness, neither does André. Today we are accepted and we are angels and masters, today because of you we get – we already had to accept that – a white garment around our neck and tomorrow we are beheaded by you … But we are still here! But where are those wizards, those conscious of spirit, who share out these frills? Why do they not put any feathers in their caps … children of God? If you really have love in you, then say that I am wrong, then attack me. But you cannot and do not even dare that, because no foundation of you will remain. But I will not send you away. The God of all life says: “You are uni.versally deep.” You are part of his life. You are life, light, father and mother, you are everything. You are sparks! No, you are Gods. It does not matter who you still are, it does not matter how you speak and who you attack. Stop that in the future and you will lay the first foundations for the Spheres of Light, for your Gethsemane, for your Golgotha, your trip, your journey back to the Divine All, where you will represent the All Source. You are Gods! Today the human being receives his everything, his love, and tomorrow you are deformed. But remember this, for your future and your past: we will not let ourselves be taken back in the death‘s ‘coffin’. We do not let ourselves be deformed by your talk, there is already enough misery. You will hear nothing pass our lips, we love, love, love you! We love you, the world and this mankind! But we do not let ourselves be raised either and placed on your church towers, because tomorrow you will not grant us that light of life and that space and you will knock us off again anyway. And we know that. We do not want any thanks, we do not want any feeling; we want nothing, but we carry the sorrows for this mankind. We are grateful that you are here and want to listen to the masters and I tell it to you, you can accept that and it will be my last word for now, for this morning, with the assumption, the drive, the inspiration that you will soon prepare yourselves for Gethsemane. The Christ was in your midst. For now, for eternity, if you … Now He is here, now the angels are here, the masters of the light and the space! It is up to you to keep the light of life, this Divine wisdom, this authority, this bleeding, in.spiring, driving force for yourself, for your fatherhood and motherhood and for your children and your society and to lock it in your hearts. From now on you will experience Divine authority. The angels will be curious for how long. It is up to you to lay the first foundations for this. You will not build for a strange world, but you will build on your Divine reality. You will build for soul, for spirit, but for your Divine personality, which will shine one day, which will one day possess and represent the Omnipotence. My Gods, until this far. The human being and Gethsemane Good morning, my sisters and brothers. This morning we will go from the Spheres of Light, from the space to Gethsemane. This morning, I want to ex-plain to you what you will actually do when Gethsemane speaks to your life. We have covered a long path. We were faced with serious problems; they probably frightened you. It does not concern me, and no one in our world, to just give the human being a beating, we will not achieve anything with this anyway. But now and again we are concerned with shaking you awake. There is no more to it. And when we experience a journey to the earth from the space, when we experience that journey and are faced with soul, spirit and material … when we want to sense something of the reality as a result of which the Messiah came to the earth, then the inner life finally begins to think. Yes, when do you begin to think as a human being on earth? For what? The human be.ing gets a fright if we lighten the personality, and touch that life of feeling. Oh, good heavens and good God, then the inner life already groans and it is afraid to listen, to accept. Have you absorbed the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’ into your heart, or are they all just stories? It does not concern us – no one in the space amongst those millions who have already completed the cycle of the soul – to break the human being. It is only a question of banishing the damnation from your life, and putting something else in its, that you get new foundations, new feeling, new life, new consciousness and then finally you begin to accept everything and to analyse it for your own life. If you do not begin that analysis, then you are not busy thinking either. You have received such an awe-inspiring amount of proof; the human his.tory was built up as a result of it. Socrates and many other people gave their lives for you, your society, your thinking and feeling, for your soul, spirit and space! And what has remained of that? Gethsemane … when you descend into that, when you take a walk over the earth, then Gethsemane speaks … Gethsemane to your life. And then there is nothing more on the path that you have to walk and what you meet, which has nothing to do with your life. Everything which you see, that originated as a result of your personality, your material laws of growing, because you have received the universe, God from the All-Source. We will carry on reluctantly and then we will probably be kneeling there in this space in order to experience the silence of Gethsemane. Really, now we are faced with the clean, pure silence, which the All-Source also possesses and by means of which the God of all life manifested Himself and, of course, was brought to the earth by Christ. It must now be clear to you that the Spheres of Light were built up by means of real altruistic thinking and feeling. I laid down, built up, different possibilities and foundations for you, not only for material, but also for soul and spirit. I showed you the spheres, and we accepted the light from the universe. We saw how the worlds went to the human evolution one by one by means of that materialization, from planet to planet and finally we had completed the cycle of the earth. And now we continue. We go through the Spheres of Light; we go through the fourth, fifth and sixth cosmic grades and from the All we come back to Gethsemane in order to complete a task for the earth, to do something for this mankind. Gethsemane means: to learn to think, to meditate, to prepare yourself for the next step, the task that you took in your own hands. And that was the short stay for Christ, the lying down and the thinking: what will happen? No … how will I be? It was certainly very definitely not a trivial matter which went through the Christ when he was lying there … and yonder his apostles, in order to watch over Him, to serve Him, to help and support Him. To help Him to bear, for what He received by his Father from the Divine All, built up in order to give this to the whole of mankind. Of course, next to this is the fact that the Christ, the Messiah did not need his apostles to help Him to carry; He has to do that alone. And soon it will be clear to us that we also have to take every grade, every law of life, every word and every thought ourselves to the evolution. We get nothing for free, because we possess everything! We have everything received from the All-Source, because we have become human beings. And what does all of this mean? The fear, which the human being has for opening himself, that is real.ly awe-inspiringly sad. The human being with his possession, wherever he finds himself. Just feel the human being, just follow that personality and just touch that personality, that world. Touch that soul, that spirit and then you will see how merciless, how pathetic that personality shows itself if you fly over that life and touch something of the foundations that they do not possess. Because this phase does not intend to enter Gethsemane, not to mention to soon enter Golgotha – which awaits you and me and everyone. Yes, it is not an art to descend to the earth when this mankind is ready. Then people no longer need any word, any book, any art, then everything has reached harmony. But it is now a matter of pushing this mankind up to that spiritual evolution. Christ came for this purpose, every human being still devoted his life for this purpose. Soon that will no longer be necessary. You do not need to trot along after a personality, to drive, to talk, to inspire. That is over, that happens of its own accord. That comes from you, people want that, but then in the right direction. Gethsemane means – that is here, this garden in which you are –: you must now send every thought to the space, bring it into harmony with life and death, with soul, spirit and material, with your reincarnation, with fa.therhood and motherhood and thousands of more things, laws and prob.lems. Gethsemane wants to take you to the silence, to the meditation. That Gethsemane is a becoming conscious, that is a sensing, that is a thinking in the right direction and in the true meaning of the word. Gethsemane means: I want to be true, I already know myself, because I want, I know what I am doing. No one enters there – and Christ would not have accepted that either – who shouts hallelujah today and then tomorrow calls you and the world of God and Christ and the masters, demons. That no longer exist there. We want … the universe, the love, the justice, the harmony, Christ, God, the All-Source do not want to do anything with those grades of feeling. We do not kick those lives away, but Gethsemane says: “What are you doing here? Get out … get out!” Yes indeed, would you want to experience Gethsemane with mud on your shoes, unprepared? And Gethsemane is the first sphere. Anyone who has not experienced Gethsemane, does not enter any first sphere. Because Geth.semane is accepting everything, is absorbing everything in you what the Christ brought, what the Christ has meant, for which purpose he came to the earth. Gethsemane means accepting mankind. For Gethsemane there is no longer any death, there is only life, cordiality, benevolence, pure thinking and feeling. In Gethsemane you are not snarled at. In Gethsemane you are faced with the laws; they are very definitely not so simple, because when do you experience the reality? When can you say: today I am true? And now you just work out for yourself how we can absorb these laws into ourselves and what you possess of them. I am only concerned with making it clear to you that you have to conquer Gethsemane in this life. And the Christ lived in that … The apostles are here and are waiting and they do not know is … what is starting to happen to the Master … what the Master is doing. The telepathic unity of feeling to feeling, only John possesses that, an indi.vidual. He has a few feelers and can attune himself to the life of the Messiah, the Christ. And then you also lie down there and then you start to think. Then you start to think in the first place: human being, human being, human being … and what can I do for you? Sects very definitely originated and as a result of this, ancient Egypt built itself up, and gave itself a personality. The Goddess of Isis came forward as a result of the thinking: what can I do for you? What can I give you this morning, what can I bring you today? Can I take you back to the laws by which we were born? And the Christ lay there. He prepares himself to experience life and death. He knows: soon people will kill Him. But what does that matter to Him? Soon people take Him to the executioners of this mankind. One human being takes a whip in his hands and lashes out. A slanging match means nothing, now the physical systems of this Temple are touched. A Divine Personality now sits there … He accepts this beating. If you were able to feel the sorrows of the Messiah, if you just enter this world, then your personality will recoil because of the violence that is still present in society, and also in your life. That awe-inspiring simplicity of the Messiah, the Christ … To sit down there and to accept the beating, the tremendous material lashing and to say nothing … To sit down gratefully, with a power of feeling that says: just beat me, I will not do anything back to you anyway. Because I no longer have any feeling to be angry, it just hurts Me. I get awe-inspiring sorrows now that you are capable of taking up that whip, to press it into your hands, and to beat Me up. Those are the first steps which we must absorb into us if we want to be ready to enter Gethsemane. Because Gethsemane means: meditation, fin.ishing a thought, finishing a word. For Gethsemane everything is love and happiness, harmony, justice. You cannot enter Gethsemane with premedi.tated feelings, with your long faces. The human being is happy in there. The human being does not have enough time to think and to feel, to work for the space, for society; Gethsemane takes the human being to the heart of this personality and says: what can I do for you? Every child of God completed his hours in here before this life could enter the first spiritual heaven. Every human being of the earth who possesses a little bit of feeling and can already absorb the first sphere into himself as it were at a distance, he returns to the earth and plonks himself down there, in Gethsemane. And now we begin to think, separate from society, because nothing is right here. All of society, the personality, which is called mankind, still does not have any trueness, accept this. As long as the bible, as long as mankind … damnation – I explained that to you, I took you to that strict.ness, to that devotion to duty – as long as this mankind cannot understand, does not want to accept a God of love, as long as this mankind still does not have any possession of reality and you as a human being, as an academic, as mother and as father do not need to drag this mankind to Gethsemane. That is just talk in an empty space, where there is nothing present, only the unconscious feeling of the masses, which you cannot feel, you do not even hear it! Because it is only then that Gethsemane will receive and accept you, be able to listen to you – Gethsemane listens to you, that is a personality, because the God of all life lives there – when you experience the trueness. And now; what kind of true things do we have in us? What is it about, why do you live and what will you now actually serve for? When we enter Gethsemane from the astral world, then we do that reluctantly. But you must just look how many people rush in there and want to sit in the first row, there precisely where the Christ prayed. Precisely there on that spot, which is so scrupulously clean, so infinitely deep, the human being now wants to go there. The human being immediately sits in the first place, he wants to stand in the shadow of the Messiah. The good thinking human being, the human being who feels where it is going, you can find him there between the trees and the flowers, or under the ground. He has nothing, but he still does not dare to go to the reality. He says: “Am I ready?” And now you get, of course, when you have left the material systems, the world, you get: what did I do here, what do I live for and why am I now going to serve? Everyone wonders about that. And now you can find there in the vicinity of Jerusalem – but from our world – you can find millions of souls, fathers and mothers who are prepar.ing to experience Gethsemane. Now you must look, now you are starting to sense something of these realities. You are now starting to understand how awe-inspiring the life of the Messiah is. And how those poor children, the apostles, did their best and could not understand it either. You go and kneel down here, you moan from sorrow. You have a pain in your heart that is so awe-inspiring, because all the sorrows of the earth, every human being who experiences life brutally, wildly, disharmonically, comes to your life, you start to feel that. You recoil from a harsh, unknown word; you are afraid, because the human being will forget himself again. You know very definitely what it cost you to get it so far, you had to devote your blood to that. For every thought you gave a foundation, but that foundation cost your personality for Gethsemane. You no longer ask here: who am I and what can I do? If you do not possess the capacities, do not possess the feeling for your society, that art, then you will not even reach for a pen. You let that pen, you let that lie there consciously, you are afraid. You do not even rush to things in order to fling them at someone’s head. You no longer do that, because you know: you are busy burning yourself, not that other person, but yourself, at the stake, temporarily damning – because the Messiah taught us that. And then you really start to see and to understand the life a bit differ.ently. And then feelings enter you which say: how grateful I am that I am a human being; wherever I am and wherever I live, I belong to the Gods. One day, I will represent the God of all life on earth and for these spaces. And then a little bit of bliss will enter you. You now start to feel and to understand that, whatever your life is like, bliss enters you, because your thoughts pos.sess wings, softness, benevolence and also pure love! You no longer let yourself be paid by anyone. You want to do that work alone, you must also do it alone. You get no thanks from anything and an.yone, because the universe gave you everything. That is blood that you de.formed yourself, if you look over the world, because in Gethsemane you are cosmic, Divinely conscious. In Gethsemane you look at the people and at the world and say: “I have to serve that world, just hit me.” And when you still want to accept a thank you from those poor children, that poor, miserable, pathetic society and from this personality, then already nothing will remain of you and you will not be busy laying foundations, which you kick away again from under your feet of your own accord. Christ did not let himself be paid. For Christ life was a gift, a serving alone, giving everything of himself. If He had accepted the material means, then He could have worked with material means, but then He would have been lost. Christ had to do it from his grade of feeling, his Divine thinking and feeling, his consciousness. And that was only by means of the word! When we lie down soon and then prepare ourselves, when you experience Gethsemane in order to accept the lashing for the world – the lashing, do you hear? – when we are then faced with Pilate and he says: “Yes, which of these two do you wish to have?” then that is not Barabbas who speaks to you, but then it is the Messiah! No, it becomes much more impressive, these laws speak much more clearly to your existence and your personality, your fatherhood and motherhood, because now the good and the wrong reach eloquence and raise their own heads. You have to wash your hands here in innocence for good and evil. Yes, the Pilate lives in you, and in Gethsemane that man, that personality must go from us! Here we are faced with naked.ness, we have nothing more to hide. It is only the feeling which comes to us from the space that must inspire us purely, clearly and harmonically, if we want to be able to follow this path. And now it is certainly not simple. Now it becomes difficult, because you will lay the core on each thought that was built up by the God of all life and must give the universal consciousness to all the thoughts, the deeds, and the feelings which we send out. And we have that in our own hands. The tremendous possession which you start to see, which you start to feel, in which you live if Gethsemane awakens in your life … My God, my God, you then shout, how happy I am that I may absorb this into myself, that I start to belong to that for which you materialized yourself! And when you now lie down there and think, feel: where is it going now, where must I begin in order to learn to think, and you are father, you possess the material, male organism, then it is obvious that you start to think for the first time: what have I done, how did I feel, how did I accept the mother, my mother? And the mother, if she starts to see herself, when she starts to feel herself in Geth.semane … My God, my God, what will remain of us when those thoughts disturb our hearts itching and churning, when those thoughts go to your throat and almost smother your life of feeling! Then you cried out for help, for justice, because you know how we made bits and pieces in the lives which passed and represented nothing else but laziness, destruction and conscious misery. Just do not be frightened again … When you show the human being – yes indeed, straight from the earth – what Gethsemane is actually like, then you see and you feel the human organism. No, then you are faced with the living heart of the universe. You are now a nerve, you have consciousness, you are blood circulation, you have the light in your eyes, and you represent something of this mankind. But when you have mastered this, then you are called, then you have received the name: Gethsemane. Gethsemane is feeling and thinking. Gethsemane is simplicity, humility, justice, harmony, love and happiness, construction. Always for the best, nev.er ever for destruction. You do not go from the light to the shadow, you are always inspired, and inspiring! You only go one path. Left and right, there is no longer ahead and behind, there is only a forwards. To go forward, to what, where? What did I do, what did I live for? What did Christ do for me when He came to the earth? Could He have damned my life? Am I really a part of God? The masters placed that in your hands, you are gifted people, you can already do it on earth. What does the human being of the church have? What does the dogmatic child have? What do the millions on earth have? Nothing, nothing, nothing! You are already the gifted people who can enter Gethsemane. You accept: there is life ‘beyond the coffin’. But now there must no longer be one wrong thought in you, or you will kick yourself out of the first sphere and you will still not be busy proceeding to meditation with the Christ, with the apostles. That only lives in the space. That meditating is still not there. But finally become a human being! In Gethsemane we want to go straight to the human part. The human, earthly, inner awe for the life of God … And it is only then that the task comes. Which task do you have? You ask in the human society for inspira.tion, you want to serve. But when do you begin to descend into your deep, own Gethsemane … what lives in there? You will have to descend into there in order to finally experience the ultimate; that is the last thought, that is the seventh grade for cordiality, benevolence and love. Also justice, of course, stands before your door, and now you can open the door and let that life in, into your heart, into Gethsemane. There are people standing here around this garden, around this courtyard, and they want to go further and they cannot … and there is nothing. They may continue, there is nothing, no walls have been elevated, but they do not come a step further. You see, that is the Divine source, there the justice lives, which says: “I have still not made it!” When you enter Gethsemane then you see a barbed wire there in an astral shape, a wall of concrete, which was elevated by you. And you live behind that concrete, and you cannot go there. You envy the human being who lives there, but you flatly refuse it. The human being does not want to run himself down, the human being does not want to multiply. There is still no humility, there is no pure feeling in order to experience motherhood, fatherhood, mankind, your being a child. And it is only then that life becomes beautiful, because now you start to feel that you are being led! You are now still … You are now still busy leading yourself through life. But when will you surrender yourself? When will you let your.self be led? When do you begin to do your best, in the first place where you are, and where you live? You must not neglect the material things, because by means of the material you enter the Temple for the Soul, for the Spirit, your Personality. Is that not true? Gethsemane takes you precisely to … to the inner systems, and it is only then that the gates in the wide, eternal hereafter open for you. And now you are no longer a human being, nor a personality, you are now only a child. A clean, pure, benevolent child. Can you see? The human being and the personality, which now lives on earth, it must disappear. You must no longer long for an adult consciousness, you must put that aside. For that matter, Christ said: “Come to Me, but as a child.” What is this being a child? When are you conscious in a childlike way, when do you start to feel pure and clean in a childlike way? When do you rise up in arms and think you can knock down another human being with bru.tality, with savage power? Did you really think that the Christ was open, the apostles, the spaces, every source of life, originated by means of the source of all life, which was built up by this, that you can enter and experience that by means of rough, brutal power? That is not possible, for that matter! When the Messiah felt that the moment would come, then He entered into meditation; even He! He was not ashamed to lie down and to start a meditating, a thinking. What did He ask himself? You know, for that matter: if the smallest insect did not know that the God of all life, the All-Source, the All-Mother had inspired the life, that he had received that independence himself, if the Christ, if the insect, a flower cannot feel that, then He could really have shouted out: ‘My God, my God, let this misery pass my life by, what will I achieve?’ But it was not that! He never ever said that! Because, can you feel, then He would have chased himself out of Gethsemane and He would not have been ready to be able to accept this pure mankind, his life and his blood, his soul and his spirit – that is his possession. He would not have been able to serve for this purpose, then He would have weakened. And people must devote everything to this, here you reach the ultimate grade – as I said a moment ago – in order to absorb the actual core into you and to be able to say: now I am truth, I am now a friend, I am a sister and a brother, I experience and represent fatherhood and motherhood. Christ lay down and thought: yes, I must prepare myself, the time is short, and soon I will leave the earth. And that was the sorrow in Him, that He did not receive the time in order to complete his task, his mission because of brutal violence. When John asked Him after this meditation: “Master, what did you feel? I thought I was flying in the space with you”, then He said to John: “John, I wanted mankind – our own blood, our souls, our spirits, this living foun.dation – to give us the time to … so that I can show myself completely, can give myself completely. Yes, John, then we will fly, then we experience a consciousness, then we will advance thousands of years in only a few sec.onds. But mankind, these masses are not yet ready. These masses do not know about meditation, about inner feeling and thinking. We get to accept a material destruction, John. We can make ourselves strong, we can think. And what will I think about? That I will finally be ready in order to be able to accept this life.” Christ did not get ahead of himself. He did not return to the All-Source; the space, planets and stars, they did not matter to Him. He started to think: how will I soon be ready in order to be able to receive these blows, this con.sciousness? Will I be prepared and say exactly what lives in Me? Did you really think that the Christ went to Pilate just like that and later to Caiaphas, unprepared? He would … He would have destroyed himself, no Divine consciousness would have come from Him. But He was prepared! And those few words that He spoke, they were therefore Divinely conscious. And that can no longer be talked about; He only said: “It is you …” In Gethsemane, my sisters and brothers, you reach the true thought to finally begin with the very first one: can I, must I accept everything, which I see and experience? And then we will begin to accept. Then there is no longer any no, then there is only just a yes! There is only the word of the space that we now see. Here there is no deception, there is no more lying. Gethsemane lets us kneel down in the Divine truth. Now it is finally one beginning, we lay one foundation: we begin to accept! And if you do not begin with that, then you will dissolve there and another one goes through that concrete, through that barbed wire around Gethsemane, and you go away and that life enters. You discard your place, your grade of feeling and give that to the other life, which is – can you see? – which is busy believing and accepting, in order to say to himself: I want to begin! Because what is the beginning? If only you knew that now! You can read and you can absorb books into yourself, you can do everything for mankind, but when you do not know: I have begun, then you will never make it. You must know it, you must feel it. You must now begin with the very smallest thought, the very first one. But that small thought is universally conscious, is universally and infinitely deep. What is beginning, what is lying down? What is meditation, what is thinking and feeling? What must I start with? And that is – accept it – Gethsemane in your heart, the place where you must start to nibble on those foundations. You take the crumbs off that, you hit pieces off it, because you laid foundations which do not possess any truth. Because these foundations, which we have on earth, have been built by means of lying and cheating. It is best that you and every human being explain that for themselves, you know exactly what you are like, how you feel. In Gethsemane, there we got the first thought: there is no evil, no more being wrong in my universe. Can you feel? But when we see that there the poison for the world creeps up on us like a snake in the night, then we go away from that life? No, then we look at it and say: “Disappear from here! Get out of my way. I do not need you!” And then you are immediately faced with the justice of the Christ, who said: “Go behind me, Satan.” You are like Satan, if we just start to feel one wrong word in Gethsemane. And then life cannot be rhymed, then there are no more frills and you do not write about Divine truths in verse form. Gethsemane does not need your St. Nicholas carry-on – if you know that – because that is also a frill. That also stands there with lying and cheating, with a false self, a mask on. Every life of feeling, every thought, their masks fall, we gradually reach the reality. We want nothing more to do with that dark, destructive life of feeling. We no longer want to see that life. And yet we feel: if you reach truth one day, if you come to us one day, to the light, to Gethsemane and soon to Golgotha, with the real human showing of colours, your head bowing as the space taught us, then we will be ready to receive your life. But then you can kneel down at the feet of the master, do you see? Then we will begin to help a human child. There is no talking in Gethsemane; in Gethsemane there is only thinking and feeling. There you experience the pure, universal Divine reality. And then a silence comes under your heart, then you start to be happy that there is mother sitting next to you with the same aura of feeling. Then there is no longer any old and young, there is only feeling, there is only life. Yes, how do you wish to experience this on earth? But you can experience it here, because the Christ also came here, He brought it! Millions of people expe.rienced it on earth. One or two people went through Gethsemane. You will feel that we cannot yet leave Gethsemane. But soon we will accept death by crucifixion. We will drag that cross up the hill. If you want to make the symbolism real, as the Messiah could, then we drag every wrong thought up on our shoulders, in order to soon – you will experience that by means of the next session, or afterwards – to behead, to smother it at Golgotha. You, the human being will nail every wrong thought consciously to a cross. And you look at that, because you are now capable of giving your blood of life for space, for fatherhood and motherhood, for the light of this world. The light of this world, because this life is yours, that was born under your heart. You covered millions of lives, you conquered millions of worlds, but you have not yet reached that spiritual ultimate grade. And we now fight for that. This is why we go and kneel down, here in Gethsemane, and the silence speaks to our human heart. If you walk there and you are here between the children, then you will get the sorrow: “Are you sitting comfortably, are you lying here delightfully? Can I do something for you, can I help you think? Ask me, I am ready.” “Where do you come from, Master?” Yes, we lived there amongst millions and were grateful to give a word to these people, but we did not want to have ourselves snarled at. If a doubt enters a child, then we see that immediately. “Accept”, we say, “accept once and for eternity: I am spiritually conscious. If you cannot accept me … We laid those foundations, we come from there, and we are only here in order to help you.” But where did this life get to? Since this life starts with the doubt: is that really like that and can it be like that and is that there …? It has gone! First the very first beginning: let me think, let me feel. I must begin in order to be able to listen to a human being and that is now the most difficult thing there is. To listen to a human being, to accept a human being: yes, you are right. Now just listen every day. Listen to everything in the world, but start to listen to this speaking, this feeling and thinking according to the grade of your consciousness. You do not allow any more nonsense, you cannot even do that anymore. You are capable of accepting those people, but with that nonsense, with those half-conscious feelings … the flying in the space, that building castles in the air means nothing to you. Reaching too high, flying too high, doing something for society and you cannot even write your own name, that is megalomania, you do not need to come with that in Gethsemane, because people do not need you there. You must see here in the reality. You must accept the reality here and ask yourself: where do I live, who am I, what am I doing, can I do that? And then for soul, spirit, fatherhood, motherhood, universal light, God, Christ. Because you are, and you are like Christ, you will become that. You will represent this world one day – I explained to you recently, I made you afraid – soon in the Spheres of Light, then you will start to represent the Christ and your being God. You will carry this misery of the earth under your heart, these are your children, this is your blood, this is a part of your soul, of your spirit. This is universal Divinity that lives here and which lives everywhere! Just deform that life, just do something to that life, just kick that life … you will no longer do that in Gethsemane. In Gethsemane you will tread the footstep, you will lay the first foundation there for every thought. You are a doctor? Then you will experience that doctorship in Gethsemane at a hundred percent for the spiritual grade, you are now a good person. Are you talking about love? Then you will involve Gethsemane, because here you want to be love! If you are talking about harmony, then you will no longer upturn a human being in Gethsemane, you will no longer snarl at a human being. You will finally trust a human being. And now the human being on earth has thousands and thousands of thoughts, thousands of longings to do something, but you do not come any further. Why not? Because the personality does not start with the first grade … a little foundation. You do not begin with: I want to be true, I want to be a friend, I want to be a sister, a brother, and I want to be a true father. You do not begin with that. And because you do not begin with the first foundations, materialized visibly by the universe – that is fatherhood, motherhood – you do not come any further either. I must be a good mother, a true mother, I must carry the love. I am woman? then I carry the Divine All-Source manifesting with me, I am that myself. My eyes say it, my words will interpret it. Who are you? Am I hurting you? Who are you? What do you want? Talking nonsense? Today: “I love you!” Tomorrow: “You are my master, you are my Christ”, and the day after tomorrow: “I no longer need you!” Ha ha ha ha ha … do not make the space laugh. “Today, Crisje”, it says in ‘Jeus’ and the masters told, it was brought to earth, “today you are a king, but tomorrow?” “I love you. Oh, I cannot live without you!” But in a fortnight’s time? “You will never leave me again, will you? Because we are nothing if you are no longer there, Christ!” What do you do tomorrow with me? Gethsemane asks you that. Can you see? Gethsemane wants that when you say: I accept the universe, I believe, then you will believe, because the religion takes you to the knowledge, but no doubtful carry-on! Today we must sit down. “Must we not do something else?” people ask and people say and people still fling, after hundreds of lectures and all those books, in André’s face. “Must we not do anything else than sit down and sit down here?” Yes, who are you? Who are you that you dare to say this? What are you doing here then? You still do not belong here! You do not yet have the bless.ing, the feeling, the love, the faith, the truth and the justice in you to listen to these Gethsemane universes and words. You are no use to me, just do not imagine it. I am nothing, I am absolutely nothing, but I have experienced spaces! I have accepted Gethsemane and I let myself be crucified thousands of times. By accepting every word of the human being, I experience a death by cruci.fixion. Who are you? Afraid again? Have you not gone yet? Gethsemane holds you captive. Oh yes, the strong in spirit, the benevolent, the knowledgeable say: “Just hit me, Christ. Why can I not die for you?” A work of art to put a dagger into your heart, to let the blood flow, to consciously take the heart from your ribcage for the Messiah. My God, the most beautiful thing there is! To be able to suffer, to be able to feel what the sorrows of Satan are like which were poured out over mankind. In Gethsemane you become true. In Gethsemane you no longer feel ma.terial, you no longer feel earthly. Then you go and sit down. You do not dare to look Christ in the face, you do not dare to look at Him. You are not tied to a master’s apron strings. You will be careful, you do not even dare to step into his shadow. When do we become human beings? When the human part passes your lips. Is that not the love that you ask for? Does the mother not wish to expe.rience any Gethsemane by means of the love? What does your kiss taste like? Go into nature and bow to the animal instinct. Yes indeed, you will now get the kiss from your cow, your animal gives it according to the pure attune.ment. But the human kiss is calculating, is filthy, dirty and thieving. Today people accept you, you are taken in with open doors and a great commotion, but tomorrow you will go out the door with a sacred, human providence. And then people ransacked you. Look for yourself; that is the human being. In Gethsemane you must prove that you can no longer do that. And in the very first place, what we, what Christ, what God is concerned with, what your father and mother were concerned with when you lived in her, the mother: become child, become space, become true, become soft, become benevolent, experience friendship as it is. Just finally start to learn to think and do not do anything yet. It is much better to experience your being material in silence all your life, you can just walk into the ‘coffin’ and prepare yourself for this feeling which is given to you by Gethsemane, than to start shouting now, because you must accept anyway: the people do not like you anyway. You do not yet have it, you do not yet possess it. You must first be grateful that God gave you food and drink. And what does the world do now, what does mankind do for himself, for the masses? What does a people do? Do you not know that? Here we are kneeling in order to finally begin and to wonder: what are we doing, who am I, what do I want? And then you just sit down. You are like a … psychopathic being … You would like that, the world will make that of you. When the world does not understand you – when the lectures which you receive, which are brought to consciousness in your soul, when you want to give all of that to the world, you are a psychopath, because people do not understand you. But Gethsemane feels you! The truth which now comes to you from the space, you get that by means of a dream, you get that by means of an action; a friend, a sister, a brother, a love comes to tell you. People place it in your hands. It is remarkable, the human, universal, massive reacting no longer gets to see any mantraps and clamps. Gethsemane does not put down any clamps and mantraps for your life, you make them yourself! The human being makes them himself. Did you think that Christ came to the earth with next to Him the Divine nirvana, sanctities and space, realms of colours – and next to Him a dagger? There was not one wrong thought in Him … a pure Figure. And you can achieve that here on earth. You can achieve that and then you are faced with a benevolent human being and then you must see, then you will feel how awe-inspiringly beautiful a human being is for you. Then you are grateful if you are a man and the love of the mother speaks to you. Then you must just look into those eyes and then just feel that heart, and she says: “Yes, dear, yes, my darling!” Be careful, because when you say in Gethsemane: yes, dear, yes, my dar.ling, then you will have to know what being a darling and being a dear means, otherwise, you no longer say it there. You do not dare to say in Geth.semane: I love you. You do not know what that is and what it means: I love you. What happens? Then you walk in a space, you now come across spatial systems, you now have planets and stars in your hands, you know every life source. You know how deep a mother now is, you carry this life. You can carry it because you got the cosmic consciousness. Now you can say: I love you. But when can you give this away, your ‘love-you’? Gethsemane accepts it! When you see the same life source as motherhood and fatherhood before you, and that mother says: “I love you, everything lives in me … Gethse.mane”, then Christ also stands in her life, as a shining image, before you. Yes … then you hear a soft whispering under your heart and then a new child is born under your heart. You can start to feel the first contractions, if you experience Gethsemane. You start to feel whether you have really nib.bled off some of that material thought, whether you have inspired a material thinking and feeling. Because those are the contractions for the new birth, you have those contractions in you! Gethsemane is one contraction, it is the experiencing of a grade of feeling, one thought, yes, a few words: “I love you”, and “now you just come to me, I will accept you for eternity.” You do not yet have truth in you, not even for five seconds of that infinity in which God lives, which is eternal … in order to understand: I love you eternally. Nonsense! Did you think that Christ would let himself be cheated any longer by peo.ple who want to walk a spiritual path, who want to enter Gethsemane? Then you will hear anyway behind you and to the left, in front and to the right of you, also upwards: “Hypocrite, go away, Satan, piece of destruction!” Is that not true then? You are doing that yourself anyway. No one in the space, no one in Gethsemane, no one on Golgotha, no one from the first, the second, or third spheres will speak a harsh word to you, you do that yourself! You break, you darken the light from the universe. And then Christ did that, then the human being did that? Then society did that? No, you are that yourself. Do you know how deeply, how wonderfully, how universally Divine a human being is? Why do you kick that being out of Gethsemane? Why do you want to step in yourself when you do not yet belong there? Just admit it, you cannot do it anyway. Then the human being can, then the space can help you to continue that evolution. But … bow! Bow and lie down and think: I love you! In four months’ time, in two months’ time … All of the world, when the world awakens: “I love you, I love you!” How awe-inspiring the feeling in the human being is when the human being starts to enter love. We are mad, we no longer know what we are like, how we act. That human being, that hu.man being, that human being … But in four months’ time? Everything will be slaughtered, human blood, the human light in the eyes means nothing more. But would you wish to say that this child is not guilty? Where were the first foundations laid for this destruction? A human being who wants, has sunshine, awakening, evolution, justice, benevolence, harmony under the heart, and every word becomes harmonically felt. That is society, and that is the human personality, which comes into harmony with Gethsemane. You no longer want to know anything about that shoddy carry-on, that pathetic carry-on of the earth; a human being becomes precious substance, yes in.deed! You have the light in the eyes, you have the power of speech, you have talent, you have consciousness – and by means of one word you destroy all of that! But when you start to think according to the harmony, the silence and the laws of meditation of Gethsemane: Why? You will then continue of your own accord. We assure you: when you really start to think, start to feel and you start to attune yourself to Gethsemane, in one year you can achieve more than other people were able to in centuries! And why? Every thought is felt, is really experienced, do you see? And that does you good, that is a bliss in you. You ask nothing of the world, you do not want any thanks from any human being. Because thanks removes my foundation. I must completely and ultimately lose and give myself completely. Everything of me must go, it is only then that I will have completely dissolved for the serving, the giving – yes, for which gifts, for which deeds? I must dissolve, I must disappear, as a human being here like this, because one day I will have to represent all the grades of life and laws of life in the Divine All! Then it is clear anyway that I must lose this what I am now, I will change that, I will expand that by means of meditation, by thinking. And then we will have no Scripture, then we will not need any other things in order to drive us to that reality. Then Gethsemane speaks in you, under your heart, but then you are benevolent, well thought-out and conscious. You start to experience every word by experiencing Golgotha. That therefore means: every word gets the power of the Christ. And that is not so simple, that demands and requires everything of your lives. But when you possess that, when you have that, then you say for yourself: nothing more will happen to me, nothing can knock me down, I am conscious, I know! I have nothing more to do with the earthly material, social things, even if I live in the midst of it, because I live spiritually, inwardly in the Spheres of Light. I came from there in order to take my children from the earth to the light, and now I live in the All-Cer.tainty. Is that not beautiful, is this not worthwhile to give yourself completely for that? What will our life be like soon when we leave Gethsemane? Did we wonder for thousands of characteristics: am I now prepared, am I now ready, can I go? You can feel it, you can no longer leave that sphere, there are still thousands of things that you must finish. Asking questions has started in this universe. Every thought asks you: Oh, just wait a moment, just experience me! What do you want? I am faith? No, I want to know! When am I knowing? I am just, experience me, just prove me! It is only then that you can say: you belong to me … But now I belong to you, now you are mine. I am untruth and the untruth kills and breaks and completely destroys this personality. Yes, just try getting out of this! And yet it is very simple! Thousands of foundations lie there and they must leave Gethsemane, be.cause you will experience, interpret and conquer the spaces of God floating! Is that not true? Is this gravity? No, you come across the spacious sounds, the happiness of Mother Nature. There is nothing more for which you will tremble, everything is cordiality, benevolence, everything shines at you, you are bliss itself. You master that, because you start to feel, you now know what you live for. ‘Beyond the coffin’ there is space, ‘beyond the coffin’ you walk with brothers and sisters, you go hand in hand: “Where do you want to go, my child?” Now you are far enough to experience a planet. You go to the moon. This space belongs to you, this is not a shed, not a house under the ground! This space is your house. You place a planet just like that on your hands, because it lives under your heart. You have finally got the power and you have finally built up those powers in order to experience law after law. You went from the embryonic life to the fish stage, you walked planet af-ter planet, grade after grade, becoming conscious after becoming conscious. And finally you could say: I have completed the cycle of the earth, I have the earth in my heart. I am now ready to conquer Golgotha. We will climb Gol.gotha. I will carry. Nothing will beat me down, I will work to my dying day. And now you start to feel that your time is too short, that the time is pre.cious. One day is awe-inspiring for the space – and is nothing …! The night makes you unhappy, because you must lie down and give the material sys.tems the powers in order to sleep, in order to rest in order to be ready again tomorrow. Hours have passed, but thank God … you live, you thought about those hours. There is no longer any second, or you enjoy that second. You have given that second foundations, ‘wings’, you are knowing! Yes, knowing for everything. You are knowing in the pure sounds of the space. You know how Christ felt, how He gave himself and for what purpose He came to the earth. You know the bible from A to Z. You do not need that Scripture, because where there is cursed, where there is said: “You will go there in order to de.stroy a child”, then … then that is the Satan. You know that that is no good, that is untruth. The reality of Gethsemane tells you: “Just look in this parchment. You do not need to read this, the law of nature will prove it to you.” Is that not simple? You come from the first sphere, a heaven on the other side, and you walk the earth in a material state, but with a human living heart. Where will you go soon? Where will you be? Will you really be capable of being able to receive a father and a mother in the astral, spatial unity, to be able to receive them there? If there is just one wrong thought in you, if that megalomania, if that boasting, that material destruction has not gone from you, then you do not even see your wife and your husband again. Then one is there and the other is here. Then one will first have to begin to prepare himself for Gethsemane. Yes, then comes the benevolence, the accepting, the head bowing as a matter of course, but then you are alone. You will have to do it alone and not by means of the help of thousands and millions. You will lay down devotion to duty in the first place at your feet in Gethsemane, so that the human being who meets you, who sees into your life, can say: “Yes, really, this life is true.” It is just remarkable that the human being on earth always puts on a gar.ment again and wants to be bigger than he is. He puts a crown on his head, which he has not even earned, he waves a sceptre that he does not have. No, because that is only the hitting upon another happiness, upon another life, it is the working to the bone of an overworked human child. People no longer need those things in Gethsemane. There the wisdom speaks, there the light speaks, there the love speaks, there the justice speaks, and there we lie down in pure, quiet meditation. To lie down and to wait and to be able to sit. Yes, must we sit here, must we always just sit here? God listened to you. The Spheres of Light get a curse, a slap in the face when you say: “Must we just sit down here and listen?” Are you that far that you know everything? Then you no longer need God and Christ, then you are a Deity and then you are Christ! Is that not true? What we are concerned with, is in order to bring you to thinking, only just to thinking. I do not long for any more from you; you must decide for yourself. I am speaking here for Mother Nature. If you want to prove to me, if you can show that you are a human being, and that Gethsemane speaks in you, then I will work myself to death! Yes, God hears me, Christ sees me. I look here into the beautiful faces of my sisters and brothers who know what I want. I interpret their lives, they can put their stamp on every word, explain their life of feeling by it. They know who I am and what I want and where I am going. They know everything, because I am harmony, justice, I am loving, benevolent. I am busy representing my All-Source for the human being who has not yet awak.ened in this grade of life. And what do you do? I ask you! You cannot do it yet, sir, madam, my brother, my sister. You do not need to fly into your pens, you do not need to make yourself nervous in order to start working now; you cannot even do it. You must first … You now begin to learn to think. If I get you ready, if you want to help yourself in order to prepare yourself for the moment ‘beyond the coffin’, then you already do everything. Then I do not need to carry you any further, then you finally get the power to learn to walk. Because on the other side lying and cheating is destruction. You are not capable of moving a foot, because lying and cheating send you to the bottom, put you in your own place, this is your world, your little circle, you are attached to it. Yes, you are attached to disintegration, destruction, deformation and brutalization. Because on the Other Side you can only walk … the Other Side only let you walk … Benevolence … the benevolence progresses, the justice progresses, they are flying, spatially inspired, but no lying and cheating! That is here, that closes itself off in an icehouse. You become as cold as the North Pole. And can the North Pole possess Great Wings? The human being is like that! Are you afraid? I look into the face of the sacred providence, also the trinity; and which must reach awakening in your life. And Gethsemane serves for that purpose. I have not yet said anything about that, I have not yet even started with that. We have not laid down yet, we are not lying yet, we are not meditating yet. We are not asking yet, we are not begging yet, we are just walking … We are brutal, we are wild, we have no time for anything. Oh, my God, when can I sit down and when can I think? When will I begin? I do not know what I should begin with. Thousands of feelings charge through my personality and I do not know where I must begin. My God, give me the first signs. And then you will see … yes, then you will see what I now see and from the heavens, the space comes to me. And that was the sign of the cross for the first Christians and means: I love you! Then you have to put a cross over that love-you: I love you dearly. Then the cross will tell you whether it is there, whether you really love, but usu.ally you look in a deep darkness, in a deep night and there is no question of cross lighting and auras. You do not have anything yet? You have everything, when you now begin to experience the word meditating. And then the Mes.siah will soon say: “Just prepare yourself.” We will now go to society and see whether we are capable of everything. Yes … now we will have a look: what is simple, what is humility? When may we say something? We will do that soon, now that we are ready … Good, we are just ready. You feel, we will stay in Gethsemane for centuries and centu.ries. Just like the man who came and said, a traveller –there is a man busy, he rakes the material Gethsemane in Jerusalem – he says: “Sir, may I come in for a moment?” “Come in, stranger.” There is a man busy there with a rake, he is keeping Gethsemane clean. “So, child”, this old life says. “May I have a … may I have a bit … may I have a bit of sand? May I, may I have a small bit of soil? But Christ lived here, didn’t He?” The man say: “You can take away cartloads from here, this has no more meaning.” “Who are you?” “Who am I? I am of the same becoming conscious and feeling as you. I have come to Jerusalem in order to ask to do something for Christ. But I do not yet know where I should begin and then I thought … then I asked this city: may I take care of Gethsemane? And now I have been here for seventeen years and what I see here is nothing else but shrivelled up ground. Just look at the world. When the world changes, Gethsemane changes. Then the flowers come back. The life is shrivelled up. But if you want to take along some sand to your house in order to put it down there … to go and look every day at the soil on which the Christ walked, in which He lived … Just go, you can get everything which Jerusalem possesses, it costs you nothing.” “May I have a flower?” “Take everything, there … just pick them from the ground, they mean nothing more, nothing!” And that child does it, that child goes away. “I have a flower, I have a flower, I have a flower from the life of the Messiah, because He lived here.” He goes walking up, he does not pay any attention to the world. The people look at this child. He is crying, he is weeping: “My God, my God, just let me experience something. He lived here, didn’t He?” Then this child, the old life, says: “I started wrongly. I have been walking round here for seventeen years and I am waiting for a word, but I no longer find Him here. I must find Him up there. But I have … I also lay there, but I heard nothing, I am not a Judas, I am not an apostle; I want to know!” Yes, you want to know. But you discarded your being a child, your contact, your eternal love and feeling, your fatherhood and motherhood. You came here as a human being and not as a soul, nor as spirit nor as life. Society, that muddy personality hangs on your life. You are material, you are mud, you are wrong, you cannot think, you cannot feel, you go forwards backwards. You should have looked there and then calmly. Yes indeed, now you weep, now you feel that Christ lives under your heart. He says: “Just come, my child, do not weep anymore, I will take care of you. Accept my flowers, accept my ground. Can you feel me?” Gethsemane lives for this soul! Christ is still there for this soul, in order to call to you: “Learn to think, learn to understand, learn to feel what it means: I am a human being, I am a father, I am a mother. I want to be a friend, because social friendship takes you to the first sphere.” And then you are buried. But then you return and then you look at the world and then you say: “What do you have to say about me? Thank you. Am I a scoundrel? Thank you. Oh, do you wish to lash me, do you wish to hit me? Have I earned a beating? Oh, give me, give me that beating, smash my legs, I will probably learn better then. I am busy beating myself, but I can no longer …” I thank you. I thank you … The Pilate in the human being Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get ‘The Pilate in the human being’ this morning. As a result of the journeys which we made, from the All-Source to the earth and back to the Divine All … when we kneeled there in that space, in that atmosphere, in the nature, we started to think. We saw that we had to take every thought, every feeling, back to the harmony, as a result of which everything originated, and as the All-Source could do that. The human be.ing built up worlds for himself and that could not happen as a result of doubt, he had to devote all of himself for that purpose. And that happened. We went through darknesses to the light, from one planet to the other. They were grades and laws, foundations, which gave us new lives for father.hood and motherhood. And those worlds were always ready to be able to go further. The God of all life made sure of that. I told you; soon we will be faced with the human thoughts. Soon, but we had to experience and had to discard a space. And when we now return to the earth from that world, from the truth, the reality, the harmony, the feeling and thinking, and experience Gethsemane again – where we prepared ourselves for the new systems – will enter society, now we will look at what is good and wrong in us. We will see that the world lives in unconsciousness. We know that we will enter Golgotha soon because we have a task to accomplish, we have to give mankind something. We come with a pure feeling, a human consciousness of course, but the Divine independence burns in us. And it is this for which, and by means of which, we will live and die. Millions of people had to travel that long path. Millions of people went through trouble and misery, but we saw: the human being built this up him.self. The God of all life is only love, only harmony. Now we must prove what we possess of that harmony and that love. We are faced with millions of problems, every thought is a law, a world, a sphere, a space, a planet and, is a sun. Every thought, every characteristic can knock us down, can build up a new road, can be a stone, a sacred foundation for the new personality which will awaken. How do we get that personality now to the spiritual, spatial becoming conscious? We have to learn that. But when we now follow our path – be.cause that is what it is about of course, in order to experience the Christ, in order to see and to feel how the Messiah could do that – then we lie down for a moment in Gethsemane and will experience the very last step, the mo.ment that we can say: I am ready. And now to society! We now come to the characteristics of the human being. We are faced with the universal systems for soul, spirit, life and personality. We know: the Divine spark burns in us; we are a part of Him, we represent Him and Her as father and mother. And now that must become released, we must free that. We meditated in Gethsemane. We knelt there, hours and hours and months on end. We started to build up thoughts, we sent those thoughts back into the space. We analysed. We must sense where the core lies for every characteristic, if we want to see the living light of the Other Side, the first sphere, the heavens, the Spheres of Light. In Gethsemane we reached deep thinking and feeling for ourselves. Every human being must go in there. Every human being reaches the state of pu.rity one day, the ultimate and then he must say: who am I, what do I want, what will I start to do? For what purpose do I actually live? You experienced all of that. You received the books from the masters, you know: ‘beyond the coffin’ there is life. You now represent God as a human being. And now we will look at what those human Gods are like. What is the human being like with regard to soul, spirit, life and person.ality? What is the human being like as father and mother? We live in an awe-inspiring space. Everything which lives there belongs to us, we can say, but no one believes it. It is chaos on earth. We come to the earth from that silence and are sud.denly faced with the human personality of society, a human being who has something to say, a human being who can call himself a king, an emperor. He has built up something for himself and society, he has reached the high.est. He can say: I do not want that, you will do it like that, you have to follow the laws, or I will lock you up. The human being who says: “I will lock you up”, he must soon accept that the God of all life has still not locked anything up. There is no Grim Reaper. We do not have to knock the crown from anyone’s head. We are Gods, well-considered, benevolent, just, yes indeed! There we are faced with the human image. We come as children to the earth, we walk in society. We are inspired, we have love and now it will hap.pen. We have thousands of thoughts in us and every thought – they know that there and people know that in the space – has attunement to the Pilate consciousness. And that is nothing other than a deep abyss, a hole, which you sink into. And that hole -that abyss- that is infinitely deep; that is called doubt. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, ancient Egypt, China, Japan, British India, Tibet, all of them were attached to the Pilate. All of them, every priest had to lose himself thousands of times in order to wring the neck of that Pi-late. Because the doubt smashed him completely, for every thought, spatial, maternal, paternal!! With two exclamation marks. Smashed completely! The Pilate in the human being – we will soon see that – he nailed the Most Sacred there, on top of Golgotha, to a cross and let Him bleed to death. The Pilate undermines every good thought. The Pilate in you – we experienced that recently in Gethsemane – it smothers every vitality, it consciously saws the life in half. It sucks empty what, as a result of God, the All-Source, gave a spatial unity, a stability, a capacity to think and to feel as He created His things, gave light, a support, a foundation. He gave every insect, every spark His independence. Yes indeed, the material independence can be seen, but people know nothing about the inner self, where the source actually lives. The human being prepares himself for society and thinks he can achieve everything that people built up in this way in that society. And when we had earned the first sphere, earned with blood, for which we had to devote everything, we could understand and see where the danger lies, where the holes, the deep holes lay on earth, in order to give ourselves light. We could return, experience every law again and work out once more where we doubted. And I want to show you the danger, the trivial part, the soulless part of that. I want you to experience that the doubt destroys you completely for everything. You can … I will prove to you that you can murder and kill – a murder, brought about consciously, is not so bad, not so fatal as the doubt, the Pilate in you! The human being says: “I love you” and when the human being doubts, love means nothing, because there is no ground, no foundation, no space, no feeling anymore; the personality has completely gone. There is no feeling, no life, no thinking; everything is empty and unconscious. You never get a core in order to build up a new path, a new foundation; people do not accept you. And that is still very simple for society, you can permit yourself that a thousand times in society. You can keep on trying that, which means nothing. You walk, you go, and no one says anything to you, but it is for the space that you kicked yourself into the darkness. You closed yourself off to the actual light, the true building up, the continuing, the progressive life of feeling. That is unsteady, destructive, collapsing. It lies there, no longer has any feeling, the light in the eyes has disappeared. Yes, you have read about that Pilate, when he stood there and received the Christ before him. Those are the moments that you will prove who you actually are. And the human being has, society has very little of that, because we now know – we learned that in Gethsemane – that God cannot damn. We followed the bible, we now know how religion originated. We know that the masters gave the human being fear, in order to just restrain that child, in order to just impose upon that child: do not do that, because you will come to grief. And now, in 1950, the human being still lives under that pressure, the strap is still there! Yes, the human being wants that, the human being wants to accept those laws, because it was simply written by the God of all life, the Lord. But that Lord was a child, that Lord was an angel, was a mas.ter. In this way, I explained that to you, the laws were brought from the space to the earth. But we? From the Gethsemane, this deep feeling and thinking in order to be able to experience the truth, the harmony, that brings us to a higher grade for the human becoming conscious. Now it becomes serious, now it becomes deadly serious. You can no longer dish up any stories, no one believes you. The space raps your fingers. There are millions of faces, fathers and mothers who lived on the earth, the spaces are filled, millions of people live there who look at you, how you yourself will give light. And you now do that by means of thousands of characteristics. We accepted, we learned, we saw that a small … that five percent of the hundred percent love is already a flame of unprecedented power. But what do you do now for friendship? What do you do now when the laws of the space start to speak and mankind is placed on your hands? When you are faced with this mankind and start to feel that it is your child, is your father, is your mother! Yes, that you will live and die in order to take this life, these embryos – they are just embryos, they are just sparks – back to the truth, because it is only then that you will be happy. You can now say: I do not pay any attention to the whole of the world, I have nothing to do with that world. What we, and what the space opens you to, is only this: never speak untruth! If you do not understand something, then you can say such a thing, the material systems will teach you that: it means nothing, but never do it consciously. Never feel beaten, because then you have nothing anymore. Gethsemane taught us, recently, that we begged there to be beaten. You now become strong, you thrash yourself. That was proven by millions of people, they went into the lion’s den. Do you not dare? They went to the stake, do you dare that, and can you do that? For what, for whom? We must now ask ourselves that. And in order to now take this image from the space to the earth, so that you have something for your social life, because you know how we came from the space to the earth. We walked that path, those grades of life have been given to you explained, materialized and spiritualized. You can now feel and think where we actually want to go and what it concerns. And now do we immediately stand here, from this wonderful Gethse.mane, in Jerusalem? That is your society. If you would wish to know what that Jerusalem means, then every stone of your city is exactly the same, a part of that foundation, of that city, that vicinity. Every thought which was built up there, experienced, sent on to the people, you experience the actual core of that if you take that core to the spiritualization – or it will mean nothing, you will never make it! When must we begin? When will we actually get ground under our feet? When will we learn to think? And that is the most difficult thing there is. If Pilate has been able to think, if he had known something of the universe, if he had known that he was a Divine personality with a human character, yes indeed, if the world had known during that time in Jerusalem, that there … that every human being, it does not matter who it is, is a Christ, is a God, then no doubts would have originated. Then there would have been peace and happiness. But we know: from the jungle, from the nothing, the ani.mal-like thinking and feeling, just living aimlessly, we reached the city self. We no longer need to ask: why do we live, what are we doing here, how was that misery created? We are that ourselves. God gave us life. At the begin.ning of creation there was – you experienced that – there was still nothing, there was only darkness. A darkness like that robe there, but it became light, there was light, yes indeed. In the darkness there was light, because the All-Source had an own living, shining providence. You wonder, you experienced that in Gethsemane in the pure silence, in the truth – didn’t you? – in this temperament, in this animation, in this in.spiration you wondered: when will I be true? When will I reach the thinking, the normal? When can I say: I love? When can I prove that I can go to that stake for a thousand percent? When can I say: that little cloud there … I am not even afraid. Because the stake means something, the scorching of the material self. When people cut you open and hang you, like Peter, upside down? Yes, that means something for the human character. But when you know what caused the birth of wind, rain, sun, light, darkness, a planet, a star and a sun – from your own self, from and under your heart – then you are strong, have a zest for living and are prepared to accept all of this. Now I can continue to give you observations, to build up images, scenes. But suddenly I can place you before the moment and that must then be the necessary, you have experienced your preparation. We were here and asked ourselves: may I have a small piece of this soil? He lived here. Didn’t He? In the first place we begin acting the gardener, in order to keep Geth.semane in order for the human thinking and feeling. The indifferent, the unconscious, does that not mean anything? Even if the unconscious stands on the sacred life of God, it still kicks it in. You cannot even murder, kill, hang, a human being, when that human being does not have and does not possess the consciousness: I did wrong. And that must go now! We must start to know, that when we do wrong, something happens, that the space can collapse. Yes indeed, that universe collapses for you! When you have light and you are assured of bliss, then your space already collapses when a wrong, destructive, dark thought passes your lips. And then you just keep on nagging, but then you are like Pilate! You will soon see what Pilate is. You will soon understand what he did, if you know where he now lives, if you know what that man did, that soul, that life, that spirit, that personality. You will soon reach the spatial violence and then a small, trivial little spark will be your fall, because God did not create any laws, planets and universes with and by means of his thoughts: well, I will see what becomes of it. That was consciously ready. That was inspiring, that was driving, that was look.ing, that was concentrating. That was justice, feeling, harmony, benevolence, that was pure knowing! And we give that to you, we want to give you that, so that you will finally know that you are brothers, are sisters, father and mother, that you are Gods, that in you the Divine spark – originated from the All-Source, given to you – lives in you daily, every second, day in, day out! With Exclamation mark! When the human being Christ was to experience the earth from this si.lence, this paradise, and when He said: “I am one with my Father, you will and must recognize Me by the miracles”, then you see yourself and then your light shines towards you from your eyes. Yes, the human being has eyes, he can look, he can talk, he can speak, but what is that spatial machine like? Where does the foundation actually live, the personality, which speaks? You can deceive me that we originated by means of the planets and that we can conquer those spaces; it concerns and it will be true: make it clear to me, because I want to have, feel, experience the God of all life in my hands. It is only then that I can accept you. The human being writes, the human being builds up a task. He does art, he has inspiration, he becomes something and now you can immediately feel from Gethsemane: by means of which task do you experience the dark.ness, the disharmony, the injustice and by what means do you experience the awakening of your Divine self? There were people – and they are still living – who started to think by means of the silence, the harmony, the mediation of the Christ, by means of Gethsemane. And they knew: when I come with these spatial thoughts to the human being, then that human being who does not understand that will attack and destroy me if necessary. But if I have been able to speak just twenty-five words, that there is a God of love, then I will be ready and my task will be over. Those people all experienced Gethsemane, they learned to know the Pilate in themselves. They betrayed God, Christ, the human being, their fathers and their mothers, not from the front, but also left and right, from behind and above, in everything. The human being thirsts for possession. Love is trampled down with feet, sanctities are abused. The son, the daughter has raped father and mother? No, that was not enough, cut into bits and pieces. You know those stories, that happened, but they were still just people. We saw, the higher we come, the more difficult it becomes. No, it becomes much simpler and easier, but here it becomes difficult. The Divine core, the soul which you are, that part of the All-Source, that life which expanded, which materialized itself, has to represent God, the spaces, everything. And that is still not conscious, that must awaken. That has thousands of doubts in it for itself. People always keep thinking that we are being cheated, people think that we are being deformed, but the actual core, the consciousness cannot be cheated upon or deformed, you will learn that. I told you, when we live in society and we have neither God nor Christ, we have nothing, we know nothing about metaphysical laws, then life is perfect.ly simple. But then you also stand above the ‘coffin’ and then you weep until your tears run dry. Then that body is your loss, your world, and your space. Then a flower has more, it represents a characteristic. It was elevated from the ground and it shines towards you by means of the Divine colours and that is also fatherhood and motherhood. Just look at those little children, small and large represent the spatial consciousness. They have travelled an infinite path like you. They speak, they sing, they love. That one asks there: “May I also stand there?” That one is calm … they know. This one is also calm. She looks through everything, that is the spatial, creating thought of Our Lord, which opens her golden goblet for the human consciousness and says: “In me there is no doubt.” These children of Our Lord are free from Pilate and you must become like this as a human being. You will become like that, but the higher, the more beautiful, the more powerful that aura, that consciousness becomes, the more fearful it will be.come within you, because you start to feel: now you must devote everything! And that devoting is not so simple, because you keep collapsing. People only have to touch you, to look at you and there you are, then the reacting comes, can you feel it? Pilate was not so bad and that doubt in you, that is not such a destruction, such a destructive carry-on, but it makes you completely blind, you no longer see anything! When the Divine Consciousness stood on earth and wanted to bring His task, His holy gospel to the people, then he was immediately faced with the doubt … with the doubt. The human being Pilate, decorated with a beauti.ful white sheet, a beautiful garment, did not know it. His soul there, which received the dreams from the space and is open to the higher, said: “Do not violate that life. Oh, my loved one, do not violate! My inner self warned me last night, do not violate these higher thoughts and those powers, because you will deform yourself for eternity, eternity, eternity!” Pilate is standing next to the Messiah. Yes, the rabble, the people, the un.consciousness wants to demand here, it will pronounce a justice for the world – but not for God, because people do not think about that. The human being Christ showed His miracles, He cured the lepers, gave the blind sight. He spoke a wisdom: “Become love, become justice.” He had to do it in this muck, in this unconsciousness, in this darkness, in this terri.ble society. He had to walk among the people, with a Divine consciousness. This Divine figure, this spatial Self for thinking and feeling, for fatherhood and motherhood, was prepared to be able to take care of all of these masses, but is not accepted. What we must pull out of here and what you must take to consciousness for yourself, in order to give those feelings the spatial shape, which I ask for, is: what should Pilate have done, how should he have acted there? That man could not think. Yes, he could think for the earth. Just write down, I will judge: just hang. But you will not be finished with that. Just hang him, that man committed a murder, just hit him against the wall, just suck him empty, just execute, just torture him as harshly as you want, this human being forgot himself. You know: you cannot do that for the space, you do not need to put out a hand, because you are hitting yourself anyway! What should he have done? History also gave him a crown, which hap.pened in order to show mankind: how must you now act for yourself? What should you have done? You are faced every moment in this society by those Pilates – but it is we ourselves! The human being says something, the human being does some.thing; in order to just protect himself he betrays his sister, his mother, his brother, his father. He cannot materialize that last five percent, it does not pass his lips, because here something refuses. That personality is afraid, is cracked. Yes … and then the water of life comes in useful. You can pronounce that judgement, easily, simply. Just put it on to another person, place it on another person’s shoulder, and you are free! But you are not worth a cent, not worth anything, for the God of all life, you have buried yourself for thou.sands of things by this! The human being looks at the very highest and always just asks again: I want to possess this, that and the other. But the Divine metaphysics forces you to analyse and to check every thought and to take it to harmony, as the things originated. And you know that now! When you put a flower, a seed into the ground and you take it out again after ten minutes, a quarter of an hour, you keep looking, then you smother that consciousness, it rots. And it also happens like this with your own per.sonality. In Gethsemane we saw that we must think like that, always accord.ing to that love, to that harmony. And then we also come to Golgotha, then we get support and a grip in society and then finally the millions of God, the children can say: yes, he had truth, she is true, benevolent and beloved. This is a beatifying personality, this is light, aura. You long to meet these lives, they give you strength, light and trueness. When those lives sit next to you and are regular visitors, they sit down on your chair, then you are grateful, because those lives radiate something, have something to give to your life. And Christ had that! The apostles did not have that; they were so trivial and small that one after the other collapsed from fear. They fell asleep, I told you. At the sacred moment when it was due to happen, that all of this universe awakened and looked, millions of people, millions of souls, millions of masters followed Him, they fell asleep. They had to rest. “They could not watch for an hour with Me.” No, the human being cannot do that! The human being can watch when it is for himself. To experience the hundred percent for the human dying, the serving, the taking care of, that is Gethsemane. Then you have nothing to do with doubts, to do with Pilate. Pilate is a simple child, a child of four, five years, which says and accepts, obtained by the mother, absorbed by the paternal authority: “Yes, mother, I see it, there is my food and drink, I believe you.” Pilate stands there, he is the representative, the representing personality for human society, he represents a mass. He does not feel the danger for his life. Because every moment the shining personality can come towards you and then you just have to think! Then you have to think for the space, for Our Lord, for God, for the All-Source, for millions of characteristics. The world crows out to Him, but there was not one human being on earth who was free from the Pilate characteristics, because the hundreds of char.acteristics in the human being – we had to accept that – received light, life and love as by means of the doubt. The doubt is sometimes good, because you can observe the destruction by means of the doubt. And when you then possess the other in order to experience and to absorb this, then you are the strong man, the conscious mother, who goes forwards and lets herself be seen, will show herself. She lets herself be seen and admired for her God, what she wants and what she can do. And now we are faced with this weak child and compare ourselves to the Messiah, the highest Consciousness for this universe. And now it becomes dangerous, now it becomes frightening. I told you, society does not know that, to possess a doubtful feeling for society means nothing. No one will interrupt you, no one will say anything to you. You doubt … why? You doubt everything, but now doubt your soul, your Divine attunement, and you will have nothing left! Doubt the beautiful feeling of him who says: “My child, I am yours. I do nothing, I love you. I want to live for you, I want to work for you, I want to die for you.” If that feeling, that harmony, that accepting is not there, then you talk to a deaf and dumb being, it does not make an impression. And now thousands, no, millions of people are killed already only because they could not believe. Is it so strange that the masters began in order to place the faith as a foundation in the human soul? In order to make the hu.man being afraid for damnation, eternal burning? That was only in order to secure you to this Pilate, that you would no longer doubt, because as a result of the doubt, society has sunk away into nothing, into a swamp. There is no longer any light, there is no light to be seen on earth. The universities are deaf, dumb and blind. We get to see that through Pilate. After the doubt another trueness stands before you. Then the beating stands before your life, because by means of Pilate we reach brutal violence. And now it becomes worse, from one to the other, but descending, to the darkness. How do you act, what will you do when the wrong word comes to you? By means of the books, by means of the life truth of the Other Side, of the masters, you can now determine how you have to act, when something is said for your life which will cost you blood. When people know, when you start to feel: it concerns myself – now, what can happen, if you know that you represent God in everything and that society lives by means of you? Everything lives by means of you, because you are real attunement of the All-Source, which possesses everything, and that is light, life and love. Those are elemental laws, those are suns, stars and planets, spiritual, astral worlds, that is soul, spirit and personality. And of that last one … that last thought, that feeling which acts, which feels, that is consciously sure or it will mean nothing, it will lose itself in everything, every moment. Yes, you do not need to contemplate that Pilate for long here in that Gethsemane or in your socie.ty. You will lose your lawful crown, but it means nothing. Everything which now has truth, which now has life, which now has light, which now lives and has meaning, you will get a hold of that yourself if you give every thought and every characteristic that as a result of which the spheres originated and Christ spoke. What I can give you here, from this source, is: how must you awaken for yourself? We have now learned that. We returned to the earth from that wonderful space, we saw the Divine All and now we are faced with the hu.man characteristics. Thousands of things charge at us: friendship, truth, be.nevolence, quiet, and peace … Yes, what kind of things are they? How will we now … how must we now learn to think? When the human being says, when the human being quotes the bible … I tell you: society is not so serious, that is very simple. You can think day and night, it is all rough and brutal, destructive and deforming; but, when the soul starts to speak, it becomes difficult and dangerous. The dangerousness that you will lose yourself, the danger is now that you deny your Deity, and millions were able to do that! I want to make clear to you that every thought, or whatever you are faced with – a strange person – then you are faced with a part of yourself which you will feed and will one day give light to. It becomes so dangerous and so difficult as a result of this – I made that clear to you one morning, we are now faced with that – because the more … because once you receive the light, once you have got a hold of the spheres which were built up by means of har.mony, by means of justice, once you have got a hold of that, then you start to feel Gethsemane, you leave Gethsemane. You do not even look at that Pilate, he means nothing. You have nothing more to do with doubt and with destruction, you go straight to Golgotha. You hang yourself on the cross and you die for these masses. But soon we will come there, we are not yet that far. We must first awaken the consciousness in us, that is obvious; we now represent everything, and that we must start to carry that life of ourselves – you are that, all of society is that. Why does the human being have that feeling? Why are there people who are inspiring in order to press that society to the heart? I have given you a picture of the first sphere, the second, and the third. Yes indeed, people sit there and rest, but they must not do that for long. The rest from those Spheres of Light are somewhere. You cannot even find your real father and mother there; they are not there. They are somewhere, they are busy. When they sit down there and rest they can experience a meditation, Gethsemane is for that. Gethsemane is a sphere, a universe, ready for the light, the harmony and the justice; that is always Gethsemane again, that is the meditation. That is a place in you, a foundation by means of which you can rest, can think about things, and can experience things for soul, spirit and your eternal Divine personality. But now you start to feel that you absorb every wrong thought into you, and that is a torture for your life, because your blood, your life stabs you there, hits you. And that life is yours! You start to understand in the Spheres of Light that you must start to carry, start to represent the suffering, the sorrows of this mankind – all those millions of children – because they are part of your footstep. If those millions of people continue walking and they go downwards, then this is the destruction, the standstill for yourself; you cannot go further. And this is why people live so long in the spheres. This is why it takes … this is why it becomes so heavy and difficult the higher you come, in order to absorb society, that universe, all those peoples of the earth into you. You feel it, that is why the people stand still so long there. Anyone who absorbs everything, anyone who accepts everything, anyone who has no doubts, any lying or cheating in him, that one rises out above the human thinking and feeling and now has spatial consciousness. And it is only then that the planets, the stars, the suns speak to your life. Then every law says: “Just wait a moment, just analyse me. I want to go with you, you have forgotten me.” Then you cannot take a step further, because every foot.step says: Stop! A new law reveals itself to your life, it hitches itself to your soul, your life and says: “Analyse me, I belong to you. I am yours.” Can you feel it? And to see that from the first sphere here on earth. Tell me now, ask yourself what you have, who you are, what you can do. That is no longer believing, this is spatial knowledge! Now you start to think about, discuss and feel the things of the day. Now the maternal kiss is eternal, when that truth is there. When you cannot give any inspiration to that love, that feeling, that character, then you stand here washing your clean hands and you are the doubting Pilate in you again. And there are thousands like this! For friendship, for your work, for your task, your whole social life. It is chaos, it is a darkness, but that darkness lives under your heart. Yes, it is becoming difficult? No, it is becoming perfectly simple, I will prove that to you. The apostles who followed Christ and who saw that He stood there … Just judge! Pilate on the left, the Christ here … Barabbas came, the lower one. The Barabbas, the fine core, the serious core, which said: “Take me and let this Human Being continue.” Can you feel, he already had something of Geth.semane, that Barabbas, he wanted to give mankind something. A rebel who carries the core in himself and says honestly – because it cost his life, it does not matter: “Let this Human Being go.” There was a lot more said there at that moment, which mankind knows nothing about. But then mankind and society would have turned upside down and people would not have dared to murder the Christ. The Barabbas put the words in Pilate’s mouth: “Leave Him alone and seize me, murder me, just hang me! I know that I have erred, that I have done wrong. I have sullied people, I sullied the things of life. Just seize me, nothing is forfeited by me.” Then Christ looked to the right for a moment, looked into Barabbas’ eyes … and knew Barabbas, he was told that inwardly: “Give me this honour, let me give this to these masses. I want to be beaten, I want to carry, I want to think. I want to experience the love of everything created by God. Just let me experience this, I am ready and you are not.” A low consciousness stands there, the Highest Thing of All stands here and the doubt stands in between these two lives. Pilate did not know it, but now you must know it. He should have known it. For society you must … It con.cerns life and death here, it concerns God here, Christ, your space, the All-Source, millions of questions, characteristics, benevolence – always benev.olence again – justice, love, happiness, life, light, fatherhood, motherhood. Always that life, love, happiness, fatherhood, motherhood, personality! There the doubt stands and it does not know, it washes its hands in inno.cence, this human consciousness, and says: “I have nothing to do with it.” This knocks everything over. He – the Divine core in him – has nothing to do with it! “I have nothing to do with it, it does not concern me. I will never look at it again, judge yourself!” Yes, now just pass the Human Being onto the animal-like carry-on there before you, the brimming destructive; Judaism? There were also Christians, Pharisees and scribes. We will soon … the next session, then I will take you, then I will place you before Caiaphas. Then the Jew in us will die and the Christian in us will awaken, because we are going there. The Mohammedan, Buddha, everything, every sect, Judaism will die in order to absorb the Christian, spatial, Divine consciousness into us and to kill the doubt. In order to place the doubt under our feet, it is a snake consciousness! And then we say: “Yes indeed, when I am not there?!” What do I have of this? To experience the awe-inspiring, wonderful feeling that you are happy and you can devote yourself to something. When the human being can bow his head for fatherhood and motherhood, two lives in society, what is the kiss like afterwards? Then the tears of cordiality and understanding fall. But if that ugly, social, dark head sits on that human character and if that head cannot be broken or bowed, then you are that poison here. Anyone who can do nothing, absolutely nothing, possesses nothing, anyone who washes his hands in innocence, you would … him! But you do not even do that, or the Christ would have done it. You would … him! Just do not think so wrongly. Yes, you would like to take him to your heart and say: “Child, child, child, now think what you are doing, now think that the time will come …” Now you are there, now you are standing there. You can, you must be in command, you must give the answer for yourself, for your cake, your bread which you baked; it tastes good. But we will go higher! Soon you will stand – what king and emperor? we taught you – soon you will stand ruling over a people. And now you must see how hands are washed there. Doubts? Phew, you do not see them. I doubt? A fine personality says: “I have nothing to do with that, that is certainly not my work!” Phew! In Gethsemane you are blown away by a small, trivial little adder, because that little adder belongs to your characters. And that one attracts thousands, it becomes a ghost, which says: “Leave here, hypocrite! What do you want? Do you want to experience the life bottom of the Messiah? To interpret your nonsense?” “I have nothing to do with that”? It is you! And in this way millions of people were slaughtered before your eyes. The conscious deception, the destruction lies there, before you. But just go high-er, just come higher to the more rarefied justice. Yes, then you no longer know it either and then you attack the people and then light is darkness for you, then the love is a deformation. Harsh? Yes, now you are faced with the strictness, the harshness of the spiritual law for which the Messiah died. Pe.ter also had to do with that, because then he hung upside down on a ladder and they slaughtered him like a pig. Then his blood flowed away, but he did not mind. Now there was no longer any doubt. No, because he killed it in himself! That little mite Peter, who was walking there amongst the people, he experienced Gethsemane. He comes from the garden of Gethsemane, he comes from the space … There lies the Divine source and he does not believe it, he falls asleep and says: “I did not see that Human Being.” Very simple, easy, Peter, people should have blown you from the world! Yes, just shout at Peter. Now it is also said: “The greatest stupidity which I committed, was that I followed that man. That is an eternal stupidity.” No, you will never be rid of that until you get the Pilate from your ribs, pull him from under your heart and finally start to accept, finally dare to say: “Yes, that’s it, now I know.” But I cannot give you that, the Christ could not give you that. He stood here and they did not accept Him. Even Peter, who went with Him day in day out through the pastures, through the streets … Judas! “I do not know that Human Being, I have never seen that Human Being before.” Yes, are you far away from Peter? Do you have nothing more of Pilate, do you not doubt anything more? Do you have such a blessed, expanding justice influence in you, that the birds of the space follow you and do nothing else than chirp for your life? Do you already experience those wonders? How many characteristics have expanded to a flower? What you still have and what mankind has, are only unconscious crumbs, pips, dead parts. God, my God, my God, if you start to feel the sorrow, the pain, the torture of the Messiah … No, of the human being, the normal conscious human being, who is never accepted, the human being whom people do not believe. The human being who attacks his mother and says: “What do I have to do with you, woman?” Good heavens, does this human being have something? He does not need to be a Pilate, that is a devil hunter. We are no longer talk.ing about that, we do not like that world. We are busy devoting ourselves for society. We are busy breaking, destroying everything in us. We must undress those characteristics, they will stand naked before us, and it is only then that the human eye will shine. Now it is of some use to you. You start to live, you start to write poetry, you start to sing, and you become an artist according to spatial feeling and thinking. You have something, you can do something. And now you can have more feeling – you can be nothing – even if you are just a road worker. Even if you do nothing else than empty ash buckets every day, we see that. You are worth more than your queen and your emperors, who hit the life there left and right, who sign death sentences. That is a dirty carry-on, that is destruction, that is deforming; those are your Pilates in your society. But that is their business, you no longer do that, otherwise, you must not come here. Then you must do as Peter did. “I never knew you. I do not know you and I want nothing to do with your life, your wisdom, your light, your spatial consciousness either.” Then just stay who you are. Then just start to serve for society, just help the refuse, enjoy. Just bring that destruction higher and higher, put a new crown on its head. Just serve as Pilate was able to do: “I have nothing to do with that.” My God, my God, can you never feel, people of the earth, how the Mes.siah lay here? How He had to stand there for such a pathetic carry-on? A pathetic product must ask Him: “Who are you?” Yes, soon you will get to know the brutality of the real Jew, who asked Him: “Who are you, what are you, what do you want? You are the Christ, the Messiah?” And now you must be capable of saying: “Yes, it is I, you say it.” That pride was not even in Christ. He did not even want to say: yes, I am that. You are nothing in the space. He did not want to be anything either, but it was He, He represented it, it lives in Him. But just look what that Pilate did, what you do every day when you are faced with your father, your mother, your sister, your society, your boss, your employer and when that human being means: it is like this, and you want, you want … You do not want it, you laugh at him behind his back; then you are also the hypocrite for the space, the destruction for all Divine, spiritual systems and no metaphysical law means anything. You cannot even weep until your tears run dry. You cannot get tears over your lips. Yes, those you weep mean nothing, they are hypocritical, doubt.ful. You only weep because you do not know, you weep when you are sitting alone for five minutes. Loneliness, resting, knowing, happiness, singing; you do not have a cheerful nature … Do you have that? Thank God! Must you be carried, all your life? Then you are also the pathetic, the supported personality. But we do not let ourselves be carried. God was not able to do that in anything and did not do that in anything, we always go ourselves. We want to absorb the suffering and the sorrow of the human being into us. I want to experience those pains, because she is not yet ready. And then I am a mother, then I am a father; Christ was too. Peter was not, only John had five percent of that. It was Judas, it was he, and he did not doubt anything. He went over Christ, over the space and said: “He can do even more than this. He will beat you when His word, when His personality speaks. Then you have to do with the Lord? No, then you have to do with the space!” Judas wanted even more than Christ. And now is Judas a traitor? Now Judas is the traitor! And his Judas streak lies in every word – you hear? In every thought! But he wanted – the masters gave you that, you read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – he wanted to take the Messiah to the deeds, he knew that He could do it! If only you were a Judas like he was, then the Pilate in you would have been killed. Then you would already have hung yourself on the ropes. And you can hang them up, kill every wrong thought and hang that thought down before you. You want beautiful paintings, you want books, you want art, but hang your thoughts around you like living corpses, then you will understand what you live for. You do not even dare that! You beautify your.self from outside, but from inside …? How will the human being be able to beautify himself? And then you ask for happiness, you ask for love. You want to have it beautiful, to have it good, you want to be carried, but what do you put in the place of it? For what purpose, how does your source flow? You are restricting your source, you are putting dykes opposite it. You smother every thought again. People must just touch you: “He is this, he is that. That human being sent me to the bottom, broke, and broke me for all those years. I have been beaten, they murdered me inside.” Who? You will voluntarily let your blood flow, give your soul, your personality. Yes, sit down in the house, in your beautiful easy chair, with the delicacies of society and then just talk about Our Lord, analyse wise systems. Yes, that is art! You are a great master. Ffft … gone! You are, you can do everything. “Just look at my child! Is that not a king.dom of heaven?” Yes indeed, on the left side the sword and in the right hand the cross, in this way they go to Golgotha. They have nothing of Judas. Ha ha ha ha ha! You should hear the space laughing. Frederik says: “Look behind you, just be careful. Do not go to the left, walk on, they will not do anything to you.” There they are. “I am standing with you, I will go with you, Christ.” Every human being is a Christ! Every human being who represents the truth, is a part of the Messiah. “I will go through the mud with you, we will go with the sacredness and with the truth, go forwards through the mud of society.” Yes, just look: “I love you”, André talked about it to you, and tomorrow you get a dagger in your heart. “Never leave me again.” Tomorrow they themselves go! And the day after tomorrow and in two months’ time? Then you will already have been buried a long time. Then you will be worth no more than your stinking body in the ground. Harsh? The truth! You see, someone is calling in the space and that is your Divine guide who always puts up a finger. He sees everything. “There, just go there. You are sitting there? You must sit there, you do not belong here yet.” For you? We do not yet have any figures and the God of all life does not meddle with little calculations. Your feeling is placed on the weighing scales and you yourself are that weighing scale, you are weighing yourself. Trust? I do not have that, I want to have it this way. You will start to carry the human being? Yes, you start to botch up the human being. Now we must start to learn, now the university comes for you: how can I do something now, how must I act now? I must go through doubt, disintegration, and destruction. Yes, I love myself a lot. I do not wish to be tortured in this way, why would I let myself be beaten? Life is beautiful. Yes, life is beautiful, life is wonderful, but the spaces no longer want your Catholic kiss. Your Protestant life of feeling and your dogmatic attitudes, they smell of the earth where your family lies. Just weep, just make pictures – they are lying there – wreaths, flowers: “Oh, mother! Oh, when the last judgement comes, I will get you out again.” Just pray, pray, pray anyway, and ask why we do not pray. My law, my life, my thought; that is a prayer! When I know that I must not act like Pilate, then I pray, do you see? A fairground attraction? Why do you not say anything? Why do you let me work alone, why do you let the space go alone, why do you do nothing? If you cannot, do not do it either. You still do nothing. When you begin to be true, to finally ask: “Just hit me”, but do not bring it there for goodness’ sake, to those people. You bring it over the world, you destroy a human being, and you hit Christ right in his face by every wrong thought. Your, “I carry you. Oh, I do so much and the Father is next to me and I am in contact, I have reached unity with life, light and love, with the father and the mother of all those people” … Nonsense! They do not need you, because you are like Peter. “I do not know that human being …” and that little being is a Divine spark of you! Even more? Do you not yet know who and where your love lives and who that is? All of you are that. I come from the first sphere. I was there, for a moment … in order to prepare myself. Someone comes and asks for his mother: “Mother, where is my mother? I have just come from the earth.” He was male, a well-known personality. The master says: “Now we know who that is. Mother and father, self-love: that is earthly, that is material, and that belongs to society. If only this child had asked: ‘Where is Christ?’ No, that is too far already. ‘Where is the life? Let the life speak to me.’ ” And now millions of mothers and fathers stand there, we covered all those hundreds of millions of lives, and every child just now is my mother and my father. And now you must see here on earth – we will go back for a moment – and then you must see how one life acts with regard to the other. The mother lives there and there is the father. “Did you see that woman?” “You should feel that wretch from that man, that bitch!” There are no bitches, no women on the earth, there is only maternal and paternal consciousness. If that child does wrong, it is still a child. You do not murder your child! The mother who says: “I will kill my child”, because of hatred and ani.mal-like consciousness, that is an animal. Good, God says: “Just come.” The Lord, Our Lord does not damn, you know that. That mother will soon come with us. We do not need to murder her again, to hit her again, then you can behead yourself every day, can’t you? It is becoming difficult. Oh, how fear.ful it is becoming, but how beautiful and meaningful, simple, it is becoming. You only have to do the good. You only have to banish that misery in you, that uncertainty from yourself. You only have to say: go and experience the space, you belong to me eternally. You are eternally mine, but I will let you go. Hang yourself, I will sit down for it and look at what kind of rope you are using. The human says: “I will hang myself, I will end my life.” Can you feel, they have nothing to do with Pilate, Pilate already represented something. I ask, God, Christ, the All-Source immediately asks: do you jump from the roof? Then come down from your church tower, then it will be finished. Then you will know it ‘beyond the coffin’. Just go, just commit suicide! But do not walk with your lives for sale, do not behave so pathetically. Start to see the greatness, the space of ‘beyond the coffin’ and you will know. Just hang yourself, you will get a rope from me. “I want to buy a boat for you, then you can sail the sea of life. But I know: you will drown”, you will get from God, from Christ. If you continue to nag for your human happiness, if you continue to beg and ask and chatter, gossip about the destruction of another, then the God of all life says: “Just go, just kill that child, cut off the necks of that father and mother and absorb that blood into you. Is it good now? Is it good now?” They did that to Christ. Prepare yourself, I will soon take you to this and then you will know that the Christ lives in you. I will nail you to the cross in the name of the angels and Christ; and if you cannot bear it, your blood will run away. But I will let myself bleed to death for you. The masters do that, the an.gels do that, and everyone does that, because we know the Spheres of Light. Because we know how we broke that Pilate in us. Harsh? Peter, John and all these great ones long again to return to the world in order to be able to be beaten, in order to do something. The inspiration? You ask what inspiration is; we are bursting with vitality, we cannot go forward. We say: “My God, then finally give me the possibil.ity of being able to portray it.” Do you see? In art … What is art? It is the feeling, it is the knowing and then you are sure. Then you lay down next to the mother of another and then you stand naked before each other, you do not see anything else but the sacred, sacred inspiration of the motherhood and the fatherhood. What do those garments mean? You look through them anyway, you just want to see what is and lives beyond them. You are naked before God, before the space too, but you should see how the human being hides himself. Life is beautiful, life is eternal and life is wonderful when you know how to experience it. When you know that every characteristic is a flower, which interprets the life. And then you are sitting next to your friend, your mother, your father and then there is no more antiquity. Then everything is youthful and young, benevolent and loving. Yes, then life becomes beautiful, because then you start to understand for what you live. Then you have … I saw you … I saw you in that society, do you see? You are standing there, you are walking there, and you are strolling there. You radiate light for a moment and it is dark. Every characteristic gets five percent, four, three, two, nothing. Now we balance ourselves, we still have good and evil. Just downwards, that is that light there and then we have nothing more. Then we are faced with the doubt, with the disintegration, injustice, unkindness, lying and cheating, nonsense, gossip, and so on. You should experience the atmosphere, here just above the earth. People, when will you start to love? When will you start to feel that everything is love, that every human being is a spark of yourself? You have covered millions of lives, there is your father, your mother, your child. You are sitting next to your mother, but you do not know her. Yes, that mother must make sure of course that she attracts you. You have nothing to do with a destructive inner life, that stiffness in there; you will not reach her anyway. You know exactly which people have to give you something in your house. You know it so surely, because you want those others gone, from your space, and that is true. Do not let your purity, your happiness be stolen. Let those people make sure that they are carried by their own kind. Carry your own kind, the lower grade does not understand you anyway, it will sully, deform that again anyway. Do you still not know it? What a fuss we make. The whole space lets rip, every spark which is con.scious speaks, gets inspiration, because we want nothing more to do with Pilate. We have conquered the Pilates in us, we know that we must definitely give witness for the spiritual grade. And then the harmony, the benevolence, the inspiration under our heart awakens. Then something under your heart starts to swirl and then you no longer feel the material blow, then you are as sure of yourself as you can be. And what is that! Human beings of this world, come to the ultimate and let the inner self reveal itself. But you are the thinking power for all of this, you are the per.sonality, which tears each thought off the Pilate. Give every thought spatial feeling, truth, life light, from now on. In five minutes’ time you could die, become released … and then you will stand naked ‘beyond the coffin’. And then you say: if only I had beaten myself to death! You already do not have the word often … We knew people, people who followed Christ and who distrusted Him. They still do not have anything. They have already been following the Christ, the Messiah for two thou.sand years and they still have nothing. You get nothing, you do not build, you keep on breaking off when that doubt, that … that boasting, that pride stands next to you. “Today it is master; tomorrow …” André said, “I am called John Thud Bang. That means: then just burst!” Today we are accepted, tomorrow we will not mean a thing anymore. When will you finally start to accept the eternal friendship, for yourself? What do you wish to give the masters, what do you wish to give the Christ? He knows for that matter: that what you give Him today, you will take away from Him tomorrow anyway. That present of today is the curse for two months. “I love you … yes indeed. I love you!” But do not tell me anything! Stay with your ‘love’, stay with your ‘happiness’ on the other side of the ocean – because a human heart is an ocean – and let me go away from you. But do not adulate the Christ, because He knows you. First prove that you have something of Gethsemane and that you have killed the Pilate in yourself. Then the universe accepts the love, your personality, your light, and your life. Now characteristics get wings and you feel happy with your fellow human beings, with your brothers and your sisters. Then you no longer need a bible, because you are the Divine true word yourself, because the bible originated by means of the human being and you are Gods. You can interpret that depth and you do not need any French, German or Spanish for that; that can only be experienced and felt. And now the kiss speaks. Now you can experience and feel the Protestant-like of Catholicism, because when you get the Protestant-like kiss from your mother, your child, your girl, then damnation lies next to you and you take away that pure taste. To receive a metaphysical kiss from the space, was the shining Divine gar.ment for the Christ. Just kiss me … This is why Christ could say: “They will betray Me by means of a kiss.” He felt from the stench, the rottenness, which the human character displayed, he felt the life light of this world. Yes indeed, but He was that himself. He was not angry at Judas, why? Judas wanted to urge Him on, Judas wanted to give the Christ, his Master inspiration. Do you not ask André and do the masters not ask each other: “Now let them have it. Now prove what you can do. Get everything out of it which you can.” You do that every day and you can, you must do that now, because you must say to your mother, to your father: just prove what you can do. And now you must not long for the superhuman, the supernatural, you must feel and understand the grade of the life and the consciousness and then you know – and you have to learn that – whether you will perhaps go too high, fly too far. I have to analyse millions of characteristics. Prepare yourself! Get the Pi-late out of you, the doubts for everything. Prepare yourself, because I am freeing you by means of the authority, by means of the spiritual sciences of the space, of the masters. I free you, by means of their authority, from the Jew in you. I will let you experience the Caiaphas by means of the following session, our next unity. And then I will let you bleed to death and then you will still say: “I thank God and Christ, because I was finally able to give myself completely.” So far. Thank you for the beauty that you gave me and André. I know where the shoe pinches. Make of yourself what you put down here, prove that you finally wish to awaken and that you will finally love. There is no evil in the world; even if the human being destroys himself, there is still no evil. There is only evolution. There are no sins, there is only awakening! Do not dwell upon those sins, love everything that lives. The Caiaphas and the human being, and Jerusalem and the human being Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get ‘The Caiaphas and the human being’, and, ‘Jerusalem and the human being’. Those are two worlds and two beings, two people, two souls, two spirits, two spaces for the earth and soul, life, spirit, society. When you want to enter, want to experience Jerusalem, then you are faced with millions of laws, grades of life, problems, spaces, fatherhood, mother.hood, and society. If you want to enter Jerusalem as a tourist, then you will not understand what really happened there. The earth, the universe in which you live, is millions of years old, centu.ries, ages. You do not even need to talk about years, for they are ages. And an age is an evolution, is darkness and light, but that is also the God of all life, it is the All-Source. As a result of the lectures which you received this winter you should start to understand and you will learn to realize what you are actually living for. It is the aim of people to awaken the Divine authority in you, the attunement to the All-Source – we always spoke about All-Source, All-Soul, All-Spirit, All-Life – the All-Personality in you. You should finally know what you are actually living for. When we start to experience Jerusalem properly, then nothing more re-mains of society and everything that you possess. Then you enter Jerusalem not as a tourist, as a stranger in Gethsemane; you must finally accept and experience, be able to absorb in you why you have come to earth and what you actually live for. And then we are standing in Jerusalem. That word, that name Jerusalem means nothing, because that Jerusalem is also here and that lives in your heart, but that means: there you can experience and see, under.go the human history. I do not need to tell you how serious these problems are, if you know something about the bible. If you start to experience the laws, then the faults, the awe-inspiring faults, which the bible writers absorbed in them in order to just record the story and to link it up, that seems really childish, naïve. Because it all happened differently. But if we are faced with the actual core, which it concerns, then you walk there and you wear the garment of the Messiah, because that is what it concerns. We took that walk through the universe, we went from planet to planet, from sphere to sphere. And finally we got to wear a beautiful garment, a robe; that means: our inner self started to expand itself. We came to the earth, we saw Moses, yes, of course. We stood before Moses, we laid the foundations for our personality, our eternal self. Because we go further; this earthly life means nothing, soon you will continue and then you will enter the world for the spirit, the astral personality. But there and here, and left and right, and in front of and behind you, there lives the betrayal, the weakness, the not wanting, the unkind life of feeling which says: “I will see, I will experience my own thinking, I have nothing to do with you.” And you also say that there! Because soon every thought attuned and produced in conflict to the order, the life of feeling of the Messiah, that places you there in that street and says: “I do not know that human being.” And then the cock does not crow three times for your life, but a thousand times! With exclamation mark. When you want to experience Jerusalem, then you must accept that that core is present under your human heart. It did not happen just like that, that someone from the space, from the Divine All came to the earth in order to explain His laws there: He brought love, the Divine gospel. Yes, the gospel which wants to be nothing else: you will live like this, you must do it like this, you must not hate, you must not speak, talk badly about life, about the children of God. There is no badness, there is only unconsciousness. And we meet that in Jerusalem, we have already seen that in Gethsemane. We stood before Pilate and then we washed our hands in innocence … “I have nothing to do with it. I do not want anything to do with it either.” But soon when we enter Golgotha – in a fortnight, if it is God’s will – then you will no longer be able to wash your hands. Then you will have to prove what you want. Or, I will explain it to you, I will show it to you, then you will just enter the darkness – this society does that, the world does that – for your own self. Then just accept that tiny, little personality. But then there is nothing in you either which belongs to the Christ, which truly had to accept stone for stone in Jerusalem. A Judas had to, later a Peter and a John had to accept that. Yes, then Peter was so great and so wonderful that he could say: “Just slaughter me like your pigs. I want to give my blood for Him, because I denied Him.” And man-kind does that, society does that every day. The nonsense, the muck in which society lives, you also have that, people have that, all of us have that. We will understand one day why that Jerusalem was born, why the Christ from the Divine All came there to that spot; that is the heart of this space. That is the intellect and the feeling, that is the understanding in order to take the child of the earth – you received that by means of these lectures, you now know that, the books told you that – in order to bring the child of this earth, the children of God to the spiritual awakening. But this morning we are going … We went from Gethsemane there, we lay down with Christ in order to pray, in order to meditate and that was only just in order to bring you and the masses, society to thinking. Society still does not think. There is one thing, one law, one necessity which you have to see and that is in comparison to the space, to the universe in which we live: we revolve around the sun. You all know that, those foundations were laid by means of these lectures, the books convinced you of that. Science can tell you: “Yes, we float in the universe.” We went from planet to planet, we had to accept that path, a spatial, cosmic path; that was the aim of the Creator. He kept giving us new bodies; even if science still cannot accept reincarnation, rebirth, it is like this. We will soon be proved right, and then? This space is millions of years old. I want to explain to you by means of this that it is not so strange that the human being experiences Jerusalem as a tourist. Jerusalem is two thousand years old, not even that. What is two thousand years in two hundred million ages which the universe and the planet earth has to accept? There is still no consciousness in this world, but that will come. Because the Messiah, the Christ, the Divine Consciousness came; consciousness will come in this century. We therefore lay foundations for this society, for this world, also for you. And this occurrence, this torture, which the Messiah experienced in His thinking, you will now experience, so that you will finally be true in your thinking, feeling and understanding. I told you, we went from Gethsemane, we lay there. Were we prepared, were we ready? Yes, the Christ is ready. He is ready. He is lying there, ten, fifteen, twenty metres from the apostles. They are lying here together, that little club – that was just a little club. They lie there in the most sacred, in the All-Source and fall asleep, they sleep, they are tired. God is also tired? He is always working! Sun and moon, life and light, the waters, a tree, everything that God created never sleeps, never rests, that is eternally busy. The human being is also becoming like that. Did you recently feel what it concerned, when we were kneeling here and when the Christ would soon come, the actual, the All-Source in us started to say: “Why could you not have watched with Me for a moment?” “Yes, I was so tired, we went on such a long walk. Everything that You told already makes my head spin. What do you really want?” Yes, there is a little bit of feeling in the apostles, in Peter, in John. A small awakening has come, a light support for Him, who must walk there, and who will soon have to accept everything. And you are that. You are the Mes.siah and you are also the apostles. We have those characteristics in us, you are not free from them. You cannot tell anyone: yes, I am free. Why could Christ say: “He who is without sin, may cast the first stone.” Just try doing it? There is no one, you will soon see that in the world, who is free from faults and wrong thinking. One unconscious being shouts about the other life. Why? Soon when we are faced with God, Golgotha and we go upwards slow.ly, look … When we have experienced Jerusalem, when we have been there before Caiaphas and he has beaten us left and right, straight in our face, he puts the dagger in the middle of our heart … We start to feel the betrayal, the self-preservation, the possession, the fear of losing his personality, of having to let go of the task which he does not understand and place it in the hands of the best, the higher, the clearer, the natural knowing, feeling and thinking. Yes, then you get a beating, then the world gets a beating. I tell you: we are faced with thousands, millions of problems, for the faith, for society. Yes, what do you do, what do you want, what do you feel, how do you think? “I built something here for myself and I will let that be beaten from my hands there by a Rabbi like that, a dreamer like that?” You want to say some.thing about the Caiaphas? You are afraid of Judaism? But all of your Catholic church and your Protestantism suffocates in the feelings of the Caiaphas, because the wrong child is sitting on a seat where it does not belong, it will soon be clear to you. Society, the human being was built up by lying and cheating. The bible is not cosmic, is not Divinely experienced, or seen, because that is not possible – I told you: the bible and mankind is only two thousand years old – that still has to come. We live here now, we went to Jerusalem in order to feel stone for stone. And if you then come down here, if you go in the footsteps of Him, for the same moment that He walks there, then it is you yourself, then you are walking here. But when we start to see it as a tourist, as a stranger, in order to just accept and to experience that reflection of Him – we cannot deal with and cannot carry that anyway – then we start to carefully absorb the first thought into us, how He felt, what He wanted. Where do you come from? I also told you, and that is already the first Divine, cosmic, spiritual touch: the apostles of Christ were born for their task. They were people who already lived in the hereafter, or they would have betrayed and sold him on the way. They go with you. Yes indeed, Christ first attracted a different lot of people to Him, because they were not yet that far. He tried it left and right, but the bi.ble does not know that. The apostles will at once be placed as saints on a ped.estal – but they were mites. That does not mean that you attack the human being, that you deny the apostles, that you deny yourself something. You are faced with reality here and you must see that, you must experience that. And if you cannot do that, that is your own business, mankind, world, society. That still does not mean anything to the Christ, because He knows that He has to wait a thousand centuries anyway before this child has reached that height, that depth, that feeling in order to accept this. You must now absorb all these lectures, that long road into you, because we said and experienced: the masters came from the Other Side, the Christ returned. That moment will come in the next session. He says to the highest masters from the seventh sphere, He says: “How did they accept Me there? You saw how I was received; I knew that in advance, of course. But what will we do, what do we have to do? The human being – you experienced that, I knew that, I had to know – they will betray me at the table at the moment that we are faced with the actual laws. It must, that birth must take place. And what do they do, what does this child do? If I do not pay attention then he will pierce Me and he will murder that awakening in my soul.” Peter! One person sells him there at the table for fifteen pieces of silver. In any case, if Judas had learned to think better, had had a different feeling, then he would not have wanted to take the Christ there … he would not have taken that pocket money in his hands, because anyone who runs round the earth with the cash, is contaminated by it, he is attached to it. The Messiah, the Divine Source was handed over to a bunch of weak.lings, whom people will soon canonize, because they took away His life? That is not possible! Millions of people later went into the lion’s den, and who achieved more than Peter, John and Andrew were able to, not even together. There were people on earth, you will soon experience that, who had the God of all life in their hands, yes indeed. They were able to devote their blood, their soul, and their bliss without doubting that eternity. That was there, no, they saw that. They see it, they heard it, they experienced it and then they started to devote themselves to that. They did not need any bible or religion, or God, or Christ for that; they had that. There are still thousands of people on earth, who want nothing of your knowledge, your feeling, know nothing about the Christ and everything, but they are as pure as gold. Yes indeed! You can observe there a shining life light in that human eye. They already radiate cosmically conscious. But Peter and John could not say that about themselves, because they were searching. If you had seen these mites, these children there next to that awe-inspiring figure, the Messiah, the Christ, then you would have beaten them away from His life. When the masters from the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere followed that problem … My God, my God, how these people groaned when they started to see that the Messiah was not only sold and betrayed from in front, from the left, from the right, but also from above and behind in Gethsemane, because they knew: these children will succumb. Yes, there were some who isolated themselves and to whom the Messiah, the Christ said: “Go, John, I no longer need you, I stand myself for My exploring, serv.ing and giving. You can no longer help Me. For that matter, you cannot help Me with anything, you must do it yourself anyway. But absorb Me into you, start to feel and to see where I am going.” And then we stand, my sisters and brothers, world, society, then we stand in Jerusalem. We come from that clean, honest, childish, pure Gethsemane. We are placed before society and then we get to see that beautiful face of Pilate. And then the human being must judge. He must prove, because twen.ty-five thousand human children do not understand this Life, he must prove what he can do. He must … He must pronounce a justice. And now the Messiah stands, from left and in front and from the left and behind Him for evil, deception, destruction and sullying. Barabbas also comes, a bandit, who stands next to Him. “Yes”, they said, “then you should not have passed yourself off with the evil, with the muck, the destruction, the sullying of the world either. You should not have interfered with those people. You do not know what you are doing here!” people shouted at the Messiah. “You accepted Mary Magdalene and do you know who she is, what she is like? You accept that the dredge of society, the animal-like consciousness washes Your feet? Rabbi, You are mad, and see that You leave!” Why did Christ do that? Why, why did He not lock himself away from the world? Why did He not make sure that these and these things could not be told about Him? Because when Mary Magdalene – the word comes – had raped and killed herself as a whore for society and the world, how could Christ contaminate himself by that darkness, if He wants to appear for the light of the world, of millions of people? A mystery? He who comes from the Divine Source, does wrong things, so that He consciously hands over the whip to that society, that misunderstanding, that animal-like carry-on in order to just give Him a hiding, beat Him to death, to murder Him. Because that will come. When is He wise, when is He backward? The people, the few people who were ready and who edged Jerusalem, who followed all of that, wondered: “Do I have the right to think about this Human Being?” Those are the cosmic problems which the world knows nothing about, but as a result of which one wrong was piled up after another. As a result of which the Messiah did not lay any foundations for society and the seeing eye of the material human being? No, He built on pits, on manholes and clamps for Himself. He went through mud and sludge to the light! He says, because He knew: if I experience light in that society, how can I elevate to me the other, which is not that far? He descended into that sludge, He became sludge. He said to Mary: “Leave it and you will be healed.” Yes, that happens. You will soon experience that, that that happens. You can instantly bring forward a universal trust if you love your husband and your mother and your wife. Then you will be universally true. And Gethse.mane, Pilate showed us that. Because it is not that, washing hands in inno.cence, not showing one’s colours and letting the other life pine away, letting it perish along the path, the long path back to the All-Father. That is not art. But to lie down here and to say: watch out, do not think wrongly! And if you do not want, then just continue, then just go to your own scaffold. We also experience that. And because of this you will see that the Christ was right that He descended into the darkness for the life in the material, because He had to have that. That is the disintegration and the destruction which you now have to accept during your life and why the peoples of the earth do not yet understand each other. We will not come out of that Jerusalem. You cannot separate yourself from Jerusalem in order to have a look at Golgotha and to say: yes, I have already seen it, I will give myself, and then it will be over. No, you will undergo those sorrows. You will learn to think and to feel here, or you will be no good for yourself. For goodness sake, understand what will happen if you see yourself here. … (inaudible) We will remain there in that time, but when you now start to see how the human being from America, France, your country … And then they come to look in Jerusalem: “Yes, did that man live here? That was a legend.” And then they look at the towers and the broken down ruins in order to absorb a picture of Jerusalem into themselves. But it is not that, it will never be that either! When He was faced with the danger along with Peter … The danger? No, the gossip, the destruction, society, then the children, the apostles started to understand: now it is becoming deadly serious. Christ had not done an.ything yet, He had to speak His … and He would still speak His first word about the actual source from where He came. Then Peter had already suc.cumbed. He still warns him. You warn yourself every day. You have it every moment, your fathers and mothers warn their children every moment, but that child continues. We know it, there is no consciousness, but now we are large adult people. We have experienced the nature, we have experienced fatherhood and motherhood, we have experienced Christ, and we have expe.rienced God. When will we start to think? There comes Peter … Judas thinks. You see, Judas thinks that he can urge his Master on, interferes with something that he should have stayed away from with his fingers, his heart, his life. You should let a human being live. A student runs his professor down; he knows it, but he still has to study for seven years. The human being does not think. At this moment – that new bible is written – then the analysis comes for which Socrates and Plato lived. Why, Judas, did you begin to think in the wrong direction? Why did you interfere with the Divine authority? Why did you accept wrong thoughts for yourself? Why did you start to think about and sense him? You should have stayed away from that! And you, human being and Jerusalem, have to stay away from the human being with every thought, because you smother that source! We got to see that, we had to accept that. Otherwise, you will never enter a pure, clear, har.monic sphere. You do not have to interfere with a human being. Therefore, that is the danger, if you consciously go from Jerusalem to society and you leave that behind you and you now enter your own time – because that is what it concerns after all – then agree, just write about a human being, about something which you do not understand. Just feel ample. You have the pen, you are an editor of one of your large newspapers. You are the one with the say, because you have the money and you can place and write what you want, you can break what you desire. But here … did you not receive any example, society, from Judas? Yes, they will also hang themselves soon. Did you not see that Judas as a result of his wrong thinking … He wanted to raise the Messiah, he wanted to show Him, and he wanted to prove what He could do. Did the Christ, did the All-Source have to listen to a mite like that, a trivial little life like that? Yes, there was longing in Judas in order to do something for society, something for the Rabbi, something for the faith, indeed, but there was no consciousness, not for that. Judas goes, he sits there, he wants … he is like a possessed person in order to send the Messiah under that people, under that hatred, because he knows He can do it, yes indeed! Christ thinks: must I let myself float through a fairground attraction, must I go and sit on the clouds in order to take the people, these masses back to the Divine? That was no longer human, because the human being cannot receive and experience his becoming conscious for the next step in Divine wonders, that must happen materially. This is why the Messiah lives materially, this is why He was not afraid to accept the evil, to accept Mary. After all, for Him there is no badness, there are no wrong thoughts. Mary loved, Mary Magdalene had experienced love. She wanted to see what she carried inwardly in herself. That will soon emerge and then it will appear that Christ laid down the All-Source in Jerusalem at the feet of the human being. That He experienced that All-Source by means of his metaphor, by means of his parables, but also and especially by means of his movement, by means of his torture. Yes, what I must show you this morning is: just dare, when a human being stands before you in Jerusalem – you will soon have to accept and to represent that task – then dare to say as a Pilate there: “Yes, there is Barabbas, there is a lower consciousness, a psychopath, a brute, a brutalized person. And here, people say so, is a pure personality. But I want nothing to do with it!” But that is a Divine authority, which is a Divine law. You have to be just for everything that was created by yourself, because you do not know yourself. Here is your child, your mother, and your father … and now I wash my hands in innocence. That human being does not get to hear the truth. Soci.ety, which is the authority in this rotten world, that leaves this human being all alone. You do not get any grip – and there they are. The Messiah was like this. He did not even listen. Praying … coming from Gethsemane, meditating, prepared for the clique, which He will be faced with. They are devils, satans. From the rest with whom He walked, and to whom He spoke, by means of whom He was able to reveal himself somewhat – He could not give them too much, because then those poor apostles would have suffocated – He must accept that they have already lost their way. They no longer have any ground under their feet, they stampeded. Those twelve adults do not have the consciousness which a child – now in your time – has received from the Messiah, by means of the bible, by means of the teaching, of five and seven years. Peter did not even have that and John did not have it either. They clung to a beautiful tree and said: “You can cope with more wind than we can.” But you will be wind and be storm, you will experience all the elemental laws, have to absorb them – but they did not understand any of that. Christ went with a conscious feeling and thinking in Jerusalem. Why? Because that is the heart of society, that is your The Hague, your Amsterdam and everything, that is your Paris, that is New York now. Berlin has already felt it, that is clipped, because they carried it through too far there, they did not get enough. But they were the Caiaphas’ for your own time. You know by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ that Adolf Hitler rep.resented the Caiaphas from Jerusalem. But you will make everything good again. And now just violate the life of Christ … That is the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, written by Christ. He himself instructed the masters: “Write the book about My life and tell that the Caiaphas lives in your midst.” And now we must accept whether we have much of that Caiaphas, if Je.rusalem awakens in us according to the laws of the universe, or that we will still have to awaken. Do you live, or do you not live? Then you do not have the right either to say a word. Then you do not have the right to feel and to think; you still have to begin with it. But there we stand, from that silence. We prepared ourselves, we meditat.ed, we are not yet just outside Gethsemane. That is the Garden of Eden, that is still Divine, that is a small piece of ground where we could think and feel: my God, my God, my God, let this poisoned cup pass me by? No, no, we are wildly and consciously attuned, in order to be able to prove what the God



of all life, my Father, gave me. That burns in my heart, that is furiously con.scious, like Christ also felt. And now we must bring that consciousness, that furious feeling, that fear and that trembling, which is not there, but is called animation and inspiration, the knowing, the being, we must bring that to society, and that is Jerusalem. And now we come to stand before the author.ity of this world: Pilate! He will just do it, he with his crown, the governor … the governor of Jerusalem will just say it. There he is. A pillar of, ‘lick my waistcoat’ Jeus would say, a stinking monster. Just go into society and look at these lives, these personalities, their thinking and feeling, feel that. Then you will see … that this life, which must still awaken for God, which loves society, which lets itself be decorated with diamonds and pearls, with decorations, medals, that that life must decide about you. And you just have to accept that, you stand there – Christ too. Where is this going? Where must I go? He stood there, vacant, He thinks: what a long time it is taking. First they tortured Him there. Pilate says: “Hit that Human Being, just whip Him.” It already starts with this. He gives the order that they must break the Messiah, this Rabbi, substantially. And now Christ is dragged there into a hut – you can see that soon – and the gentlemen come there, one for one. They hit the body of a poor Human Being until they are tired out. They have a whip in their hands. If they just did it with their fists, but they took a whip and hit wildly at this unfortunate Human Being. The King for all the worlds is being broken. He does nothing, He does not say a thing. He lets it go over him, He gets his slashes. His body is beaten up as no human being has yet been beaten. Yes, there are more, they tortured them to death. Your five year war, your last time, you have already forgotten that, but then it also happened again. People hit at the good, people must break the good. The demons of this world do not know any better. My God, my God, my God, Christ thinks. But just do not violate Me, do not violate Me, will you. He accepts it. He says nothing, nothing, nothing. They stand there. The people laugh, Jerusalem laughs, those soldiers be.gin to sneer. That brutal violence looks at the God of all life, of Judas and Peter and the apostles. The women have fled, the mother of Christ no longer knows what to do, she is running round Jerusalem and is thinking: where is my Child? She knows that He possesses the Divine authority. But at that moment – accept it – Mary did not know that she was carrying the Messiah in her and she did not even know that this Child who came into the world from her and because of her, was the Messiah. Because she was walking there: “Where is He now?” As a pure mother she loved Him, of course, but she did not know for what purpose He had come. “Why must that Child be beaten, why must my Child suffer so much?” If Mary had known that this was the Messiah, then she would not even have spoken those words, then she could have accepted it. But this is a human being, a simple human being, a mother. But it happens there! Here … one person takes the whip in his hands in order to kill the good in the human being! And He who can do everything, who does not take a dagger, who does not spit, who does not say a harsh word, because he knows: when I say a harsh word, when I would say: “Dirt, leave me alone, I did not do anything to you, did I?” The Knowledge, the Consciousness does not even say that, because the Consciousness does not need to say that, that animal-like will not understand that anyway. You do not need to defend yourself with regard to the lower, incompre.hensible, unkind self, your words are not accepted. You will not beat it in, you just have to accept it. In a thousand years’ time then Pilate, then those executioners will be that far and then they will wonder: my God, what did I receive, what did I do? But how did that awaken? Because those executioners also experienced in this way and were whipped. Because there will come a time when you will take the harmonic laws of God back to the Divine harness. And then another one will beat it into you and then you will start to understand how painful that is and then you are sitting in the same place. And because you know and feel that you are powerless anyway against such seething violence, you do not say anything either, and you accept it. And that is the beginning for the first human, material becoming conscious, and a foundation under your feet. The beginnings in order to continue and to absorb Jerusalem into you, to soon enter Golgotha. But who does that? I will go on in order to show you Jerusalem, and then to soon enter your society in order to record a few things for yourself and your life, your feeling and thinking, your marriage, your fatherhood, your motherhood, your sis.ter, your brother. And I will send you home with that, so that you will know: do not hit! The Christ is taken away from here, He first goes to the king and then one says, the earthly one, he says: “Are you a king?” He says: “You say it”, because He knows that He is that, a King in the spirit. Yes, Socrates, Plato, you felt something of the Royal authority, the crown of and for every thought, every characteristic. When a king for the human spatial, spiritual, inner consciousness comes to the fore, then he puts a crown on every thought. Because every thought will be and possess a kingdom. And it is only then that you will see your foundations, you will see your Gethsemane. Then the divine threads will touch you, and you will feel one, and feel yourself united with Him who is Everything. But here we are … and then you get this beating. The good is beaten, but the good finishes its task. The good, as a human being, wants to experience this task, and does nothing. And now you will see: the pure, spiritual, Divine foundations come forward, they build themselves up. And that is then the only … that is then the only grip for you as a human being in this society, this world. If you … if people would, if people want to hit you: do nothing and accept it. Because if you hit back – did you not receive the proof in your society, in life? – it is only then that you will think and feel and then un.derstand the possession, the only possession, the good in you, has suddenly gone from your life and then you can begin again. Begin again in order to prove, in order to place that crown on the mind, on the emotional life, on the accepting, the surrendering, and the serving. Thousands of problems now charge at you, is a dictionary in itself, because every thought possesses a crown, possesses a soul, a spirit, and a personality in eternal possession. And then you start to see that that hypocritical society, that stinking, material Je.rusalem lies at your feet. Then you are standing on top of it and then money, pearls, diamonds and emeralds, sheiks and maharajas, kings and emperors mean nothing, it is then you yourself. You do not accept such alms, you kick them from under your feet. You do not accept any emperor, any kingship, any pen, any judgeship. You want to be a child of Mother Nature, because you return to Gethsemane. You say: “I will go and walk, everything which you see belongs to me. God save me from this destruction.” No, God cannot save you, because you are the represented element for all his spaces, for soul and spirit, for fatherhood and motherhood, for reincarnation. Just think for a moment in that Jerusalem, in that dungeon there, where five, six, seven wild brutes charge at Him, charge at you, take the garment from your body, rip it, so that you sit there naked. And then they come with a whip, then they come with a crown of thorns, then you are given a crown to wear … The crown of sorrow, the crown of lowliness, the crown of being nothing, feeling nothing, experiencing nothing. You get to wear the crown, people nail it through your brain. The blood – yes, what is blood? – the blood flows, stings, it drips, but grimness lives in you which says: “Just do to me what you want, you will lose anyway. After all, you can never conquer me, if I remain in harmony with Him, as a result of whom I came here and as a result of whom I received my life. Just hit me – you will hit yourself. Just sully me – you will sully yourself. Just rape me in feeling – you have already raped yourself. Deform my motherhood – you are deforming yourself, you are murdering yourself, you are destroying yourself, you are poisoning your.self. You do everything, everything, everything if you reach out a finger to me, because I come from Him who is everything. I come with love, I come with happiness, I come with energy for building up, pure, spiritual evolution and you can get my blood for that. I know – you do not know. In this incoherent world, for these people who want nothing else than the wrong wanting and who still think that they are doing good – because they fight for the possession, their society – you stand and the Christ stood as a human being. When He was beaten and was kicked, then He was a human being, a normal complete human being. Then He was not a Deity, nothing more. But here, in Himself, in His subconscious, in His soul, His spirit, His personality, there He is the God of all life. There He is a human being, He lets himself be beaten. We experienced and saw in the human history that always the highest au.thority – something which has spoken to society, to nature, to the millions of people of this world – has always been the bowing principle. It is always the soft, always the acceptable, the life of feeling which carries, which serves, which absorbs you. Those poor people there, who have taken the whip in their hands, who have accepted the execution for this society, for one human being there, that is devil’s work. That is the violation, the violating, the descending into the human heart and turning around everything in there; absorbing the life into that, throwing it through society and letting the animal-like carry-on dance. For what? It is the not wanting to accept that a human word can contain truth. It is the consciously knocking down, because this takes you to something else anyway, because when he gets this, then I will have lost this. And now here – there are more of those people, more of those worlds – now everything, all that other and wrong charges at the one, only good. And now the Christ can … now He is that far, now the human being is that far, now Jerusalem is here, Jerusalem has already touched us, Jerusalem says: “What do you want, do you want to rule here?” … Now it is that far, now He is lead away and now He goes to the unconscious religious danger. Because there is one religion and that is Judaism. The church, the Catholic church still has to be born, there is no question of Protestantism. There is Buddhism, yes indeed, but then you must return to the natural peoples. Here in conscious Europe, in conscious Jerusalem there is no Catholic church. The bible is not understood, the bible still has to be written. They begin searching here and there for the sheets, which the conscious human being absorbed into himself and wanted to donate, wanted to give to mankind. People are looking for those people. People ask: “What do you know, what did you hear there, in that place? What did that apostle tell there? Write it down, so that nothing will be lost.” All of that still has to come. But it is here, it is already written here. The source lives here, here outside Gethsemane, in a small church. Caiaphas cannot accept that this child is a Rabbi. “My God, my God, my God!” it shouts in the Christ, it shouts in the Hu.man Being, “I have the same religion, I have more, I know more. I will lay new foundations. Why do you not go from this … why do you not go out of this path? Why do you not step next to what the world received? Why do you not go a little bit away for me? I come with the new.” Christ thinks, the Human Being thinks: but my God, how do I get that man, how do I get that dogma, those feelings of those people to a higher be-coming conscious? I will have to let myself be beaten again, but I will say it. I will say it to him that it is I, that I possess the contact with nature, father, mother, with the God of all life, God as spirit, God as son, and God as father. But Christ knows: God as mother says everything! Now we come to stand before the core of life. Christ goes from Gethse.mane, from Pilate to Caiaphas. He is a Child of the church, He has received the study of the own university. Caiaphas represents the professorship for all the people of his kind and his race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof. org) and he has given this Rabbi the first foundations for this study and teachings. Caiaphas is the head. And what should Caiaphas have done now? What does your feeling say? What does the human being do, what does so.ciety do, what does this mass-personality do? You now go and stand before your own field of learning. You return to the human thinking of your own time and then you are suddenly faced with your university. And then you are a student, you climb up and checkmate your professor, you know more, you feel deeper. And then he says: “Go away, it is I.” Thousands of students, academics were killed – do you not know that? – when the teachings begun, when the human being received his inventions, because one human being who had it did not want to give up his place for the new. And now you are still standing still – and that is Caiaphas. Now you can build up a science; you are a master in art, you are a Bach, but now a Mozart comes, now a Beethoven comes and says … And now a Bach must be able to accept: yes, that is true, that is more rarefied, that is soul, that is spirit. But Caiaphas cannot do that. And now the Christ lays down spatial foundations for eternity, when He was faced with the Caiaphas, and then He just had to surrender. What do the masses learn, what does the human being learn from this moment, these dealings of the Christ? Is it not true that you still live in that destruction, that you are still faced with the old, the unconscious – and the new? Is it not true that the new is not accepted, that the new doctor who comes there and makes an invention, that people say: “Just lock him up, just kill him, he is a madman.” It is only now that this struggle begins. It is only after 1950 that it must begin, because the world asks for a new consciousness. The world now starts to see the Caiaphas. The world which no longer swal.lows, no longer accepts any Pilate: “I wash my hands in innocence.” You now have to prove what you can do! But there it is, the Messiah has given that proof, you are faced with your religion. You feel more, you are deeper, and you have a higher becoming conscious, because you are an evolution process. You lay foundations which take you back to the Divine All. Do you not? What does the Caiaphas say? “We must kill this Human Being, that will become the danger for our religion.” Here you have it, this is the destruction in which you still live. This is the dead point for the human history, religion … The human being gets a prayer, the human being gets a song, the human being gets art. And now we will begin to build up, to elevate that singing, that art, in order to bring the soul of life to the social becoming conscious. That means: let it shine, let it live, let it be life. The Christ started that for God and for religion. Now you can do art, you can experience a technical wonder, but woe betide, woe your personality, and your feeling, if you are faced with the faith of the human being. If you think you can kill the faith and you give nothing else in return for it, then you are already busy damn.ing yourself for centuries and centuries. Because you take away the … from people … you kick in the foundation for which the Christ lived. There is one beginning, there is also an end, an end of a grade, an end of a feeling. Now the crown comes on it and Caiaphas refused that! Because of this he did not understand or feel Jerusalem. He had nothing to do with Jerusalem, he said. It concerns our consciousness, the Lord. Now the human being is in the Lord and curses him! The human being says: “I am mother”, and she probably has a child in her, but she feels none of it. The human being tells you: “I love you”, but tomorrow you will be on the street. “I cannot live without you.” Nonsense! “I must have you, I will die.” Just die, just die … If you can let a human being die because of love, you are a cosmically conscious being. Then the Christ shouts at you and says: “I died myself.” If Caiaphas had just died for that moment, the laws for the spaces had just knocked him down there, then he would not have been able to speak those words. Two thousand years have passed and the Caiaphas still lives there, the Caiaphas is still on a pedestal. Everyone who accepts a task for the world and who holds back the development of this mankind by means of art, by means of justice, science, they represent the life of feeling of the Caiaphas. For art and faith the human being gets credited with universal meaning, Divine wisdom, because you are Gods. Everything becomes a part of this Deity, of this thinking and feeling, of the soul, of the spirit, of the father and the mother. Understand well, that when you now still speak to your minister and your priest, your cardinal, your pope and you say: “I have come to you with the Divine authority and the consciousness in me of the Messiah, I am the new Christ”, then you are consciously laughed at right in your face, because they do not want to lose that. What do they not want to lose? The Christ said: “You will lose your life and then you will receive Mine.” No, that gold, that seat there, that seat and that coat and that top hat, those emeralds on the finger, which you can kiss like that, it is that! Your house, your beauty means nothing, but your possession, your destruction in thoughts … Millions of grades and worlds charge at you now, which demand analysis, it is only then that you will get to know yourself. Soon ‘beyond the coffin’ … My God, good heavens, universes, angels, masters, give me the time that we can analyse this, because we are faced with Caiaphas. Yes, we are faced with the Caiaphases in human society. Caiaphases live here in The Hague, in Amsterdam, in the whole world, New York, Paris, and London. It does not concern Judaism, being the Jew; it concerns a human, natural, spatial faith. Jews no longer exist. You have reached the priestly, spiritual thinking and feeling through Judaism. The Jew will die in you, because – yes indeed, what concerns us and the Christ lived for – the Messiah in you will be born! And if you start to feel that, if you want to give every thought the Christian, the spatial, Divine life of feeling … My God, my God, if you hear the groaning of your characteristics, which are then beaten by those wrong, cold, icy worlds of feeling. If you see how a character like that fights in order to accept the good, because the soul always drives, wants to drive and inspire the Divine source in you. You must experience that breaking when you are placed as a human being before the good and the wrong. That is a fight for life and death! And if you do not wish to accept that fight, if you do not want to start that fight yet – now, you see what became of Caiaphas. He did not want to, did he? He did not want to, but reincarnation lives in Caiaphas. He will have to prove one day why he called a halt to the Divine, spatial evolution process. Christ leaves the earth. He lets himself be beaten, he comes before Caiaphas, and Caiaphas says: “We will get Him.” Now that poor Judas comes in line, Judas comes forward. They enter the garden and there goes Judas, he is going to betray his Master with a kiss. “No”, says Judas, “and now I will force You. Now You will just prove to that cursed low, unconscious world what You can do, Master.” Christ looks at a little child. “So, why did you come to Me, why did you not leave Me alone?” “Just give mankind wisdom”, the Christ said, He wondered, “even if I give My life and I give My heart, then it will still not be enough. No, they send Me to the stake which I do not like, because I experience other stakes.” It also says, when that bible is written again, it also says: “Stay away from My life with your hands, your thoughts, your feelings, I have My own task. I will accomplish that task as I must do it.” Millions of books lie here for us, philosophical systems lie in Gethsemane, lie there with Pilate, lie piled up in Jerusalem and the human being does not see them. Why not? It is because those philosophical systems must still be analysed. Socrates and Plato had none of it. Those are spatial foundations. But you have to ask yourself, like Judas, like Caiaphas, like Peter – this is just the example, they were just children, who began to serve anyway –: “Why do you interfere with Me, why do you want to change My thinking with regard to yourself?” That is: do it like that, no, you must do that like that. And then the human being walks: “I want you to do it like that.” “No”, says the human being, “that is wrong.” Just let that human being perish, then he will know. Yes, the laws become harsh, the laws become strict. Did you not think that this was self-discipline, when the Christ let himself be beaten in that cave there of Jerusalem, when the executioners came to Him? Then Christ said: “Just hit Me, then that other will have nothing more to say.” Because it should be like this … … (inaudible) He did not say one word, nothing passed His lips! Just go to society, just go and look at the people who are writing, who can say something about you. Go before the footlight of your society, then you will be gossiped about and beaten. Yes, thank God you are that far that people can no longer take the whip, you can say what you like. During those two thousand years something happened, but fifty and a hundred years ago you went, people put –because people loved God – on the stake and your fat, your blood ran away. In this time you are faced with Caiaphas. Caiaphas did not want it. Let this be a law for you, a world of justice! Caiaphas did not want to, Pilate did not want to. Yes, they went there. Judas knew it at the same time when he looked in the eyes of the Divine authority, and said: “There is just one thing for me: out, I will hang myself.” Yes, then he received life again. He saw for a moment that he was alive and then he came before the reincarnation, the rebirth, because he has to make good. You can read it in the ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and experience, again undergo that struggle again of Judas. But there is Caiaphas, what did he do? Then you will receive a different garment, a different light, a different world, a new birth. Yes, there he stands in the heart of Germany, in order to … the Jewish life of feeling? No, we have respect for the faith which Mother Nature produced, the first faith, the Jewish race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org), Judaism. No, in order to take you away from the betrayal, to release you; and to put on the spatial, true, the spiritual evolution, for yourself, for your society, for the peoples of the earth. Caiaphas returned there to the earth, you see. Why did you not have any sympathy with the Jewish race (see article ‘There are no races’ on rulof.org)? But have sympathy with yourself. Now the Jewish child is faced with, Jeru.salem is faced with a true fight. Catholicism, Protestantism, Sufism, Bud.dhism, Mohammedism, theosophy, that still does not have anything, that has only built up frills. That is also faced with the Caiaphas again. Is it with Judaism? No, it is with metaphysical teachings, and the metaphysical laws. And they ride on a white horse through society, they do not wish to accept the donkey on which Christ sat; the simplicity, a donkey, with a palm, with peace and happiness and welfare. No, they sit here and say: “We know.” A new Caiaphas emerged. Did you not follow the fight recently which André had with theosophy? And they say: “He is a demon, he must be destroyed.” We have been standing here for five years and roar it out: “Do you still doubt any longer the life of feeling because of which the space originated and the children of Christ received the life light?” Just think about what you have to do, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in two weeks’ time; in two centuries’ time you will be ready. You will experience yourself eternally. Now we come back to society and have to accept: you do not need to be afraid that this life will come over your head again, that only happens once. But the Caiaphases live there: yes, the betrayal, the human betrayal which receives a faith, which receives a feeling, a religion. What does the Catholic church imagine, that it is more than Judaism? The Jewish faith is clean and pure, but it must stop killing and slaughtering the innocent lamb; those are all frills. And you, the human society with its frills, you live under your cas.tles in the air. People built up castles in the air. People accept and worship a social authority. People accept social justice and then you are faced with your kings and emperors, who can do nothing more than give orders in order to smash down and to slaughter the child of another people. That is your pos.session, that is your justice, that is a crown. Caiaphas showed: do not violate the higher thought which can take you to Jerusalem. Caiaphas taught you how you have to learn to think, if you want to return to Gethsemane. Do you want to go and stand before your king, your fatherland, your church and sovereign? You have nothing to do with a church and sovereign; it is you yourself, if your thoughts have accepted the Divine line, have understood the harmony, when you want to be: life, light and love. We have nothing against Caiaphas. We have nothing against Judaism, but deception, destruction, that must go from this life, that must go. You will be open to a new time. You will start to understand that you are just here temporarily, that this means nothing. You will soon learn to accept that you achieve more when you are silent, than you now do for the world, because everything which has to do with this world and is understood – can you understand this? – that has to do with destruction. That has to do with lying and deception. That is Caiaphas-like, you do not allow that, that does not want to approve that you bring a new order, a higher thinking and feeling. That is not possible, you must be destroyed. Do not interfere with it, but go your way. Learn to see how the charac.teristics were given to the earth by the Jerusalem life of feeling, according to the Messiah, according to the laws of the space and for God, for which He came, for which He lived. Sense when those laws speak to you and give them to your wife, give them to your husband, but do not ‘lip’, do not groan in this life. Life is wonderful, life is beautiful, life is supreme if you accept the Christ, if you start to understand Jerusalem and do not want to be a Caiaphas. If you can accept that the evolution will come and must find pro.gress, then you can give birth to ten, then you can give birth to thousands of children, you will never succumb, because you do the work of your Lord, because you represent your God, as father and mother in society! In Geth.semane you will sit down with both of you and be as sweet as little children. Why do we fuss so much? Why are the Spheres of Light filled … why do they live there in deep sorrow? Because they are powerless, they are powerless before the violence of your society, your world. The Caiaphas has the gold, Pilate has it. Just go and look in society and at everything that inhabits cas.tles, steps over your Persian garments and lives and is fully decorated with emeralds; that is rotting. The Divine laws for the universe, for rebirth, for reincarnation, for bible, Peter, John and Andrew will prove that to you. Oth.erwise, you will not do it. You cannot experience and follow any human life, any human evolution because you break the other life. You cannot serve your Deity by means of deception and destruction, that is darkness. Therefore know: your whole society is lying and deception, but do not violate yourself. Be the Messiah, as man and wife, become it, remain it and it is only then that you will walk a path which takes you straight to the Spheres of Light. To the Garden of Eden? To the Divine kingdom in you, because the Christ, the Messiah awakens in you. If you soon read ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’, then you will feel how you must start and will learn to think. Jeus is just five years old when he is faced with Golgotha and weeps until his tears run dry. He is lying in the wood under the bushes and cannot weep. Because he says: “I am alone. And where is the Tall One then? You can go to blazes”, he says. If it comes down to it then we stand alone and then the mother leaves, the father, your brothers and sisters, they leave you alone, they betray and sell you. It is their business. But he wept, he cried. I cried … also about the heart, about the poverty of the world, about the Caiaphasses, who drown and drink away the Christ every moment. Harsh? Yes, harsh. You have, society has nothing else. The good is always raped, again and again. They experienced poverty and misery for five years; Jerusa.lem in decline, material destruction. The people walked about the streets like skeletons and then they ate from the hand of Our Lord, then He could do something with a human being. Then they said: “Oh yes, tell me something. Is there still a God?” But now? They tortured brothers, mothers and fathers, they chastised them. The human being who came on his seat knew you yes.terday, but not any longer today, tomorrow. “Who are You?” Yes, Caiaphas said that: “Who are you?” Pilate said that: “Who are You?” The kings of the earth said: “Who are you?” “You say it. Do you not know Me any more?” But do not listen to the betrayal in yourself. When the Caiaphas raises his head, then you stand on a poisonous serpent, but now it is a characteristic, and then you escape the biblical authority, the spatial, universal reunion ‘be.yond the coffin’. Just weep enough and politely until your tears run dry. Is it because you made a mistake? No, just weep … make as many mistakes every day as you can, but just weep, just realize how well-off you are. Christ did not weep about His happiness, but about the poverty of the human being, because one human being violated the possession of another. We wept about that. That is horrid, that is awe-inspiring, that is harsh, that is terrible; but you must not start to weep about the beautiful. No, you must not do that, you must be happy. Yes, you must … that happiness, did you not see it? Did you not see during those two thousand years which passed, which made human history, did you not see then that this happiness smothered everyone, sent them to the bottom and killed them, put them at the stake? Where do the pope and those cardinals, those kings and those emperors live? They have been smeared with pitch and hung up, they have been burned, because the happiness in your society, the possession, does not mean a jot. It is deception, lying, destruction, sullying, and poison. It is dirty! Christ wants nothing to do with that. Just keep the money – Judas could have done what he wanted – that is the purse for society. They make canons out of that, disintegration. They get medals. Because you invent a canon, you get a medal, you are honoured, you are a baron, you are nobility – but inside it is suffocating. Weep because you are so well-off. Be grateful that you will finally know that you have found a place in Gethsemane, but learn to think. Learn to accept Jerusalem and how you must enter Jerusalem, experience Golgotha. We will soon go there, in a fortnight’s time, if God gives me the grace. Then I will nail you to the cross in the name of Christ, but that must mean hap.piness for you, otherwise it will be worth nothing. I want to die for you, I also want to live for you. If you want to die for another human being, then that just means weakness. But if you can live for the human being, as Christ experienced for all his children, for this humanity, then that is Divine ex.pansion. My sisters and brothers, accept it: the person sitting next to you is a sister, a brother, a father and a mother of yours. Never speak evil, there are no wrong things; everything is learning, everything is evolution. You have to learn a lot for society, because society also becomes a personality, yes indeed. We do not knock that wisdom off the stage. Your doctor, your professor, the philosophical power has meaning. People came, who brought you back to nature. Is it not remarkable? They brought Caiaphas, they brought faith, and they brought Jerusalem to awakening. They say: “When am I true? When am I upright? What is feeling?” Can you see? Do not become a parapsycholo.gist, but become a psychologist for yourself. Love and then you have already laid the most sacred foundation for yourself. Love everything. Just stand on your head and be pleased and happy, as long as you do it the right way. Become a human being, become brother, become sister, become father, and become mother. Look at your child, but just look at yourself. Sit down and meditate, do it good. When the other one sees you and says: “Yes, you just sit down”, then you must say: “Soon you can go and sit down for ten hours, ten days, ten centuries, ten millions of ages and I will not disturb you. I know for myself that I will not disturb you, I will let you sit and meditate. Even if I work myself to death, you will meditate.” It is because he who is sitting there is the Christ. Then accept each other as the Messiah. Let the mother – man, creator – be a holy Magdalene for you. And let him be the Andrew, the Paul, and the Pe.ter. But know: for the earth he can also shout out his crowing. For the earth we also have faults and wrong thoughts, because we have still not laid the spiritual foundations. Accept each other, in light and darkness, in suffering and sorrow. When you have everything in the world – you have your kiss and you are carried on hands – then that is not art. But when you go with each other and you start to analyse the things for your society and you want to understand it, you are in the middle of human miseries, then you will have to prove what is the matter with you. Yes, in the war – how can it be – when you were all broken, physically tortured to death, then you could accept inwardly, then the human being bowed his head: “Here you have all of me. Oh, let me live. Here you have everything, just take it, I do not want anything to do with it, but let me live for goodness’ sake.” Yes, and now? “You can drop dead, I no longer need you.” Ha ha, the Christ went over the earth with books, he says: “Here, just read.” “Oh, do you have more of them?” In four years’ time – we have a house again, we have a bed again, there is food again, we are no longer afraid, tomorrow nothing can happen to us, we have everything … -: “See that you leave with your Jerusalem, I no longer need it. Eh … ‘coffin’? There is life behind death? Do not make me laugh.” Gone anointment, gone foundation! Christ knew it. He was not there for nothing. He said: “If just four, if three, if just two, if only one awakens for me, for God, for fatherhood and motherhood, for reincarnation, then I will not have lived for nothing.” I would like to ask you, I would like to call to you this morning in the name of the millions of angels, your fathers and mothers, here in Jerusalem: be the first, that only one, become it. Make sure that it is you and you will possess the ‘wings’ beyond the human ‘coffin’. See you in a fortnight. Thank you. The human being and Golgotha Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get ‘The human being and Golgotha’ this morning. We are going – we experienced that – from Gethsemane to Pilate, we came to stand before Caiaphas, before the law, the justice of this world and will now climb Golgotha. But what does that Golgotha actually mean for the human being? What does that mean? You must first actually be ‘beyond the coffin’; you must have your astral personality in your hands. You must be able to let go of the material, you must be able to see through it. You must be able to see all those shrouds, by means of which the soul explored its world as the astral person.ality, by means of which it became conscious, you must be able to see that on earth, you must be able to experience that in this organism, if you want to experience, if you want to accept, if you want to get a becoming conscious which was brought to earth by the Messiah. Why did He come as a Divine Conscious being to the earth? We experi.enced by means of the previous lectures, that the bible begins with an un.truth. You do not need to say immediately: those were lies and nonsense. It is natural, spatial, spiritual untruth. And why? I explained that to you. I showed you how Moses received his first thought in order to start a higher life, in order to convince the human being on earth. In order to give that higher life to his father and mother, to his sisters and brothers who remained behind, because he went through ‘the coffin’. I explained to you, we went from the moon through the universe, from grade to grade and saw a picture of how the creations originated. When the world can accept this, when we can convince the world, the human being feels for himself the God of all life in himself, then you will get happiness. You will get satisfaction, you will get a universal consciousness as man and wife, which it actually concerns. It will perhaps sound harsh when you say: “The bible begins with nonsense”, for that is the sacred word for the world. Then the human being gets a fright, because the human being accepts what the other life gives you. Can you always do that? Can you always accept what the other human being thinks he possesses? We laid foundations. What you now receive was not just taken just like that from the space; on the contrary, science can convince you that the crea.tions started other than the way the bible tells it. And you can be calm about that. You can absorb that into you, because the academic is already so far that he says: “We were born in the waters. All life originated in the waters.” The bible started at a time when the human being had actually created his society. In ancient Egypt kingdoms already originated. The masses on earth would have to accept a faith. The masses on earth did not know any God and any Christ. People would begin with that and those were the people – I have explained that to you, you can accept it – who had completed their cycle of the earth. Those are your and my – and everyone’s – fathers and mothers, those are sisters and brothers. We reach universal love, unity, feeling, truth, justice, consciousness. We will represent God one day as man and wife, be.cause God is father and mother! That long journey through the universe gave you a picture of why the Very Highest would come to the earth: in order to give that human being a new following evolution again. You were able to accept that. After all, God did not create any human being by means of a bit of clay and breath of life, that is a child’s story. The paradise, where the first people lived, that is a child’s story. After all, people had to attach the human being to something. People therefore did not know the beginning stage of the creations. People did not know how God had began with his materialization, people on earth did not know that. The human being, if you take the Protestant child … if you take the Catho.lic child, that child still accepts what the priest, the chaplain, what the order says. That child does not get any growing. If you go to the university, then you will still leave that university unconsciously. And this is how it goes with Protestantism, this is how it goes with other sects who have got that Western consciousness. The Eastern child thinks differently. Why did – we experienced that, you received those lectures – why did ancient Egypt originate? Why did priests and people come there who wanted to get to know nature, and who wanted to accept the ‘death’? Who wondered, as Socrates could do that: “Why am I a human being? Why am I a mother and why are you a father? Why are you different?” The human being knew that, but he did not know himself. He did not know why he would be father and mother. And in the universe – we showed you that – all life was born as a result of fatherhood and motherhood. Those are the Divine foundations. We came from the universe to Gethsemane, we started to meditate and now we are faced with the moment when we prepare ourselves in order to enter those unconscious masses. We thought, we knew for what purpose, we lay down. Soon we will leave this piece of ground, soon we will go from the paradise. We will have to place ourselves before Pilate, the law of this world. We will continue and then we can surrender ourselves and say: “Do what you like with me.” You know the problem of Golgotha, but the Golgotha in the human be.ing, the human being does not know that. And then we come to be faced with those universal laws, then we go from planet to planet again, which Christ did not speak about, but about which He said: “There will be some who will explain the laws of My Father and it is only then that you will get universal consciousness, happiness, a view which will explain and connect you with the spheres on the Other Side.” You can take the seriousness of this situation that you are faced with back to the human society, your own possession. You are faced every day with Golgotha and Gethsemane when you have to do with man and wife, your marriage, your children. Every day it concerns the smallest things in which you can experience Golgotha and then Golgotha says: “I forbid that you insult one of my children. Not to mention that you get hold of a weapon and shoot that child down. That you destroy the life of God, that you close that life off and deny the life the own evolution, as a result of which delays, disharmonic worlds emerge. And we get a piling up of souls, who have to live in a world somewhere in this space and to accept that they cannot return to the earth again, just like that.” Now – you read that in the books – thousands and hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for a new body in order to return, in order to be father and mother again. Being a child on earth has no meaning, but the child of the space accepts the laws that have been materialized by God. And in the laws you will get to know yourself, in those laws you will start to experience where life is going and what the meaning is to be here. The Golgotha prob.lem immediately places you with both feet on the ground. Yes indeed, then the universe asks: “What do you have to represent? What do you live for and what do you wish to die for?” If you want to have the certainty of being able to see later ‘beyond the coffin’, to be able to love, then I will give you a picture which we experienced from that universe in order to prepare ourselves to take the Golgotha prob.lem in us, under our heart to awakening. And then you are in a different position. Then you will probably be able to bow your head. And then you have the understanding, then you have the feeling, the knowing, and the certainty: nothing can happen to me. During the time that Jerusalem speaks and the life of feeling from that city reaches the Spheres of Light, then the human being in the astral world reaches the own meditation. We start to think, we become still, because it concerns our own self. Yes, that little self. “The human being is nothing”, people say, but the human being – we got to know – is a universal, powerful, and Divine wonder! The human being is soul, the human being is spirit, the human being is universe, sphere, love, and justice. You no longer need faith; when you live ‘beyond the coffin’, then you are an omniscient! And you can only just master that law, that happiness, that personality when you go through these worlds and follow Him, of whom the Divine Self shines above everything in Mother Nature, through the space, through your society and the human being received his own spatial personality. That means: now we come to face the truth and we no longer need to dwell upon the beginning, what the bible told you. That the bible says: “God made the human being; and let us make people from some material, and breathe power and inspi.ration into those people.” You laugh at these words, at this childish story, because you go back billions of ages, where you come to stand above your own first beginning. And then you experience your embryonic life; that is in the waters. That long path … When you come ‘beyond the coffin’, enter the spheres … when there is hatred, disintegration, destruction, lying and cheat.ing in you, people do not need to take care of you in order to start to speak to your life. When you still accept the damnation for so long and do not see any space – the eternal burning in a hell, in a darkness, in a fire – then the space, then God, then the cosmic conscious being, the angels – they are masters, they are people – cannot reach you. You must first throw that overboard, you must get rid of that. You must begin to see the truth, to experience the truth, to analyse everything by yourself according to the material laws, the spiritual truth. And we had to do that. When you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and you are lucky, you cannot charge at Golgotha just like that. You are not ready to be nailed to the cross, you are not ready for that. You do not like that. You must want that? Yes indeed, there are people who shout it out: “Just hit me and hit me!” When the Di.vine spark speaks to your life and day-consciousness, you receive beautiful, wonderful, inspiring feelings – but that is still not enough! They are still not foundations. We have seen people, we have seen millions of beings, strong personalities succumbing when Golgotha began to speak. My point is to give you an idea this morning that is immediately in con.tact, in the direction of Golgotha – seen in an earthly way and experienced spiritually – so that you start to feel from ‘beyond your coffin’ your astral consciousness, which it actually concerns, for which you live, for which you serve. And now you can say: what do I have to do with that? And now you can curse Catholicism again, throw off Protestantism; we say again: yes, if that was not there, we would never have seen Golgotha. There must be a be.ginning for the spatial awakening. We first had to lay material foundations, the masters said. But now you will see other foundations and they are cos.mically conscious, they are universally just, they are independent. They have been placed on earth by the God of all life for man, wife, father and mother! These are the only problems for your society, which you have to accept and absorb into you. Then you go from the truth to the human being and then you are faced spiritually with your fatherhood and motherhood. Then you are faced friendly and justly with your task and then you will say: “Just hit, do what you want with me.” What did we learn from the Christ? That he came to the earth as a Divine Conscious being? Could we do that? If you experience the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere, can you then accept and absorb a Divine Conscious being into yourself? No one can do that. But we start to feel: he also experienced grades. By means of the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ the masters gave you an idea where Christ originated. You got to know the ‘son of God’, ‘God as spirit’ and ‘God as Father’, because you are the Divine son yourself. The creating power represents the maternal fluid in everything. That means: it follows the new evolution process after giving birth. And we became that as human beings. Because that was God when he still had to begin with his ma.terialization, with his spatial, universal, macrocosmic becoming conscious. If you feel this picture then you will understand once you have experienced the truth, you look through everything. Then you start, and then you will experience the simplicity, the reality of every footstep which the Christ ex.perienced. And then He is also capable of accepting the cross, which the human being placed on his shoulders. We have to – you experienced that several times – in order to experience Golgotha, we have to experience and to follow first of all the birth of the Messiah, of this Life, this becoming conscious. Master Alcar even gave you a picture one morning how we saw the Christ there as a child of two years, experienced his awakening until the spatial, Divine came into working. As a result of that we could see, feel, experience and accept that we people have exactly the same thoughts. Only … we lack that spatial, Divine conscious.ness, that feeling! And now, when you want to stand before the actual laws, want to remain lying, want to meditate – can you feel? – you also come through Christ to the philosophical systems for each thought. Because a thought is a world, repre.sents a world of light and darkness, which Socrates and Plato and the others started with and as a result of this created a university. But now the Univer.sity of Christ which comprises this whole universe, it says: become simple, become very simple and human, if you undergo and experience and send out the love, the core, the harmony of every thought, for every law. Because it comes down to the sending out. Because the sending out … Experiencing the inner being and you do nothing, you give nothing, you say nothing, then you are a living dead! It concerns the word that you send out. And now we have seen that every word either ascends the universe and is light there, is life, is a path, is a pedestal, an accessible path … can be a paradise. You can find the life again, that thought, in a flower, in a bird, in light, life, love! But the actual law of which the mother experienced, because she gave birth and gave space to a new life, or there would be nothing more left of the earth; there would be no more people, there would be no thoughts which could represent the spatial laws, those evolution processes were smothered, God did not place them in our hands and we had this law. This contradictory occurrence, which the bible speaks about, and about which you can follow, can experience thousands and thousands of passag.es, which take you to the deformation of the human and for the human thought. It is the being broken for this society. It is the beating, which Christ experienced there with Pilate. It is the execution, the torture that He had to accept by means of the unconscious of the world, the human being who has not known himself, his God, his Christ. We go from the astral world consciously into that Pilate and then we are faced with this human being and ask him immediately: why are you putting out a hand? Why are you violating – I asked you recently – a human being? Why do you think that you can judge? Why are you doing that? He should have refused immediately. You do not have the right … You can start to act the judge for society, but who tells you that you are right? Who tells you that you give the truth to the human being, when the human being stands there and says: “Yes, your honour, and I did that and that”? When there are faults which finish off the harmonic laws of your society in a con.tradictory way, then the human being has the right to teach you. But you do not have the right to kill that human being! Here we do not stand only for injustice, for lying and cheating, bible nonsense, ignorance, unconsciousness. You can get out your whole dictionary and then you will be able to analyse every word according to the laws as a result of which you were born, as a result of which God manifested himself. And they are planets, stars, people, animals, flowers, birds, Mother Nature, that is all the life of God. Soon you will see that art, science … I told you that recently, we will con.nect everything together this morning, I showed you that art, and I showed you the science. I showed you a psychologist, I showed you what his con.sciousness is like; he does not know any soul, he does not know any life, he does not know any spirit, he does not know himself. Now we are faced with the sensing of the space. We did something for the earth and we can let it go, because it has no meaning for the actual astral, spiritual personality. I showed you Pilate, how this human being acted with regard to the better self. I placed you before the situation in order to sense, because that still happens in your own time. You are continually faced with justice and then you can make a decision. And whether you are called Pilate now or whether you go to Golgotha, or he goes to Caiaphas or he goes to a great, conscious being, the smallest insect in nature has to bow its head here. “You must not judge”, the Divine authority said. And this is now the danger, this is now the breaking and the falling. I could remain standing still, weeks and weeks and months and years, and we therefore do that in order to fath.om that Pilate, in order to sense, to experience the curse of ourselves, and then to kill him. I showed you that the human being must start to learn to think in the direction of Golgotha, in the direction of Christ. And now you can walk society. You can experience the human being and then you can experience your husband, your mother, your father and you start to follow every word until you receive the pure colour, a foundation on which you stand, which has attunement to the harmonic laws ‘beyond the coffin’, in life after death. Prepare yourself, because every moment you will now soon be beaten. Is that a beating, when you receive the truth for the untruth that you possess? The masters say in the spheres: “Why are you afraid? We are not doing an.ything to you! Are you already afraid because I will tell you the truth?” The human being gets a fright: “What have I done again?” “You did nothing. You murdered, committed arson, you told lies and com.mitted deception after deception. You committed murder after murder and nothing happened, nothing, nothing, nothing! You are as bad as the ani.mal-like being in the darkness – and nothing happened, nothing.” “But master, I forgot myself, I did this, I did that …” “You are now in the light, you stand in truth, you began to learn to think. He taught us that, can you feel that?” Now we are faced … What must Golgotha tell us with regard to human society? Now we are faced with the destruction, with the beating, which you get right in your face. And then you just have to say: here there is still a spot; here there is still a place which you can destroy. Because that is the serving feeling. That is the human being – you must learn that – that is the human being who will not repay evil with evil, no longer becomes angry, can no longer be angry, because then you lose the spiritual foundation, then you are deception, then you become lying, then you become destruction, then you become passion and violence. The Christ proved that. He could do that for Pilate. He could do that for the king of the earth and later to the Caiaphas, immediately for the spatial, social authority. Then again for society and then to the faith, a higher grade for feeling and thinking. And then He was faced with His sisters and broth.ers and then one brother killed the other one. Then people said: “Go and crush this Rabbi.” What happened there at those moments, you do not know, people say too little about that. The preliminary stages which the Christ had to accept during the last days before His Crucifixion, they were awe-inspiring. Because He proved there – the apostles had to accept that – in that He bowed for the smallest and most wrong. What Peter said about the Christ: “I do not know that human being”, then Peter almost suffocated in the ‘poverty’, in the soulless, the terrible human part, which the apostles had to accept. They suffocated in that poverty. And before them stands a Divine Conscious being, the Messiah, the Christ! Is it not true, how … I want to show you – and the Messiah did that, we learned that, we had to accept that – as a result of this beating, this humil.iation, that sullying, that lashing, the spitting upon a Divine Child, He be.came the Divine one. If the Christ had hit back then He would have been a human being, an animal-like monster. But he goes … This fragile sheep, this Child lets himself be beaten, this Child lets himself be kicked, spat upon, ill-treated. People put a crown on his head, a crown of thorns that went through his brain. He does not mind and He accepts it. And then John said to Peter: “Can you still understand that? We followed a madman, a crazy person. That Man no longer has any will, any personality, He is a lamb, you can slaughter and murder Him.” The apostles stand there. The apostles did not get it for nothing. They were little children, I told you that – they were too. They did not know that the Divine Conscious one was walking there. Therefore, everything which the Messiah experienced and underwent there, before he went up to Golgotha, you have that in society. Just become something, just become a lot and just become Pilate and become a judge, do art and want to possess the world. Where does the human, Divine, spatial simplicity, cordiality, benevolence, justice remain? Boating and everything is not there. Spiritual possession is the embellishment of a Divine source. They are the pearls that you receive, the diamonds, which shine. And now every diamond and pearl is a charac.teristic and the apostles did not even understand that. This is why the Christ thought: just nail Me to the cross. They do not even understand where the simplicity lives. They do not even understand where the first foundation must be laid in order to get that characteristic. Because we go straight through fatherhood and motherhood, through grades of con.sciousness and then we just have to prove what we can do. Now go and stand here and let yourself be beaten up, let yourself be lashed. For what? “For what?” you ask. You must first know whether you can be beaten. You must first ask within yourself: am I worth receiving that lashing? We got that out of the Christ. I am not ready to be beaten, in order to rep.resent His life, in order to carry His character, His consciousness, I am not ready for that. Pilate and Peter, John, Andrew had to accept that they are not yet ready to be able to be beaten, to be able to be broken. A lashing, which the Christ experienced, did not mean a beating for your material garment, but it was the lashing against His personality. People crushed His wisdom here, His consciousness and His love and that really beat Him. When you get a beating in the street, you are walking there and you retal.iate, it does not mean anything, it does not mean anything. You must only know by which consciousness you are being beaten. Which consciousness of the earth wants to crush you, wants to lash you? If that is a great, powerful personality, it is worthwhile. The Christ devoted himself for this purpose. He did not devote himself for a human being or for nature, but for the consciousness of this world and He let himself be beaten, He let himself be spat upon and covered in mud, because He knew: I am harmonic and I will remain so. By means of experiencing foundation upon foundation, life after life, because I became father and mother, I was able to reach the universe of God in the Divine All. One wrong move of the finger and I will be out. When you can experience the four, five days, the week for which Christ stood before He went up to Golgotha, then you stand here for six million centuries in order to experience all of this, it is such a great deal. You get no end, you cannot experience an end, because every thought with regard to Him, hit and beaten, a deformation, a sullying, has spatial, universal, mac.rocosmic meaning. Because every thought connects you with a new organ, new thinking, new feeling, life, light, darkness! The human being gets a hold of this. Why do you live? For what purpose are you on earth? If you feel some.thing of it, then you will have to understand that everything on earth, wher.ever you are, is still Divine love. You cannot escape it. You have to act in everything according to the harmony as a result of which God manifested himself, as a result of which stars and planets originated. It is becoming difficult? It is becoming very simple. It is oh so awe-inspiringly difficult and yet also simple. If you go and stand here … if you go and stand here and let the human being judge, just let him decide about your inner self, if this just refuses to do the wrong. And then God says, then Christ says: “Continue and take up your cross and walk straight to that height there, Mount Calvary, and just let those executioners hit.” The masters from the seventh sphere, no, those from the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grade, directly from the Divine All, were on earth at that time. We still watch with millions of beings, people over Golgotha, because nothing more can be sullied. That spiritual occur.rence, this Divine climax is still here. Society stands on top of it. The human being does not see himself. He stands before Pilate, he goes a bit towards the lashing, but he shakes it off him again. He gets a beating; not by means of the executioner there in Jerusalem, but by means of your society and he does not understand it. He does not feel it, he sets it aside. Peoples of the earth now have proved how they did not understand, did not feel the beating, which is like the event in Jerusalem. Peoples of the earth truly get administered a beating between 1939 and 1945. Now people should have known which way to have to walk. Yes indeed. You cannot do it, because there are still lower characteristics, which are represented by the peoples of the earth. And now one child wants to go higher up and the other child goes down, walks an animal-like path and is now powerless. Yes indeed, you are powerless. Peter was already powerless when he said: “Where is the Divine Spark in this Life now?” Andrew said … The holy John, who is like a child, began to doubt. Because is this Divine authority, when you are beaten, when you are kicked and lashed? “John, you are alive anyway”, Christ could have said, but they did not un.derstand that. “That you are there, John, Andrew, Peter, that is everything. By means of that you represent God as father, as mother, as universe, as sphere, as light, as life, as soul and spirit! But for and by means of everything in love. And what is that love, Peter? Look what I do, I love this child.” Did you think that the Messiah thought for one moment: Pilate, Pilate … if I just wave then you will be gone. Then he would have murdered this life by means of concentration and consciousness. What another life must do by means of a dagger, by means of that lashing, the Christ could have done that by means of his thoughts. He did not do it. He stood there pure and unblemished and accepted that sullying. And then the moment has come that people say: “And now upward.” Now the Human Being is a human being! Now the Divine Conscious being is ready. It now comes down to: how do I experience my end? What will I be like when these things are beaten by My flesh? What is that? What does it mean for a cosmically conscious being in order to be able to die for the Christ? In order to be able to die for a human being? How many academics did not have any Christ consciousness in them? Did they not show because they injected themselves and had to accept the death? That was also the Christ consciousness. But all of that, that one path … The Golgotha is sung, is wept, and is prayed. But it is becoming very simple, humanly perfectly simple, when you take the laws into your hands and say to your husband, your wife, your child: “It will happen like this and if you do not accept me, never a word again from me.” You can sense and understand the life if you absorb the love of Him into you. Certainly … Come, we will go upwards, we will take this cross, but freely! He is free, he has nothing more to give. He does not drag anything behind him either, He can die. He can give himself as He wants. For Him death by crucifixion is a mercy. What did you make of it? Look at those frightening portraits that were painted of the Messiah. They have hung up the naked, dark, deformed, on the walls, but no one has yet painted His Divine consciousness. No one sees that. If only you had painted a space, a heaven and had put Him down there with two words underneath: “I love everything which lives”, and you would have received a Divine painting, a Divine, spatial scene which you could always look at, always. You can experience that in the Spheres of Light. We have become mad now that we experienced every footstep of Him. We walked after Him. We first go through the streets of Jerusalem. We come across the people, the beautiful, happy laughter, the child that weeps, the child that feels what it is about. And the child with a wild aura in its eyes; we are followed like satans. And there He goes … On the way we meet someone who will help us carry; the Christ has sympathy for this child. “Let me help you to carry. You succumb, You have already succumbed.” “I want to succumb”, He said. Stay away from it – He did not even say that. That poor child, that Joseph who takes up the cross there and helps the Christ to carry it. I can give you ten lectures about his following lives, the poverty of which he felt. A Christ, a human being who is conscious, does not even let the other life carry, because you want to experience those pains, those sorrows; the mother wants to experience them herself. The man cannot even receive them, he is also too insensitive for that. People thought that people could help the Christ. It does not concern the Christ here, it concerns a life that is cosmic, and is Divinely conscious. That no longer lets itself be carried, that child accepts, that life understands. That does not let itself be denied any foundations when it comes down to it. Because here we are faced with Divine justice. When that child came into the Spheres of Light, then it lay weeping. “I violated the consciousness of God. I wanted to help God carry.” Christ could have said: “Carry yourself, stay away from this cross.” The Divine conscious, the human being in the spheres, in that paradise where you will soon come, he no longer lets himself be carried, he has love in everything. Because if I let myself be carried, then you will diddle the love out of my heart and then I will have lost it. “I will live, serve, carry, always for Myself”, Christ said that. The human being in society wants to be carried. Here we get the example of the truth, here we are faced with all or nothing: what do you want, where are you going? What did that Simon want, what did that Joseph want? “May I help you?” The Christ looks round, He says: “Child, accept.” Inwardly He gets a sorrow, a sorrow, which overcomes Him. And then He succumbed again by means of that sorrow, that the human being wanted to help carry Him. That the human being thought he could experience a Divine space. That human being … That cross is a Divine space, they are the laws, and they are the planets, suns and stars. There a human being comes and wants to take suns and planets on his shoulders in order to help carry that Divine Consciousness. People look that Divine Conscious being in the eye. The human being expects a small smile from the Divine Conscious being, the Messiah. He says: “Oh, are you not pleased?” Yes, I am pleased, because you beat My consciousness to pieces. I have laid foundations for millions of centuries and now you make a weakling of Me again. Christ could have said that to the man who helped Him to carry. A woman is standing by the road and places a cloth on His face. He has sympathy, He has love for the little mother. He gives her His face, His feel.ing. But what did people make of it? The poverty, the sorrow which you receive – you will soon experience that – when people curse and deform your serving, your love, because another thinks: I will just do that for you, it is the fall for yourself, that is the sorrow which you get when you get the consciousness, and you finally help to carry, help and will represent the God of all life in a Sphere of Light. What do you do as man and wife? I hope that you will understand this, that you will learn from this that you must do everything yourself. That you must never place your things on another, even if it is your wife, even if it is your husband, because you now possess nothing more. You must prove for every characteristic that it is you. We learned that, we had to accept and then we started to understand what the Christ meant to accept Golgotha, to let the Golgotha in us die. There comes a wretched child and thinks that it is doing good to help the Messiah, to help that Rabbi there … Yes, you could have helped a human being, a rabbi, but not a Christ. He knows that it is the Messiah. In this life it is accepted: that is the Messiah, truly, it will be Him. The doubt does it, the poverty to help to carry the life light of God. Christ accepts it. He looks this child in the eye, He is of course grateful for those beautiful feelings. This child has feelings to help another life carry, to receive this life in those sorrows, in those insults. Christ accepts it. The masters are next to Him, the masters see and know. The spheres are empty; millions of beings, men and women, are on earth. They now know that that world does not get the material blow, does not undergo the material sullying and contamination, on the contrary, He gets the spiritual sullying, we see that. Because the con.scious being does not want to be carried, because then we no longer serve. Then everything dissolves, we have nothing more. Then we cannot accept and develop any Divine consciousness, we are then poor, human and trivial. And that was God; that is the Messiah! Well, we will continue. We may not think of Him, the masters may not help Him. Yes indeed, there are some: “Just let me do that. You have experienced so many millions of laws. You created the space where we are. You made a footpath for us, built up the Spheres of Light, the flowers and nature, the birds. You gave us light, life and love, fatherhood and motherhood and now you let yourself be beaten … Now, for what purpose? For that there, that chaos, that Jerusalem Judaism, that terrible carry-on there? Why do you not let a child from the first sphere serve there? A child from the first sphere could have done that.” “No”, the Messiah says, “I will do that. I will let myself be destroyed and beaten, I will let myself be killed. Why? Because I am God! I cannot let that child of mine, My brothers and sisters do that work. I will do that! I love that child and I will first go through that pain. I will let myself be nailed to the cross. I will give My blood, My life, My light. I will do that, because I am light, am truth, possess justice. I give My life and I will die … for My child, for My mother, for My love, for My Divine self.” The drama there now, when we come up … You become nervous, you lose yourself, you feel irritated, you walk around it. You see it, there lies a cross and there is another one lying there and another one … But here in the mid.dle, there lies a large cross. You are standing there. You are dressed in only a loincloth … You look into the eyes of your executioners and you love them! Does not one thought enter you in order to think: my God, I want you to disappear from my sight? Does the feeling not enter the human brain to think: go away from me? “No”, the Messiah says, “you are needed, you are sacred in that deed. If you hit Me then I love you, because you will accomplish a task which you will experience for thousands and thousands of centuries, by means of fa.therhood, motherhood, friendship, sisterly and brotherly love. Because, as a result of this you will see your own deformation. Just hit Me, that dying is nothing, because I look straight into My Divine heaven, into My other eyes, I see My other personality. You just see material here, but My actions are Divine and you will recognize me by My actions, My deeds and My words. Not by My light, because you will not see that anyway.” He lies down peacefully. The flowers sing around Him, those beautiful children of nature ask: “Let me do it”, and sing to Him: “It is You.” When nature says it, then you can also accept it. When nature speaks to your life and you feel that love, that cordiality, that harmony, just accept it, because a happy laugh, a kiss, which received and experienced the becoming conscious straight from the heart, will tell you. Where is the mother of Christ? Where are they? Peter knows it now. Judas has already disappeared, he says: “What did I do, what did I do …?” That is now the cosmically conscious being, who shows his colours immediately after his fall, can bow his head and disappears into nothing. The heavens, the spaces have respect for that, for Judas Iscariot. He has now become a celestial in comparison with Peter, John, Andrew and the others. Where are you, Pilate, Caiaphas, in comparison with this child, which you will drag over the earth, but which knows and feels: I violated. The only, the only soul of all the millions which followed that there, were able to experience, that child hangs itself, puts an end to its life. This only child knew that He was the Messiah. Not that Peter, not John, they were unconscious of spirit. They made churches. The holy Peter, yes, he is still lying in his grave begging and shaking and wanted to have just been able to interpret that image of Judas, but he could not do that. Judas is now the deformed. The Christ loved him and carried him in His arms and says: “Judas, it was you!” Why does that cursed society always go the wrong way about that un.conscious human thinking and never the good, the pure, the polite, the harmonic law of a thought, of a feeling, a deed – yes, and so on and so on – motherhood, fatherhood, light, life, love? Judas loved his Messiah, he also recognized Him. At the moment when he saw the heavens, the grade of life awakened in him, the grade of feeling and consciousness, and beat him down. The sacred task of Judas, that he hung himself, had meaning for the space , because he knew: we murdered Him. I betrayed Him, just incite me. He did not betray Him by a kiss; he only wanted to tell Him, as also hap.pened to you and to every human being, all those great ones on earth: now just prove what you can do. It is always the same story, the same drama takes place. When the ‘great ones’ stand before you, then they must prove what they can do, then they must hit out, then they must commit a betrayal. They cannot do that! This is why Buddha broke his neck, this is why Socrates was poisoned. This is why you set the temple of Rudolf Steiner and Pythagoras on fire. But you took care of yourself; diamonds and pearls, gold, emeralds, you decorated yourself with them … And it was taught on earth by Golgotha, by Christ, by Judas. Is it Peter? He would like that! In the space it is not he, there it is Judas. Betray everything you can, when you feel that it deforms the Divine Conscious be.ing, that is betrayal. For two thousand years He was betrayed and sold, they drunk His blood. Judas does not do that, Judas began with his own blood, which drained away. He could take it back covered in mud, it went over the earth through the mud, and absorbed it into itself again, because he received new life. The human being becomes savage and wild of consciousness, but it is sa.cred inspiration, feeling, thinking, understanding, sensing, wanting to serve in harmony and justice, it becomes benevolence, in order to be able to die for the own moment, one deed, one characteristic. Just lay that down on your cross. Kill everything in you if it crops up and wants to break the other life. The moment is blessed if you see this, but it becomes Divinely conscious if you can accept and want to experience it … on the cross. There, wonderful now, nails through your hands. What is that, what does that mean, to lie down and to hit a nail through that flesh? Just nail me here to this founda.tion, if you think that you will earn heavens as a result of this. Christ earned it; not by means of that crucifixion, but to stand here next to Pilate, to be betrayed by Caiaphas, as a result of this He had His Divine consciousness. But not as a result of that crucifixion! Just nail yourself down and you will know it immediately. Did you think that you would change inside? Did you really think that Francis of Assisi changed when he jumped into a thorn bush and lashed himself …? André also experienced that, he let himself be hit, be lashed. He walked round here on earth with the materialization, with the manifestations, his body is bloodied. He says: “But I have not changed.” Just let yourself be lashed by those people, by the executioner and society; you will not change anyway. If one characteristic lives in you, who possesses an own head and an own personality with regard to the pure spiritual awak.ening and wants to take that awakening back to the earth, you will have lost it. Then your scales go like this. But you are here and there lies the other balance and it has no meaning. The world sings about this moment, but you can cheer this moment, this is no longer singing. This is why Bach wept until his tears ran dry when he returned to the Other Side. He said: “I murdered Him. I made a pathetic product out of Him. I should have made something completely different out of Him. I sang about his sorrows, but I did not see and did not feel His Divine consciousness.” Bach still groans as a result of his singing, which you send up annually and now. There we stand, weeping, weeping about Him there, which means noth.ing. That was a law, that was a cause and effect, and that was – yes indeed – the accepting. I told you recently, when we were in Gethsemane: during your war the people were burned with your cigarettes, gassed, chilled, tortured, lashed. For the inner human being that is all nothing. It means nothing when you have cancer and tuberculosis and go mad from the pain. If you understand those pains, then you chase after those pains and then you say: it is I who wants to live and not this! “You made yourself sick”, the Christ said and that is the truth! Bach is standing there, returns to Golgotha and says: “My God, my God, my God, if only You had closed my mouth. If only You had turned my heart around, if only You had sucked my blood, if only You had just driven me mad. I sang about a leper, I experienced the sorrows of the earth and the spaces, but I had nothing of the Divine authority. The crowing from the jungle, a snake, a crocodile, a wild animal, a hyena could do better than I could.” That is sacred, but just look at it Divinely conscious. Just look at it from the inner life of the Messiah, from the Golgotha, which we know, what He wanted. It does not concern those outward spectacles, those scenes, that is nothing, it is just a side issue. But His action, it was that! Bach … poor Bach … The master … André experienced the situation with Master Alcar at the moment when Bach was lying there at Golgotha. He becomes inspired by a master from the third sphere. He wants to interpret the life of Christ, so that the human being will experience that situation every year in order to awaken. So that the human being will start to feel. Can you feel? Of course, the sounds are there, but the crucifixion goes in front. That is what is left of His action. Because He gave everything to you. That crucifixion, that means nothing. Because the Catholic church, the Protestant child says: “He gave … He gave you everything, he forgave you everything. Go on, just say five Our Fathers and you will be rid of everything.” They made a curse out of His consciousness. Bach says: “I connected the sounds which are sent out with the jungle, because it is that soulless, that pathetic, which lies there and hangs on the cross.” Now we are sitting, now we are shouting, we are hanging, collapse under the cross of sorrow, of pain, of contact. We become one with those wounds. But a human being, a few centuries ago, surrendered himself to a lion and a tiger and was ripped apart. Can that not be compared with the event that the Messiah experienced? Is His material death so much, now that we know that the human being was rubbed with pitch, was eaten up by the ants? They delightfully killed the human being, skinned him; during your war it was made into lampshades. We know that too, of course. They killed the human being for his skin; that is more than a crucifixion. The human being who could experience that and says: “My God, my God, what did I do that this overcomes me?” that is the conscious being! I accept it, of course, hunger and misery mean nothing. It only means that I am thinking, that I am feeling. I want to be the Christ, in His thoughts, as a human being. And by means of this you lay spiritual foundations and you can enter ‘beyond the coffin’ the Spheres of Light. Just love the animal. You can experience Judas, but not Peter, John, or An.drew. Those nine others meant nothing for the Divine firmament, but Judas is a sun, moon, stars and planets at the same time. That is Judas, because he bowed his head. And Bach? Bach did not want that. Just believe that, he did not want that. He wanted to show the Divine resurrection and people were left with a cruci.fixion from it. The nothing, the actual nothing which people lay in the grave, if people had also been able to get that, then they would have slaughtered and sullied and deformed that too. But it was gone! Christ dematerialized himself and says: “You will stay away from that, that belongs to ‘beyond the coffin’. Now I intervene, these are My laws.” Now we go on the cross, we hang there, you hang there if you want to experience it. You now hang on the cross, you have been nailed to the cross. You open your eyes, you are grateful, you say: “Just hit, just do what you want with me.” You feel it, that is wonderful, wonderful, those nails through your heart. Give me a knife and I will pierce myself, if André approves; he also approves of it. He experienced that thousands of times, you will soon see. When ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje III’ lies in your hands, then you will see that he wanted to accept that. He wants to be beaten and crucified every day and that is the art in your society. You call him all kinds of things, me too, Christ too – we will never do anything to you. If you can do that, if you can experience the analysis of one thought, one characteristic, of your fatherhood, your lordship, yes, your being a Lord, when you can take that back to the actual child – because you remain a child with regard to God and Christ – then you are a universally conscious being. Then you are a beautiful human being. When you want to preserve and want to keep that beautiful, then you will also know what you can devote for yourself here on earth. And then your singing will not be nearly as false and as material and pathetic as the great Bach brought and wanted. Now your singing becomes … One characteristic sings, gets spatial attunement, the violins begin, you hear the harps and now you get to experience the sound of the space by means of your characteris.tics. You make a universal song yourself out of five, six, seven sounds. And a characteristic is a sound. Fatherhood is sound, motherhood is sound. Justice is a beautiful sound, you feel that. But if you enter the love as a sound and you want to start to sing about that love, then people kiss you from all the spaces, from every environment. Then the human being on earth says: “That is wonderful and true.” You can love that, and that also means something when you walk with it, when you sit at the table with it. When you speak with it, then every minute, every second is a paradise. Did we not experience that in Gethsemane? Did I not tell you that we meditated there, did I not tell you that, when you experience the first sphere, that you begin to carry? Then carry the characteristics, then carry your personality. Nail each characteristic to that dead cross here, and just hit the nails in. You do not dare to do that, you do not do it. “You flatly refuse to do it”, people on earth say. I am not angry … Bach had wanted to interpret the life of this flower, he had wanted to record the Spheres of Light in his song. You can still find him in the first sphere, groaning, weeping. When it is Easter then he trembles. “Oh”, he says, “they are beginning again. Hallelujah … Yes, just play that record. It is won.derful, it is beautiful.” He says: “They see the crucifixion there. They have not recorded the light, they have not recorded the space, the Divine becoming conscious, they only experience my destruction. I will go with Him. Just let that go and be pleased and happy and give it the spatial radiation. My task was for nothing.” Yes, Bach, you can wait two thousand years, five hundred years, in order to be happy. It is only then that people will understand his art. You do not know Rembrandt either for that matter, nor Beethoven. You do not know Mozart. That is material understanding. You experienced your Easter materially. What remains of it, is only sitting down and praying. You will not make it with praying, you cannot pray for your Golgotha. You cannot walk around it; so, a wonderful trip to Nazareth, to sit down behind a bush and to see what the time is. “Oh, there he is, there they are … not for me.” Just hide. Now you have to, you can show your col.ours here. “To show your colours”, Christ says, “for everything which you want, for everything which you are.” Your society … just become rich, just long for this, just long for that. But long to remain life! I can dwell upon this for thousands of centuries, to experience every art of the earth, every thought, the cities, the peoples, the nature, the ape man, an animal with regard to Golgotha, Bach and his art. Society, the psychologist, the psychiatrist, the minister, your clergyman, that lies here and breaks its precious neck. There is no longer any possession here, because there is noth.ing, no spiritual consciousness. You have to take it just like that, to shovel it onto a cart and to place it beside the other destruction. This is destruction! “But”, Christ says … And that is the core, that is the foundation, what actually remains of it. If you can already do that, you are busy anyway laying the first foundation for yourself. Laying the first foundation to no longer violate the life of anoth.er. If a human being says: “Thief!” then you say: “Wonderful.” Everything, which just kills you, is the sacred assurance for the life ‘beyond the coffin’. Everything, which just sullies you, is the acceptance of that cross. Because when a human being says to you: “That is a dirty animal”, you must be pleased, because he who says it, is it. Christ did not say anything. He who says: “Look there, that thief”, yes indeed, you have it easy. I told you, always compare it to your society. When you see the true thief, you cannot say that it is a spiritually conscious being, then it is a thief. But when they say to you, say to the consciousness of the first sphere and do not un.derstand that – and the words come: you saw your prophet, but you did not recognize him – then that is for you. Then you laugh at that destruction, then you laugh when people nail you to the cross, because the human being on earth does not understand you, does not know you, does not feel you. It is you alone. And then you laugh at this. When your friend says: “Why did you insult me? Why did you do so much to me?” You do not even ask that anymore. When you have been cheated for a thousand, for two thousand and for ten, then you think: I certainly needed that blow in order to awaken, in order to know and to understand how it must not be done. But you do not follow those people. You do not even want to hate those people, you only say: “My God, my God, why did you cheat yourself through me? Why did you hit yourself again? Not to the cross, but why do you hit and connect yourself to that darkness again, to that satanic, the deception of this world, the poverty, the misery? Here you will live and die. You will be hammered to the cross here, but you will still not be dead, you will still be alive. In these hours now, this hour and a half, between half past ten in the morning and half past three in the afternoon, it must happen, then you put the crown on every thought. Now you must prove whether you do not get angry. Here, you can receive seven hours from the Messiah, from your God in order to prove that you do not get angry, in order to prove what you want. You are now tortured for seven hours and up to the last moment you can say: “Now it is over. Now I have proven what I want.” And it is only then that it is the law, the way, the light in the first sphere. You go here with all your characteristics, with your personality through the evil, therefore the wrong in you, because if you are not wrong then that will not happen. If you have a task – understand it carefully – for the world, you come forward, then people grab you. Make silence in you where no one knows you, these laws happen, you have to represent these worlds. Because that is from Christ, that is the God in you! Can you see? During these short hours during which it must happen, you have to prove whether you are friend, are brother, are father, mother. Here you must prove whether you love, have light, what you want. Here you can prove whether you want to follow and can accept the earth with all that mud, or the better in you, the serving. There, in those last moments, then you cut back the own self and it will probably say: “Eh …” And that screaming is no use to the Christ, you are already weak. Then He says: “So a groan fell from your lips after all. Yet, you were not yet conscious for those sorrows, that beating, that lashing … which was for yourself anyway, not for me, not for society, but for yourself. Yet you succumbed for a moment.” That was Peter! “Before the cock crows, you will betray me three times.” The smallest insect from Mother Nature can tell you that, because you betray it again. Does there … does there never come a thought in you that you can say: “This is finished. I can compare this to Golgotha, now I have possession”? Of course, you already proved that; you are accepted as followers of the masters, the good ones, the conscious beings, the thirsty ones. Now prove what you can do. This will not continue, this will not go on, that crucifying here, always climbing Golgotha. You must begin one day. Now! Because the second is an eternity, a second is eternal if that second possesses spiritual light, can you feel it? If that second accepts Bach, feels Judas, and under.stands Peter. What do they now have of Peter? Did you really think that Peter meant that as a simple fisherman, that people started to worship him in such a way that the towers of his castle almost reached the clouds and the Messiah in the Divine All? Where does Peter wish to go? Was it such a wonder that Adolf took a few away and razed them to the ground, in order to show them how it must be done, what Peter wants? Go into nature instead. What did Christ do? Adornment, what does it mean? Lay a new path for the Catholic church, Protestantism. Now get to know your bible. Now get to see your minister, your priest, your cardinal, your pope and you will know the poor of spirit. But when the human being fights and strives for his God and he possesses the truth, then it is a wonder. Then you have … you can have respect for this human castle, this consciousness. But the human being still fights at this moment for damnation and eternal burning and there they become cardinals and popes, it becomes a minister, a theologian. Therefore they receive the.ology as a result of destruction. How is that possible? Let them just crucify themselves first and when they say: “Just come, just come, just come”, then we will at least have the Divine foundation in order to say: I sacrifice myself for the earth and mankind, for my university, for my title, for my faculty, for my mother, for my father. Talking and thinking: and I will do this and I will do that. What do you do? You will feel what you do! If you must still eat and drink from society and you are a happy person, then thank God on your bare knees that you still possess that. And start to slowly begin to spiritualize those things, so that people in your environment can say: that is a human being. The human being tells you whether you want to be nailed to the cross. You no longer give ‘lip’, you no longer shrug your shoulders and you no longer smile. For nothing more, because you know: you are smiled upon yourself. So … Life becomes simple, life becomes beautiful if you understand it. Life is wonderful, is universal, is Divine when you bring the God in you to awak.ening. And it does not matter what you are, what you do. Art no longer has any meaning, we saw it from Bach. He crows, he shouts it out, he says: “Yes, what did I achieve now? They lie there and weep until their tears run dry, while they must be happy.” But you will not get them by selling blood. Bach wanted something completely different, of course. And you also say that. It is eloquent that the task which he carried out goes straight to the Messiah. He was not understood either. But what did people, what did the earth … what did the earth understand about it? Give me the opportunity to charge at your concert buildings, in order to inspire the musicians. Give me your baton in my hand and I will bring them to the spiritual awakening. And then you will hear the sounds of the space, but now as cosmic conscious beings, as carrying beings, as fathers and moth.ers. And that howling of Golgotha is of no more use to us. This sawing is no more use to us, this is ancient, because this is material. Because the Christ was beaten, because He was tortured, because He gave himself completely, the human being now wants to suck His blood too, to receive a mercy. By means of Him? Can you experience a mercy, God says, by slaughtering my Child? Do you wish to walk around His life in order to sing about His life, to pray about it, do you wish to reach Him? That is not a Golgotha. You made that of it yourself, that is your posses.sion. That is material earthly bungling. And that is the Messiah here? Yes indeed. Christ is the Divine Conscious being, the Mentor in the Divine All. He experienced planets and stars. He knew for what purpose He came. He brought the sacred, Divine consciousness, which you called gospel, but means: love, awakening, evolution, understanding and sensing everything which lives, with regard to the spatial spiritualization. And that also means: to be in a world where there is harmony, to be in a world amongst millions of sisters and brothers, in order to continue eternally. Always further and higher in order to reach the God of all life in the All-Source and to represent Him there eternally as father and mother, in the real sense, which can only be: to feel love for everything which lives! Let the Christ in you awaken. I thank you for your grateful feelings this morning. The human being and his spiritual awakening Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get ‘The human being and his spiritual awakening’ this morning. We made a journey from the moon to other planets. We came to the earth. We experienced here the be.ginning stage of the earth, and covered a cosmic path in order to evolve, in order to spiritualize and to materialize our Divine core. You know, the universities on earth are not yet that far advanced that peo.ple can accept this. I explained to you – and the masters gave you the books – how the universe condensed itself. We gave you a picture that attunes you directly and truly to the God of all life. You see that the human being in general in society – when you experience and follow ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – has an inferiority complex and does not know himself. It is only when you are free – we came from the first sphere to the earth – later, then you will understand that you must represent the All-Source. But what is All-Source, what is All-Soul, what is All-Life, All-Light, fatherhood and motherhood? What is all of this? We will then understand every grade and every thought that which we start to sense spirit.ually, and then lay the foundations for the next step, which were given to us by the macrocosmos. There are millions of problems, which the human being can get in his hands. Problems and revelations as a result of which you see yourself, but of which you must develop every foundation to the space and is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood. When we see this space then we will soon stand before Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, ancient Egypt, British India, and Tibet. We will soon stand where the God of all life speaks, yes, when the lips of Moses opened and he would interpret the first word, his first inspiration. But that long path that we experienced from the silence, the loneliness with the millions who followed us, the first Human Being of which – didn’t He – entered Golgotha. The facts that were given to us by the universe, lie deeply apart from each other. And yet, a Divine thread runs through everything, as a result of which we will not experience the disappearing in his spaces, because the core in us always says: “To the left and now to the right, now just continue.” I brought you to Gethsemane, I brought you to Pilate and to Caiaphas and that means: to descend from the silence of the eternal, to attune to the material event. You are faced daily, every moment you are faced with the Pilate in you, the laws of which you will experience and as a result of which your person.ality can prove: I will organize my life like this, I must do it like this. Every moment, every day, every second, for every thought you are faced with a wonderful problem that is universally deep, cosmically rich, gets a shape, a personality, which possesses soul, spirit, life and fatherhood and mother.hood, when you must admit: I will act like this. Now finally showing one’s cosmic colours comes, yes, then it is not so simple to prove what you can do. But always – I told you and I gave you the example – the walk of Christ is our path. He is the only one who indicated how to go. ‘Beyond the coffin’ you can see how the first people completed their cycle of the earth. A cycle, a cosmic cycle, a walk over the earth, which lasted mil.lions of ages – no years and no centuries – before the human being could say: “I have that space in my possession.” I gave you a picture in order to show you that the whole universe in which we live is actually placed on your hands one day and that you can say: “This work belongs to me.” That does not get through to the human being. You keep seeing that little creature again. When the soul speaks, the per.sonality wants to express itself, then you can see from the aura in the eyes how the personality feels, what the life is like. And then you are already tortured and beaten before the word has materialized. And you will leave that, you must stop with that, you must change and you must send yourself to the cosmos. Because we went through Pilate and Caiaphas onto the path, straight to Golgotha. Why did Christ accept that? I told you. Why must you go to Golgotha, what does Golgotha mean for your life. For society, for church, for all the peoples of the earth? There is just one! I placed you before Buddha, before Mohammed, Ramakrishna. You can go in and out of temples – there is just one Christ. Because He came from the Divine All to the earth in order to bring His love, His spiritual conscious.ness, His Divine personality to earth. And people called that gospel! Mohammedan, when we now soon … We have been nailed to the cross here, we have accepted the death, we have experienced that deformation, underwent those assaults. We have been spat upon, tortured and beaten, crowned with thorns, but we went and lay down … free! What does it matter to us? Just destroy that body, the soul will continue as an astral personality. But now, now we stand here, we lie down, we have been beaten and tor.tured. We know: we died for something and now we must be convinced that every thought will undergo a crucifixion. Every thought must be demateri.alized by the personality. It must get the spiritual becoming conscious and then the awakening in the human being. And that is just for one thought; now the whole of society! We go again over the earth, through this mankind and then we will have to establish in which grade of consciousness we have come. How can the human being awaken? What is spiritual awakening? For what purpose did the Christ serve? Why did the apostles surrender them.selves? And why are there people on earth who work themselves to death in order to take the other life of God to that awakening? When you understand the life on earth, when you feel yourself, how awe-inspiring it is to experience contact by means of the mother with the space, then you will know that every moment God lives in your hands. By means of the first material and spatial, spiritual contact, which you experience as father and mother, you experience a foundation of His per.sonality. When the All-Source began to send out her aura, her protoplasm, her lifeblood, this was the spiritualization of the God of all life. Then the first revelations followed, which you will soon experience again ‘beyond the coffin’, as a result of this you will get your own foundation in your hands. Then the hazes started to condense themselves, the universe became a thick mass and then the division of God came, because He made himself dissolve into myriad particles and the plan of creation for human being, animal and Mother Nature could start. You will say: what use is it to us? The macrocosmos, the moon and sun be.gan to let the life grow. And that harmony which can now be seen in the cos.mos, in Mother Nature, where there are no disturbances if the human being does not interfere with that, we see those harmonic laws again on Golgotha. The last words which the Christ spoke to the individual – but then from feeling to feeling – which stood under Him, no, in the distances, were not for society and not for the life which did not even touch Him during His life on earth. He went straight to Gethsemane, just next to that, a bit further and He visited – which the bible knows nothing about – the Judas. When Judas lay down there, and experienced the desperation for himself: “my God, my God, I violated His life! I betrayed him anyway?” was this the human society in which you still live. Christ, who underwent all of this, who felt the nails in His hands and the prick under His heart, was attuned, yes indeed, to His Divine Personality, to His awakening. But when people elevated Him, elevated … and people placed His life in the ground, then He calmly let himself hang in order to die, then He did not think of himself alone, but He went straight to His beloved child … the Judas, the best whom He had.: The Judas, who would violate himself. But Judas did not hear Him, Judas had dissolved in his sor.row, in his thinking, in his feeling and yes indeed … “I can no longer help you, Judas, now you reach out your hands yourself to your wonderful self. Why do you do that anyway? Why are you going to make the suffering and sorrow worse? Bow and begin a new life, make everything good. You have not betrayed me, I know what you felt.” When this picture for spiritual awakening enters you, then you can feel and experience the sorrows of this Judas, because he really started to show his colours and thought: I committed a betrayal. When you come to Golgotha and you lie down there … You can always find millions of people of the earth there, people who have discarded their garment, their material consciousness, you therefore find the astral world watching there, in order to experience, in order to examine, in order to feel how He experienced in His extreme situation the life for the body, His soul and spirit. The direct contact from His cross … From that height there on Golgotha you can see the rays, which go straight to His Judas. Not to Peter and John, not to those who lived the closest to Him, He sought and experi.enced the misery, the poor child, this child which was still to awaken. This needy being which needed it, for which He had come: in order to materialize his universal consciousness for the earth and then to be able to spiritualize it, but for which He did not get any time. Judas is lying there. He has a pain in him, a sorrow, which is so awe-in.spiring, which cannot be compared to anything, even if you suffer from tuberculosis and leprosy. When the sorrows of the soul come over your lips and the groaning and moaning from inside begins, then you truly undergo the Golgotha event and you are one with His life. And you must now master that for every characteristic, because you will soon see that when we leave Golgotha, where you then come to stand, where you live, where you will see: what your sphere is like ‘beyond the coffin’. What is the world where you will soon have to come and live? What will you do there? Here on Golgotha it was proved – He wanted that – that you must send every characteristic to the God of all life. That means: you must expand your life and then you enter the spiritual awakening for the first time. Every thought gets that space, that life, that nature, those foundations. They are fed by the conscious personality and it is only then that you know what con.sciousness is. Not only for here, but also for there, later. I explained to you by means of the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ that, when Judas had killed himself, he just had the consciousness in order to look where he was. He was not dead, he was alive. “My God, my God, what have I started?” and then his gaze became hazy, his consciousness sunk back to something … yes, what is that? You can read that again in the books ‘Spiritual gifts.’ He descended into the ‘coffin’. He descended into the tearing loose of his spirit with regard to the body and entered the world of the unconscious, the world for the birth, in order to begin a new life. Here the Catholic Church falls. Here thousands of proverbs, which the bible preached, fall, because Judas would be damned here eternally. And that is not possible because this universe is not the Divine All, as I explained to you. You continue, because a fourth, a fifth, a sixth and seventh cosmic grade originated. Judas would make good. He would do what the other people could do. But now put yourself in the situation of Peter, John and the other people. There they are … they are sitting here … they walked there … They received for months, no, for years on end they received the wisdom from their Master, their Rabbi. He was a Human being … In His eyes they could have seen the Divine light and yet there is still a doubt. When he walked and went hand in hand over the earth, that was not art. That is very simple, when father and mother carry the child, but when we come to the independence for which we live, when we become man, mother, father, sister and brother, when the Divine, spatial authority speaks to us … yes, then we will have to show our colours for the space, for the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Mother. Then we must prove what we can do! And then that bible stands before you. Then you stand before Golgotha, you are crucified, you have your coffin, you have your society, you have the peoples of the earth in you, and it is chaos. And yet … is there love in you? Then you will shine over all those laws, because you will be spiritually awakened. You have yourself in your hands. Nothing can happen, nothing. That certainty is in you, because soon we must prove whether we possess spiritual certainty. Whether our character can really accept all those spaces, yes, can carry, want to carry and represent. We must prove what we can do and what we want, because the earth is only a time in order to reach that awakening. You have received the bodies in or.der to evolve yourself, of which the apostles understood nothing about, had nothing, no Judas nor Peter. Nothing in this world can represent these laws if that spiritual awakening is not there. What must you draw from that Christ, what must you get from His life? What did He tell, what did He mean, what did He want with all of this? There they go, there they go … Society is not any different, after all, is it? You will believe and listen. The Peter, out of whom people made a temple, a church, weeps until his tears run dry at the moment, why people adulated his life in such a way. “I was not able to do anything!” The human being builds a castle without the Divine Christian founda.tions. The human being must first start to think: am I true, is this pure? He must learn to think, he must learn to feel how to get through in order to look behind those veils. And that is for your soul, and that is for your spirit. If you understand the image of Judas, who hangs himself and destroys himself there … and the great Peter who walks here and says: “I did not know that human being.” “But you were with Him? You represented Him? You walked with Him along the street? We saw you.” “That is not true”, this hypocrite says, and he not only renounced the Christ. Or did you really think that he could have renounced the Christ? The Christ is sacrosanct! When you have the truth, you will soon see that, then you will be sacrosanct. But when lying and cheating, hatred, when distrust and disbelief reveal themselves in your life then you have nothing more. Then you are less than this Peter, then you have nothing of the Judas who wants to strangle himself in order to make good. Then you lie down and you join your hands, then you can say: “Forgive me anyway. Just hit me!” Because that is the meaning of it. The Messiah let himself be beaten there, because evil means nothing ‘be.yond the coffin’! You go and calmly do your work, you go and represent soci.ety and you let yourself be snapped at and hit, tortured and lashed. You take yourself to that other self and say: “Just beat me to death, because you cannot even reach my soul and my life and my spirit, that belongs to that there.” The violence that we were able to experience, were allowed to see, when we saw Judas there in comparison to the walk of Christ with His apostles there in Gethsemane, where they fell asleep. When everything was piled on top of everything, when the universe broke down, when everything was to be shattered … then Peter and the rest of them fell asleep! And that was to serve and that was to do something. “You are the Peter in this society”, the Christ said. “You represent Judas.” When you want to elevate the space, the spiritual awakening in yourself, then you go through Peter, then you go through Judas. Christ and God and the All-Source, they prefer it a thousand times over that you hang and destroy yourself, than that you say one word which is wrong about all this life which belongs to this society and to Mother Earth and her children. Just murder yourself, just destroy yourself; if you take your inner life to the increased awakening, you will be the anointed ‘beyond the coffin’ and I will prove that to you. I want to dethrone that Peter. I want to show you Judas first, that he is still alive. And that that Judas in you will carry out a fight for life and death for every characteristic, it is only then that you become mother and will be father. You must first have drunk His blood and have felt that it is wrong. You must first go and sit down there and feel that crown of thorns, then you will know that you chastise him again by means of each thought. Just do not get a fright … Soon you will then want to begin yourself ‘beyond the coffin’. It is not the intention of the space and of the Messiah to make you afraid, but to bring those examples, those laws to analysis, in order to show you how it must be done. Being silent on earth, saying nothing and walking past the life of God, deforming one and just building up the other? To enlarge a shape, a kingdom of heaven for yourself? You will soon be able to see that ‘beyond the coffin’, when we leave Golgotha. You will stand there naked and alone. What Judas did, is not so bad, is not so terrible and not so dreadful, be.cause it is the pure, the sacred truth. Because God, the All-Source, immedi.ately let Judas see: “Judas, you see, you can open your eyes, because you will continue. You lost that life, but you will get a new one back. You have not cheated me, Judas. Just come from Golgotha, because I cannot be cheated. You cannot denounce Me, Peter, you renounced yourself there.” If you just feel that, that your husband, your wife, cannot cheat you, be.cause they cheat themselves! You are sacrosanct when you keep the spiritual personality in your hands. And then the sacred, pure, spatial love speaks. Then life in society – if I want to connect you with the earth – is a paradise. Even if you live under the ground, then you start to understand your house, your possession, your garden, everything that you possess here on earth. Yes, it will come that far that the despair enters you and you want to throw your.self on Mother Earth and crush her at your heart. Then you do not kick, then you no longer shoot, and then you do not destroy the space, the life breath in which you live. On the contrary, you start to love your footstep, because you start to say to Mother Earth: “Am I not hurting you?” If you had seen the walk of the Christ, then it would get through to your life, then it would get through to your spiritual awakening that He kissed the earth by means of His footstep. The apostles asked: “Why do you walk like that, Master?” He says: “I am not walking, I am not strolling, I am floating. And you have to master that.” When the apostles sat together after his death then they started to analyse. The mites were sitting there. “We have lost Him.” They had lost Him hu.manly, they did not have different words than you, these perfectly ordinary children. They had lost their possession. Their Master was there … and now the Master was gone. They saw Him experience Golgotha there, they saw Him be killed; society crushed Him to death. They buried Him, he was no longer there. There were still wonders … They had lost Him. Those foundations, which the Christ laid, were still not enough. If only they had followed Judas. Later, later after so much time, months and years, yes, then Peter could say: “Just slaughter me like your pig.” And people also slaughtered him, upside down on a ladder, so that the blood flowed straight over the street. With a conscious personality they walked in and out of the streets, so that the world could see that Peter was slaughtered like a pig. And he said: “And now I am happy. Did I make good?” Then he had spiritualized and expanded his own renouncement. He had accepted the beating of the Messiah. He had said to the world: “Do what you want with me. But you cannot destroy the bubbling vitality, the enthusiasm, this wonderful inspi.ration which comes from the universe and from Him to me.” Now he could say: “You beat yourself. You beat yourself if you want to cut me with your words.” If you sent one harsh word into the space then you attune yourself to mud and poison, to the jungle instinct, animal-like instinct. That will soon be clear to you. But that Judas there and that Peter there and those little apostles who could walk with the Messiah, with the highest and the most Divine Con.sciousness on earth, who could eat and drink with Him … He gave them thousands of pieces of proof. When John said: “Master, why do you not eat? In a fortnight, in three weeks, you have … I have already seen the sun set and rise twenty-four times and you eat nothing. You drink nothing.” What did He then say? “The food I have in Me, has been the expansion for My spirit, and that is speaking, John.” What can John understand of this? When he shut himself off for forty days … Then … when rain came, he took two drops of water from the space and said: “One drop is the same as a life sea, isn’t it, because one spark represents worlds of spaces, rain and wind, oceans, because I am soul of His Soul and life of His Life.” And it was like that! The human being on earth wonders why the human being can do that. If you receive the spiritual awakening, you will become spiritually fed. If there is just one characteristic in you, which represents the low, the disintegration, the destruction, then you will become hungry, because now the animal in you speaks. Yes indeed, we know that you must drive, must take care of the body. But tell me, tell the space what you need and we will establish your personality. We will tell what your spiritual awakening is like from your walk, from your face, from what you say and you will be lost. The space will tell you where you must start in order to enter that Golgotha. Just let it go, just leave it alone, let us make sure that we get away from there. But realize well, the human being, society, the animal-like carry-on, the unconscious slaughtered Him there. It is the human being. He did not die for mankind; people murdered Him consciously. And with this the con.sciousness of your Church, your Protestantism falls. Luther did not need to wage any war for this purpose. And people drink, people drink His blood. If it becomes clear to you that you can throw all of that overboard, you will enter the naked, spiritual Golgotha! We could give thousands of lectures in order to kneel down before Golgo.tha and to finally be able to say: Now we have nothing left. We are free from earthly thoughts. We have nothing more to do with society. We have experi.enced the faith, the Catholic Church, Protestantism, Buddha, Mohammed. We have the bible in us! And the rest what is not true – forget about it! And now we are faced with the last judgement – away with it! The beginning of the earth – away with it! The beginning of the creations – away with it! God did not create any human being from clay and some breath of life and half a rib; we were born in the waters, world! We were born in the waters as embryonic life and soon you will establish that. We gradually released ourselves from the waters, Blavatsky, theosophy! We were first human being and then the animal came and then Mother Nature. All those spaces were re.ceived directly from God as a result of our possession. Because the All-Source divided itself, we received these spaces in our hands and we gave birth to all the other life in this universe. Not only animal and Mother Nature, but also planets. You are a world wonder, a spatial self, a planet, you grow. Let these characteristics grow, so that the spiritual awakening speaks to you. Inspire and kneel down and pray for and drive Judas, research every characteristic … This is the nakedness before which you stand, the pure nature, the pure self, which must speak to you. Experience Judas every moment in one day. You do not need to pray for him, because you cannot pray for another. You cannot pray for your mother, your child that must die, in order to keep it, because that is evolution. You cannot sacrifice and clothe and decorate yourself with beautiful garments: they mean nothing when this does not speak. When is the mother beautiful? When does the father have the spatial, creating authority in his hands? When he goes towards the mother in love, when he says: “Yes, my child, your thoughts are mine, your life is mine. We enjoy the universal, spatial kiss. We will give birth and create as the All-Mother was able to do.” What is the All-Mother? That All-Mother, that source lives in you, be.cause that representation is: the human being will be as I am. Judas got new lives. He returned to earth as a rabbi, because he would experience Jerusalem. He still lies there and shouts and groans and howls: “Yes, I have awakened.” And finally, you read in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ that everyone, each consciousness in the first sphere undergoes that, because we want to possess that; we want to be Judas. We want to be Peter – yes, we kick him away from us twenty-four, twenty-five times. For if you follow the thoughts, when you follow the thoughts, the feelings of this Peter, then you will be in a rage that this human being, now that he stands on the Divine foundation, sees the heart blood of the Messiah flowing and still says: “I do not know you!” You dwell upon that and the tears run down your cheeks? No, your soul walks away, your spirit walks away, you have nothing more, because a renouncement occurs here which is awe-inspiring, which com.pletely beats you up; another lashing, a crucifixion is nothing compared to this. You renounce … When you are beaten on the cross or you hang yourself – you also like to do it by means of a rope or you jump down from a high space – that is not as bad as that, just for a moment, you cheat on, lie to, re.nounce your motherhood, your fatherhood, your friend, your sister. Yes, we are going there and then the reality will speak to us. Then you can weep from happiness, then there will no longer be any fear. Then you will be a human being, then you will reach inspiration. Then you look, then you cannot get enough of those little human eyes, which represent the universe, in which the All-Source, fatherhood and motherhood are present. You start to feel and to experience that and you know for what purpose you live. Then you receive inspiration, drive, foundation, and knowledge. Everything be.comes wisdom, the University of Christ comes under your heart. “Yes”, you say, “just hit me! Just hang me, just nail me to the cross, as long as I get the ‘wings’.” Do as that other one there, on the right hand side of Christ and say: “I do not need you. I do not need you.” “One day, you will be with me in paradise.” Do you know what that means? When you can bow your head and show your colours for everything that lives, for your being a human being, moth.erhood, light, life, love, personality, your Divine attunement, then you will immediately be in paradise. Then you enter the grade of becoming conscious for your own self as you feel, as your feeling is. But then you will have expe.rienced thousands and millions of laws. You will know exactly that you must not help that human being there, must not touch, that human being must do that himself. Then you do not carry, because when you help to carry the human being, then you carry them from bad to worse, then you carry them to a darkness. They must do it themselves. You yourself will spiritualize and expand your Divine core; that is spiritual awakening! And how many mil.lions of characteristics live in you? To give birth to a child … Wonderful, mother. Wonderful! But if she does not understand her child, her life, her birth? The world and the universes created by God, brought out a harshness, have spiritualized and materialized a truth, so awe-inspiring, so deep too and tre.mendous, from which you can only feel the laws of reality, the awe-inspiring laws of condensing and laws of growing, by means of which the planet – no triviality after all – floats around the sun and got to accept her orbit. The human will is so awe-inspiringly deep and great, immeasurably deep in power, in becoming conscious and inspiration, that you can measure that by the orbit which the Mother Earth experiences and has to cover in this universe, every day, every second. The human will is so strong that you get all the gravities and laws in your hands. The human inspiration becomes so awe-inspiringly deep and conscious, the inspiration so eloquent and melodi.ous and just, that you can weigh up all these planets and stars in your hands. Because you are the kingdom, you are a Divine conscious being if the love speaks to you, if the love comes over your lips, if you radiate that. If you soon come ‘beyond the coffin’ and you have left Golgotha … we will leave Golgotha now, we will go, we will take a walk from there to the spiritual grade of life to which we belong. Because we are soul of his Soul, spirit of his Spirit, we have to accept an astral world, we are Gods! Do you wish to fool me and the space that the human being of this world is a Deity, who does not even know that God cannot damn? Millions of people live here, the city consciousness to which you belong, accepts a last judgement, which I recently ridiculed for you. How do you wish to find your prehistoric head and skeleton again, now that everything has been pulver.ized? How do you wish to appear before your God soon, without an arm and without a head, squinting before Him? That is the possession of the church, and that is the possession of millions of people. They learned that through Christ, they experienced that by means of the crucifixion and Golgotha. The universal moment, which we will follow, you now see that. You are separate, you have died, and you have been nailed to that cross as a hu.man being. How many people have experienced a crucifixion on earth? How many people were not tortured during your last war? How many people were not killed? And where did they go now? The core of this society is now: when do I do good, when am I true, what can I do, what may I do? When the Christ walked there and He experienced and underwent a fight with the people of the society, which kept the money, then He stood where you now live. You must prove what you can do. You will have to say: “I love that or this.” Because this remains here; your castles, everything that you possess, remains behind there, you only have a crucifixion. You are beaten and kicked, and yet that is not necessary. That is not necessary, He did not mean that. He gave the example, because you find that evil, that poverty, that unconsciousness, that animal-like carry-on on earth again. Now that must also go away from the church. People cannot pray for Him, people cannot bleed for Him. Yes, they bleed for Him and that means, every moment they cut His organism to shreds again. They drink His blood, they lie down there, they pray, close their eyes and drink their wine, that ‘blood of Christ’. They get some bread crumbs, “Eat My flesh and blood.” Yes, eat this and see and feel the truth! Feel how your word will be with regard to those who belong to you and whose love you have absorbed into yourself. First prove what you can do and then tell whom your inspirer is, for what purpose you live, because now we begin to walk to a world which takes us to the spiritual awakening. And now it already begins. We are there with millions of people, two hun.dred, three hundred, five hundred. We have been released from this torture. We are happy? Yes, who could do that? Who could do that? Who was ready to accept that torture? Who can say of himself now – there are thousands of people along, we are father and mother – who can say: “I am ready to be lashed?” Here behind me lives theft, disintegration, and destruction. “I flung the child in me into the space.” That little mother does not need to experience Golgotha, she is not ready. She is attuned to the earth. She must free herself in the first place from destruction and the conscious disintegration. She flung the life into the space. She cannot go to Golgotha, because you must be free there. That dying there has no meaning at present, because you do not earn anything by it anyway, you are just slaughtered. You are just destroyed, mate.rially destroyed, but the spirit, the soul, the personality has learned nothing. Now this being must prove what it can do, as a human being, as a father, as a mother, as a sister and a brother. But what are you now? Can you already tell the child of God what you carry inwardly and you built up by means of love? Because that is what happened on Golgotha. Peter was so happy that people slaughtered him. He said: “Just cut my heart to shreds, because I have just sullied it anyway.” That’s it! Which one of you, who on earth can say: “Just cut my heart to shreds”? We always say: We devote our life. We want to die for the Messiah. You can nail us to the cross. But it is more wonderful to be able to say … to be able to remain in this chaos and to want to live in order to continue His work. To be able to remain and to want to live is everything, is the perfect, is proving that you know what you want. But from Golgotha we go down, first through a deep valley, together, all of us, the conscious beings. We become silent. We now feel the silence of Gethsemane. There is something brewing. One says to the other: “Why … what do you feel?” “I cannot feel anything.” “Are you happy?” “I am happy. I cannot feel anything.” “But can you not feel that shouting around you? I am becoming afraid.” Yes, here, the faults come there, now the inner possession comes. Has this life awakened, has this life spiritual possession? The other ones, forty, fifty, sixty, do not feel anything, they just continue. They say: “How beautiful it is becoming, how beautiful it is becoming.” They get the happiness from the space. They see a wonderful garment in the space. The flowers are starting to speak? That is not yet possible, we do not see any flowers yet, and we do not see any waters. We have one path, we go through a wild swamp. We go underneath it and we crawl out of it again. We must prove what we want. We do not yet have any foundations. There goes one, who has a woodland, a soft moss under his feet. “Where did you get that? That is false, that is mean. We have been cheat.ed.” “You say that you are walking in a swamp, you say that you are drowning, that you smell a stench here? I am walking on roses.” “I do not understand you.” The difference of becoming conscious shows itself as a human face, as a personality, as a human being. You should see that little mother there. This mother is going to change, she is already wearing a beautiful garment and I go with rags, I have no footwear. Yes, the sacred, the silver, the golden san.dals are not there. Who will possess them? “I deceived my mother, I deceived my father. I am hateful, I am harsh. I do not believe my love, I do not believe the people.” They walk there away from Golgotha and want to go to the spiritual awakening, the first sphere? They get stuck in that mud. You see one there – gone! There goes one: “Help, help me, help me!” You cannot help them, you cannot pull them out because it is that melancholy. That character, that spirit, is like mud. You will probably think: get lost, I am not like that. I will sort out my life, I will soon see what happens. No, now it must happen! I can say that to you. Society laughs, just you laugh too. Now you will have to do it, have to accept and absorb into you the cheerfulness which you must interpret, which you must spiritualize. Every minute is an eternal possession. Just look, just work out in yourself what is still wrong. Just turn yourself inside out. You have the portrayal, the scene: people and people. If you soon leave Golgotha, you will come ‘beyond the coffin’, it is very simple in order to take care of you, in order to talk to you. Oh, you eat from our hands, you eat from the life which knows everything, the human being who can now say: “That mud is not there, child, just come along. I will bring you to a soft path, a wood, a rich area, wooded, planted. I will bring you into a sphere where you will see the flowers, where the birds will sing for you, where the human being is: majestic. There are no kings and emperors, but you will see princes and princesses of the space, by means of their con.sciousness. And now a master comes, now the creator comes, now the man comes, a youth of twenty-five years, he comes to the mother and says: “Give me your hand, my dear, just follow me. Now you can ask me questions. Where were you? I see it, but tell it yourself. Be released, tell me where you were, then we will reach asking questions, then we will reach experiencing, then we will reach inspiration, then we will reach the analyses of yourself. That character must go.” “Yes, I was harsh.” What is harshness? What is growling, what is snarling, what is lying to, what is lying, deceiving and injustice, unkindness, disbelief? That is that swamp there. Believing? For the astral world, for Christ, for the space, for your God? Justice, love, truth, devotion to duty? That is a path, those are foundations on which you stand. You can continue on it and that will take you to a very different world. There is one amongst us who possesses the ‘wings’, who can say: “I have done everything that I could. I made mistakes, of course, because I did not know everything. People came to me, about whom I should have felt: they were the real ones, but I did not see through those lives. I spat right in their faces by means of my word: go away, beggar. I should have known wheth.er this life was really chastised on earth. I should have seen, I should have sensed whether this life was worth helping?” Because you may not and you cannot help the human being, the human being must do it himself. I will just tread on those foundations if I spoil the life which ignores Christ, which actually sullies and hits Christ again. You cannot support the human being by means of these things. You can only tell the human being: you have to do it like that, you will reach that spatial purity. You will then see the spirit and then you will get to accept your beating ‘beyond the coffin’ and you continue. And we now walk to the first sphere. We want to go higher and higher. We now know: we live in a space. There we have the earth; that spiritual sub.stance is exactly like the jungle of Mother Earth, which has been condensed. The substance in the spirit represents the reality of the material, because God created all life in this way. He provided it with soul, life and spirit, which are the three foundations. The soul is the Divine core, the life is the All-Source. And we expand that life, we spiritualize it and we materialize it. The planets could do that. That becomes a body, that became an organism and we bring that for ourselves back to the All-Source where we will represent Him and Her as All-Mother. And now you will have to see how poor we people actually are. You can say: I have the life on earth. Just go back, but you must just accept that reality. Just stand still in this space. On earth you do not see that world. But you do not see that from inside either. Parapsychology cannot yet accept this, it says: “The human being will live on earth once.” Now you start to see that you have had millions of lives. And now you are here, you are the father, you are the mother. The mother lives there. The father is there too, but where is father? “Husband, where are you?” The father is not there. We have on … During those five minutes that we left Golgotha we have al-ready lost two hundred people. Those people have disappeared without trace. The conscious being knows where they went; they dissolved on Golgotha, because they were to return to the earth. They have to accept reincarnation, they went to the world of the unconscious. The mother fights here as a lioness for that possession, that material carry-on, that body which means nothing, those arms and legs; but which she loved. From inside she had nothing, it concerns that being, that being has disappeared without trace. She stands there alone, naked, now finally on her own feet. ‘Stop!’ You should hear them screaming and shouting, fathers and mothers of the earth: “Hubby dear, hubby dear!” Yes, then Gerrit comes, then Klaas comes and then Nico comes forward. “And where is my husband now? My man, the cheat.” The first thing which she thinks is: which occurs to her and lives in her, is: “I have been cheated, the cheat has gone, he leaves me alone now!” She never ever wishes to stand alone, they cannot live another five minutes and go on. ‘Beyond the coffin’, it is so natural and remarkable, she experiences her own feelings, as she thought and felt on earth. He has gone. He was never there. He was never there on earth. She thought that she had the core, but inside, for that spiritual awakening and that feeling, that thinking, that possession, she had nothing, nothing, nothing! And now she has nothing either. “I will soon see what will happen to me. Oh, I will have a space anyway?” Yes indeed, so large. You have a space there in that swamp, because every characteristic is false, has been deformed, has been sullied, is unjust, is un.kind. You only choose your own kind. That which is false and is deformed, you love that. The truth … When you were told the truth on earth, then it was sidestepped. The human being did not go into truth, because that is difficult. Now you sit there – swamp. Another must help you? Yes, in order to bring you there for a moment; you will go back anyway. We put you, the Divine authority, the Divine justice just places you back on the accessible path, on ground, so that you feel your feet. Because God says: “You will always and for eternity and wherever you are, you will feel Me.” The Christ brought that. And then the master places you on an acces.sible path. You feel it: thank God, I am out of it! And now again: “Where is my husband now? We went together, we per.ished and now he has gone. He is leaving me alone!” If you absorb that into you, that you are also really alone. But that you will earn fatherhood, that you will master motherhood. You will take all the qualities as characteristics to the spiritual grade, it is only then that he will stand next to you. Then you will have ground under your feet, then you will become silent. Then you will no longer be a human being of fifty and of six.ty, then you will become a child. The more child-like you become, the purer your inner heart speaks to the life of God in nature and the space. Then the life speaks to your soul, your spirit, your astral, better self. When we … the sphere of the earth, the sphere of the earth … We have not yet attuned ourselves to the astral life to which your spirit has attunement. We do not even enter there, because all those cursed characteristics, that fuss, that misery, that unwillingness, that heavy character, that destructive feeling, where that pressure which you lived under day and night on earth, for sixty, seventy, eighty years, that not wanting to understand, that belongs to the earth and not to the spirit. You cannot even release yourself from your terrible feelings – and that would also be unjust – you just have to drag along that ballast. But it is lying there. You enter that eternity. If that swamp is not intended for you, if that darkness is not for you, because there is no light, then it begins to pour with rain. The universe, the elements tear apart. You think that you are going mad, but you do not even become it. You are standing alone, right in your mad life of feeling, your world. And Golgotha taught you that. Golgotha says: “You will love everything which lives.” “Yes, he died for me, he took away my sins. I went to church every morn.ing, I went to communion and I prayed, I went to confession. I said: I have done wrong, father, I have lied to and cheated the people. Yes, I just violated that yesterday!” “Just say five Our Fathers and then you will be rid of it.” He would like that! The reality lies there, ‘beyond the coffin’ and that is not only here, that is the same everywhere. You go through the stinking world, you smell it. And another says: “I do not know what you are complaining about. I have my happiness, I feel happy; I am floating. Someone is walking beside me, it is already becoming denser and denser. It is remarkable. Grandfather, grandmother, who are they? A spirit of the light, a mother? Who are you? I can see your face.” “Now I can manifest myself to you for the first time, my child. I am your mother from five lives ago. You come from Holland and you come from France, but we were in Italy then. I already knew you when we started our first path, our first lives and we belonged to the jungle. I destroyed and raped myself thousands of times. Yes, I absorbed the earthly life into me, I went through it and finally I knew how wrong I had done.” “And what is now the foundation, that you can speak to me?” What made the conscious being immediately ready to ask that question: “Have you come that far? How do you know that you now possess this? Are you really a human being? Come a bit further, free yourself from … I cannot connect to you, I cannot show myself in that misery, in those lies and that deception, in that material brutalization. Just come forward, further, wrench yourself towards the good, towards the light, towards the soul, towards the spirit, and you will see me.” Is that not true, did the apostles not say that, did Christ not say that on the earth: “Prepare yourself for Me and you will receive Me”? He flung the metaphor over the earth, but you stand here in the reality of that metaphor. Mother Nature tells it to you, your soul, your spirit, your personality says it: “Your life now belongs to this attunement.” Now you must hear the groaning. Good evening … Every human being now – it is remarkable, no, it is very natural – everyone now compares him.self with the life on earth: “Why did I do that? Why did I let myself go, let myself be seduced; I just broke myself!” Weeks, weeks and months now pass. There are people who have been silent towards each other for forty years now. Now they shout: “Why? Who broke me in such a way that I could not open my lips for forty years? What kind of cursed feeling is that?” Two people sit there, two Divine sparks opposite each other and have not spoken in twenty, thirty, forty years now. They hate each other, they murder each other this week. This inner self is twisted, deformed. They are no longer people, they are animal-like shapes. You would like that; an animal cannot even do that. The jungle is happy. Look into the beautiful face of a tiger and a lion, a hyena, those faces, those animal heads, those heads are open. Those eyes look at you wildly. Yes indeed, that is the attunement. But a human being multiplies this by his deeds, by his feeling. The human being does not believe himself. The human being does not go into the Divine proverbs on earth, because you know your truth for that matter. You know for that matter how you must live, you know what gentleness and love is. You cannot be cheated and lied to by every word. You know exactly when your wife, when your husband is real.ly loving, you know that. But why do you not do it yourself? Those who can continue … Out of the hundred million people we arrive with two people in the first sphere, two! Now just work out in yourself whether there are faults, whether there are characteristics which are directly attuned to the earth. Imagine that you say: “I will see it later, I will see my eternity.” Yes, you still live here, you have everything here, you have your body, and you have your society. But ‘the coffin’ is there. Thank God, Grim Reaper, people gave you that name, but you just pull away the inner life from those material sys.tems. We should let him live for a while. When the Grim Reaper has gone, then the human being says: “Now, I know for that matter, I will continue and where I end up, what does that matter to me.” It is true, you are right about that. But that mud there, that world there stinks like a rotting corpse cannot smell and stink, because every characteristic has withered. There are those amongst us who no longer possess a body, those are dis.gusting monsters. The hands have become so bent and long; they are de.formed. They are no longer faces, they are no longer people. The animal-like carry-on deforms itself, that is now the personality. Are you afraid? We are not! That is our image in which and on which we are reflected, our personality is reflected. We are no longer afraid of this monster, because every characteristic is a monster, is leprosy, destruction, is satanic. We begin to put up a fight in order to enslave, to deform this life. Every characteristic gets a dagger in its own heart. And then the mother says to us: “Well done, husband, just murder that. That must be destroyed.” But the soul will live, because those millions of qualities as characteristics in the human being – we saw that, we had to accept that, we were on top of that, we lived in that – they have soul, spirit and a personality, every characteristic! Did you not learn that? Did you not see those people on earth, they can rep.resent art? That is a Mary? Yes, as mother of Christ. That is something which possesses ‘wings’, that is silence. “Just sit down in this silence”, a master says, because he can still do that. That life can rest. And then the human being sits in the jungle of himself. Thousands and thousands and thousands of millions of people sit in the human jungle. Every moment people die on earth, they end up in their own jungle and they sit there. It is raining, they are soaking wet. But what is being soaking wet? From inside they walk away, they do not smell anything. They look at each other: “Yes, my husband has gone, my wife has gone. Why did she leave me?” Oh dear, oh dear; back to that possession, back to that human being, back to the material self. They know nothing about God, about space, about evolution, about reincarnation. They do not know whether that love is theirs. That love was just received, that is just deformation, that is being deformed, that is a time which you have to make good. You cannot make a temple out of it, you cannot live it up there; that belongs to another. That is no longer there now, you have lost that. You had … you or she, you have to make good to each other and you received life for this purpose. “Where is Hendrik, where is Johan? Where is my wife, where is my love, where is my child?” All of them are independences. You will not see your children for the time being. “What? You see that God is unjust!” But my dear child, earthly love means nothing. You just loved yourself. Did Christ not say that you will love all His life? Or did you still doubt His words? Those true words, which He deified, you do not like them. You like the impure which can be drawn to you so easily, you accepted them. But He said: “You will love all life. You will, when you want to serve Me and want to represent Me and your father, you will go over the world and you will say My words. You will speak as I could do that and nothing else. Because then you will cheat yourself. Then you will destroy more than I built up.” You will then just go to your church again. Just kneel down again in your Catholic church and pray and make a confession and go to communion, which all of us were able to do in these centuries after Christ. But which we released ourselves from, because we got the reality in us. We saw that, we experienced that, we really went to the first sphere. One wrong quality, one characteristic, one coldness will restrain you. There you stand. There you stand, we cannot take you along, because that characteristic is not there, it has not yet spiritualized. And now we go and stand with our own self on top of the dictionary of the world, on top of the bible. And then you will feel under the soles of your feet what is true and what is untruth; because what is untruth, that pulls you down and what is true, pushes you upwards. And now your dictionary: I am truth, I have always been true, I have never cheated a human being before, I am not envious, I am not jealous. All my characteristics, everything which you can image is feeling, you see. Because the human being has built up jealousy, the word jealousy and hatred, the human being got to know himself. You now know what jealousy is, but you did not know that in the jungle. Yes, then you saw it from the face, it gives the hatred which manifested itself, it could be seen, and you could absorb that. Now you are faced with a social word. That is the consciousness of your wonderful society in which you live, for which you serve, which you would give anything for, if the human being would just enjoy himself inwardly. Art must be brutalized? Cheap? You want to achieve something and write sexual novels? Just carry on, just serve that animal-like in the human being. The world is looking for possession. It flies over the earth and all of that lies in one star and you stand there, ‘beyond the coffin’. You suddenly have to represent your spiritual personality. Now you can bring the God in you to awakening precisely by starting to sense that earthly life and to know: good, I am still alive, I still have my hands. I still have the possession of my hus.band and my wife and my children. What must I do now? How will I begin? Think. In one year you can experience thousands of centuries, in one year the human being can say about you: “Good heavens, good heavens, how you have changed.” And now that inner self speaks. You must spiritualize your whole dictionary, because it lies there. How many millions of characteristics … Just think, sit down when you have really done your work. Sit down, just start to think and just look at your husband, and let him look at her. Think of the words, hear what you say yourself and whether that word is in harmony with Golgotha, with Judas, with Peter, with the Spheres of Light, which you belong to. Just work out what you were like yesterday with regard to the human being. Did you just bark at that human being again? What did the Christ do? “Can you not just watch with Me?” Can you not feel that this is your bread, your life, and your existence? Must that be destroyed? Must I chase you out the door then? “No, I must go in!” Precisely! Then bow and be grateful that you may work. Be grateful that you are really healthy. There are those … (inaudible) there are those on earth who awakened by means of their illnesses. The beating which you received between 1939 and 1945 was only in order to awaken spiritually. It is remarkable that the peoples of the earth now receive the demonic carry-on and the satanic part of Adolf Hitler and now want to bring that to unity. In order to protect themselves against the Satan here in the world, against Russia. If a human being there is bad, why are you looking at them? Why are you awakening it? Why do you give a human being the example how you can rape the life? Why do you bring the animal from the jungle to your society? Now there is fear. If you wish to experience the peoples of the earth, if you wish us to analyse them with regard to Golgotha and the first sphere, then you will see your own mask – but inwardly. I must tell you, there is not one ready, not one, who can experience and walk that long path in order to reach the first sphere. “The first sphere, oh, I will be there in a moment!” You are there in a moment, you just walk through … but a jungle just comes where you get lost. You do not get out of it, because that whole earth – that earth is just a spark, … but that immensi.ty, this universe, your life and your world are so deep – is one swamp. Here and there a little blade of grass comes up and if you look at that little blade of grass it does not radiate for another life, not for Christ and not for the All-Source either. That is that little characteristic, you are just that yourself. You planted yourself there. But that flower lives for the space, for everyone. That flower represents the kingdom of God for all the worlds. You therefore have to make yourself a king, spiritualize yourself! Every thought takes you to Golgotha. And then you are beautiful, then you are true. People love you. Because who as a human being cannot love the Christ? When are you beautiful as a man? When you have the child in you. When are you true love as a creator? When you serve for the space and not for yourself. When you can say: “I am universally deep and conscious. I am ready to interpret the Christ and to represent the peoples of the earth on earth and for the space”? If you are separated from the church and damnation, if you are separated from Protestantism, if you are separated from Luther. Because those people still damn. Because they walk through the streets of the city with a ‘last judgement’ and wait until the heavens start to blaze in order to call you with your naked skeleton. Every wrong deed, if you experience and feel that, places you before the last judgement, because now you shall show your colours. Christ meant that! You go from the coffin. That goes away, that rots away, that must dissolve. You call that rotting, but it is expansion. And you are of material and you will return to material? No, you are soul and you will return to the All-Source and represent Me there again. The All-Source drives and is still alive. The maternal All-Source is still busy sending out that love, because She gets her life back again. Is it not true? If you give birth to the child and the child becomes mother, then the child gives birth back. Then you see in the child what you could do yourself. Human being, become human being, become father and mother! Human being means that you have to represent God as a spark of Him, as light, life and love, as father and mother. You carry that All-Source in you. You have received the eyes in order to look. You have received the feeling in order to feel and the lips, the mouth, the vocal cords in order to speak. Why would you want to say hateful things by these means? Why would you want to break everything by means of those lips? God gave you everything. He gave us the speech organs. But if he had left us deaf and dumb then we would be with the people sooner, then we would be in the spheres sooner, then we would have come through those spaces sooner and back to Him. But is that enjoyment? God materialized and spiritualized himself by means of the revelations, by means of a tree, by means of a flower, by means of a plant, by means of a sun, by means of a moon, by means of a star, by means of hazes, by means of light and darkness. When will we begin? When will the human being begin to make himself luminous? When does he give ‘wings’ to his walk? When is he gentle? When is he loving? Is it not true that you collapse from happiness when the love splashes on your cheek? Can you not feel, are you so dead then, so lifeless, are you so merciless that you want to lie to and cheat yourself? Do you really not know as a human being that he hit you by means of a word, and she tramples on you? Is that cancerous life of feeling, does that not go into your food and drink, when the mother comes there with a long face, her long countenance? When her character speaks, then it does not taste good for that matter, then you eat the gall of her personality. But the mother who says: “And”, those loving thoughts, that face, that per.sonality, “now have a lovely meal from me, because we have earned it.” And then she sits down and then you are one and then you have a beautiful con.versation. You follow the children and you say: “Look, they are personalities. We know where they have come from, where they came from and we know where they are going. We know that they gave us life before; our fathers and mothers took care of us.” It is no longer taking care of, but it is evolution! You attracted that life in order to later return to the earth, in order to be able to continue your evolution spatially, Divinely. When will you love? If the Judas in you awakens, the Judas, precisely the Judas, not the eternally damned, but the sacred Judas awakens in you, then you will be a human being, then you will bow your head, then it will be possible to talk to you, to reason with you. Society is beautiful, your dictionary is universally deep, has been put to.gether in an amazing way. You have learned so much, you can make it clear to each other what you mean. Analyse, just analyse yourself now. Become a woman, become giving birth, become creation, become light, become life, become soul, become spirit, then you will see how you radiate. Then the man will say tomorrow: “What is the matter with you? How silent you are, how beautiful that is.” “Yes, hubby dear, my darling, I have awakened spiritually. I am starting to feel that every thought is a universe.” Why did you start with poems, why have you started to write poetry? Why do you say: “And I will experience the space as purity”? Yes, with words! “I will give shape to the space according to soul, life, spirit and light.” Where is the light? If a human being comes who says: “May I ask you something?” – “Go away, animal!” The life has gone, the light has gone, the soul has gone, the spirit has been suffocated. Go through your society and open your eyes, start to see how it should not be done. And it is only then that you will soon be able to say: “I will climb Golgotha. I will get a new life. I want to accept Judas, because the betrayal in me”, first with regard to yourself, “sends my life tumbling. I will murder those characteristics. I want to prepare myself for the bliss, the Kingdom of God ‘beyond the coffin’, in life after death, which is not there.” When the human being rejects you, it is you yourself. When the human being does not understand you, then you can determine the grade of life for the human becoming conscious and then you just go left. But when you yourself allow the gossip to manifest at your table, when you love the decep.tion with regard to society, friends, acquaintances, fatherhood and mother.hood, then you are deception. When you accept friends who betray you to the left, to the right, above, in front of and behind you … because you listen to that nagging, because you love that begging, that rattling, that gossip, then you are a child of death! Because every characteristic which you then love, has no soul, no spirit, no spatial awakening, that still has to happen. But the space sees you, Christ knows you. The Spheres of Light cannot receive you, because you do not tolerate any spiritual awakening. You have everything in your own hands, yourself, your Deity. You are a part of His life, of His light. You are father and mother. You are a Divine personality in the human grade of life, that is the life on earth. But soon you will be: astral light, astral life, astral feeling, astral love and it has everything. It bows, it loves, it serves. Everyone serves for himself. The human being ab.sorbs into himself: I will serve. And if you both start to serve, life on earth is a paradise. Then you experience the Kingdom of God, for which the Messiah gave His life. Where He came from, that is the Divine All. Cling to His life, to His word, to His feeling and you will be eternally sure. Nothing can happen to you. You no longer have any fear for death, be.cause we gave you the books of His life. You are a great, conscious ‘winged one’. I thank you. The soul as astral personality. Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get ‘The soul as astral personality’ this morning with regard to your life here and your other side. The ten, twelve lectures which you experienced, the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, gave you an idea of what the human being will be like ‘beyond the coffin’. Ancient Egypt began to lay foundations for the soul as astral personality. The metaphysical teachings laid foundations: China, Japan, and British In.dia. Your society, the psychologist, the parapsychologist, he does not know that the soul has lived on earth several times. By means of those books, by means of the lectures you have finally got an idea, which you can accept. By means of the lectures, which we now experienced together, I gave you an idea that the human being, that everything from the universe was born by means of the All-Source, which is life, light, fatherhood and motherhood, soul and spirit. The astronomers assume that the beginning originated because the aura in the universe condensed itself; you can accept that. When the ac.ademics are soon that far that they must also accept the soul ‘beyond the coffin’ as an astral personality, then you will feel, then this society, mankind, will be faced with a new becoming conscious. And that becoming conscious will then be called the Kingdom of God or the thousand-year reign. I will not go into what all of this means this morning, because I want to give you an idea, and I want to continue with the lecture where we recently stopped, and that was that the human being, all of you, become free behind ‘the coffin’; and now you have to accept what you are like. What did you do on earth? I want to give you an idea that the society in which you live is only temporary consciousness. Everything, which you do on earth, remains here; they are borrowed goods. There is nothing, absolutely nothing which you can take with you as material. I must make it clear to you by means of which you can awaken and by means of which the human being receives inspira.tion, by means of which you can lay foundations for the soul, your spiritual personality. When we experience that and when that is absorbed by you and is understood, we have come a step further. I showed you those flashes sev.eral times, gave you an idea, showed you a scene, as a result of which we can receive the people ‘beyond the coffin’ and which then will speak. We recently determined … André asks me: “What did you do during those nine centuries, when you were busy experiencing your becoming conscious on earth?” You heard this recently. I thank you for that beautiful lecture, my child, you were really inspired. (On 14st of May 1950, Mr A. van Otterloo gave a lecture by means of a scenario written by him based on the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.) You heard how we put an end to our lives. Murder, manslaughter and violence took place in our own consciousness. Later, when reincarnation comes, you see, then you are faced with the life of feeling and you refuse. You let yourself be beaten. You can only love the human being, Christ proved that. I brought you from the All-Source through the space, from planet to plan-et, far away from home and yet nearby, I brought you to the earth. We be.gan in the prehistoric age and in the beginning, the first footstep, which we had to make on this long path, this universal, macrocosmic foundation. We placed … By means of the bodies, by means of the lives that we received, we experienced this space. You are space. The human being feels inferior – the human being is space! You have already conquered this universe when you will soon have completed your cycle of the earth. What does all of that mean? If you can talk society out of, can inspire in this way … The university … what is society? That is the intellect, the power of feeling, the personality of your universities. The universities – I told you – give an idea of how this mankind now thinks and feels. The university talks about justice, the university is now still faith. You received doctors, you have astronomers, and the knowledge of the human being is tuned into the universe. The human being is busy getting to know the Divine creations and that is now becoming science. You must be able to sense as a result of this that society, that your university is still materially socially conscious and means: people still know nothing about soul, spirit and life, nothing, noth.ing, nothing, nothing! The metaphysical teachings go around it. You got to know ancient Egypt. You saw the temples – temples live on earth – where people live who won.dered – you saw that again as a result of the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, ‘Between life and death’ about ancient Egypt, the temple of Isis, of Ra, of Ré – as a result of which the human being traced a path around science, the metaphys.ical teachings, built up a foundation, attracted a temple, as a result of which he got to know himself. These are the small foundations, the small images, the short little paths which take us to that one, which – as I said – goes through the universe and will soon begin again ‘beyond the coffin’, if the human being, if the life, if the personality becomes free from the material systems. What will begin now? We were in Gethsemane, we were there in order to meditate, and we came to Pilate. Therefore from the universe … We were in the Universe one morning, I brought you into the Divine All with a con.scious purpose, because I now want to explain to you who you are. You al.ready know a bit about what will happen, what will occur. We came from the All-Source, the conscious therefore Divine, human All, where people now live who have reached the All-Consciousness. Christ came from there to the earth in order to bring his Divine consciousness, which you call gospel. We also came from the Divine All to the earth, we followed the Messiah – He is the first conscious life – and of course we had to accept Gethsemane. What is Gethsemane now for the soul as an astral personality? In order to explain this to you scientifically, spiritually-scientifically, I would need ten books, a hundred, because then we must first follow every grade of life – later, that is the cosmology – follow those condensings, how those divisions came about through God and how those creations began. Then we will first get the journey through space for the universe. For the universe we get life and death, fatherhood and motherhood for everything, light, life, becoming conscious. We then go through the grades of life, because the All-Source is All-Mother, because the creating and giving birth was maternally inspired. That universe was filled because a power came, a thinking, a feeling. As hazes those powers condensed and then this eternity was filled. That power manifested itself later as clouds, a golden radiance came, therefore light came from that darkness and then this wonderful garment ripped apart, which is Divine Spirit, and the division came about. Then the planets began, then fatherhood and motherhood for the universe began, can you see? In order to explain that to you I told you: read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, then I can take care of you, then I can elevate you into those first births for the macrocosmos. But the macrocosmos created the microcosmos and we are that, that is the flower, and that is the life on earth. Mother Earth as macrocosmic mother created the embryonic existence: the human being, the animal, and nature. And you will have to master those laws as a human being! Now … When we – we experienced that – when we live in nature, when you enter the East and you see there an initiated, that man, that life, this soul, this spirit, this personality has freed himself from the material, freed himself from society. And now that life can give itself completely. The more you now become in society, the more difficult it becomes, doesn’t it? Because Ramakrishna sat down there, Buddha put everything aside and said: “I no longer wish to possess it, because it would just disturb me. It is only lack.” Why did Buddha and why did those great ones, those conscious beings, put aside the material things? Why would those people no longer be able to act the judge? They did not want anything more to do with the earthly, the earthly thinking and feeling. And they felt that well, because every posses.sion of the earth is now a disturbance. The more possessions you now have in society – I will show you that, I will explain that to you, because we will soon take that walk – the more difficult it will become for you, because you now drag all of that along with you. Now you come from society. I asked you: what are you, what do you want? What do you want to achieve here? Do you have money, do you have gold, and do you have possessions? That is wonderful, if you have achieved and can understand that. God has – I also explained to you – created a paradise situation for every human being. But where does that paradise lie? Society does not have it; you can only get it in nature. God thought – Christ said that – God thought and Christ felt that: the paradise is in you, and that is now true! Ramakrishna, Buddha, the great ones from the temples felt that, because they wanted nothing to do with that society and everything that lives on earth. And what does the human being in society do now? What are you now with regard to your spiritual personality as soul? André keeps giving you the images as a result of which he says: “Look, the human being is the Divine spark.” But what is a spark? You are that as body, you received arms and legs and eyes, a mouth in order to speak. You only have, you have … God did not give you that mouth in order to speak. Buddha also felt that and the others felt that. Ramakrishna said: “If I say very little, I speak more and I say more than if I materialize my word. To be silent … if I am silent I reach the unity for the spatial life of feeling, with everything created by the God of all life. It now appears that my silence is meaningful, even more meaningful than the word which you receive.” But society has obscured everything. Christ only came in order to open you. If He had sat down on earth and He had remained sitting there for his thirty-three, thirty-four or sixty years, according to your time and He had remained silent, but He had sent out his powers, then He would have achieved more than now … Is that true? Can you analyse the universe by means of silence and saying nothing? God gave you a mouth in order to breathe, but not to say ugly, hateful, dis.integrating, destructive, unjust things about His life. The human being uses his lips in order to say something, and what you now hear in society, that is nothing else but hatred, disintegration and destruction. You almost do not hear high thinking, universal thinking and feeling, just pay attention. “The fifth word which comes is always destructive, or it is completely off the mark”, André would say as Jeus. In order to learn that and to now prove that – I told you – everything which society built up has material. And that material, even if you are an academic, that remains here. ‘Beyond the coffin’ you are only just a spark of life, no more. But you are everything, because God manifested himself. I will not return there now, otherwise just read the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’. God as All-Source got to experience those laws of growing. They are the grades of life for every characteristic, each and every thought. When God manifested himself – that is Mother Nature, you see that now, that has become material, they have become flowers, have become people and animals, spaces, planets, stars and suns – all of that is still feeling, only feeling! Science – I gave you the proof – has that planet there, which is dying … which people call moon, but that is not a moon. Who has that word … did God create that word? The human being says here on earth: “You are damned if you do such and such.” Did God create the word damnation? It is not possible! Yes, the bible says – they are ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, you can read that there: “Yes, we will make people. God has begun.” But who was God, who is God? God is feeling, God is spirit. And when the human being, the Catholic child stands before God as spirit, then they see a human being again with a beard of twenty-four metres, fifty metres, or two thousand metres long! Then a human being stands there again who speaks, the Lord, but God never spoke. God is life. God spiritualized and materialized himself by means of the grades of life and the laws of growing. You are a Deity. Every spark represents Him, Her, as father and mother. The planets are macrocosmic sparks, therefore with laws, with light, with life, with soul, with spirit, with fatherhood especially and motherhood. Therefore the smallest spark has attunement to the All-Source, that is the All-Mother. Ramakrishna therefore said: “Mother, mother, inspire me!” Ramakrishna and the absolute saints – that means the human being, the conscious ones – they kneel down, they do not see any badness. For an initiated there is no destruction, no badness. Sins …? That is evolution! Should you murder that child in the jungle, which breaks and murders and eats another human being there, should you then murder that child, because the child does not know any better than that this is food and drink? That is animal-like, pre-animal-like consciousness, but that is a Divine spark, that is a Deity. And when you now soon experience and can accept the cos.mology of your life, your thinking and feeling, then I will make a Deity of you. And then just say to your mother and father: “Get lost, I want nothing to do with you. Then you should have done it like that”, then you throw away and trample your Divine core, your Divine attunement! Now work out for yourself, now that we are here: who are you now, what do you want? Become a judge, become a doctor, become an academic, be.come a king, become an emperor, queen … The higher – that appears now – you climb the social ladder, the more dangerous it becomes for your person.ality, because you connect yourself with something which has no spiritual attunement. Now the philosophers are busy getting the spiritual grade out of a thought, as a result of which people and for which people poisoned Socrates. He had to drink a goblet with poison because he said beautiful things. People locked Galilei up, the Church locked Galilei up. And that Pope said: “No”, and then he cursed God here and there, he became angry, “the sun revolves around the earth and not the earth around the sun. Now … and lock that man up!” And Galilei sat there in the dungeon of the Vatican. Beautiful? The Church tied thousands of souls to the stake, always when that child of God wanted to re.veal himself and said a beautiful poem, a spiritual poem. Then that child had go to the stake, because the child went outside the order and then that child was killed. “Yes, there were only ten.” The Catholic Church says: “There were only ten people and there were also two simpletons amongst them.” But it was ten million, … church! As a result of those things you will get the idea that it should not be like that, that it is not really possible. How can God damn himself, himself for goodness sake – you are God – how can he damn and let that burn? There is no fire, the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ tell you that now. What kinds of books are they which break you loose from that selfishness, from those inferiority complexes, and which give you a spatial look at your own life? Yes, if you do not wish to accept your Divine core, then just live it up. You will make it, in ten thousand years’ time, in a hundred thousand years’ time you will have to begin with it anyway. You can wait, you can say: “I will see it soon. Oh, what does it matter to me, why should I make a fuss about those things now? What do I have to do with that space and those planets?” But you are a planet and you are a sun! “Yes, but I am just an ordinary human being, I cannot think yet.” No, the feeling is still not there! And in this way we see now that there are people who yearn and yearn and cannot get enough. Why? Because their Divine core for the human grade of life is awakening. Those people start to yearn and now they see: if I do wrong I will be poor. ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ tell you that again. The first human being who had completed the cycle of the earth, stood there, lived it up, descended into the human being; of course, the sun had gone, they lived, they shouted, they called for help. Then the human being started to think. I was able to give you a clear picture in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ how those people still lived on earth by means of the own grade of life, they could connect themselves and then they descended into those peo.ple. The father descended in the mother, and the mother in the mother, the woman in the woman. They reached unity, they became feeling; they were feeling … life. And that life as an astral personality received connection and then those eyes – that day-consciousness, those are the human eyes, that is the day-consciousness – by means of that they could see and then those bars started disappeared, that darkness dissolved and they saw in the material again. I told you then and that is very simple: the psychologist comes to you, ar.rives here walking and walks past here just like that; he does not see and hear anything. He says to his friend: “What were those people talking about a moment ago? Was it about insanity? Huh, that is not possible! Yes, it is there, but what is it actually?” Then all of mankind, in so far as the human being could be reached, was possessed. There was a time on earth – I told you that and explained that by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – then the third and the fourth grades were possessed, therefore as an organism. You feel, the third and the fourth grades go to society. That was already the highest con.sciousness which already lived in Egypt and there were kings, emperors and pharaohs there. Those other grades still lived in the jungle. Those people who returned there, sought their own grade of life, their neighbourhood where they had lived, because the feeling, the thinking, now received that unity by means of material. And that became insanity, possession. The human being experienced his unity. I even wrote, I told you: children were born as a result of the astral human will. Is that not possible? Yes, in the cosmology and a while later – I touched upon that – we said: that is not possible, because that soul is born, but okay, by means of the earth human being, isn’t it? He has the right, because the mother must give birth; that life will have to grow and condense itself in the mother. But the astral personality lived in that mother and also experienced that process. And that is the most wonderful thing for the birth, in order to get to know that, then you will know it immediately. And because of that those four grades, millions of people were completely possessed during that time. They lived, they felt strong, but in these auras – which one of you say that you are completely free – the astral personality lived in these lives, in this aura. You feel, that is unconsciousness, because for the Divine laws and the spiritual harmony it is now called and it is now: remain in harmony. That is independence and you must stay away from that independence! So you are already wrong when you connect yourself with a human being. A spiritually conscious personality from the first sphere no longer does that either. Only in order to serve, in order to bring something beautiful, the knowledge, the inspiration from the space, from his own life, from his sphere where he lives. That is the human being, that is the man, and that is the woman. By means of this ancient Egypt came into being, the temples were born, because we went – there was still no faith – the masters went around the human being immediately to the soul, the life and the spirit, and in this way that culture was born for ancient Egypt. Unfortunately, I must bring forward these pictures, if you wish to get a clear picture soon of what will happen to you when we leave that swamp in which we lived here recently. And now we are faced with the human char.acteristics which we must conquer. Now you will probably laugh, you will probably shrug your shoulders if you are an academic and you touch that. You have God, you pray, you have done nothing else but a study, given your life, devoted your personality for: become, for example, a minister, become a clergyman, become a bishop, become a cardinal, become a pope. What are you now? Now you come to the other side – I explained that to you, I give you those pictures – and now we must take that away from you, because the creation is different. God did not create any people by means of some clay and breath of life. He did not take a rib from Adam or from Eve – it does not matter, it is a story – in order to create new life; we were embryonic. Finally an academic is that far, the biologist is already that far that he says: “Yes, life begins in the waters.” But they are not so sure whether the human being lived in the wa.ters. And now imagine that that is true and soon the biologist, the university can teach you. “Yes, my child, follower, student, you will get the first lectures this morning. We must return.” Soon, in ten thousand years’ time you will come to the university. Then you will become an astronomer, no, then you will be an astronomer, you will be a minister, you will be a professor, you will not be … – medics, that is separate, the doctor, the internist continues to walk his own path. But you will become a doctor, you will become an astronomer. The astrologist has no meaning, you will never get to know him on earth. But be angry again, that also happened here … The astronomer, you are a clergyman, minister, bishop, you can learn everything, but it becomes a psychologist, parapsychologist. You will get all the spiritual orders, the faculties in one hand. That will be.come an academic in ten thousand years’ time. And now the professor begins: “Yes, ten thousand years ago, twenty thou.sand years ago – what is it, they are twenty minutes, twenty seconds – then we also learned that God could damn mankind. But how we lived in such an unconscious … There is evolution, student, and you will feel, how we lived in that evolution, in that darkness. We continued and finally we came so far that we had to accept that – and especially now, now that we possess contact with the masters – that we had to accept that we began in the embryonic life, and that was the moon. That was not the ‘moon’, my audience, but that was the first cosmic grade of life for the space. We begin from the first cosmic grade until this far.” Can you see? Now the academic comes that far, during this time, that he says: “Yes …” A professor … what is a professor, what is a doctor, when are you that? What are you if you are a minister? Now … I will prove it to you: we do not break those lives. That human being, that minister learns, he must learn for a long time in order to learn that bible. He learns about a human history, he knows all about Jacob, Moses and Isaac. But not when Moses began to dream and when Isaac slapped Ja.cob right in his face, that minister knew nothing about it today. He does not know how Moses dreamt, he does not know that. But I am following those lives, because it started like that. “Yes”, he says, and now he remains in the same position. He must go back; he can begin with Moses, but he must go back, because the bible begins with that and that and that. “Let us make light, let us make life, let us make peo.ple.” The minister accepts that, he believes: that is Divine truth. And now it appears, when he looks ‘beyond the coffin’, it appears that the creations were already finished for millions, billions of centuries, ages, billions of ages, the Divine Source had materialized, the people were already there, nature was finished and then the bible began. Now the bible begins to talk about God, about a creation, about everything. That is the minister who comes with all of this from his university on the other side, also the theologian of the Catholic Church and now the word resounds: “I thank you for everything.” Minister, go and sit down and we will show you the space. You can … That damnation quickly away from you, because damnation does not exist! You brought the people back to God, you prayed, really. Now we will go and see what you have achieved by means of that praying. You kneeled, you spoke beautifully, you let the people sing sweetly. Always those beautiful songs, but do you not see that they did not come any higher than the sphere of your earth? Because that singing, where can we find that? What does your song have to do with and where does that attunement live? Does the uni-verse sing? Can you experience anything by means of God, can you attract something by means of your singing? You see, minister, you see, priest, you created sphere, you are in ecstasy … that is not the word, you have entered into meditation in order to attune yourself to the higher plan of creation and then you started to sing. You involved a beautiful organ, you hum nicely. You can hum nicely, you can … you sang so that they could hear it in Cologne and in Paris. Oh, they sung there too. And that feeling and those songs went higher and higher, but they did not come any higher than the roof of your house, because they really had no meaning. Minister, you spoke about dam.nation. “Yes, then you should not have committed any sins.” But you see, there is no fire here. Accept this now, because there is no fire. The human being, Hitler and Goebbels and all the demons which you knew on earth, they are living now in the seventh sphere and they are now in the Divine All. (Master Zelanus means here that the human being who lived in a ‘beastly’ way in the prehistoric age has now evolved to the seventh sphere or even to the Divine All. In order to make it clear to his audience which grade of animal-like behaviour he means, he uses Hitler and Goebbels as examples from recent times. The masters now indicate about Hitler that he now lies in a dark sphere (the valley of sorrows) and will only reincarnate again on earth in thousands of years in order to make good his karma. By means of this comparison Master Zelanus emphasises that finally every soul will reach the Divine All and that damnation does not exist.) The prehistoric animal-like being, which lived there and during that time, now represents the Divine All, Minister. And about the bible he knew noth.ing, he did not know any God and he did not know any Christ, he had nothing! He had no society, he had no light. That brutal animal as a human being, sat and lived in the jungles, was a marsh child, and had nothing. And that life lives now in the Divine All and is Christ. Beautiful! Can you not accept it? You are here ‘beyond the coffin’, here our word is law! Are you not listening? Gosh, Minister, you have already disappeared from my eyes – gone Minister! The Minister says: “That is not possible for that matter, because the bible says …” No bible exists here, Minister. That bible, that is for the earth. Here you experience the Divine law and that is the soul as the spiritual astral person.ality. That is what you are now. You have eyes and you have a mouth, you received your hands, but you do not know how you progress. Come on, we will teach you to walk. And that does not happen just like that … He does not know what to do with those legs. Yes, walking on earth, he had support there. But we have no support, there is no becoming con.scious, there are no foundations. The minister cannot walk, the minister does not know where he should start, because the minister does not have any wisdom of life. He had only the scripture. How can it be … Yes, Minister, now you did good things there, you brought the human being to God. And you gave her, you gave that poor human being who sat there in front of your door, Minister, who lay down like that in the evening in front of your door and remained lying there, you called her in and you gave her a warm bed there, Minister, and that is now your foundation! You gave that child fifteen cents, Minister, in order to buy a loaf of bread. That is now here, otherwise, you would not have any grounds. We know ministers, Minister, who live in the land of hatred, who not only sullied themselves, but the world and the space too. And they live there, we will not even visit them. But you still have possession as a result of the few true things, which you told – therefore, round the religion, round the bible! You have nothing of the bible, but the human thoughts and the feelings, which you inspired with pure feeling, which therefore now represent justice, benevolence, trust, sisterly and brotherly love, Minister, those are now the foundations. That is material, and that is living substance on which you stand, otherwise you would live over there. Come on, Professor, now it is your turn. “I have that and that grade!” Yes, your medals are already lying on earth, they have no meaning here. Someone with a cross of valour comes: “Where are my medals?” The first thing, which the professor asks: “Where did my title and my high hat get to?” Yes, that is no longer there, you are naked here. What you are wearing, that is a cloth. That cloth and that garment … You are not naked, professor, cardinal, judge, ordinary people of the earth, you are not naked, but the gar.ment which you have, there are holes in it, it is dark, there is not one spot of light to be seen. Yes, a light shimmer comes, Professor. And is it not remark.able, academic, this garment is precisely attuned to the sphere underneath here, under the first sphere, there is the Land of Twilight. Your garment begins to shimmer, but there is no light. Your eyes have no light, your hands are twisted, fat, bluish, green, not a normal colour. Your face looks bluish, shining greenish, your eyes are wild, they are bulging, you have thick lips. You are clumsy, bent. You have feet, which are two metres long, you cannot stand in front and you cannot stand behind. You have no more movement, because you know nothing about Divine working! If you are Divine work.ing, then you have the movement in order to go. God gave you legs and feet in order to stand and hands in order to serve, in order to pray. But not hands in order to strangle, in order to deform His life, God did not give you that! God gave you a mouth, God gave you the breathing organs, but not in order to damn and to curse the life, professor, pope, minister! Everything now from your university – you will soon have to accept, just become learned and just become a professor for theology – people must take that away from you, because that no longer has any existence, you just echo someone else, but you yourself have nothing, nothing, nothing. “God is love and the Christ came. He says: ‘And I will forgive your sins.’ ” Yes, you would like that! What is forgiving you? You will have to earn it! How do you wish to represent this space? We must first take that bible, those dogmatic institutions, attunements, foundations away from you, academic, if you wish to be a naked life, as the flower shines on earth, as the life is here, as the universe was created. What is your spiritual personality? You are dark.ness, you have nothing, you are distorted. It is true, the human being who comes to the Other Side has movement, is working. You see those personalities going, that lives, that is beautiful, that is a living consciousness. Everything lives in this human being. The eyes radiate light, beautiful lips, beautiful hands, fine, spiritually conscious, they are sculptures! Look at these organisms … Yes, because we will be like the Messiah, we will be like God and God created the human being as His image. The human being represents Him by means of all these worlds and spaces, fatherhood and motherhood, animal, life, flower, plant. He has only the bible, he has only a story of Moses, Isaac and Jacob, the House of Israel. “And then the Lord said …” Yes, then Noah revolted against God and then God had to interfere with three barrels of cognac. That hap.pened, the human being writes that down in the bible: Noah had to do that and that and that. Noah had to take on his animals, he had to go there, because the world would perish. God destroyed Himself; because we, as hu.man beings, the life in nature, the space, sun, moon and stars, those are sparks of God, that is God Himself, Himself. That is He. That is His life, His love, His purity, His harmony, His fatherhood, His motherhood, His personality! That is the soul of God as the spiritual personality and now here on earth as material, as human being, as animal, as flower! As bible? As God … as a theologian? God does not know any theologian, because when the human being cannot experience that life, not a flower, not a human being, when the human being ignores His Divine laws – for example, your priestly consciousness, the clergyman – as a mother just becomes a nun, and holy and chaste, and you will now be walking next to creation! You will have nothing anymore, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, now you will be completely out of it! You are next to it, you have released yourself from the Divine, spiritual and materialized harmony. You are now only ‘sacred’ as a human being on earth, but now you have nothing anymore, you are dying off. That is now the whole Catholic Church. Yes, the only thing which there is also and will come, is: become good, do this, do the best, bow your head! Yes, but do you do it yourself? Good, the words come to you: bow, and you must love. Wonderful, that is now the only thing which can be a foundation for your universal progress, we, millions of children of God, as Deities, as sparks of His life had to accept that. And now you are on the Other Side. You are a painter, you are an artist, so great and so wonderful. But do you not feel, when you are gifted, Bee.thoven, Bach, Mozart, Titian, Van Dyck … “Do you not feel then”, Master Alcar says to André … When he had to experience the universe and when he, André, could almost no longer do it and said: “I will dissolve, I will burst apart on earth, how can I deal with that? How did you live then?” Then, Master Alcar said: “I was a painter, but not an apostle. And what I brought to earth has nothing to do with the space. If I convince a human being of eternal life and the God, the Father of love who does not damn, I will have achieved more than all my wonderful ‘oils’!” It is true, because that remains on earth. Master Alcar said: “Look, they are now selling the paintings for millions and the human being … I have brought the human being that far in order to steal those things. And there are people imprisoned, there are peo.ple locked up as a result of my art. But we must – God created all life, God brought everything to spiritualization and materialization – we must live in His harmony and then you will no longer paint, because then you know: there is also an unconscious one who really wants to possess that art and closes himself off for years in a prison, therefore I bring disorder. I brought disorder as a result of my art.” “Thank God”, Bach, Beethoven and Mozart said, “that they can only in.terpret that art of ours and then it flies back to the space.” But just mate.rialize the Divine feelings here on earth and hang them on a wall and the human being likes them and he steals them away – and you have created disharmony. This is why a master from the first, the second and the seventh spheres says: “We no longer paint for the earth, because the earth, the human being there, does not understand our art.” You can look at it, it is a possession, it is a beautiful form of art, of feeling, of soul, of spirit. But it is not that. During my time, when I was on earth, I trampled, sullied and deformed people. And when I saw how I could make it good and I was not damned, then I lay down in the silence and I thought: thank God, I am alive. I am not even damned, I can begin. But I will never start on art again, because society did not only sully, squander and deform me, but Christ and God and what hangs there. And not only art, a perfectly simple painting – even if you give millions for it – not only a diamond which you get from the earth and gives the radi.ance of the space, the gold … Why did that gold have so much meaning for you? We can only show you that you will be a diamond when your human character speaks according to the grades of life, the laws of growing for the universe, the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Love. Can you see? Then you will shine like a diamond, and that is fatherhood. The art for the universe is to materialize and to spiritual.ize the life, to give that harmony as a result of which those laws originated to every characteristic, and it means: if a seed goes into the ground, leave that seed there, because nature, the All-Source will do it, but leave it alone, do not mess with it. And now the human being has messed with these sa.cred treasures, a mother, for example. She flung that light, that little particle there, that spark, that embryo back to the space again just like that, and that was murder! Why are you doing this? But it is much worse: there is a mother who has a lot of worries and cannot give birth to her child and says: “My God, what does that society say?” You see, false shame, unconsciousness! What does that society matter to you when you are now God as mother? “No, that child has to go. What will the people say, what will society impose upon me?” Child, mother, that is not so bad. Children entered the Spheres of Light: “Oh, Master, I have sullied!” “You have not sullied, my child, because you came higher as a result of this working, yes indeed. I once murdered my friend on earth, I knocked him down. He would experience a new evolution as a result of my blow, otherwise I would have to return in order to give that soul a new body. This child en.tered you, it was evolution, it was reincarnation. You therefore had, as people say there, a lucky escape.” But someone there says: “Fire!” and they shoot each other down, those Gods! One Catholic – I told you – shoots down the life of France, Italy and Japan; that of Japan is not Catholic, but oh well … The conscious West says: “Go and defend yourself.” Now you have a people, now you have a country, you have an emperor, just serve that now and go along with what those beings tell you. Now you must start to think. Can you already feel at this moment how conscious society, this mankind is? And now you go along. Yes, you have the feeling: I will defend my people, my country … and you have nothing of your God and your Christ, you do not even think about that any more. Now the minister comes to the Other Side and also that theologian: “Yes, defend your country and your kingdom.” The Catholic Church also says: “Go and defend this possession.” How can you approve of that as a mentor, while Christ brought and came: “You will not kill, because you kill your.self!” You murder the life? No, you cannot murder the life, but you restrain this evolution. And now the pope says: “Go and defend your church, your faith, your country, your people.” That is great! And he wants to go to the first sphere, where we are now going? He wants to be light in the first sphere, to get back the shapes of the Divine hand that you received? You want to pos.sess the pure, harmonic light in your life? Because when you are in harmony with the space, with everything, with life, with fatherhood and motherhood, with friendship, your sister and your brother, you also radiate that pure love from your eyes. Is that true or not? Because just go to hatred, look into hatred, look into disintegration, look into your human giggling. “Ha ha ha ha …” Yes, what is it? If you tell the hu.man being: “Just become a thinking person and do not giggle at everything.” In the spheres you chase yourself away, because there we no longer giggle. Here you will start to think, Minister! The human being who becomes conscious … Now go and look at the peo.ple, look at yourself, look at your fatherhood and motherhood, look at your being a man, your being a woman. “She is walking there, she is approach.ing.” But in the spheres you are no longer a ‘she’, but there you are a law of life. “Mother is coming”, “father is here”, when you experience fatherhood and being a mother in this way. Here in the spheres we no longer wish to get a fright as a result of your talk, as a result of your feeling. In the first sphere, as soul, as astral personality, we are in harmony and then we are working; all that life is mine, yours, that is your blood, that is your light, that is your feeling, that is your life. Benedictus, Cellophatos, Pius the fourteenth, the sixteenth and twentieth and the thousandth, where do you live? Where are you? If you have taken the professorship, the jurisdiction for the earth into your own hands, then you will also have to accept and be able to represent the life of God in love. Just ask a master: “Must I go to war, must I do that, Master?” Then he says: “No, do not murder, sully, rape, deform yourself. Do not violate the Divine life.” And this ‘holiness’ says: “Go.” How is that holy, what kind of holy is that? And that is now a dogma; I have nothing against those people. Does this life wish to go to the heavens like this? What is a heaven? When you can say to the human being: “Do not put your hands out, do not make any claws, any animal-like consciousness of your hands, your beautiful hands. Do not let those nails … do not let that blood flow, and keep your normal, white, pure, shining, human colour.” Do you not have that any more? As a result of one word, as a result of one wrong thought you deform that beautiful, wonderful, spatial, spiritual, inspiring personality. You are no longer a mother, because you have none of that. You raped the life? I do not dare to say it, but the laws are there. We see that from your garment. “You have … how do you come by that beautiful garment? You have a gar.ment.” Yes, mother, she and he have a garment. There is one shouting there, I told you: “Hendrik, Hendrik, where did you get to? Now that it comes down to it, I cannot see you!” “No”, Hendrik says, “now I am in my world, in my harmony. I no longer have to accept your breaking here; I have finished my task. It does not mat.ter to me where you are. Now you will have to begin yourself!” Well done, Hendrik! Hendrik gets a ten from Christ and a seventy-seven from the laws of the universe! And God says: “Well done. Now show who you are, because for your Deity you will have to fight and struggle!” And what is the life now? Now you can begin. I told you: just get hold of the dictionary. Am I good, am I soft, am I harmonic? Am I loving, am I purely conscious in everything, am I harmonic in everything … (inaudible)? Am I alive, radiating? Is that life which belongs to me and is mine, is that my blood, my light, my life, do I love that? If one leaves the other alone for five minutes and he comes back, the life sits there. Now just return to the earth. We do not know that in the spheres. When I … my mother … I experienced hundreds of mothers. Moth.ers who gave birth to me in Italy, France, Japan, Russia, Holland, Belgium, Germany, I was able to give birth to again. Do not imagine that you are the mother of that child, there are another thousand here, who have given birth to you again. You only have earthly motherhood. Of course, when the child becomes conscious and it becomes manly, and motherly, then you will have lost it for that matter, then this will become an independence. In the Spheres of Light you have to say: “All of this is mine. Can you see these spheres?” That is not arrogance, but not an inferiority complex either, because we are Gods! We are life of His life; light of His light only comes later. We are working of His working; we live for that matter, we are here. We are feeling of His feeling. We have nothing to do with material knowledge. Just become an academic, just become a manager of that and that, what will you serve? Only the very smallest feeling, when you walk away from there and you are rid of that and you speak to your friend, to your grandchild there, the man who climbed the first ladder: “So, brother, how are things at home?” “Yes, sir, my wife … Yes, I have worries.” Yes, who has no worries? Sir, just do well. Just give that child something, if that child is ready for it! Now you must know, or you will spoil everything. Yes, and that is the university of Socrates: can I give that child something, otherwise that child will go downhill again. You must devote one hundred percent in order to work; you want to become Divine working, after all, don’t you? Then work, lose yourself, collapse. Because you cannot even do that! Become working, but become serving, become living, become conscious. And all of that is now a characteristic for your spiritual personality. I got hold of the dictionary, can you feel that? I must be able to speak to you for a thousand years, if I want to show you your astral, spiritual personality. I will also continue with it in this last lecture, if you wish to feel that every wrong thought … You suffocate, you burst: “Go, mother, I do not want anything to do with you, you are this …” Then this mother is not that, then you yourself are that. You betray your friend, you not only betray your motherhood and your fatherhood, your society. I do not need to start to speak to a thief, I do not need to start to speak to the underworld; we know: we descend into a pit, into a mud consciousness and that is not the intention, you see that yourself. But now the more rarefied grades for your thinking and feeling. “We are standing next to you, Christ. We serve God, we experience the masters, yes indeed!” Yes indeed, just prove it! I told here one evening: do you wish to climb Golgotha with the sword in your left hand and the cross on the right, that means: with stars on your jacket? Do you wish to deceive God and Christ, the Spheres of Light that your child that murders will be helped by the masters? I told you. That is devils’ talk. Then you make a demon of the masters; that is not possible, we fight for it. And that is the truth of life of André-Dectar, which connects you with the University of Christ. Now just work out who you are, now listen to your own words, your own feelings. If you are mother and you give birth and you create, why do you not give birth by means of every thought, man? Then you must not … with the mother … The man is thinking again: oh, that is her work. No, that is your task, your giving birth, because you will give birth to her because you can carry her. But she does not want to be carried, she says: “Eh, I will look at that later.” But you live here in eternity! Now the human being says: “I will soon look at that ‘beyond the coffin’ and then I will see what happens to me!” Have you never heard of a pilgrimage? Have you never heard about medi.tating people, how those people live? Have you never heard about Brahmans and Buddhists, who lie down for Buddha and for Mohammed: “Allah, Al.lah!”? Yes, those children have the power and the courage to walk for thou.sands of miles, in order to … a little spark … They are certainly deformed people and psychopaths to you, and that is Eastern psychopathy. But they have the power – just as your Jehovah’s witness has – in order to fight and to inspire! Yes, now we must show those children, the followers of Moham.med, the Buddhist child: those are the frills. We must show and explain to the Jehovah child: you only fought for destruction, devoted your soul and personality. Is that not a shame, all their life has passed. “I went from door to door and I told the people: prepare yourself, because the earth, the creation will perish. And then they laughed at me and now it appears … And I be.came furious? No, I did not become furious, I conquered myself. I no longer wanted to be angry about the unconscious beings on earth. I stood before the people with my inspiring word. Yes, I … God, church … I was first Catholic, then Protestant and then I received Jehovah. I went from door to door, wet or shine did not matter to me and now it appears that I worked for nothing. All this life passed, for nothing!” Minister, you talk to an unconscious being, to the darkness, when you talk any longer about damnation, deformation and being able to drink the blood of Christ. Professor, if you want to be a theologian, then let go of damnation and live according to that. You are standing still, cardinal, bishop, chaplain, priest, nun. You received your body in order to give birth and now you start to pray, pray, pray, pray, pray. You want to marry Christ. You serve Christ by ignoring the space, the fatherhood and motherhood of your Deity, your evolution? “Yes, but how could I know that? I had the feeling to serve the Messiah, the Christ and then I … my …” That child comes to the Other Side and is ‘sacred’ and has no garment, no feeling, no light. The child has been ‘sacred’ all that time, all those years, its whole life. We will accept that that child was sullied by nothing and by nothing, but what is sullying? Mother.hood is sullying? Fatherhood? Yes, for her! And you are the most sacred law. Now the conscious child of the spheres there comes to you and says: “The most sacred laws created by God is be.ing father and mother. By means of this the ‘sun’ and by means of this the ‘moon’ originated, by means of this you received life.” God, my God, my God, you should see the children lying there. They have completed their cycle of the earth, they therefore had a grade. Thousands of them live in the world of the unconscious, millions, thousands, hundreds of thousands. All those beautiful children, those mothers, those lives must re.turn to the earth in order to become mother, because they wasted their lives! Even worse, even worse than he who murders, because he is still in working. They do nothing more than pray and think, for what? For an empty some.thing, for the non-existent. There is no more absolute experiencing, altruism has gone. They walk like human beings in an empty world, which grows dark, because they do not take part in the plan of creation! Nonsense? If only I could take those children to these laws of justice, to let them see them, but that is still not possible. That will come, of course, but these lives go away. Become sacred, experience a dogma, but you stand next to creation, next to harmony – you see? – and you make disharmony out of harmony. Now it appears, now that the soul comes as an astral personality ‘beyond the coffin’, it sits with millions of thoughts in one place, has no existence, has no ground under its feet, cannot see, is blind, has nothing, its eyes are shut. If you now have hatred, then those eyes open again because you have hatred. That ha-tred flies out of you, if hatred is wrong or good, it does not matter, that feel.ing awakens you. If you have behaved like an animal on earth, it is not quite as bad as when you act the saint, because now you will have nothing more. This is why Ramakrishna says: “I love the whore of this world. Mother, mother, I see you as a holiness!” “What is whorish consciousness?” Vivekananda asked his master. “Master, how can you love the animal-like slut on earth?” “My Vivekananda, get out of my sight. I do not see any evil, I do not see any wrong, there are no sins. That this child wants to be a mother and does not experience it consciously yet according to the creations, is still the pure evolution in order to absorb it and to experience it? Vivekananda, how can you think like that? Get out of my sight today, I no longer want to see you today.” What did Christ say, what did Christ say? What did the masters say? What will you have to tell yourself soon, when you … here with your managership … Now you come, you are free from the earth, but you are a manager and you are so great and you love it so much, all those possessions. And now you come to the Other Side and then you stand: “Yes, I read a book. I read books and I listened to the masters. I know everything about it, you can tell me immediately that I have died.” But what do you have now? What did you master? One still smothers the other. When I follow your auras, then I extract a few who still trample. Five hundred lectures are for nothing. What does the human being learn? Tomorrow you will hear: “Haw!” Or: one passes the other in silence. When do you become spacious, when can you … – I taught and asked you, because it is that, you must know it yourself, you have that in your hands, that is your possession – when do you truly love? I made it clear to you that it does not mean – that you should start to hang on each other’s knees, on each other’s shoulders. “But do not say a wrong word again”, André said, the masters say, the laws say, the grades of life, the harmonic law for everything says, the love, the life says, a soul says, the light for the space says, for your sphere, for the soul as the astral personality ‘beyond the coffin’. We were releasing ourselves from Golgotha. We went … We were here. I have not spoken about that, because I had to stand still, for that matter, in order to analyse every human being. Every human being is now a universe. I can immediately explain to you … I will not start here in order to open you, why would I do it? You are still afraid of it. But it is in that, your aura tells me. Asking questions to the masters and thinking at home: get lost! It is not that. I have no respect for you, we are polite, we accept you. Do you wish that the Messiah, that your Divine core awakens? Do you wish to make a footstep, to lay foundations, still here during your earthly life and your task here? Then begin to accept the life. Talk with motherhood and fatherhood, open yourself, until the human being will say: “You are truly a lovable per.sonality.” You must give it to one human being, he passes it onto another. You get five a month, six, seven, a hundred, a thousand. Gradually the life starts to speak about you. Society is dirty, filthy, deforming, sullying, but there is one human being on earth who knows what I am like and that is my Deity. And God has now placed that in your hands as father and mother. If you do not wish, if you do not wish it, then you restrain your Deity here! If the husband says: “Wife, shut your mouth”, then he does not smother her, but himself! If you hate, if you have to keep on destroying – the spheres will soon prove that to you – then you restrain yourself, then you not only hit her, but yourself. If she or he says: “I would like to see that later, I have nothing to do with it”, that is his world, not yours! And if that life says: “Accept this, I will hang myself if you go to the lectures of the masters”, then just say: “With which rope will you do that? Then I will buy it for you. I will put it like that on the table, instead of food and drink you will now get a thick rope.” Hateful? No, you nailed Christ to the cross. God wants you to experience the pure laws of life and if your word says that, if your lips interpret that, then you also just have to experience and accept it, because you send it into the space, don’t you? That can no longer be stopped. “I will murder myself, I will commit suicide if you do not leave that and that.” And if the human being starts to wonder: “Am I doing good, am I true?” then just murder André and me as well! You can stab us first, we re.ally want to die in order to receive your word and your power. We are truth, because the soul is an astral, spatial, Divine personality ‘beyond the coffin’. That is the kiss of the space. “Then you give”, Christ says, “that life, which provokes and deforms there, the truth.” If the word hatred is hatred, wants to interpret hatred, destruction, then the other word is a piece of rope, the reality and the altruism of the soul there – the mother or the father – and lays it down for his personality: “Here it is … Or will you jump from the roof? Jump under a tram, then you will be gone immediately, but do not provoke me any longer.” In the Spheres of Light, when you have reached the spiritual wisdom of life … There was an initiate on earth, he got married and the child, the mother who lived next to him, only said: “I love him, he carries me, he is the space.” Yes indeed, what is personality, what is consciousness, what is love, what is life, what is light? But she got up one morning and she had not slept well ap.parently – the space has nothing to do with sleep, your Divine spark does not think of sleep – no, there was still something inside which was not in harmo.ny with his situation, or the universe, or this on earth. He says: “Child, now that I see darkness in you by means of a small, weak thought, it is better that I disappear and come back to you soon.” “But you cannot do that, can you?” “Yes, but you stabbed me. I want to be light, truth and life. How can I live next to untruth, unkindness? I am going!” And after fourteen years the initiate returned. She had lain there kneeling and thinking and asking for fourteen years. “Prepare yourself for me”, he says. “I have been busy preparing myself for you. Because did you think that it meant happiness, that I had to leave you?” And here you hit each other, you leave each other each moment! When the soul – the mother or the father – has a small moment, then she says tomor.row: “I will not go again. What difference does it make to me? I have nothing to do with those people anyway, nothing to do with God, with Christ. What difference does that hereafter make to me, what difference does that space make to me? Who can prove it?” Yes, then just keep that. But the other child is yearning, says: “I want to die. I will live, but I will also die, Christ, space!” because that child starts to feel that this is the truth. One wrong word … that child can no longer think wrong. That no longer says “get lost” and “go to hell” and no longer hates, no longer deforms, no longer sullies, no longer re.nounces. That works, that serves, that is always busy in harmony. When you come home too late, husband, then you are the disturbance. Now it comes down to it – you see, that is the earthly school – how do we reach harmony for each other, towards each other, how do we reach unity? Because unity is love. And now you should see, you should start to ask, you should start to sense yourself what now remains of it. We have your spiritualists, we have theosophists, we have … (inaudible) churchgoing children, but the metaphysical children still speak: “Just kill!” “My son killed, he shot down seventy-five and eighty, but the masters got him out of the mud, otherwise he would have suffocated.” And now he can start to kill again and then another thirteen Japanese went. And he wants to enter the first sphere? He is a spiritual personality? If we fight against that, then we are no longer any good? Then I am the untrue? André and I, the masters, Christ, God, the All-Source? The All-Source lies and deceives? We took a walk with four thousand, five thousand, one million people, all of mankind was ready and went ‘beyond the coffin’. We stood there, I say: “Follow me, I will lead the way.” And now you also go along. You go with me, you go with the masters, otherwise you would not be here. And now we start to walk from Golgotha. I do not need to tell you how the space originated and how we come further, how you must think and walk. I give pictures of all of that, in order to place you for another five minutes in the first sphere, then you will know immediately. But I need days and months and years in order to show you for the first time how those things originated. And then we will be faced with the laws of life, the grades of life, with love, love … what is love now? We will leave Golgotha and you saw there, they already live there in the swamp. They live there in the swamp. “Oh, Hendrik.” Yes, Hendrik, yes, Peter, yes, Johan, Abraham, or are you called Isaac, yes, now you stand alone, now you are a universal space, can you see? Another has no more than this little circle and that is marked out, and there you see a lump of ice, it melts, cold comes. What is there now? That human being is cold, the north pole is next to you. Yes, on earth you see that north pole, here, under your heart. I love? Now you see what love is. We do not have one left, I will proba.bly take one with me. We continue, first through this universe. We release ourselves from the material space, we enter the astral world. Now it is the soul that looks, which really gave light to this personality, to every thought, light, light! Shining like that diamond there, shining like the sun, shining as Christ said it and now every characteristic is comradeship, friendship, father.hood and motherhood. Fatherhood and motherhood is now everything; you are mother and you are father. One of two? You are both! And what did you do for fatherhood and motherhood? Were you really a mother? We continue in this way. Walking? You go under the power of another, you will receive those feelers. You enter … we enter the Land of Twilight, we release that cosmos and we stand … We have already left thirteen, fourteen, twenty, hundreds, they live already there in the Land of Hatred, because they hated, they had no feeling. We have already lost them, we will not see them again in thousands of years. Is it your mother, your father, your child? You do not see that child again – now still as a child – it has become an in.dependence, it is a Deity, it is the God of your life there and it will come, it has to go back. Where does this child live? We will soon, when we have the consciousness, we will start to look where your father, where that woman and where that man of the earth now live. Now just grow into each other. Now you must possess everything of the universe, the whole dictionary – can you feel, always that dictionary – about kindness, benevolence, honesty, harmo.ny, silence, sweetness, you must possess all of that and then we will go to the first sphere. We already come … There are still a few amongst us, we go hand in hand. They already cannot bear the light, because the human being already collapses when you give the human being something beautiful on earth. But this sacredness shines at you, the flowers begin to sing, the birds already come, the light from the first sphere comes, you have nothing more. Yes, then just come, there are still a few. Go with me. And the masters wel.come us and at the end of the first sphere, in this space, in this grade of life, there are millions of people standing, fathers and mothers, waiting on us. They now bow, they now bow for us. You are a king for the human, spiritual consciousness. The spiritual grade of life in the space, in the first sphere, is free from all the destructive feelings, it is a shining being. We can see, those garments slowly began to change, the face got an aura, the eyes started to speak and those thick, working hands became … became spiritual possession, the rarity of the beautiful body which God put in our hands. Shining and happy, benevolent, just, harmonic, there is nothing more that disturbs you. You now go in the silence, because there you have your house. This space is a kingdom, here are the temples. Millions of people lie at your feet and want to serve you, they lay you down between the flowers from the spheres and the birds come and say: “I bring you greetings from your sister, your father and mother. Soon you will expect Christ.” Who is that? The human being on earth is soul, spirit and material. The soul is the Divine core. Therefore every thought – you see that, you now read that in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, continue for yourself, just remember this – every thought which you bring in harmony with the Divine laws of condensing – a thought condenses itself and expands itself, the more rarefied, the more loving a thought becomes – is the space for a feeling, is a feeling as a charac.teristic. Therefore every action gets sphere consciousness. What are you like now as a father, what are you like today as a mother? Can you understand all those thoughts, which you get on earth – because they can do that – can you understand every word that you receive? Can you immediately determine and absorb into you the spiritual harmony of that and can you immediately make a judgement: “No, that is not like that, according to the laws of the universe, according to Christ …” Just hold on to Christ, because He was love in everything. “Do people do that like that? Why do you do that now?” And now you are standing on earth, of course, that the one human being does not accept you, which you do not want. But you continue to persevere. As long as you do that! What that woman and that man do, what society does, does not concern you, as long as you are that. Because learning has no meaning, you are only life. Your professorship for that and that and that and that means nothing. Your art has no meaning, only your world of feeling, your personality, where it is in harmony with the working, with the laws of growing and condensing of God, which are repre.sented by fatherhood and motherhood. Can you understand this? Therefore every thought-characteristic, my sisters and brothers, must be birth giving and creating, as God created the universe. A flower radiates His realm of colours. If we had also been able to destroy this as human beings, then we would have made them black. People are already busy making them black, cultivating them just as long until they are black. Are you happy now? That is real and true for that matter. Where was this life born? Make an orchid out of every characteristic – I told you – and lay that orchid down at Golgotha. The Christ picks him up immediately, picks her up immediately, that char.acteristic, that personality. But are you, have you become a realm of flowers, a Kingdom of God, a paradise? You carry, you represent the garden of Eden? There are no snakes now, because those characteristics are the snakes: long faces and thin lips, elbows. Deforming and hating and talking wrong, that is no longer there, you become benevolent, you become loving. You are never deceived when you stand opposite such a human being. You immediately feel that this is the truth. What does the world matter to you? Let society keep everything that the world has. Live through it. Yes indeed, you still have to live, but do your task for a hundred percent and make that task, that action more and more beautiful, so that the master above you says, about you, my child: “You are making progress.” You are making immediate progress. The human being says to André: “Well, I do not understand my brother, and my boss.” It is not that man, it is you! For the universe God says and Christ says: “I am love!” And then you must make of it what you can make of it. I will prove to you that I am love. Because it is only by means of love and by means of understanding, by means of harmony that you get to know your father and your mother and your child, but not by means of hitting that life. Do you wish to be a mother and to say “get lost” to the life of God? Just hit, just hit it away from you, just be wild and furious – that is not love. You will not come there? You will come, but it will only take a hundred thousand years. “You want to begin, do you? Well, what are you doing here actually?” people say in the Spheres of Light. We will not even look at you. Is there one amongst you who is really yearning for a hundred percent? Yearning does not say it, but now to prove what you can and what you want to be! But another does not even thirst. He lives and he reads, but what is that yearning? Is that being great in order to say: “I will go with you and with the masters through the mud of society” – and when we stand before it then they no longer know that light. “I … my Father, give me the power, the sacred inspiration, we will do everything for you” – and if a cloud appears, you will run away. And then you must have us, you must have Christ? We are no longer any good? If I give you love and you do not understand it, I will be the guilty one, the deformer, the one who sullied? If you truly … the first sphere … we are now on the border. We will soon, by means of the next session we will experience and see what you now have to devote, if you truly want to see light soon. Then we will continue. That is the next lecture, then it will be called “The soul and its Universal Conscious.ness”. Write it in your heart, that is the next session, because now we will begin to look and see whether we can give you this universal consciousness, won’t we? That now lies at your feet. Make a space of your life. Enter that space and accept that life, as feeling, as a human being. Serve each other. The mother must understand her duty and her task. As a father and a mother, as a man and a wife you can, now that you are that old, speak to each other and then you have to listen to each other, and if you cannot do that, you must learn that first. But do not say to the mother: “Go away, because you will not understand it anyway.” Every human being must learn to think! You are Gods, we are now spiritual Gods. We are still material Gods here, but soon then we will continue, because we come from the All. I will take you back from the spiritual sphere to the seventh, from the seventh to the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth, the sixth and then we enter the Divine, hu.man All-Consciousness as light, life, love, fatherhood and motherhood. Child of this society, if you want to be a follower, then prove that no wrong word will pass your lips again. I told that you are a follower, but you must still earn it. I accepted you, the masters accepted you, but what do you do now? Hit, because you are something? Are you something, do you have something? Then prove it to her who is a mother, your wife, your child. And you prove it, mother, to the creator and tell him, explain the laws to him, because we placed the books of the University of Christ in your hands. You can give him the truth. And if he refuses as creator to accept your word, then just withdraw and serve those last years of life that you are still here. Soon ‘beyond the coffin’ … Do not speak one wrong word, do not waste your space by means of that one word, not your personality, do not sully your garment. Close this garment, make satin and silk out of your rags. Make a protoplasm out of it, with all the sparks and laws of life and grades of life of the space in it. Let your eyes shine, let your walk be working and serving power. Let your lips only interpret the love of Christ and you will be truly worth being able to experience this life. You will be truly worth receiving motherhood, for yourself, for your husband, for your children, the space, Christ and the All-Source. Now your kiss is true and blessed. I thank you. Thanks for those beautiful little lights here, wonderful. Where is that child that was always ill? Are you here this morning? That one is from me … Come here, I will give you this. May I add one for your child? I am not a sphere seller, I do not take part in flower séances, but I know you … And the thanks from the space, my life, for your beautiful feel.ings and thoughts. You are that and your child is that … Also from André. I love you, but accept me – prove it – accept me, that I can enter you, and now live in your hands. The human being and his astral world Good morning, my sisters and brothers. You will get your last lecture this morning, ‘The human being and his astral world’. I really hope that you have understood a little bit about your Deity and universe by means of the lectures during this season. When I look round and see your beautiful children (master Zelanus means the flowers which the people brought), then I can, I believe, accept – and the masters -that the thanks of your life has become constructive – with regard to all the systems, the spaces – for soul, spirit and material, and has received a flight, as a result of which you will finally see your Great Wings. It was my inten.tion to give you a picture of your own space, your Deity, by means of these lectures. The books that we spoke about and which were given by Master Alcar to your life, gave you a picture of how you will live ‘beyond the coffin’. You saw me in different situations, under human, social, material, spiritual and spatial inspiration. We could have asked you before: “How do you wish to see us?” Understand well, I let you take a walk through Gethsemane, to Pilate, to Caiaphas. I did not carry it through, there was no time for it, you need four, five hours for that. In order to let you experience the problem, the disintegra.tion, the destruction of the Messiah, so that we bring Golgotha to awakening in ourselves, that was not possible. But by means of that you got to see a picture, a space, which will take place ‘beyond the coffin’. I built up these lectures in order to – if the masters want that – connect you with the cosmology of your life. You feel, it is not so simple to just iden.tify you with this space; you need time for that. You have to think for that and put aside every wrong thought. It is for sure not simple to see the first foundation for the astral, spiritual personality, but especially for the space in which you live. And that space is eternal. It is eternal for a time, because we know the seven grades for the space. We have seen those grades as laws of life and problems of life. We now know that father and mother are twin souls. We have the animal-like twin soul, the pre-animal-like, coarse-material and material. Of course, you and the world, the Kingdom of God – for which the Christ was born and died – are concerned with absorbing the spiritual twin soul for space and time and God into you and to take to that development. Who possesses this sacredness? I must show you this morning for the last time that you cannot experience or carry the Spheres of Light only as man and only as woman, because the happiness of that space, that sphere, that world is too powerful in order to deal with that alone, under your heart, as a human being. You received ‘Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life’. You saw, you experienced Theo, his father … and that has been laid aside for every human being, that was born on the moon. As a result of the first division – I just let you see that, you read it again in ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – you saw the core of life of yourself. I brought about that division one morning and accepted the universe, followed the life on earth, and then we could see where the human being split himself. What does all of this mean now for the life ‘beyond the coffin’, for your astral world? I did not intend to hammer at your personality; the space does not like that at all. When we went into those things, those problems, furi.ously inspired, it was only to shake you awake. You have all of that in your hands. And when you take that trouble, when you want to fight for that, all those wrong things fall away from you for society, away into nothing. And in their place comes clean, pure, spiritual-scientific thinking. You are free from dogma, you are free from the Church. I showed you the Church, Protestant.ism, Buddha, you saw Socrates. We were in ancient Egypt, weren’t we? We experienced that space. And now you were able to decide for yourself what the masters placed in your hands. We left Golgotha and saw swamp. We had to accept that the human be.ing who went along with us suddenly dissolved before our eyes. And now you cannot even help the human being; your father, your mother. Is that not dreadful? Is that not the suffering of the human being who will soon become free and will stand in that space? You are in a space, but every wrong thought takes away that spatial light from you, that sun darkens which is you yourself. And now you have to accept whether you are really a human being as the God of all life created you in order to represent Him for those spaces. I showed you the pictures, the foundations, as a result of which you can begin a really beautiful life. I gave you the pictures in order to absorb them into you, in order to strengthen them, to then spiritualize them. It is up to you yourself what you do. If you thought that we were too near to the earth – it is very simple to tell and to explain that to you – then we did that under the power and the will of the masters, because you cannot experience and cannot accept the sphere happiness from this society, because we know how difficult that was. I showed you this swamp in order to attune you to it. Why? In order to decide for yourself how wrong it now is to take part in that society. I had to make it clear to you that the task that you do connects you di.rectly with the Other Side, your astral world. And I explained to you and analysed, built a temple fundamentally spatially, which you are, which you will soon see when you accept and experience the life on earth, take to de.velopment, as God also wanted it in everything. And then it is a case of lis.tening and it is a case of thinking. Now you begin to think in the harmony for that space. That means: a thought gets evolution, that thought starts to carry, that becomes light, that becomes inspiration and finally love, which it concerns. A master there does not intend – and cannot do that either – to place you with violence in that sphere, because that is not possible. You have that yourself in your hands. It is not simple either to talk from that world, to remain in it, to live there yourself and to approach, to come from a pedestal to your human conscious.ness, to experience the unity for fatherhood and motherhood, that is not simple. And yet also very simple if you are open to the word, to that law, to that new, spatial, spiritual thought. And we all had to accept that. If you have sensed ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, then you can experience a strug.gle for life and death. I also really hope that on Wednesday you will also … I will be there, there will be more from the Spheres of Light, millions even, in order to see my life again, interpreted by yours, a follower. (On the 21th of May 1950 Mr A. van Otterloo gave a lecture by means of a scenario based on the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.) In order to show you that you can learn in society by means of your struggle, disintegration, destruction, when you open your eyes, when your heart is always open in order to see the good in everything. And then you will never rebel. In the Spheres of Light, where we are now – we made that walk – we stand if you possess love. I assume for the moment that we all possess that love. You can decide for yourself whether you are there. If we wish to enter that world, then there is only harmony in us. We are cheerful, we walk there, we have the grass under our feet. We have seen that the human being lives there in the swamp, between the cracks, stretching out their arms and shouting: “Help me, help me!” and we cannot do anything. We must leave those people beyond there in those cracks. It looks like a jungle. It is much worse, they are deformed and broken and raped. The demons … what is a demon? You still do not even know that. What is a devil, what is a Satan? The brutalization lives there under the earth, because the human being has lost the conscious, earthly material ‘going’. The human being has nothing more. The human being has dissolved in the destruction. What should we do? We will continue in order to show you the picture of what your first sphere, your astral world will finally be like. Even if you have experienced that in the books, even if Master Alcar has given you the pictures with André, you are now faced with the state of purity of a space, which is your world. When you have sensed the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, where An.dré visits his child, and that the master cannot say just like that: “Come on, we will just go and you will just take that child there into your hands, it is your child”, then André already has to accept that that is no longer his child. That is an independence, a personality, that is a consciousness, which he has nothing to do with. Because he knows: I have had millions of lives myself as father and mother. But what should André have done there? Lose himself. He is lying there. Master Alcar cannot reach him, he cannot help him. He looks. André now knows – we also taught you that – how to act. He is yearn.ing, he wants to go forward, and he wants to conquer the space. He wants to serve, he wants to materialize his space, his sphere, his life on earth with regard to the masters. So he wanted to give himself for this work. And the human being on earth can do that for fatherhood and motherhood, for life, light, soul and spirit. In your society you can materialize every thought and that takes you to the spiritual, conscious grade; and now you are in harmony. When that child there, that André, is finally ready, then he does not dis.turb in any way. The human being must now make sure that he cannot disturb, because every wrong thought, tuned into the life of God, is now a dagger in the human tissue. Now compare this with the earth. Just return in thoughts to your society which we talked about. And can you feel how difficult it is becoming? No, how simple it actually is, when that becomes necessary, to bow your head for the truth, the reality, because the reality immediately gives you that ex.pansion. I showed you that, I explained and analysed that by means of all those lectures. André did what he could in order to give you those evenings, in order to bring you that release, that spiritual relaxation. And for which he wants to give himself entirely and completely, because he knows: I must take my life back to God. I must bring the human being to the astral, spiritual world, where I will be happy if my brother, my sister, my father and mother live next to me. And believe it now – I gave you a picture of kingship, emperorship, I gave you a picture of science, art and everything – what are you if you represent Rembrandt in art and you do not have the love? Christ said: “If you speak the languages of the world and you do not have love, who are you?” Now, prove that the first sphere is nothing else but love. I have shown you the dictionary, so that dictionary has been transformed, has been expanded, has been spiritualized. Every word now has harmony and is love. Love, love, love, love! Difficult, difficult. And yet … the human being asks for love. I let you experience the Buddhist kiss, the damnation, the Last Judgement. We went through the bible, we saw Moses. We saw the birth of Christ. Every scene must be able to tell you: yes, that is it. That is the reality for the space, for God, for light, life and love. That is the moon, the sun, the planetary system, but that is also your spiritual world and in addition your happiness, your walk, your science, your being a father and mother. And you will ex.perience the wonder there, the masters say, comes from the space, from the Divine All – and that is the Christ – to us and you are faced with your twin soul. What is the twin soul? When we enter the first sphere as space, then we must not have any ma.terial ballast with us. Then we are free from society. Then we just have one feeling: that world on earth – I told you – belongs to me. The world on earth, society, mother Earth, this planet must be carried by me. Now you will un.derstand for what purpose Christ died. The human being – I explained to you – he does not lie down there in his beautiful flowers, in his garden, in his garden of life. He does not play day and night on his life harp. Every sound carried out, materialized and spirit.ualized by good deeds – understand it and accept it – is now an ornament of his temple, a painting, a settee, a flower, a plant. The birds come to you and sing. You live there as a Deity. Every wrong thought of society, possession, everything has fallen away from you. You have lost your name, you are now only life. You represent a grade of life in a space, in a world which belongs to you. And now you start to know, now you get that yearning, that burning in you, that fire, now for the first time you know for what purpose that Christ there came from that Divine All to the earth and let himself be beaten there. You are part of His personality, His light, His life, His love, His fatherhood and motherhood. You understand it and you stand on the border of a world for the first time, which you will now enter and must conquer. By what means? I explained to you: now that you are still on the earth, this is the possibil.ity of taking a flower in your hands, which you now do. By means of such things, if you see that a human being does not forget himself, if you do not serve laziness, disintegration, then you can take thousands of possibilities into your hands here on earth and materialize them, and then a spiritual foundation will be laid. Take this into account and understand that every human being has to take care of himself and every human being must watch out in order to reach that spiritual grade. That is the study of Socrates. In the first sphere, in this world in which you live, you have those thoughts. You can begin with that analysis. You know exactly when you can speak, can act and you have always, always the correct word in order to give that expla.nation. You carry that life. You are no longer a disturbance. You are one with that eternity, because you have completed the cycle of the earth. You are har.mony in everything. You are understanding in everything. You know that a master – I explained to you – cannot support the lower in order to break the other life. And now you know that spiritualism on earth has become a manure pit. For this purpose the masters wrote ‘Spiritual Gifts’. The master from the highest spheres cannot give a human being, a child, any protection if that child destroys. If that child shoots down the life, the other life of the mother and the father, of another people, then no spirit, no consciousness can return in order to help that child. You do not accept that, because it is your child, but that other mother is also the child of God and that mother has love. And why must her child be killed? In order to save yours? That is not possible, that does not exist either, because we have a God of justice. You must now accept that you think wrongly and feel wrongly; God did not create those laws for the human being and his existence, all grades for animal, nature, especially the human being. Here in the first sphere, here in this astral world you are true. You can also still think materially. But you have seen the coachman Gerhard here: people make you free and separate from the earth. And then it is in the first place: “Do you wish to see your death?” I took you back to a ‘coffin’. I connected you with Frederik van Eeden. I could connect you with a pope. I was able to pull three of them to the spheres, a Clement. Between 13, 14 and 15 I took three over together with Master Emschor and others, in order to convince the priests that it should not be done like that, not to belittle those lives. “But sir, where do you live?” we wondered. Did society find this hard? Society as religion and dogmas already say: “That cannot be true.” The bible also explains it. We furiously reacted to it. Why? In order to let that pedestal shake, no more than that. Those people, those dogmas, they must make sure themselves that they get that spiritual space. We do not enter there, that is dangerous. Let those peo.ple, let those dogmas, those sects make sure themselves that they reach that spiritual harmony. They do not need to accept us and to accept Christ. You can sully Him – they must decide for themselves – one day they will be faced with that spatial, spiritual justice and everything will elude them. I wanted to give you the picture, how you will actually live in that astral, spiritual world, what you must do in order to attune yourself to that source of life. You are father and mother and now the love for the human being is the unity and the contact, they are also the Great Wings. And now father comes there, the man comes … the mother is not there. We showed by means of the different books that the human being can re.turn to the earth and that the human being will be father and mother there. You are as man and wife … You certainly do not need to be jealous of the other life, because I told you: we have the animal-like twin soul, but we long, we stand before the spiritual twin soul and that is the life that was given birth to and created by you, and that life returns to you. When we started to think about the wrong on earth, we tore ourselves from each other: the attunement, therefore the life on the moon – which I showed you – was born from us, as a result of which new life came, that continued on the moon. You will probably get that later and then we will follow those lives. Exactly to the second you will see when those lives sepa.rated, because cause and effect are built up, the karmic laws occur. Because, unconsciously – it does not matter – we destroyed the life there. But now we return from the earth, by means of the cycle of the earth, by means of the many lives, by means of fatherhood and motherhood. We have already experienced all the peoples of the earth: we were with the French, the English, and the Americans, everywhere. From the jungle we came through those laws of becoming conscious and finally we had reached that cycle. And now we are faced with the first sphere. You are good, you are harmony in everything. You want the best and the good, you are inspired in order to serve; you know. I showed you how the doctor, the theologian, the divine had to lose him.self; he must lose all of that, this is why I gave you those pictures. In order to represent the spiritual science of God, he must now get to know the bible. No, he must get to know Christ. And he does not know Christ. I gave you that picture, that lecture. I hammered upon it, I remained in connection with that all morning, in order to show you what is good and what is wrong. You are in this world, in this space – the human being in his spiritual, astral world – you are only a grade of life. I told you that you have lost your name. You have nothing more to do with society, you are free, completely free. You can now see each other. You can represent the mother, your sister, and your brother. They come and if you know them, if you know these lives, if you feel them properly, then you will absorb them. But we are standing here already. Just gauge me. Between us and you, between mother and father, between man and wife, there, there in between stands God, but there in be.tween stands Christ with the weighing scales of you, which weigh: what do you want? Here you are weighed, universally, cosmically, Divinely weighed. And that is now the passing over to the first sphere, to a higher grade. You step over the threshold of a garden of life, a temple which you are yourself. Millions of people, men and women, had to accept that they did not see themselves, could not find themselves. “Yes”, says the master, “then there is also something in you, in her, which removes her from this sphere, this space.” “But does she belong to me?” Then the master can look into her and into his life and he says: “No, that life belongs to another. That grade lives there. If you want to come along, then we will return to that source, where those two people were created as cells, as embryonic consciousness in order to represent the God of all life. Then we return to the jungle, then we must return to the moon in order to experience all those laws of life, through light and darkness. In order to come to earth, to experience the place where you are torn from each other.” “And where is my soul now?” It is remarkable, when you are faced with this tremendous, universal happiness, then you immediately ask: “Where does my love live?” For what purpose has God created the human being, man and wife? I explained to and analysed for you for what purpose the life serves. What is love? What has meaning in this society? I put a crown on your head. I showed you society. But what is society, what are millions if you do not possess any feeling, any love? Then you are poor. You cannot buy it, you must earn it. The pictures which I gave you, bring you to the justice, the truth, the be.nevolence and the independence of the twin soul, man and wife. I will not explain to you now in how many worlds those twin souls live who have to represent that astral, spiritual world together, because you cannot bear that love, that happiness alone. You cannot deal with it, you now succumb in your happiness. “Because you will go hand in hand”, Christ says and God said, “through my worlds, which you will experience as temples. You are law, and law, be.cause when fatherhood and motherhood are created, experienced by you, then you will have to enter motherhood and fatherhood together, because you have become fatherhood and motherhood by means of man and wife.” “How can I be a mother alone when the father is not there?” “How can you hit me, mother, if I watch over you, if I live for you, if I want to serve you? How can you snarl and growl at me and kill me?” That life, that being cannot reach, cannot enter the first sphere, that spiritual, astral world; that life attunes itself out of that again. If these two people now have to experience that space together, then you will already feel the sorrow, the emptiness. But in that sphere there is no light, even if the mother sees that he lives there; in a thousand years he will make it after all. And now she attunes herself to that life. Yes indeed, she sees. He sees that the mother does not yet wish to think there. The mother is still nonchalant with her space, she does not know that space. She does not know that she can soon make a journey with him which will connect you for millions of centuries and ages with God. You go into one temple and out of the other. The harps of heaven give voice to your life of feeling, and then you can say: “I am that.” Yes, you take a walk through the sacred, pure nature. And there is a mas.ter, a mistress, a child of God and play a life harp and you feel that it is you yourself: I am that. And you hear there that your soul, the pure mother, is depicted there. And you are that together. And then you see the garment, the sacred aura of the space coming to and over you and then your life is illumi.nated. There is only cordiality and love, understanding. Hand in hand you start to experience these laws, you will accept these laws, the human being who is now one as man and wife, and there are few of them. You can just ac.cept: you are here already. Society, the earthly life has nothing else but a fun.damental building up; what belongs to you today – I told you – you will have lost tomorrow. We looked into those lives, where the emperor represented my soul and the beggar came to him and could say, from ancient Egypt: “For a time I gave her, my beloved, away to you, but soon she will belong to me.” Every beating which you received on earth, is now a spiritual flower, is a foundation, is a way to your dwelling, your temple, if you have accepted that beating while bowing and lovingly, and you could ask yourself: “Yes, it was for my benefit.” We will not even talk about what you did for Christ. If you live in love – I will prove it to you – if you live in love and complete life in harmony, therefore lovingly with everyone in society, want to experience life bowing, the word interprets pure harmonic laws and sounds, then you do not need to do anything. Because Christ did not want you to fight and struggle, to have to hang yourself and to have to burn yourself at the stake for His life. God created the human being according to His image, God gave the human being space and happiness, a world of thoughts and all of that is love. God did not give you any misery, any struggle, any illnesses to experience; God only gave you His science, His soul, His spirit, His light. Why would you work yourself to death here on earth? “But when we are happy”, the master on the Other Side says, “and we meet a brother and he does not know the road where to go, should I hold my tongue?” In this way you find the academic again, you find the master again on earth, Socrates began, Plato began, Aristotle, Pythagoras, ancient Egypt reached becoming conscious, the temples were born in order to take that fatherhood and motherhood to the spatial harmonic love and to now expe.rience it. The time of preparation, which you will soon experience and undergo in the Spheres of Light, in your astral world, is nothing else than that you have to wait until he or her, she or him come and are ready. Anyone who now possesses happiness – you feel, this is it now – anyone who possesses the hap.piness on earth to be able to live in harmony with two beings, with one life and that life follows you, that sits next to you and that also wants to make progress, that is yearning, that life is hungry for wisdom, that little human being, this life, this man and wife, they are universal happy ones for the life in the astral world. I can show you by many thousands of examples that the twin soul on earth, the man and the woman who have understood each oth.er, even if they were not yet in that attunement, that means even if they did not belong to each other – it is clear that she will see her soul there and he will see his there. But the rich friendship and construction of that personal.ity already brought them into harmony, so that the laws occurred so sharply and truly that one life pulled the other one from the material, that the man now went and the mother could say: “In a fortnight I will be with you.” Yes indeed. The human being will receive his life if you possess love. And the human will say: “I will let you die, because you have gone too far, have come too high in the truth, in the love, in the bowing and in the serving, so that this dreadful disintegrating society will no longer hit your life.” Now we have seen that the father elevated the mother after a few hours and the mother died. “Yes”, she says, “father, I am coming.” The people earned that. You can earn that. So that your life can speak? No, because you have accepted the laws of God harmonically and that is now the astral world. I am faced again with thousands of worlds, ways for the people, paths which I can follow. Because every human being, man and woman, this uni.ty, builds up a world for me, actually a chaos. Because every path is a law, a grade of life, consciousness, harmony, love, fatherhood and motherhood. One – I tell you – has it, another does not have it. Now we can start to write books again. There are mothers who have no father, no motherhood, they are not married, want to be a mother. Why? “Why did I not enter that mercy in order to be a mother? Why did I not experience that love?” You feel, the mother who now remains alone, the wife, the mother on earth who has not received that happiness: “Is there someone who is waiting for me?” My dear children, let me tell you that there could be millions who are waiting for you, because your soul can be there. You have returned to the earth in order to become a mother, problems and laws and grades of life for the twin soul. Soon you will come there and then it proves that you will not experience any motherhood, but that you will only carry the maternal organism in you – will carry in you, not externally, but internally – so that he will receive you as a mother. And now it begins. Why did you receive ‘Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life’? If we were to analyse all those pictures for fatherhood and motherhood and the twin love and for the astral world, then we would have to write a hundred books for your consciousness. Here and there we can only intervene in order to give you a picture. And then to absorb into your think.ing: yes, it will come, when I am in harmony, when I do my best, when I am kind and understanding, when I do not violate the life, when I only want to be love, then ‘beyond the coffin’ that love, that law, that world is also open to me. And that is now the astral, spiritual world. You see it, when we see millions of people as man and wife together, then they are millions of different grades of life for the human being, they are millions of different worlds. Which unity, who as man and wife can now enter and accept the first sphere? Is your temple ready? Now we will begin. The light from the space shines at you; your dwelling is ready, because it is you yourself. Have you read the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ in which and by means of which Master Alcar explains to André: “Look, how does my dwelling originate? I break down my dwelling in only a few seconds. In a millionth of a second I represent myself in the darkness. I do not need to enter any darkness in a shining garment, then I descend into that destruction and become it; but I remain myself.” Now we sit here and now you see: you take your place, you start to think. You sit in nature, you are one with the children of God. You see the human being there, you know: you love everyone. You can go to your husband, to your mother, your father, but all this life, those millions of people, those children belong to you. You sit down and gradually your house builds itself up, your temple. Did you do art? André gave you a picture of art this week and that word went straight to the seventh sphere. And then destruction came. Millions of people in the space looked. How can it be? But that is the human being. Did you not understand that when you mess up art as reality, you also sul.ly your personality and the consciousness of the space? Is your expressionist feeling pure and meaningful with regard to the life which was created by God? Natural, just, pure as a beautiful shape, inspired by pure, spatial, Di.vine motherhood and fatherhood? The human being imagines working art on earth and violates the product of nature, because the child of God is now raped. That was the lesson of André. And then the human being becomes angry. We closed our eyes, the spheres closed for these personalities. If you cannot understand: we are not capable of stirring anything at all in your life, taking it away from you, if we cannot put something higher in its place. God could not do that, the Messiah could not do that, no justice, and no har.mony does that. If you do not understand that: you see there the Spheres of Light and you see next to it the darkness, every wrong word, your rebellion, your breaking down. You start to think for the first time: do we mean all of this? What is good and what is wrong? And if you cannot understand that, now that we stand here in the spheres, then the master says: “Just wait.” You must now learn to be silent, only the master will speak, the space will say it. Your immensity, the astral world is harmony and will ask you: open yourself, now it is possible. Otherwise sit down and build on your house. Just show what you possess! And then the human being sits down – as I gave you the picture a moment ago and with which I will continue –goes to sleep, lies down or sits arms folded like a Buddha and waits, but is shining. Now you must see the different dwellings as temples. There are people in this world who possess a temple. They live there in the mountains. You have mountains, you have waters; everything is there. Mother water – you will soon read that in ‘The Cosmology’ – also has her representation in the Spheres of Light. She lives there and is crystal clear and pure. She has dis.carded the muddy, the dark, the grade of Mother Earth. In the Divine All she is reflecting, but also in the first sphere. When she speaks to André in ‘The Cosmology’: “André, can you see me?” and you feel your own character, then that is universal truth. You feel how beautiful the human being becomes in his thinking and feel.ing, if you want to experience the spiritual truth and can accept how beau.tiful, how wonderful the mother is, how sacred her course of life, her walk, her footstep. And now you get a hand, a kiss, then her kiss represents herself here in her beautiful garment, her temple. And then you see the aura from those walls as spiritual, spatial substance coming to you and it now takes you to the sacred moment for the spatial awakening: the universal motherly and fatherly kiss … So … Then the sacred esteem in order to see the father and the mother lying down and kneeling. Now you can pray. And now Christ says from the Divine All to your life, to all these millions of children: “Do not pray any more. You have earned Me. No, it is you your.self.” You see. What you are, what you do, what you represent, you see that now, everything that you have done. You do nothing for another, you are that yourself, you are always that yourself. No one can take anything away from you, you learn that now, you will observe that. They shine towards you, you earned that. Look, they start to live, every characteristic now speaks and is a universe, a picture, a painting, a harp, a flower, a bird, a human being, a characteristic, but is the kiss … When will you now enter the universal love for you and your soul? Who belongs to you and what? “Which life is mine?” What does it mean, if you will see and can accept your own world and space, can press to your heart like father and mother? There is no injustice. Here on earth you only have each other temporarily. Because do you wish to tell the space, do you wish to tell Christ, do you wish to tell the Spheres of Light that this life is precisely yours? Yes indeed, here under you, there are people who already possess the happiness – even if they do not know it – they travel one path. And anyone who can now think and feel, can experience a dream, a space while sleeping, the lying down hand in hand, he feels the soft pressure of the human heart. And that is spatially deep, consciously carrying, feeling, serving, and loving. Then there is no longer any ‘no’, then everything is ‘yes’ and understanding. Then there is no longer any hatred, there are no longer any wrong thoughts; everything is accepted. There is no being wrong, there is no wrong thinking; everything is harmony. I hammered on your lives, on your personalities in order to let you feel that you darken your whole day by means